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RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 11-26-2016

"I'd be surprised if you didn't find anyone, to be honest with you." He chuckles back. "An adventurer like yourself..." He grins.

He reaches for a bottle and chooses the Vodka and gets two shot glasses. He opens it quickly and pours it straight in front of her.
"I hope you like some of this, dear. Top quality stuff. At least give it a little try." He chuckles a little and puts the bottle down. "Nothing like a good shot to keep you going... Oh..." He remembers and reaches into his jacket, pulling out something in his hand. "You smoke?"

He takes out a little packet with what appears to be some Synthetic Marijuana - like substance; fluffy and greenish-red. He drops in on the table.

"In all your travels, have you smoked some of the Zoner's fine delicacies? This is from another bar I've been to. You wont find the same kind of quality easily... and it has some 'flavor' to it as well. This one in particular is grown on Crete. It's a nice slow hit... but take it for long enough and you can be gone." He chuckles a little. "I usually take a bit. One or two hits and that's enough for a long flight with no worries but views."

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Cherry Crush - 11-27-2016

Said Redhead, offered the woman that noticed her a warm, almost naughty smile. But, then again, she seemed to be doing that to most everyone that caught her eye, a bit like a reflex. She stepped her way up to the bar, rather efficiently finding a way to squeeze through up to it, given passage to do so by the fact of being a quite attractive female. Her fingers danced through the air as she managed to describe a drink in bar talk, a rather dizzying array of liquours all in one little glass, that swirled together in a vague recollection of the Omicron's, hence it's name 'The Edge World Spiral' .

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - James Greed - 11-27-2016

"Are you trying to imply something?" She chuckles innocently. Even if that kind of innocence is mostly faked by her. Of course she's adventurous, and not just in terms of traveling, in almost everything. "I'm sure you'd have some stories to tell too, Sunny."

"You don't have to ask me twice. I can easily spot a quality liquor. After all, I am a bar owner too. Even if the place isn't going that well." She takes the shot glass, waiting for Sunny to take his glass too, before downing it in one swig.

After a bit of grimacing, she gets over the burning aftertaste. "... Just don't invite me to any drinking competitions. I tend to fail miserably at those, and then you'll have to scrape me off the floor." She grins.

"I don't normally smoke. Special occasions like this however can change that..... and no. Never had the chance to see what makes some Zoners feel so high." The top-heavy girl leans a little bit closer with a smile.

Taking a few glances at the redhead still. Not being able to just look for much longer. "Do you know who she is, Sunny?"

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 11-28-2016

Sunny takes the shot with her and squints his face a little after the kick of the vodka. It leaves a warm feeling inside him however and he starts to pour more into the shot glasses...
"Scrap you off the floor, huh? I think we'll manage..." he chuckles a little.

"You're a lucky girl then... here... this is how it's done..." He reaches into his jacket again and gets a small paper, nice a thin, and puts it on the table. Expertly, he lays some of the green drug on and then quickly with a few movements rolls the paper up to make a cigar-like shape.
"And this... can last you a few minutes... or several hours... " He says chuckling and places it in-front of her on the table.

He turns around though when she asks him about someone at the bar and looks quickly, spotting one woman that is clearly standing out from the rest.
"I'm not sure... probably... I didn't meet her before." He chuckles. "Why? You want to say hello?" He teases her a little.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - James Greed - 11-28-2016

"It really won't be that bad, just if you make me drink the whole bottle, or so." She smirks, drinking yet another shot, soon as Sunny pours her one. Whincing a lot less now, the drink starting to have a slight effect on her.

She carefully examined as he rolled the paper into the said distinctive shape. Just waiting for him to finish. "I don't really have a lighter tthough." She just adds.

"She would definitely look nice on my bed, if that's what you are asking. So, I might just say hello eventually. For now though, I'll just pay attention to you guys. It would be rude of me to trail off, just because of some -gorgeous- redhead." She chuckes.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 11-29-2016

He chuckles back at her remarks and comments, listening and taking another shot of the vodka before slapping the glass shot down on the table again and making a little grunt as he shakes his head. The vodka took a nice hit again on him, though he was getting used to it now and enjoyed the warmth it brought that flowed deep inside him. He got out of his pocket a small and simple looking cap lighter and picked up the cigar off the table.

