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The Shrine's Depths - Yoshida - 01-12-2015

Yoshida was deep within the Shrine, sitting in one of the two chairs which were next to a window. He was alone in the room and stared outside. Or perhaps he wasn't? The organic material that covered part of the window and slightly hindered his view could easily be another intelligent existence. Yoshida was holding a glass of wine and relaxed his mind. All those things that he had witnessed within the last 24 hours could not be adequately described and certainly exceeded even his wildest fantasies.

The Hacker had conversed with some other visitors of the Shrine, listening to their experiences and impressions. It was interesting at first, but he secluded himself after encountering so many fanatics. There was also a small number of infested humans, mostly Rheinlanders. They were observing the others from distance and also performed maintainance to the "human" part of the station.

All the money and time he had poured into his alien research seemed so insignificant compared to this. He could not even recognize his position to the galaxy... it was entirely possible that he wasn't even in the Milky Way.

Yoshida's thoughts were disturbed when the door opened and ThreeWinds came in. He intensely stared at the Hacker for some moments while walking inside the room. Yoshida decided that it was time to speak and signalled to ThreeWinds to join him. The hybrid accepted the invitation and sat to the opposite chair.

"Would you like a glass of wine, Thomas?" The Hacker said while trying to imitate his business meetings.

RE: The Shrine's Depths - HuggieSunrise - 01-16-2015

He shook his head no to the wine.

"Have you found everything your looking for?" He asked.

RE: The Shrine's Depths - Yoshida - 01-16-2015

Yoshida nodded and placed the glass back to the table. He crossed his hands and delicately cleared his throat.

"Certainly. However, I should admit that it will take time to ingest all this new information. But I now know what I should do. How I should serve."

RE: The Shrine's Depths - HuggieSunrise - 01-16-2015

It was an odd statement to him.

"Service to others. Or Service to self? it can take a great deal of contemplation before one figures out the difference. We havent encountered many hackers here Im curious to hear your perspective."

RE: The Shrine's Depths - Yoshida - 01-16-2015

"That is a valid question. Most people in Sirius serve to themselves. Perhaps I was once one of them, but no more."

He sips some wine.

"Cardamine opened my horizons further. I challenged my past with Ageira by joining the Hackers. I wished to understand the universe but that was before Saturnia sang to me. Now I wish to be part of it -- in a way to serve it."

RE: The Shrine's Depths - HuggieSunrise - 01-16-2015

"Interesting. Well. as far as the Oracles go we have a vary limited scope in so far as what we do. Those dependant on cardamine either through abuse or heritage are looked after by our flock, The Cult of Sirius. The Cult is at arms length many are normal humans some are seekers like you, who are seeking what their true identity is in so far as service to the divine and the universe et all.

Though as expressions of said universe, we would say whatever is your most pressing interest or excitement is likely the path to finding out how to serve.. as you say.

An Oracle is born when they find out their highest good or who they are fall into any duty that goes beyond seeking truth. Many oracles continue their lives where they were before they become awake the service is being ears and eyes... many of them in circles of the house militaries and even the order itself. We keep them secret. As long as they wish to serve in that capacity. Those that cant "live" a lie so to speak come to malta for windcaller training.. they are our priests."

Thomas looked around.

"Not everyone here is a cultist or a seeker either. We cant proclaim to be the sole provider of spirituality... that path is simply yours to choose. Im sure youll figure out what fits you comfortably because in the end that is what you must strive for.. peace within and peace with those around you. To resist is to live a lie."

RE: The Shrine's Depths - Yoshida - 01-16-2015

Yoshida absorbed every word of the hybrid. When he finished, the Hacker shifted his eyes from Thomas in an attempt to resist temptation.

"Thomas, I wish to be part of the whole. I feel the urge and the call."

He paused for a moment trying to assemble his thoughts.

"But I want to serve efficiently. And I cannot achieve that by abandoning my former life, unfortunately. I am a high-ranked Hacker, you see. So I will be much more useful to us if I am part of them. I will be your eyes and your ears, ready to act at your call."

RE: The Shrine's Depths - HuggieSunrise - 01-17-2015

A contemplative stare, he didn't doubt it but knowing Nicoles possible reaction to such a thing he considered the timeline. Felt it dangle into the future.

"Well I feel your dedication is stronger in your own path then with the hackers. You seem to be ready for much more. The nature of the hacker is information... and i'm confident given time your situation would not be particularly safe as we've had members run out of the organization before. Presumable the order has a great deal of interest in the hackers... from what the flock have related to me. so the danger would be high."

He brought up a pad with a lot of texts.

"Though the materials of the cult the beliefs and tenants will ready you for your path, they no longer propagandise the spirits as they used to. It is more of a self study course... to dispel the illusions of the universe and make sure the ritual use of cardamine is such that your not abusing it... Hallucinations otherwise do not advise the soul.. they mutate perceptions..

In the end the choice is yours. If there is important information that gets your attention share it with the exarchs but let the material be your guide know that the price of peace is discipline."

RE: The Shrine's Depths - Yoshida - 01-18-2015

Yoshida chuckled.

"Oh the Hackers in security issues are even more insane than the Order, trust me on that. Anyway, I would like to thank you giving me the opportunity to join the Cult. On my way back to Liberty I will further study our beliefs and texts. Do you have a mission for me, something that the spirits might need perhaps?"

And with that the Hacker held up the glass and emptied the red content. The die was cast.

RE: The Shrine's Depths - HuggieSunrise - 01-18-2015

"There isnt anything at the moment that I know of but im sure you may find yourself approached, keep alert and aware."

He stood.

"If all else come here."