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RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 07-28-2015

(07-26-2015, 06:05 AM)Price_ Wrote:
snip snip

==A day later after meeting with Mr. Hinx==

Sunny comes down to the nightclub and soon would be informed someone is waiting for him. He makes his way into the bar and looks around for any familiar face... and familiar scent.
He spots him and heads over, greeting him as they see each other and sits next to him at the bar, ordering a bottle of vodka with two shot glasses and some lime and salt.

"So what brings out out here? Or just look'in for some fun hehe." He says and slides to him a shot glass and pours some of the vokda in for himself and him.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Mr. Hinx - 07-29-2015

He listens to Sunny talking to him, taking a sip almost after every sentence. When Sunny finished talking, Hinx started.

"It's kinda too late for that..."

He takes a sip from his glass and starts spinning the glass and the drink inside, staring into it and talking.

"We've got Poena for that now... So your offer is barely noteworthy anymore."

He raises his look towards Sunny and says

"Where's the catch... What do you want in return?"

He remains staring at Sunny, waiting for an answer

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 07-29-2015

Sunny almost chocked on his drink as Mr.Hinx responded, but he held himself together after that. He didn't expect this response so it threw him off guard a little.
"Ah I see... and how is the Poena base doing in ... fueling and supporting the Lane Hackers with profit, if I may ask. Not only in buying the said commodity but also giving something in return, hmm?" He says in reply to Hinx's statement and puffs from his smoke.
"What is the catch ? Nothing really... I just thought I'd finally let Mr.Yoshida on with a little... but if you have no interest anymore then by all means then, Mr. Hinx. I understand."
He shrugs a bit, pretending not to have him get affected much.
"There is one thing though ... that has been troubling me for quite a while. Your friends the Rogues have been... troubling us a bit. I really don't feel like having us be a punching bag for them... but at the same time I do respect your Lane Hackers and all..."
He shrugs. "Guess I am stuck in a little jam and looking for a way out... the Rogues before were good with us. Now not so much I am afraid. Reasons? I have not really agitated them that I know of."

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Mr. Hinx - 07-30-2015

He keeps staring at Sunny while he talks, carefully listening and analyzing.

"Hm...The Rogues..."

He takes a moment of silence and continues with talking.

"The thing is, as long as they aren't interfering with our business, we're not interfering with theirs"

He reaches for his drink, drinking it in one sip and finishing it.

"There's nothing we can do now, but if things change in future, we'll consider it. I can assure you in that."

He stands up looking at Sunny.

"I'm afraid that's it. I must leave now... Mr Yoshida and Mrs Hunter will bother me if I'm absent for this long. Those lanes are not gonna' hack themselves. Anything else, Mr Sunny?"

He keeps looking down at Sunny while he's sitting and waiting for an answer.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 07-31-2015

"No... well... I don't want to keep you waiting if you got things to attend to. Thanks for coming. Good luck and... if you need anything from us or want to rest up you know the place to come to."

Sunny nods and gets up as well with his empty bottle. "Take some drinks or chow on the way back if you want."

He shakes hands with the Hacker and would then bid him good day.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Devastator - 11-30-2015

A young man enters the club. It is apparent to onlookers that his age definitely doesn't exceed 25. He takes off the long brown coat he is wearing revealing numerous scars on his arms and neck line. He makes his way over to the bar and asks the bar tender for some whiskey. He pulls a half spin on the bar stool and surveys his surroundings hoping to find Sunny or one of the other AFC members to talk to. When the bartender comes back with his drink he finishes the 360 he started and downs the shot no sooner than it hit the table.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - The Archangels Fighter Club - 11-30-2015


PAGE 13:
Quote:"A little bit of both actually, here try this."

He said handing Sunny a cigar of Kallisti Gold and lighting another for himself.

"The Erisian Liberation Front is dead, Gypsie got trapped in an alternate plane of existence trying to get Dr Mojo Jojo, and I'm not entirely sure what happened to the rest. I ended up somewhere way out in the omegas and had to hitch hike back to civilization where I was able to get a ship again."

