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Schatten Research Facility | Section I-J - An'shur - 12-30-2014

[Image: Schatten3_zps2f6d0144.png]

"Sections I and J of the secret Buro der Marineintelligenz installation, Schatten Research Facility, are commonly designated as one module, the Section I-J. This part of the Research Facility is dedicated to Nomad research which is protected by BLACK security level. Among others, the said research includes biology and weapon technology. Any possible security breach suspects are to be arrested or elliminated on sight, we can't afford information leaks due to the dangerous nature of this kind of experiments and even more dangerous unwanted misusage."
-Security notice, Kommissar Karl von Schlafenberg, 22:03, 29.12.821 A.S.

Information board

Schatten Research Facility was constructed some time during the year 803 A.S. The base is well protected within the alien minefield in the Frankfurt system, virtually inaccessible save for one entry passage. It's armor does include chemical elements and metallic compounds characterised by excellent nature of blocking the electromagnetic waves. Attempts to lead any communication between the base and anything beyond the minefield is also blocked by two big jammers and several smaller devices. It's essentially a giant Faraday Cage; no transmissions get out of the base, and there hasn't been a tool invented that can penetrate the electronic shielding.

The base itself is the headquarters for major Rheinland special operation projects, which obviously makes it quite a tempting target. However, the division of Black Legionnaires, some of the toughest ground troops in Sirius, stationed on the base for internal security and the high presence of military vessels in and around the station based off of the battleship Koblenz make an assault almost impossible.

The Schatten Research Facility acts as the headquarters of the Buro der Marineintelligenz, the Rheinland office of naval intelligence. No intruders sent against the base, from the Unioners, Red Hessians, or even one memorable attack of the Corsairs, has ever breached the station defences, and it seems likely that for now the secrets of Schatten will remain safe. Schatten Research Facility is de-facto the most guarded asset in Rheinland. This fact is making it into a perfect place for alien research; From Nomad history and study of ancient alien artifacts, up to morphology and experiments involving reverse-engineering of their technology and engaging in prototype weapon systems.

Large alien research project has been started on turn of the year 821 A.S. and 822 A.S. Flottillenadmiral Karl von Schlafenberg is in command of the project codenamed as "Section I-J". Understanding the nature of the Nomads, exploring and mapping deep Omicron systems far beyond the borderline of Rheinland space and eventually applying their knowledge on the Buro weapon arsenal counts as the main goal of this effort. Outcomes of the mentioned research are to be used for both defensive and offensive purpose, to face the enemies of Rheinland national security and the Nomads themselves.

[Image: Schatten4_zpsd02d60d7.png]

Section J has been emptified. It's content was transfered to other research sections of the Schatten, including the Section I. Mooring bays of the Section J has been rebuilt into storage rooms. Reason of this change is evident, the new project requires quite large amount of free space because the facility requires more materials to work on the experiments. Seems this is one of the biggest Rheinland alien research projects of the recent history.

"Schatten does not exist."

Operation: "Maulwurf" - An'shur - 12-30-2014

Operation: "Maulwurf"

[Image: screen446x_zps9327daf1.png]

:: Voice message no. I - 20:00, 30.12.821 A.S.::

Quote:"Guten Tag Herren. I have plan to get back what belongs to us. It will be very risky and there is high chance of getting us revealed to Libertonian forces in New Hampshire. Not many of you know that a Rheinland Military research base module is floating there, between two fires. My ship was there once to scan the module, it is practically unharmed. No one ever attempted to get it under controll, but we will. My plan is to burrow inside the module with specialised device. It will be laser-based drill which will create circular hole in the armor of the module. Greenprints of the device are ready, but we need materials. The material delivery is covered as a routine supply mission. No one except Schatten scientists, High and Middle Command knows what is the true purpose of the supply mission.
When the device will be finished, it will be installed to one of our cruisers. Said cruiser will be escorted to the module where it will use the device to get into the module. We will send a recovery squad inside to get as many materials and databanks as possible. Problem is, according to my calculation, one.. hm.. recovery run will least approximately one hour. It will be nearly impossible to stay unnoticed for that time. Second problem is, Donau class haven't cargo bay big enough to save all of the module during one run. We will be required to fly four times there, so our first priority will be recovering all electronic data of the module. Then we will undermine the drilled entrance to prevent entering the module by possible unwanted quests. If successfull, we will transport the materials to the Section J of the Schatten Research Facility, there the materials will be safe."

