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RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 03-20-2015

Sunny took the data pad from the hacker after shaking his hand and sat down opposite to him on the couches in the lounge. Feeling quite buzzed didn't help in looking it over but he got the gist of what he read. He looked up, scenting something in the air and noticing Yoshida had a cardi cigarette. He made a face, for a moment anyway, wondering if he cared enough to know about the rules on the station but he decided to let it pass this time. The smoke would ventilate anyway out of the room anyway and out to the proper air filters. Sunny just hoped it wouldn't effect him. He did give him a slight look though.

He leaned back in the chair looking over it again. "Okay... Seems like something I can do for you... and I can find one or two guys trustworthy enough... though everyone knows the code of conduct around here anyway... either that or a dent in their skull and a stitch if they are lucky." He smirks a little and looks up. "Yeah seems we can take care of business... though what's in it for us?"

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Yoshida - 03-20-2015

Yoshida nodded.

"As you realize this is not a regular operation. It involves important people and lots of credits. Which means that those who are not completely trustworthy may be susceptible into compromising it for their own gain."

He finished his cigarette and continued.

"As for the Club's reward, 4 prototype weapons of your own choice."

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 03-20-2015

Sunny thinks for a moment, looking more a the tab with slightly blurred vision but still being able to make sense of it.
"Four of them eh? ... hmm.... Fine, but I suppose that means we get the honor of having a decent pot of loot to choose from and not just the odds and ends, hmm?"
He nods slowly. "Aright then... If you are implying us getting first pick.... then that sounds like a deal."
He looks up again at him. "And how soon are we to be ready by?"

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Yoshida - 03-23-2015

"First pick is yours, obviously."

He then rose up from his seat and his entourage followed along.

"You will have ample time to brief your operative. Afterall preparations are not yet complete on our part. It was a pleasure meeting you in person, Mr Sunny."

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 03-23-2015

"Likewise a pleasure... I'll be waiting for the go signal and have someone trusted to help out when needed." Sunny nods and watches the hacker get up and them following to leave. He leans back against the chair for a little before getting up as they open the door to exit. He'd go down to the bar soon after and grab himself a drink. He needed one after this incident, assuming nothing more will happen.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Mr. Hinx - 07-24-2015

A young and tall man enters the Blackport 66's Night Club and Bar, looking around. His outfit could show clearly that he's a Lane Hacker. After leaving his weapon and the entrance, he walks towards the bartender and speaking to him.

"One scotch please. Oh also, I'm here to meet with Mr Sunny.

Bartender looks towards him, nodding and speaking.

"Coming right up, I'll call for Mr Sunny to come down here. Sit and enjoy, sir."

Hinx sat at the bar chair, slowly sipping his scotch and waiting for Sonny to arrive.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 07-25-2015

A few moments later the door opens to the bar and in walks Sunny looking around a little, joint on the side of his mouth and a hand in his pocket. He scans the bar until he notices the hacker at a table. Surprised a little, he walks over.

"So you're Mr.Hinx I take it?" He walks up and extends a handshake. "I was expecting... some of your ugh.... body-guards to show up as well... never-mind, well, good you made it... I have a place to talk at the back if you want the privacy.... or does this rather suite you?"

He snaps his fingers with his hand out of his pocket and takes out the joint. "Get us some drinks, damn it. The man's been for a ride and yeah don't offer any yet?" He yells at the bartender.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Price_ - 07-26-2015

[Image: 5ZcmOCZ.jpg?2]

Ivan Kesey walks into the club, he looks around for a moment before heading straight towards the back bar.
He sits down at the bar and lays the silver brief case he has on the bar and motions for the bar tender.

"I need, a bottle of whisey, four Bloody Marys, three margaritas. two grapefruits, a pot of coffee, two waffles, a half-pound of bacon, two fried eggs with toast, a quart of milk, and a slice of Key lime pie. "

He said casually, like he ordered it every day for years, despite the confused look on the bartenders face.
He opened the brief case which was full of jars of premium Synthetic Cannabis, an assortment of pipes and pipes, and edibles. He seemed to take a moment of consideration before reaching for a large flower shaped pipe and an even longer moment before choosing a jar of Cannabis. After filling the pipe and taking one long drag off of it he looked up again and said.

"Oh, and tell Sonny I'm here to see him."

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Mr. Hinx - 07-27-2015

He hears someone approaching him, he turns around. It's Sunny, Sunny greets him and offers him a handshake, Hinx gladly accepts it.

"Yeah, I'm Mr Hinx and no, I don't need any bodyguards.

He smiles.

"Here will be just fine. So what did you want to talk about Mr Sunny?"

He looks at Sunny, slowly sipping his second scotch.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 07-27-2015

Sunny takes a seat adjacent and relaxes a bit, opening a bottle of Rheinbeer that the bartender brought him.

"I'd like to talk about ... I guess two things. One probably more concerning than the other but both... relatively important that I take up..."

He takes a sip from the ale and sighs out a bit.

"Over the past several months... a year? I lost count... but for a while now we've been open to accepting and smuggling cargo or pirated loot brought in by the Hackers... Well all except for one. Cardamine."

He takes another sip, longer this time, probably from the looks of it trying to ease himself to keep going with the subject to not care to highly.

"Yoshida's been asking a few times about the matter. I had not been eager to do it but... I have thought about it a bit more."

He takes another drink from the bottle and then empties it and rolls it to the side.

"&^%$ it... Here is what I am proposing. I'll set aside some room for about... 10,000 for the stuff. No one gets access to it but you guys. No one touches it but you guys. And its only for keeping it in storage for your guys to ship it through. I don't want any of it to be leaked out onto the base. Bad for business on my end of the line. For ... several reasons. As always I don't want anything to be spotted by anyone about this from the outside. Keep it professionally stealthy as usual."