He reached for the bottle of whiskey and poured out two shots, he then pulled a small vial out of his pocket and added two drops to each drink and they quickly changed colors rapidly before settling on a nice red.

"I figured you guys might need some cargo moved, and might have use of someone who can do things and not have them traced back to you. Officially I was never a part of the E.L.F. so I technically am still a Zoner as far anyone knows, which grants me certain freedoms I know you boys are not generally allowed.

All I'm asking for is a ship, and somewhere to run a small pharmaceutical operation out of, that I would gladly give you an incredible deal on, and first dibs at major distribution."

He handed one of the shot glasses to Sonny.

Quote:The Borderworld Exports convoy B98KH-34 had reached Planet Denver and was loading up with superconductors. The crew, including the escorts, had a day off before they would start the return trip to Southampton. Even though Miranda enjoyed her time in Liberty more than in any other House, she decided not to spend her day on the planet this time. She instead boarded her ship and travelled to Blackport 66.

Blackport wasn't too far from Colorado but the trip inside the dark matter field gave her the chills. She even lost her direction twice before she found the modular base. Not long afterwards, she activated the automatic docking sequence and made an audible sigh of relief. Once she docked, she quickly moved to the back of her ship and removed her pilot suit and underwear, wearing back only trousers, a shirt and a thin jacket. Even though it was casual clothing, it clearly indicated that it was quite expensive. Once finished, she inhaled a line of cocaine feeling again cheerful and daring. Miranda smiled to herself and walked out of Blackport's Docking Bay 6 while carrying as usual her Detroit Blaster in her bag.

Quote:Sunny knew from the control room that Miranda had just docked a few moments ago and he started heading down to the docks. He took a good spiff with him on the way to swing and get into the right mood again for the party. He'd put on himself black jeans, white shirt with grey thin vest over and a bow tie as well as his club president jacket over it. He'd be outside the docks when Miranda would make her way down and he'd notice her and the dress she was wearing for the occasion...

"You clean up good there. Red. Doesn't look like you were out working before at all." He walks up to her grinning and checking her out. He tosses the end of the weed cig on the floor and stomps it good. "A bit impressive you found the place easily enough... well anyway shall we go?"

Quote:Mirana gave Sunny a wide smile.

- Hey handsome, you seem to be in a fine mood today!

Soon afterwards the duo moved into the inner parts of the station, chatting about races and Miranda's unpleasant experience in the dark matter cloud. Eventually they reached the VIP elevator which would take them directly to The Black Cherry.

- Does this thing have cameras installed? Miranda asked while the elevator was moving upwards. Sunny shook his head in a negative manner.

Hearing that, the Bretonian quickly pressed the stop button before the elevator reached its destination and kneeled towards Sunny unzipping his jeans. About a minute later she abruptly stopped what she was doing and stood up with a teasing smile in her face. Then she clicked the button and the elevator resumed its course.

Quote:Sunny was surprised a little as she knelt. A minute went by and he was already getting comfortable when he felt the elevator jolt and move again. It took him a few seconds to figure out what was going on and see her mischievous grin and he quickly as he could pulled his pants up. "Ohh... you...." He squints his eyes with a slight grin back before the door would swing open as he was finishing buckling back his belt before anyone would notice, though it was a close call. "Two can play in this game..." He manages to say before the are out again in public with people around and he is getting back to his senses. He watches her teasingly smile back and walk out and he steps out of the elevator behind her and into the entrance hall to the club and people are moving into the elevator as well past them.

The booming base can be slightly heard through the walls and the hall is lit with lingering purple and blue lights. People are talking around on couches and sofas with drinks in their hands, probably taken from inside, or standing up with some of them being obviously wasted. The entrace is just down past the line of people to where are two men letting people in.


Quote:Renin takes a sip form his glass and in pain of his lip he lets the glass fall on the floor.