:: Greenprints ::

[Image: blueprinnts_zpsbd19c110.jpg]

:: Voice message no. II - 21:57, 30.12.821 A.S. ::

Quote:"The construction of the U.L.D.D. is necessary because we don't have any drilling device like this. We have never been required to drill into space station components. Once constructed, the U.L.D.D. will be installed into one of our cruisers. We will then get the cruiser into the New Hampshire system, where our objective is located. Recovery operation itself will be divided into three phases.
1) Escort phase: Escort the cruiser to the module. It is necessary to send a big fleet of ships somewhere else to the system as a distraction for the Libery Navy. I am not talking about sacrifice lambs, but about the best ships and crews choosen from both the Buro and the Rheinwehr. It is unlikely that the Liberty Navy will be waiting for us in it's full power, but that is the reason why is it mandatory to do the operation quickly and with a fleet. Libertonian reinforcements will likely come to pull us back or even worse, catch us during the recovery.
2) Recovery phase: Use the U.L.D.D. to drill into isolated section of the module. This shouldn't last more than two minutes, according to the scanner data. After making an entrance hole, the U.L.D.D will eject specialised extraction corridor which will include energetical conduction to power artificial gravity systems of the module and simple equipment directly from the cruiser power plant. Setting up the gravity on just 4 m/s^2 should be enough. Recovery squad choosen out of the best soldiers of the Black Legion will use the extraction corridor to get into the module, it will be needless to restore life support systems because the personnel will be protected by bio suits. Main task of the recovery squad is to suck out all computer databanks of the module and grab all research materials possible. However, the worst problem is, even I don't know what were the Münster scientists doing there. Recovered materials will be transfered to the cruiser cargo bay.
3) Escape phase: Once the cruiser hold get full, the recovery squad will undermine the drilled entrance and leave the module. The cruiser full of research materials will then lead straight to the Schatten. Rheinland warfleet should leave the system as soon as the cruiser finish the recovery.

:: Module scanner data ::
  • Surface integrity: 96%
  • Life support systems: Offline
  • Artificial gravity: Offline
  • Atmospheric pressure: 48 302 Pa
  • Interior temperature: 167 K
  • Radiation level: Not present

:: U.L.D.D. construction requirements ::

--Industrial Materials: 7500 | Done - 1.1. 822 A.S.
--Robotic Hardware: 5000 | Done - 5.8. 822 A.S.
--Robotics: 4000 | Done - 8.8. 822 A.S.

Extraction Corridor
--Basic Alloy: 10000 | Done - 6.8. 822 A.S.
--Titanium: 3000 | Done - 5.8. 822 A.S.
--Polymers: 8000 | Done - 8.8. 822 A.S.
--Copper: 2500 | Done - 1.1. 822 A.S.

Burrowing Device
--Optronics: 3000 | Done - 6.8. 822 A.S.
--Energy Field Equipment: 5000 | Done - 8.8. 822 A.S.
--Superconductors: 10000 | Done - 15.8. 822 A.S.
--Lasers: 2500 | Schatten has amount big enough for the construction.
--Magnets: 3500 | Done - 15.8. 822 A.S.
--High-Temperature Alloy: 4500 | Done - 5.8. 822 A.S.
--Lanthanum: 3400 | Done - 5.8. 822 A.S.
--Iridium: 1300 | Done - 1.1. 822 A.S.

:: Material order ::

RE: Schatten Research Facility | Section I-J - An'shur - 08-08-2015

U.L.D.D. construction phase I: Preparations

[Image: screen130_zps1lj22d4q.png]

Flottillenadmiral von Schlafenberg looks at the Herschel from one of not many windows of the Section K. Materials necessary for the first and even the second phase of the drill construction and for it's integration into the cruiser have been just delivered. Schlafenberg then goes to the Section I and right in the moment of his entry, he calls for an engineer at his right hand. "Herr Stahl, assemple the construction machinery, robotic arms, scaffold parts and the rest in the Drydock A-2. Prepare my cruiser for the Universal Laser Drilling Device and get down to work. Everyone will be working for twelve hours, double the construction workers' incomes for the time of the Operation Maulwurf" He pauses for few seconds, caresses his moustache and sighs with a sign of happiness and amusement.

"Call for Herr Kapitänleutnant Geoffrey Enfield. I know he understands such things and his engineering skills are well known to me so the work will go faster. Nothing against you Stahl, your income will be doubled too" He puts a smile under his dense moustache and begins to walk back to the living quarters, but before the door closes behind his receding back, he says with slightly louder voice: "I expect the first phase to be finished in fourty eight hours!"

