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RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Cardinal - 08-30-2016

She nods, letting him pour her another drink. She was being serious as well, while her face showed more of a calm stature.

"It is pleasing to know the AFC is prosperous. I am glad your group is performing well, and we wish to see more good come to you, as you do to us."

Seeing as Hyun became more serious, she tuned up to his level.

"Agreed, this is not the place. You know this place more than I do. Kindly escort me to a more private location for this talk."

There was that gentle smile again. Seemingly flirtatious, but at the same time innocent.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Devastator - 08-31-2016

Hyun takes the bottle from the table and heads out of the bar Making sure that Lady Hisano can follow. He stops at the elevators to the docking bays and calls it. Momentarily the door chimes and opens. Upon both of them entering the elevator Hyun hits the close door button and turns away a drunk patron looking to leave the station. With only the two of them inside Hyun lifts his arm which is seen to have a tattoo on it.

[Image: A-Tribal-Dragon-Tattoo-Design-phutu-2.jpg]

A nano membrane terminal appears over his arm his fingers move furiously of the keys. A couple of brief moments later, the elevator begins to move towards the docking bays. The lights on the public terminal read 6&7. (This is unusual since if you looked at the terminal well enough you would realize there are two floors missing that you can see from the out side.)

"Please bear with me a moment? I am sure you can understand why security is so tight." Hyun says halfway through the elevator ride.

When the doors open a startling picture is before them. As the rest of the base is composed of dark or streamlined concepts, before them stands a glistening white wall with but a single door.

[Image: roundvaultdoorclosed.jpg]

Next to the door there is a single panel mounted into the wall. As Hyun approaches the terminal Lady Hisano could see a slight flicker as a shield goes offline.

[Image: Commercia_img.jpg]

He set his index finger on the scanning pad, looked into the retina scanner, and spoke, "Live fast die free," into the comm box all at the same time. There was an audible thud as the door swung open to reveal four, two foot diameter bars that held the door closed. Hyun then hit a button on the console and said "Guest, Lady Hisano."

At the time of entering, Hyun let go of the button and a loud whir died down as the doors automated defenses went into standby mode. Beyond the door there is a small hallway.

[Image: 3_4ths_2.png]

"If you have any electronic devices that are on your person I would suggest you place them in here."

He says as he points to a box on the side of the wall.

"This is the sanitation chamber for the labs. It will flood this room with low level Ions. I wouldn't want to harm anything of yours. Also any sub-dermal implants will be fine as they will not be affected by the sanitation process."

He waits for Lady Hisano to place her devices in the box before turning to the wall on the left and giving it a thumbs up. With that, the hallway comes to life and the sound of a power transfer can be heard as the room fills with low level ions. A slight tingling sensation can be felt if this is someones first time in the chamber; but eventually the mind blocks it out. It only lasts a minute before the sound and feeling vanishes as quickly as they had come and the door on the far end opens. Once through the opening the sight again is amazing as there are people running everywhere; busy with all sorts of different lab equipment and mechanic equipment. As Hyun leads on towards the only door that no one enters, there are people glancing for a quick second to see what is amiss. For the most part, everyone spends more time looking over Lady Hisano who would stick out quite well in this crowd. While a lot is going on in this room, there doesn't seem to be any substantial projects. The doors that lead to other areas have names displayed above them which would indicate the projects that are within. They reach the lone door that differs from the rest as there is no panel but only a retina scanner.

[Image: OptosOCT-GETOCT-04.jpg]

Hyun looks into it and the door swings open. Finally the colors seem to revert to the rest of the bases concepts with its dark and streamlined interior. Once inside, the door closes and seals behind them. The room is mostly dark as Hyun touches a couple of buttons on the nano membrane. The sound of running water starts and a small breeze that smells faintly of rain dances through the room.

"This is my personal quarters. Everything you have seen I have built with my own money."

Suddenly the entire outer wall flicks on.

[Image: cVzBkOb.png]

The image seems as though you could walk into it. With everything in place Hyun sits at the table and pours himself another glass after he offers to pour one for Lady Hisano.

"Can I interest you in anything to eat?" Hyun says as he settles into his chair. "Your encounter with KNF must have been tiring."

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Cardinal - 08-31-2016

She looks somewhat surprised by the change of scenery.

"Fascinating...It feels like our biodomes back at Kyoto, which simulate a hypothetical situation as if you were on a planet. It looks wonderful."

Turning to Hyun, she sits down at the table he is at and begins to answer the question of food.

"Well, it depends on what you have in store...I am the guest, after all."