"Go to hell damnit" he told in a negative voice. "Hey Waitress. Can I get something to clean this up"

"I hope you wont be doing this a lot" she said with a serious voice.

"Sorry but my lip hurts a lot. And I don't want a straw" he was talking while cleaning. "And what did the guards mean by "don't scare the waitress"?"

"It is none of your concern!" She said in an angry voice.

"Okay I get it. Sorry for asking. Get me another drink please" he sat back up to his chair.


Quote:"True, I do not have a ship. But I should say you should watch your voice because your "business" might go down with cockiness. But if you really want to know about my virginity... Find me on the dance floor. I cant be arsed to run to girls who only speak bad words, now can I?" Renin left to the dance floor while lifting is right hand with goodbyes. He takes his jacket and dissapeares into the crowd. He actually decided to show off some moves which the crowd actually liked.

Quote:Rico stumbled into the bar and immediately slouched into the darkest most private booth he could find. This wasn't the sort of dive he frequented but he knew the he could get a few free rounds by name dropping the owner. The other patrons of the flashy bar glanced disdainfully at the grubby old Junker as he sipped on his free drink in his quiet corner. "Let them stare" he thought. He hadn't been in a joint like this in such a long time that he wasn't worried that anyone would recognize him. He sipped his whiskey gingerly and enjoyed the tail end of Nox buzz lost in vague thought, as long gone past and immediate future swirled and fused into one.

He scratched his robotic arm and stood up. His Nox buzz now long gone and wanting to be gone from this place. Flipping a credit chip onto the table for 10 times the amount the drinks would have come to as a tip for the cute bar maid, he flashed her a wink and a smile and told her to thank Sunny for the drinks and say hi for him. It was time for him to re-enter the world he had left behind so long ago.

Quote:Gambit was hanging back against the Bar, watching the V at Sunnys table. He figured that the Kid should know better than to bother the Boss when he is talking to a skirt. He was thinking about walking over and pulling him out of there before he got hurt when his data pad buzzed to let him know he had recieved an Intel Packet from one of his ship crews. He pulled it out of his leather shoulder holster, tapped the screen, opened the file and read for a few minutes as he finished his drink.

"Damn it..." He said under his breath. His rise to CO for Bering came with new responsibilities, and having sit downs with Sunny when things came up was one of them. He hated to bother Sunny , especially when the only thing on Sunny mind was a vertical smile.

He looked up and saw the V had left and was now doing something on the dance floor. He would have to keep an eye on that one he decided. The Bartender had refilled his drink without asking, as was the norm. "Hey Bud, send a round of drinks over to Sunnys table will ya." The barkeep nods and starts working on the order. Gambit moved over to Sunnys table, where Sunny sat talking to the front of a young womans blouse. Gambit wondered how it was that Sunny could pick up chicks without making eye contact with them.

"Prez.....ah....Miss....." He said and nodded to them as he reached the table. "I need a minute if ya got it Boss." The new round of drinks arrived. Sunny motioned him to sit down and to hand over what ever it was he was holding in his hand. He looked anoyed.

Gambit took a seat and slid
[-]The Transmission Logs
[20.09.2015 19:07:26] {AFC}-Lil.Mule[B]: **IncommingTransmission"" BAF....BAF..this is the AFC-Hold Fast...advising you that we will be entering the Manchester system

[20.09.2015 19:07:54] BAF|HMS-Dauntless: George: Good day. This is Admiral George Richard Hall of the Armed Forces.

[20.09.2015 19:07:57] {AFC}-Lil.Mule[B]: Heading to the Leeds Jump hole with Black Market munitions for Leeds...We will stay off the lanes..Copy?

[20.09.2015 19:08:25] BAF|HMS-Dauntless: George: Please drop the black market munitions at the closest Armed Forces base so it can be destroyed.

[20.09.2015 19:08:47] BAF|HMS-Dauntless: George: We don't want that used by our soldiers. You can never know if it will explode in their own hands.