RE: Schatten Research Facility | Section I-J - An'shur - 08-09-2015

On the main bridge of the Herschel, Schlafenberg enjoys his front view at the construction scaffold, various working machines including conveyor belts, robotic arms and workers in biosuits. Constant, but sometimes changing pattern of loud engulfs the cruiser, now half-empty of the usual crew, because of the work ongoing in the front parts of it.

Karl picks his communicator, presses a button and says: "This is Admiral Schlafenberg to Chefingenieur Stahl" No reply interrupts the background loud for several seconds. "Computer, locate Gerhard Stahl" Almost entirely green hologram of the Herschel pops up, only point which is not green is not anyone else than Herr Stahl desired by the Flottillenadmiral. Being on the secondary bridge right above the construcion site, he's not responding even after a volley of more callings. Annoyed Schlafenberg decides to check out the situation personally.

He enters the secondary bridge, which usually serves as an observation post or occasionally as a ship bar. Instead of star navigation maps, trajectory holograms and other tools for space navigation, the room is full of small tools and workers coming from the construction site for Stahl's orders and back. Hologram of the construction site showing everything important, even individual people, fills half of the room space. "Herr Stahl, I've been calling for you for the last ten minutes. Care to explain what's going on?" Stahl's serious look underlines even more serious response he throws at Karl "Entschuldigung Herr Admiral, you wanted the work to be fast. There are just too many people attempting to contact me. Pardon me, but frankly, would you be able to answer three calls in five seconds?" Head engineer pauses himself and takes breath. "This is why I wasn't responding. I decided that the work coordination would be more efficient if people were comming for instructions via the elevator, just two or three storeys, instead of bothering me with every malicious problems.. like broken forceps of whatever. Now I am taking care just of the important matters, Herr Admiral" Karl listens to Stahl's excuses and after few unusually silent seconds, even for a construction site, he says: "And what's the status of the work?" Stahl points at the big hologram, examining the work to Karl with quite calm, but tired words after several hours of coordinations and concers about, as he said, malicious problems. "This forward communication array will be replaced with the laser drill. You can see the scaffold around it and construction arms slowly removing the armour plates around the array. I have to admit, that your cruiser has very thick armour, sir. Corridor will be later lead directly into the cargo bay. Work goes as planned, as you wanted" Karl turns around and before he walks away, says: "I will come at the start of your next shift, if Herr Enfield don't manage to be present yet. Auf Wiedersehen!"

RE: Schatten Research Facility | Section I-J - Geoffacake - 08-09-2015

Walking through one of the corridors of the Schattens shipyard facility where both Enfield and 'Zeal' are over looking a Cruiser being modified through one of the windows. "You know i never asked for a Job like this, we're stepping into unwanted grounds." Enfield seems to be carrying a large duffel bag on his back and a larger-than-normal electric rotary saw. "I bought these Tungsten-Carbide blades for little insurgency jobs... Its a pity I now got to use them for mechanical work." "But that's what they were intended for..." "Not what I intended." Walking onto the maintenance chambers of the shipyard decks, Enfield has 'Zeal' places her hand in his, then suddenly returning to her chip form, Enfield places it in his arm.

Going into a small office that has full view of the cruiser, one man already in place of the single chair in the room, flash jacket and hardhat on, too focused on the paper work on the desk. Enfield walks up to him on the other side of the desk, and pats him on the head. "Oh, you're here! Sorry, busy with this, i just need to-" "Hey, shifts over, I'm here to take over." "Thanks, Flottillenadmiral will be down soon to have a word." "Really?" Enfield seems a little annoyed, he chucks his bag and saw down on the floor beside the desk. "Won't he give it a rest?" "Whats going on?" Stahl gets up from his seat, allowing Enfield to take his place. "Nothing for you, Its... Its just personal matters." Enfield parks himself down comfortably on the chair, spinning around to view the cruiser from the window. "That is just overkill..."

