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RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - KandySingular - 03-28-2017

The anti alcohol spike she had injected into her leg earlier, must have reacted to the extra oxygen content of the air. The injection worked in part by opening up the alveoli to be more receptive to oxygen. Walking into a room with a higher oxygen content than normal had caused her to react by coughing. She took a few breaths through the mask and she started to breath normally again.

"Thank you" she smiled and handed back the mask and took the flower from him. She smelled it and was mildly surprised and taken back by the scent. There was a difference between it and the normal perfumes that she knew most women would wear. "What species of flower is this?" She asked as she followed him out to the elevator. She took note of her comm units slight buzz letting her know she had received another transmission. "The smell is very unusual, does not have a synthetic quality to it."

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Devastator - 03-28-2017

Hyun grinned, "Well that would be because it is purely organic. It is what comes closest to a rose from the history texts. [Image: 641c66482cef933e93c118271e07a35e.jpg]
We found some growing on a mountain on Kyushu." He finished. The elevator began to accelerate. Hyun touches his arm a couple times and returns to watching the cloud slip by as the elevator moves towards the central hub once more. Gravity slowly releases as the elevator rotates to feel more oriented to their position. At last there is a tone and the doors open to reveal people floating by. A busy expressway in the station but certainly needed. Hyun kicks off the doors and floats across to a mobile mag. He grabs hold and motions for Kandy to do the same. He turns it on and begins fairing down the corridor. He makes sure not to leave Kandy behind. Hyun reaches another door and lets go of the mobile mag which begins its short trek back to its charging bay. He pushes a button and the doors open to reveal another elevator.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - KandySingular - 04-03-2017

She had been somewhat impressed with the station. They were not just ordinary lane racers. She decided it was time to get down back to business.
"So, when can I set the meet up for you to pick up the "Blueprints", the longer you wait, the larger the chance that he might sell to someone else." She knew with out a doubt that what she had just said was a falsehood, but it was always good to put a sense of urgency to a deal.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Devastator - 04-04-2017

"How about tomorrow? We can meet up near Ames to make the trade. Just let me know when you arrive and I will come and get it." Hyun finished as the doors close. The elevator begins to move. "So where have you traveled in the past?" Hyun asks hoping the air doesn't become awkward again.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - KandySingular - 04-07-2017

"What ship name should I give my contact to look out for?" She pulled out her data tablet and started swiping and tapping the screen. "How does the Kepler side of the Colorado/Kepler gate sound for a location?". She finishes the message and hits the send command. The lift stops and once again the doors open.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Devastator - 04-10-2017

"He should look for {AFC}-Supesusukima[K]. And that location is fine." Hyun finished. He stepped out onto the metal decking lining either side of the ring were dwellings. "This is general quarters for those that are part of AFC. Everyone has their own room or house here if they wish it." Hyun finished. If there was a place in the station that seemed lackluster this was it. Mainly metal boxes that were decorated with various forms of art. Some 'virgins' could be seen adding some art to the collection. "Well this is not my favorite place but on the tour all the same." He said as he motioned for her to step off the elevator.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - FrankGambit - 04-13-2017

It was the first bit of sleep he had had with out screams, but something brought him to. Gambit raises his eyelids from small slits to half open and starts to focus. He could tell he was still sitting at the bar, there was a half smoked still burning cigarette in his hand, and as he started to sharpen things up visually, he found himself starring at a 1.5 liter bottle of Dublin's Finest Whiskey on the bar with only 2 fingers left in it.

Around him, there was a raging techno music party where there was once, a just above manageable chaos. He could not tell how long he had drifted off. The half lit cigarette still smoking in between his fingers, clued him to the fact that it could not have been that long.

He realized he could not remember how long he had been waiting for Sunny, but a near full bottle of whiskey has a tendency to mess with a mans head a bit. The trick to the "Standing/Sitting Bar Nap" is to find a pose were it looks you are just sitting there, hiding behind black lens pilots glasses, hands clasped to the bar for balance and nod off. Gambit might have continued Barnapping had it not been for his comm unit vibrating in his jacket.

He releases his death grip on the bar, and fumbles the unit out of his jacket, and sees that it is the inter station mobile system, and it is the captain of The Huntsman calling. He puts the unit up to his ear, mustering the concentration to answer.

"Ya....." notably slurring.

" ..Frank its Fat Amy , where the hell are you, I can barely hear ya,...Frank?."

"Black.....cherry....waiting on Sunny, in no shape to do anyone any good"

He could hear her start talking very faintly, and as she was giving him the rundown on the last trip to New Berlin, he started to drift off in his head, remembering images of bloody people in the back of his Voyager and explosions in the LZ. He cuts her off right when she mentions the buy price of the munitions they had just brought back from the DHC facility on the Ring.

"..Frack no aint happenin......if we do not stop them now.....they are going to reach around and take Cali Minor is so screwed....Amy, they canĀ“t handle it..."

"Gotcha Frank, barely hear ya, Ill handle it."

He stands there for a few seconds till he realizes that Amy has hung up. He throws his comm unit on the bar and it hits the almost empty bottle of spirits, this getting the bartenders attention. The barkeep comes over to him grabbing another bottle on his way and exchanges the empty for a full.

"you good Frank?"

He nods a yes, and the bartender pulls out a cold beer and places it in front of him and walks away. Between the loud rhythmic music and the low strobe lights, his head floats off into the images of nightmares.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - KandySingular - 04-20-2017

She hesitates to get off the lift. "Well, if it is not on your list of favorite places, then there is no need to show me." She smiles at Hyun, "If it is all the same to you, I am kind of thirsty and I would like to have another drink or two before I go check on my ship and its repairs."

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - nOmnomnOm - 04-21-2017

Sunny would walk into the bar, seeing the usual activity going on. The dimmed and calm lights, people chatting and laughing across the rooms, people drinking and hot babes all around. He looks around for Frank Gambit, knowing they had arranged a meeting down here. He was late, but being a president of the club, some things would usually grab his attention. Reaching under his jacket, he takes out a read-rolled spiff and lights it with his lighter as he walks down to the bar. The barkeep notices him already coming and scrambles to get him his usual: a bottle of vodka with a shot glass and cuts of lemon with salt on a small plate.

He notices Frank sitting at the bar, though weirdly, and he'd notice he isn't moving or anything. Walking over behind him, he slaps his back. "Franky, you good?" He laughs a little as he'd notice he'd been sleeping from his reaction.

RE: The Black Cherry || Blackport 66 's Night Club and Bar - Devastator - 04-25-2017

Hyun smiles and nods. "Thats fine we will just head back to the black cherry." As he entered the elevator. It began moving as he started. "Kandy, Would you be willing to use your connections to gain some information?"