[20.09.2015 19:09:14] BAF|HMS-Dauntless: George: We only use products with guaranteed quality. Thank you for wishing to help, but that would not help us.

[20.09.2015 19:09:22] BAF|HMS-Dauntless: George: Quite the opposite instead.

[20.09.2015 19:09:44] {AFC}-Lil.Mule[B]: Sir...ah...these munitions are for the Leeds Resistance, and from what I hear and see, they are down to throwing stones except

[20.09.2015 19:09:50] {AFC}-Lil.Mule[B]: for what we bring in...

[20.09.2015 19:10:13] BAF|HMS-Dauntless: George: No, captain. Weapons are well supplied. They need food and water. Leeds is not as fertile as it once was.

[20.09.2015 19:10:14] {AFC}-Lil.Mule[B]: I hear and copy you Sir....either way...Im taking these weapons to the resistance....

[20.09.2015 19:10:39] {AFC}-Lil.Mule[B]: **EndTransmission**
across the table to him. He sat silent as Sunny picked it up and read.

Quote:Sunny watched the Virgin walk off into the crowd and rolled his eyes a little, a bit disappointed he let himself get rolled around like that by a skirt. He sipped and then tilted his drink back to empty it and with a sigh slid the empty glass on the bar counter. Ugh.. virgins.... they'll break eventually...

He turned back to Miranda, half listening to her talking about Gallic engines and the sort while he thought (and was looking at her blouse). The 'what do you think, Sunny' caught him out of the thoughts.
"What do I think about... umm... Gallic engines? Yeah.... I've got some mounted on some ships... If you'd want to take a little look later. " He shrugs "But I..."

He gets interrupted as he sees Gambit walk over and gets a little annoyed... wondering what would he need at a time like this. The bartender brings him a drink expectantly and as he catches on he shrugs and takes the pad from him and takes a quick skim....

'Blah blah blahh... Leeds....blah blah Black Market Munitions..... blah blah blaahh... drop them blah food water whatever....'

He slides/gives the pad back to Gambit and raises an eyebrow.

"Sooo.... this means........?" He seems to not know what the point to this is....

Quote:Gambit was taken back a bit. What does it mean? Hell, he didnt know what it meant. He was just the guy who now had to bring Sunny the good and bad news. He looked over at the girl and hesistated before saying anything else. He did not know how much to say infront of a non member of the club. He put his drink down and he reached across the table and grabbed his data pad and started tapping out a response.

"I don´t know what it means Boss, I just need to know what you need me to do about it." He passed the
[-]Data Pad
++Couple of months ago, we got stopped in the New London system. Two, BAF units checked us out, told them the munitions were for people fighting on Leeds, they said it was all good, but to stay off the trade lanes, and away from populated stations or planets, and that it would work`in our favor to contact them first to, one clear any lanes and two, maybe run some interferance in and around Leeds orbit, now....we get this Admiral saying something different.....Might be worth reaching out and gettin some Official clearance from the Bretts, one less thing on our scanner to worry about is one less future headache to worry about.++
back across to Sunny.

"Also, seems we had a Member get polaroided with some "C"." Gambit added that bit of info in at the end. Hoping Sunny would not blow his top. Everyone in the club hated Cardamine. Everyone knew the penalty, and it was never pretty. He looked at the Tattoo on Sunnys forearm "Deal Cardi-Eat Plasma". He doubted there was any way to save this members life. "Green Light him?"

Quote:Christo sat down just in time to hear the last comment.

"Serious business, then. Sorry, I'm late."

With a flick of the wrist, Sunny landed the pad in Christo's hands. After perusing the info, he looked up, face poker blank.

"There's a difference between cocky and stupid, and this seems like a terminal case of the latter, yeah?"

Quote:Miranda smiled with Renin leaving like this. "What a hopeless and pathetic guy that one is!" she told to herself. The joint had quite the effect on her, she could chat and flirt but she didn't want to try dancing. That would have not been very wise.

