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Change Request - Telemakhos - Gypsie Skripto - 04-04-2021

1. Exact name of the character:


2. Link to the request to be amended:


3. What exactly do you want changed?

I want the name of the SRP to be [TAZ]Telemakhos

4. Why are these changes necessary?

I have recently returned to Disco, just two days before TAZ became unofficial. I would like Gypsie Skripto to return from a long pilgrimage and, finding Baffin neglected, return to the cult to put things in order. That's why I'll be picking the [TAZ] tag again.

As soon as I started flying [TAZ] tagged ships upon returning, I was spammed in the ingame chat by people telling me how happy they where to see TAZ flying again. This made me super happy and even if it's unofficial, I want people to be able to interact with the TAZ lore, which is after all one of the oldest in the server.

PS: About the loadout... I don't know if Spyglass Scanners are still a thing. If they are not, I'd be happy grabbing whatever replaced it, or a Battleship Scanner instead.

RE: Change Request - Telemakhos - aerelm - 04-06-2021