RE: Schatten Research Facility | Section I-J - An'shur - 08-09-2015

Karl enters the room as Herr Stahl finally leaves to get some sleep. "Guten Tag Herr Enfield. I called for you to give you this task.." He pauses and as usually, scratches his moustache. "You will be the head engineer for this project, instead of Stahl. I have nothing against him, he is loyal and I see a lot of effort in his work, but I know a better person for his role" Karl points a gentle smile at Geoff. "Check over the construction progress in the Herschel secondary bridge. There's everything you need to know. Assemble the laser drill as according to our plans"

"Almost forgot.. Changing plans, we won't let the empty module in one piece. There is a significant chance that our operation in New Hampshire will be uncovered and I don't want the Libertonians there to get what is inside the module. Would it be doable to get together some Nova torpedo cores and other powerfull charges and prepare a roughly one hundred megaton thermonuclear or antimatter bomb? After the operation, it would be transfered into the emptified, or in less fortunate outcome, partially emptified Münster module and detonated. Device of such power should be able to turn the whole thing into an expanding cloud of plasma, literally. If not, make some calculations and make it more powerfull"

RE: Schatten Research Facility | Section I-J - An'shur - 08-11-2015

Admiral Schlafenberg sits on an aluminium chair on the Herschel secondary bridge, now looking more like an average Rheinland shipyard construction command center. In fact, it will stay like that for the following days and in less fortunate way, weeks. Karl enjoys his half litre glass of Rheinbier while watching the large work coordinating hologram of his flagship, the RNC-Herschel.

It seems like the preparations are done. Where the main sensor network used to be, is now a giant opening digged deep inside the ship from the front to the central superstructure, directly into it's cargo bay. Karl moves his focus around the hologram, looks at the hole, at the engine, briefly at the scaffold workers and thinks about the future of his ship. He mutters silently for himself, presupposes that nobody listens to him: "Will Erik Nodtviet take a good care of my ship after the operation? How will he use it?" Various thoughts are streaming throughtout his exhausted head after another day of supervising the construction, dealing with paperwork and Chefingenieur Stahl's cat excrements around places where there are not supposed to be unloaded. Karls takes a few sips of the Bier. Somebody listens to his monologue. This fact fails to remain unknown to von Schlafenberg for too long. He turns around to see somebody seen too often today, Stahl. "Your cat is being a troublemaker mein Freund. You are to keep an eye on her comfortable actions ja? I am tired of asking people around about who could be responsible for this there and here..." With more serious tone, now lacking his usual calm and friedly approach, he quickly says: "I will lock Theodora inside my office if you don't start to watch her carefully" "Obviously Herr Admiral... I apologize. I am overseeing the emptifying operations of the ship front side. I don't have time to watch my beloved cat-" The admiral, holding a half empty beer glass, suddenly interrupts Gerhard's seemingly tired voice "Where is Herr Enfield?" "Short answer, I don't know.. Longer answer.. Well, Herr Admiral. He should be somewhere on the scaffold, I have not seen him for like seven hours. Probably just a chain of unhappy coincidences that I have not met him" Karl sighs, looks at seemingly red veins inside of Stahl's eye whites and says: "If you manage to meet him, tell him to come to the main bridge and report me how is he going with the bomb... He will know what I am talking about. And you, Herr Chefingenieur, get ourself some sleep, othewise you will enervate yourself, which would not be good for you, nor for the work progress"

The admiral drinks the rest of Rheinbier from his glass and leaves the messy secondary bridge. On his way to the main command bridge, he stops in the ship kitchen, opens an officer fridge and takes a chilled bottle of Rheinbier, he then leaves the kitchen in direction to the bridge. There he sits into a leather Kapitän chair and fills in the half litre glass... Now is the time of waiting and watching the construction site, various Rheinwehr and Büro patrols around Schatten and movements of gas formations in the Westerwald.

RE: Schatten Research Facility | Section I-J - Geoffacake - 08-11-2015

"No! Stop!" A team of engineers are working outside of the station, in the vacuum conditions of the shipyards construction bay. Enfield, as the type of the person he is, is in the middle of all of it, leading and lending a hand. "Jesus..." Enfield stares at the laser scaffold that's trying to be mounted on the cruisers front hull, where the communications array used to be. He's carrying a pair of schematics with him too, looking back and fourth from them. "The hell is he thinking!?" He points out to the other engineers the small cables that are used for the communications array that once occupied it. "We try use this, we'll fry the damn thing! I don't think these power lines can handle the amps we're trying to feed this thing!" The engineers come to a shocking realization, staring at the construction completely dumbstruck. "Powering that thing with the power of a communications platform... The energy wouldn't even reach the laser.... How powerful is it anyway?" "Around hundred Kilowa-." "HUNDRED KILOWATTS?!" Enfield resorting to doing multiple Zero-G backflips to quell his annoyance...

"Right... Let... Me... Just... Steady... Myself..." He uses his thrust pack to bring him upright with the rest of the engineers around him. "We're going to need a very big cable... A transformer, and a lot of insulation. all running from the reactor directly. See if we can find one that we can borrow from the weapon technology labs, I haven't seen them do much recently." "What about the Drilling laser?" "I don't see it working when the bow of the ship is melted along with it. Now come on, we're working double shifts with the other teams now, lets move..."