Not long afterwards another AFC member came in, this one certainly more experienced than the previous flower. Miranda was having an energy drink while he talked.

- Hey why are you so stressed? You know there is a party here, so why don't you chill with us?

The Bretonian said with an inviting look.

Quote:Things sure got more fancy over the last few months... Flora felt like visiting Black Cherry for the first time. She walked in and merged with the crowd pretty easily despite the fact that the noise felt overwhelming at first. Her clothes were more comfy than fancy but kept their style nevetheless. She was dressed in simple jeans and a black tank top accompanied by her immortal bracelet.

She slowly made her way through the dancing floor towards the bar, easily spotting two familiar faces as soon as there was some space around her. One of them didn't made her too happy. She figured Sunny is probably doing important business right now and decided to leave him alone and head for the bar instead. After a moment she admitted to herself that she did it more to avoid the other person she spotted. She sat on a stool next to the counter and ordered a drink that had more in common with fancy juice than alcohol. After a moment she received her glass and took another look around, trying to find a good spot for herself.

Quote:Gambit looked at Sunny. "Stupid, probably...." He looked over at Christo with a ¨Sup Bro¨ nod of the head. "Anyways Boss, I would like to stick around and party..." He stood up and grabbed his unfinished drink. "..but I don´t know Her." Pointing at the Bret Girl. "and I don´t like him." Grinning in Chritos direction, the joke was understood. "Im off to Leeds, yall got my digits if you need me."

He turned and walked back to the bar, finishing his drink as he did. He placed the empty glass on it as he walked toward the exit.

Page 18 below

Quote:Sunny was thinking what to do and as Gambit leaves he gets Christo's attention. he ignores Miranda's comment on just relaxing and having fun at the party. This was important club business.

"Alright ... this is what needs to be done, a'right? Get rid of the kid... quietly... but let a rumor out that he got what he deserved... As for the the BAF... I don't know... just tell Gambit to keep his mouth shut about it unless he has to talk... or whatever." He shrugs. "Catch up with him and tell him that... go deal with the problem. It's your man, anyway."

As that would be out of the way he turns back to Miranda. "So... engines.."

Quote:- Yeah...

Miranda was kind of tired after all these errand boys who had no fun. She thought Sunny was a man who understood pleasure and he didn't let "business" interfere during that time. Anyway. She was in a really good mood to be annoyed by such things.

- What is your opinion about Gallic engines? I know you are good in those things...

The Bretonian said while finishing her energy drink. Her nose piercing was flashing from time to time as the club's lights moved around the area.

Quote:"Right well... I only really am interested in engines of top quality... so they are not cheap as well... are you interested in those?"

When she nods and smiles he continues.

"The Gallic ones are one of the best ones around. So yeah... you heard right about the ones that are converted over. The Union Corse ones are by far the most eligant and luxyious too..." He takes a break, reaching over for another drink to pour into his glass and sips. "They are rare and exotic, work efficently, make little noise too... And really powerful. So yeah... not cheap stuff. That engine will be worth several times over your ship's price. I don't know if you could afford it on your own, really... but I know a guy that can get it for a price..." He shrugs but winks.

Quote:Miranda was intrigued. She desperately wanted new engines for her ship, irrelevant of their cost.

- Yeah, I would like to meet your supplier.

Then, she started dancing around the arms of Sunny, while the two of them finished their drink. A few minutes passed like this. Miranda didn't notice Flora sitting nearby.

- You know I am willing to do anything about it...

Quote:Christian got up, shaking his head. The lazy grin that habitually graced his face was notably absent. After a moment's hesitation, he headed for the door.

A shrill whistle caught his attention, and a pilot's reflexes let him field the double shot as it slid off the bar. He looked at it for a second, slammed it in one gulp, nodded grimly to the woman behind the bar and was gone.
The young Corsair stepped through the iris valve door, looking around at Christo's hangar. The Chapter head was working on a strut at his workbench, sparks flying as he trimmed the metal to match a form on the screen.

