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Purged - Shizune - 06-24-2016


RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Big_B - 06-24-2016

Someone suddenly burst into the bar of the Black Cherry, the doors opening with a loud bang. A guy wearing jeans and a AFC jacket was standing between the open doors and he did not seem to be happy, quite the reverse!
He walks up to the bartender, grabs him by his collar and pulls the bartender towards his face "Give me the strongest stuff you got! And don't dare to skimp with the ice!"
The bartender just looked frightened and nodded before running of to bring the man his drink as fast as he could. Then he carefully placed it in front of the man as he sat down on a barstool and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He lets it knocks the pack against his palm and one cigarette pops out from the top of the pack. He picks it up with his mouth and lights it up with a silver lighter, which has a black tribal fox logo on it.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Shalo - 06-24-2016

A man walks into the bar. He looked just like your average mercenary thug, probably around his early thirty. The man looks around the bar rather surprised, after spending soo much time at much calmer and luxurious bars owned by the companys he has worked with, he forgot how livelly a club like this could get.
He heads to the bar counter and turns to the bartender and says"I'll have a glass of whiskey and a cigar".
The man drinks the whiskey and asks for a refill. Then he lights up his cigar and takes another good look around the bar.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Devastator - 06-26-2016

"You may call me Hyun. " He said as he stopped his drink. "I don't attend the races unless Sunny specifically asks me to. Most of the time I am busy with work." He states as he finishes his drink and slides it towards Frank for a refill.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 06-26-2016

Frank was serving drinks left, right and center as well as people in the back making some food for the guests. He was surprised with the Club's Kepler Official bust through the door and grabbed him. He almost dropped his glass he was cleaning.

"R...right away sir! Anything.. sir!" He nodded frantically and then ran to make the drink fast for the man. He wondered what had made him so angry and pondered at the possibility of something happening at the races that had been held recently. He made the drink quickly and hurried back to him, placing it carefully infront on him. "Here you go sir... an Adios. Hope it helps." He nods. "Let me know if you need anything else."

He stepped back and go to work on everyone else's orders of drinks, while keeping close to the Official to see if he needed anything else.

Sunny smirked and raised an eyebrow when he noticed Yoshida's pause and change of attitude once discovering who and what was the target. He grinned sipped his drink and chuckled a little. "What I have in mind isn't going to be easy... but hell... way worth it if it succeeds."

He leaned up and pressed on the touch screen on the table and slide is fingers over it. The hologram started to zoom out again and reached a full map of New York.

"You see, Mr.Yoshida, this opportunity happens every once in a while. Take a look at the star map and you'll see why. The planets that rotate around the star line up exactly where we want it on an occasion with Rochester and the Colorado Jump Hole.... as you can see.... that is the closest we could possibly get for several get-away-spots. But... perhaps I am going too far ahead of myself."

He sipped his drink again and noted something on the touch-screen and it zoomed back to the planet and an animation started.

"The Lane Hackers are not the ones in this plan to offer a distraction." He grinned. "How cruel would I be if I were to steal the glory of such a event from you? I would think it only best that the Lane Hackers would be the ones to be given praise for such a successful operation. We on the other hand will be the distraction... and the means to get you in... as well as your get-away. I am sure you know how robberies are conducted." He smirked.

"The main issue is getting you passed all the patrols and to the planet. We would have to smuggle you in and the best way to do that would be under a cloak as well as us getting all that unwanted attention away from the planet. It would give us some time initially to by-pass all the scanners. You're team with come down disguised as just civilians and then go and start your work...."

The hologram shows an Archangel ship going to a patrol of cops that then start chasing it away from the planet. A transport then shows up and is shown to dock on the dark side of the planet while cloaked.

"Once you get as much cash as you can... then you will have all the attention to you and you'll have to make an escape..."

The hologram zooms into the planet.

"We will have arranged for you a ride from one of my friends down at the planet. A jet bike should do the trick to get you back to a ship. The issue would be not on the planet's surface... but in space."

The hologram follows the bike rendering to a ship that is shown to change it's stance from a civilian to a hacker ship. It then takes off in a hurry and enters orbit.

"You'll have to basically make a get-away at this point. My men can offer as decoys, cruise disruptor flingers, and the sort to slow down the pursuit on you. You can even get some guys to start shooting the pursuers as well. All you have to do is make it to a jump hole in time. The Colorado Jump-hole to be exact..."

The hologram shows the hacker ship flying away from squads of police fighters chasing it and ships behind are slowing it down as well as pirate ships shooting the cop ships.
It then shows the transport entering the jump-hole...