A messenger jet thrusts his way from the airlock towards Enfield "Sir! Word from the Flottillenadmiral!" Enfield suddenly starts doing high speed rolls in his Space suit, screaming loudly at it. "AUGHGHHHH! WHAT DOES HE WANT NOW?" He comes to a sudden stop, it looks like his hands could crack the visor any moment from holding himself in total rage. "Something about a bomb..." "A bomb...?" Enfield starts to relax. "Yes... A Bomb..." "B-Bomb." "Enfield...." "Oh, just what I needed, a break... Right." He jets himself off into one of the engineering airlocks and prepares to re-enter the station.

Few moments later, he is met with another team in the weapon engineering labs... "What are we doing...?" The scientists look up to see Enfield in an oily state, still a bit grimy from the work hard work. "Oh- Err... We didn't request maintenance teams yet." They look back at their papers and clipboards before scoffing amongst themselves. There seems to be a large glowing cylinder in the room that they're in, a single panel in the center is open, a few wires and a large red handle. Enfield storms into the group of snobby scientists, pushing one aside and reaching right for the handle of the device. "Hey! What in the hell do you think you're doing! That's the arming leaver to the-" "I know what exactly I'm doing, and I'm pretty sure you don't... Especially when you're talking to your Kapitainleutnant that way! Now..." The scientists are hiding their faces behind their clipboard, lock at looking at his hand on the red leaver. "Oh! Sorry sir... Could you...?" Enfield takes his hand off the leaver, very slowly. "Okay... fill me in." "Well... It's an advanced anti-matter warhead designed to penetrate the thickest of armour, and causing maximum damage once its inside, causing-" "Why? The bombs already going to be inside." "But sir, this is the most highly advanced tech concerning anti-station weaponry..." "You're over thinking it... The bomb isn't going to penetrate a lot, the inside of the structure is pretty much flooring and celling and specifically resistant materials concerning electronics and... Its very weak." "Then... Then what do we do?" They stand there for a few moments, Enfield takes a few glances at the panel he just had his hand in Before Enfield clicks his fingers... "You're not making a bomb, you're going to start on a new arming device... Prepared for remote detonation... They're standard Nova class Anti-matter warheads, but you're going to be replacing the arming electronics." "That.... That might work, but we'll need at least twenty or thirty." "Its better than making twenty or thirty of these..." Enfield kicks the Anti-matter warhead, everyone in the room panics and steps back from both Enfield and the warhead. He looks at them all, a bit bewildered "What?" All the scientists relax a moment... "Nothing you just... kick a- HEY, THATS OURS!" One of them sees a team of engineers moving a large transformer and cable from the weapon testing room. "Ah yes, now about that."

RE: Schatten Research Facility | Section I-J - An'shur - 08-12-2015

U.L.D.D. construction phase II: Extraction Corridor

Secondary bridge again, von Schlafenberg don't notice much changes on the work site since the last time he was watching the work coordination hologram with deep interest. "Computer, locate Kapitänleutnant Geoffey Enfield" The hologram changes, it's no longer showing just the Admiral's ship only, but some of the station sections around it. Many sculptures resembling people, mainly various workers, scientists and even Stahl's cat with her questionable activities are moving on the hologram. One of them turns red. The glowing red figure is not anyone else than Herr Enfield. Karl sighs in relief. "Right where he's intended to be"

Schlafenberg is however, disappointed. Three days ongoing construction work is roughly twenty four hours behind it's intended two days plan. Hasty work turns out to be quite slow. Admiral sits to the secondary bridge communication console and begins typing someting, most likely an access code. After several security mechanisms, fingerprints evaluations and many passwords typed, he gets access to the internal facility-wide communication network. He presses a button and begins: This is Flottillenadmiral von Schlafenberg to the Section A-1 shipyard. Drydock A-2 is in urgent need of people.. Like if it wasn't already crowded enough. Your capital ship gunnery manufacturing can wait several days. I need people to be redirected under direct command of Herren Enfield and Stahl. I ensure you twelve hours shifts and double incomes as it is usual during similar high priority tasks. All tools and machines on the construction site are to be occupiead at any given time. Admiral over"