"You wanted to talk?" It had been meant to come out with bravado, but the clearing of the throat spoiled the attempt.

Christo looked up, then sighed. "Yeah, kid, we got a problem. See, the club's got a lot of vices, but you got caught on scanners with a batch of Orange. Sunny and Orange is a bad combo. To make it worse, he had to suck up to the Feds in Strudel country."

"What's the big deal about it? We run everything else!"

"Yeah, kid, we do, but Cardi is Not on the club's menu." Alexander stood up, his hand resting on the strut.

"Look, man, I'm sorry. I got it, it won't happen again."

With another sigh, Christo took a step forward, the Super Alloy strut now in his hand. "This ain't about forgiveness, mate. You bought yourself a crash landing on somethin' you shoulda known better than to do."
An hour later, Ducati roared out of the hangars, thrusters barely below the safe handling regs enforced even by the AFC. Alexander's response to a friendly race challenge was a gravelly snarl and obscene even by the coarse standards of the club.

When he returned 6 hours later, Christo parked himself at the corner table next to the bar, his face warning everyone off while he proceeded to get falling down drunk on Molly whiskey.

Quote:Sunny smirks a little, finishing his drink and watching her dance around him.

"Anything, huh?... Heh... well... it just so happens that the guy I know is visiting ... and is in the VIP lounge ... That's where he usually goes ..."

He bites his lip a little and swings back the last of his drink, checking her out again. He pulls her closer to him as she dances and slips a hand down her trousers...

"I don't suppose... you wouldn't be interested in meeting him now... would you? I'm sure with a little bit of... 'persuasion'... you might get a deal out of him..."

His hand slides down and back, feeling her skin and grabbing some in his hand...

"And possibly... a deal out of me too, hun..."

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 12-01-2015

(11-30-2015, 09:21 AM)Devastator Wrote: A young man enters the club. It is apparent to onlookers that his age definitely doesn't exceed 25. He takes off the long brown coat he is wearing revealing numerous scars on his arms and neck line. He makes his way over to the bar and asks the bar tender for some whiskey. He pulls a half spin on the bar stool and surveys his surroundings hoping to find Sunny or one of the other AFC members to talk to. When the bartender comes back with his drink he finishes the 360 he started and downs the shot no sooner than it hit the table.

Sunny would walk into the club's bar, swinging the door open and letting the dance music seep in before closing the door shut and muffling it almost entirely. He has a weed-cigar on the side of his lip, moving it from side to side and smoking a bit. He has one hand in his leather jacket's pocket and the other he takes out the cig and rolls it between his fingers as he lets out a long breath of smoke in the air that vanishes up and soon away through the vents. He walks up to the bar thirsty for a drink and feeling his mouth dry and in need of some moisture, though judging by his reddened eyes we was not complaining about it but having a good time. He walks up, seeing some cute girls and meeting their gaze before taking a seat and sitting down at the bar counter. Between him and the young man was one empty seat but Sunny doesn't notice him straight off but instead puts his elbows on the counter and hands under his chin, taking another smoke of the weed roll.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Devastator - 12-01-2015

Hyun looks over at Sunny. " Hey Sunny how has it been rolling?" He asks halfway through his third shot. He Downs the rest of it and thrusts it back at the bartender asking for another.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 12-01-2015

A shot of vodka slides towards Sunny from the bartender with just a hint of Sunny's finger. It was the usual and so the bartender knew what he wanted. A slice of lime was cut on the rim on the glass.
He looks to his side, turning his body a little to look at Hyun. At first he didn't recognize him until about a few seconds after.

He nods. " Oh you're the new rookie, eh?..." He says, looking at his jacket and at his patches. He could just make out the back of his jacket with the newly sown colors. A quite evident sign of a rookie that had recently past virgin status. He takes another puff of his smoke and blows a cloud in the air and then reaches for the shot glass and swings. He makes a face and quickly hides it.
"Erm... I'd like to ask the same for you... heard you been learnin' the ropes on carrying dirt, huh?"