"On the other side we will have our jump-ship ready. We will have to co-ordinate as to how far you are away and how long it takes to charge up. The idea is that when the transport jumps into the system we start jump sequence and take you out immediately."

The holograms shows the animation of the charge of the jumper and then when the escaping transport jumps in then both of them are gone. The police show up to see no one present.

"Of coarse... this is just a brief run-through of the idea... and you will need to see how you can make the robbery... either by hacking or other means..." Sunny concludes.
"You understand... that if you pull this off... not only do you undermine the security and safety of the Interspace Commerce and their validity as a secure banking partner.... but their partners will also feel the burn... and the stock-market in Liberty will be in pain as well."

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Yoshida - 06-30-2016

The Hacker carefully listened to Sunny's plan and watched the images and analysis that the projection offered. He then raised his head in thought, while looking at the exotic dancer who by now had removed all her clothing.

Yoshida wasn't sexually aroused, however her rhythmic dance helped him sort out his thoughts and mind concepts.

"Before we get into details about the feasibility of such robbery and attack, we first need to outline what can be stolen, Mr Sunny. As you may know the money and most valuable things of this world are preserved in digital form. Which means that as soon as they realize what is going on, they can simply turn them off or cancel their unique code afterwards. Have you considered that issue?"

The Hacker said before slipping one hand in his pocket. A valuable case of cardamine cigarettes was revealed from which Yoshida picked one and started smoking. It would further enhance his mental capabilities, something important for this level of conversation.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 07-06-2016

Sunny looked a bit surprised at Yoshida and raised an eyebrow. He reached for the drinks on the table and took a sip.

"I don't believe one could simply... turn off... money, Yoshida. If they could then how does your organisation operate? Why wouldn't a pilot flying a trade ship not be able to do the same thing? The way that I see it is that money is based off of some valuable. If it were just multiplied ten times over then that would inflate the worth of it, no? So... I don't think simply 'turning off' money is an issue. The code afterwards is.... afterwards. Who cares what they put after you stole it? Man... listen..."

He leans forwards.

"It's even better that it is digital. You guys are hackers, are you not? If it exists in the digital realm then I would suspect it would be obtainable." Sunny leans back and shrugs.
"In that case you only need to be in close proximity... or... you'd have to infiltrate inside and cut from their server room the firewalls and what not preventing you from getting the cash."

Sunny eye'd briefly the cigars but said nothing. He expected and brushed over Yoshida's tastes.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Yoshida - 07-09-2016

The Lane Hacker briefly chuckled.

"Hold on Mr Sunny. Robbing a lone transport in space is not really the same with robbing the headquarters of the biggest financial institution in Sirius, in the most-protected planet in Sirius. We may use the same word, but the actual course of action is completely different. Over the years, we have of course considered all possible attacks to Interspace Commerce. There are security measures in this building which you won't find anywhere else."

He paused for a moment, inhaling the cardamine smoke of his cigarette before releasing it back into the air.

"But let's entertain your idea for a moment. If we manage to steal the IC valuables, and successfully make it out of the planet, I am finding it hard to believe that your club members would openly support us by firing disruptors to the fleet of law enforcement which would be unleashed upon us. I thought you enjoyed the life of the lawful citizen, Mr Sunny."

Yoshida said, teasing the Club's President.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 07-22-2016

Sunny smirked a little as Yoshida teased him.

"Yes yes yes... it wouldn't be smart to give that up for such a petty thing, now would it? Not unless I had entertained to possibility myself. You see... the beauty of this is that for one thing... my men would be already engaged in distracting the cops before the incident takes place. It would be... -such- a coincidence that The Lane Hackers would then take advantage of the situation, wouldn't it? Now if there was a way to ... 'justify'... or volleys of disruptors on the law enforcement... perhaps by doing a lesser crime or having a different reason.... then I would say it wouldn't be so bad." Sunny shrugs. "Of coarse... as you see it is not an easy task for the both of us... but all the better if we actually do succeed."

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Yoshida - 08-22-2016

Yoshida remained sceptical.

"Mr Sunny, this is too risky. The possible assistance that your Club Members would provide to our fleeing transports will simply not be enough. An all-out assault on Manhattan's defence fleets may work, but you need firepower, surprise and lots of suicide bombers. Fanatics ready to sacrifice their lives, such as the Torpedo Rogues."

The senior Hacker looked at Sunny for a few moments to get the point across. Even men like himself could not do such miracles.

"Let's speak for other matters. How is the AFC faring lately? Have you made any new friends or foes? Any interesting events you plan for the future?"