"MMm.. well I got you covered then... If you want to try, that is... but... I feel for myself a little hit." He eyes and smirks at her before lighting the weed rolled spiff and taking a quick but quite deep inhale of the drug. Coughing lightly, and sighed with a smirk and offered it to Lavina.

The smell of the drug was quite strong, though it had a hint of a berry/fruity scent to it as well.

"One hit wont kill yeah." He winked at her. "Though... I'm charmed you'd stay here rather than go after that hotty over there, and you're quite one to look at as well." He smirks. "Though... if you send her a drink, perhaps she'll come over." He grins a little.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - James Greed - 11-29-2016

Another shot of Vodka got her completely lax. The pleasant warm feeling just adding to her great mood. Pouring yet another round, drinking it, and setting down the glass on the table for now. "Trying a little bit really shouldn't hurt. Even if it does, I'll try to fall in either your arms, or onto the lap of the redhead babe." She chuckles lightly. Licking her lips, she takes the cigar shaped object. Breathing in the fumes a moment later, and keeping it down, before exhaling. Coughing a bit, before giving it back to Sunny.

"....It isn't that bad. Though I'm really not used to it." At this point, it was just a matter of time till she would become way too easy among the people around her.

"Let's get her a drink then. Or would the two of us be too much distraction for the president himself?" She grins. "I like that actually. You are the good kind of attention, after all." She crosses her legs yet again, biting her lips.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 11-29-2016

He laughs a little back, relaxed almost completely as well, as she coughs after inhaling. He takes the cigar-shaped spiff from her and takes in another hit. He exhales through his nose and sighs a little, smirking back at her. "Not bad for a first go, eh?" He grins back and then squishes the spiff bud on the bottom end of the table to take out the flame and save it for later.

"Oh, you'd like that wouldn't you... me being distracted." He chuckles and winks back at her. "Would you distract me, though?" He says back to her in a teasing manner as if to challenge her.

A waitress passes by and Sunny gets her attention. "Darling... fetch that poor girl there with the red hair and the leather a drink, would you dear? Get perhaps her a nice scotch or whiskey... or a how about let's make it..." He chuckles a little. "Get her an 'Angel's Tit'.... if she asks who's it from then say it's from us." He smirks back and watches the waitress go off with a little blush on her cheeks.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - James Greed - 11-29-2016

"Not too bad. I won't make a habit out of it, however. Let's just keep this for the parties, or occasions as this one." She giggles softly, leaning back in her chair.

"Aren't you disracted enough as of right now?" Lavinia winks at Sunny. Standing up, taking one step towards him. "Now now, I think I can fix that. Quuuite easily." She replied in a quite melodic tone, while walking up to Sunny. Eventually taking a seat on his lap, and making a slight adjustment on her top, to outline her feminine charms. Slowly putting a hand around him. "Would this be enough of a distraction?" A wink follows, after her quiet whispering.

"Daaaw, where do you find all these cute waitresses? I wouldn't mind having their numbers. Or at least one of them." She smirks. Still gazing at the redhead at times, when she's not too busy finding a comfortable position.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 11-30-2016

Sunny smirks, watching her now , and evidently distracted, as she goes to sit on his lap and show her charms. He sees she is finding a comfortable way to sit and he raises an eyebrow and takes his hands to hold behind her waist. With a little bit of movement with his legs, he adjusts and now has her legs around his as she is sitting facing him.

"Hmm... I could get used to this distraction..." He bumps her a little closer with his legs and shifts her close with his arms to get her comfortably close to him. One of his hands sneaks to graze over her legs with the tips of his fingers.

His head level is at her shoulders and he gets his other hand to run over her back and move under her chin lightly, getting her to look at him and not at the other people at the bar. "Though perhaps now... I can get you to focus..." He whispers back with a sneaky smirk and an admiring gaze and winks.