Minutes passed by and the coordination hologram shows Karl three Humpbacks landing near the RNC-Herschel. Several workers in spacesuits leave the freighters and slowly, one by one join the extraction corridor assembly works. These works being basically just cable laying, getting aluminium support structures together, piecing up hardened plastic segments and doing other routine works of a shipyard worker should not take really long. "Verdammt!... We may also run out of work if we don't bring all the necessary materials and tools for the next phase. If I knew how chaotic will this turn, I would order a bomb years ago, and throw it on Manhattan! What have Libertonians considered worthy stealing from us? We are going to find out soon..." Karl finishes talking with himslelf, while a messy situation in the Section I weapon laboratories drags his attention. He presses some buttons on the console and accomodates the remaining minor ship sensors and imagining to show something else than people now.. "That's a lot of animatter"

RE: Schatten Research Facility | Section I-J - An'shur - 08-15-2015

U.L.D.D. construction phase III: Burrowing Device

Flottillenadmiral Karl von Schlafenberg is sitting in the Oberkommando office, somewhere in the main station hub. He calls for Herr Stahl using a communication console while drinking Rheinbier from a half-liter glass. "This is Admiral von Schlafenberg to Chefingenieur Gerhard Stahl" Surprisingly for Karl, but not surprisingly in accordance to the situation on the laser drill construction site, Stahl replies immediately. Since there is nothing to do onboard the Herschel and on the construction site due to the lack of materials, atmosphere on the base is chilling and quiet without the constant construction loud.

"This is Gerhard Stahl to the Admiral. What's up sir? The workers are kind of enjoying the day. Playing darts and.. basically, having some free time finally" Stahl smiles to the microphone.
"I am comming to the main bridge of my ship. Meet me there"
"Jawohl Herr Admiral"
"Have you seen Thea last hours?"
"Of course, she ist with me sir, not making problems to you and to me"
Karl smiles silently in reaction to Stahl's light humor. "Well, that's good to hear, but it's time to discuss more serious matters. Fleet of shuttles with materials necesarry for the next construction phase is to reach Schatten soon, so... I am afraid that your freetime enjoyment is over"
"Ja ja, will be waiting for you"
Karl pulls a button and his communicator turns silent. He leaves the empty Bier glass on the communication console and leaves with intention to enter his ship using Drydock A-2 as a passage, probably just to check the free time activities of his crew and workers.

Karl walks through one of the corridors on his ship, the RNC-Herschel. The walls don't look familiar to his eyes. He looks at the white color of the walls, very unusual, mirroring the typical Rheinland military green coloring and rectangles, the corridor is cyllindrical. He finally realises that he walks through the finished extraction corridor. "Wait, this is the extraction corridor! Very good job Herren!" He says that while watching at some random technician walking around and saluting, welcoming the Flottillenadmiral. Karl reaches the bridge of the Herschel, where Gerhard Stahl seemingly full of power gained during his free time stays, waiting for von Schlafenberg. Next to his right leg stays his cat grinning at Karl, Theodora. She's a beautiful cat, her color can be described as a mixture of blue and silver, surely a race of Bretonian origin. "Guten Abend, it's time to finish that thing already. The laser construction is the hardest phase of all of it. Enfileld will be working on the other part, you will unlikely see each other often. I suppose that the energetic grid for laser feeding is already on it's place... I saw a big cable being tranported from the weapon laboratory, should be on it's place now.." "Verstanden sir, it should be done in like two days, but I can't promise anything. It's actually not possible to get it faster. Every usefull place and construction equipment is already-" Stahl gets interrupted by a short facility-wide alarm indicating that ships are reaching the Schatten defense perimeter. What remains out of the Herschel communication and sensor arrays should be able to pick up the inbound ships at any moment. "Ja, your materials will be here in a minute" Karl's voice sounds a little annoyed, most likely by the fact that he is not going to rest much in the following days, again. Herschel sensors really pick up several green contacts. These are the ships bringing the remaining materials to the construction site, pack of Humpbacks and shuttles comming from planet Holstein.

"Here we go Stahl, work came for us" Shuttles are quickly unloading the magnets and superconductors in the drydock, some of them even directly into the docking bay of the Herschel and many to the Section I module using mooring points and transfer chambers. Stahl leaves the main bridge in direction to the secondary bridge, he's going to organize the last big mess in the drydock. Watching all the people in biosuits getting all the tools and equipment necessary to assemble the final part of the Universal Laser Drilling Device, Karl Sighs. The bridge door closes behind Stahl, his cat meows in annoyance. She looks at Karl smiling at her in return. What almost every cat surely likes, she pulls her body to Karl's leg.