As Hyun finished pouring her another drink, she nodded in thankfulness, occasionally but slowly sipping.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Yoshida - 08-31-2016

Sunny's response satisfied the Lane Hacker. However he leaned back to his seat, crossing his arms in thought. The other two Lane Hackers sensed the mood change and exchanged glances.

"We have heard Mr Sunny that you are taking bold action against cardamine shipping and human trafficking."

He paused for a moment, straightening his tie before continuing.

"You know my colleagues and I are dependant on cardamine. Without consuming cardamine, it would be a matter of time before we die. So tell me, Mr Sunny. How would you feel when your supposed "business partners" and neighbours, are spending resources to stop hard-sought supplies which are critical for your survival? When you know that they are enemies with your greatest allies and actively hunting them?"

Yoshida's colleagues did not make any expressions on those statements, their faces, a mask.

"This is something which deeply concerns us Mr Sunny. In recognition of our past cooperation, I have tried to dissuade my colleagues from taking further action, hoping that it was only temporary. Yet your actions which undermine my organization have not ceased, they are in fact more intense than before. I want to be forthright with you Mr Sunny, we have a problem."

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 08-31-2016

There is a tenseness in the air as the Hacker spoke, though Sunny broke it with a chuckle which turned into a small laugh.

"Mr. Yoshida I am flattered that you would state that a small club as ours would do so much damage to the cardamine trade to the point of wiping out the great Lane Hackers, but I know as well as you know that this is not the case. Please... *chuckling further* I would expect that such an apparent weakness would be shielded better?

"Rather... I would think my expectations are correct, Mr. Yoshida. Based on what you are saying you should be dead by now." Sunny shrugs and reaches into his jacket and lights another spiff of weed. "But that is not the case, is it? We have not seen cardamine smugglers for a while. Is that becasue we have wiped them all out, or is it becasue they are leaking through without us knowing? The Lane Hackers are the largest suppliers of the drug in Liberty. Is that not correct? Would you also state we have stopped a Lane Hacker shipment in all our time we had prosperous business relations?"

Sunny shrugs.

"As for income, might I remind you, you have access to the markets on this station."

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Yoshida - 08-31-2016

"Mr Sunny, don't downplay your role. If you were insignificant, I wouldn't have been here in the first place."

He looked around in the room for a moment, in an effort to maintain his composure.

"We have few smugglers compared to other factions. We cannot turn this into an advantage. At this moment your Club is making more harm to the Lane Hackers than good. I am talking to you because I want you to come up with ways to tip the scales again in our favor. I need something concrete to show to my colleagues."

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Devastator - 08-31-2016

//Lady Hisano, You have cordially been invited to post in Black-Hack Speed Wing, as that is where we currently are.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 09-01-2016

Sunny raised an eyebrow as he puffed on his spiff. He let out a cloud of smoke from the side rims of his mouth and tilted his head.

"I see. While I again have to state that we have not touched your hacker smugglers nor have met for a long while now a cardamine smuggler, how about this proposal in your favor. You're telling me you want to tip the balance to your side, correct? Would you then be happy if I let the boys know to not intentionally/immediately harm anyone heading to Hacker installations to deal with you in cardamine? Think of it as... privateering." Sunny grinned a little as he played with the word. "You see... this way you will have your fill of cardamine as well as control over its import. All the cardamine will be filtered through you, which means for you..."

Sunny made a sign with his hands by rubbing his fingers together; a universal sign of credits.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Yoshida - 09-05-2016

Yoshida considered Sunny's for a few moments. His mind was racing, calculating all possibilities.

"While your offer has merits, the dangers of being found out by our allies is dangerously high. I cannot accept that."

He checked his watch, he had other business to attend to this day and this was taking longer than expected.

"There are other ways to offset our losses. More direct and meaningful. The AFC will provide two shipments of artifacts from Planet Crete on a monthly basis. One will reach Leiden Base and the other will go to Mactan Base."

The senior Hacker said and then stood up, waiting for Sunny's response.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 09-07-2016

Sunny listened to Yoshida's response and raised his brow for a moment before reaching forward and putting out the light of the spiff against the table. He was quite certain the Hacker would accept what he thought would be a generous offer, though he was mistaken. The offer that was given to him was also quite surprising in itself though he kept silent about it and just nodded.

"Very well, Mr. Yoshida. Two artifact loads per month."

He noticed as well the Hacker was ready to leave. He stood up too and motioned to someone at the far side.

"I see you are a busy man. It was a pleasure having this talk." He says and just then a serving waitress brings to them a closed bottle of high class, quality wine. She hands it to Sunny and then leaves quickly.

"For the road." Sunny smirks a little as he gifts it to Yoshida.