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ModDB Submissions - Read this first! - Remnant - 02-16-2015

The ModDB

Hey there folks! As you all know, Discovery Freelancer is not an original game. Being a large expansion of 'Freelancer' made by Microsoft, we technically don't own a slot in the game world, as we're nothing more besides of a very large expansion of what was laid out to us by Microsoft.

We count on you as players to continue keeping this place alive and well. The mod was created for the players, and survives on the players. We're lucky to have a Dev team who still works on the game after the 9 years which this Mod has been in existence for. Public appeal is very, very important for us to keep living. ModDB is a large part of the players coming into Discovery.
A large variety of people have discovered us through ModDB, and have joined the community in some way or another soon afterwards. Sadly, right now our modDB page is rather inactive. Desolate. Not a very good sign for any players looking for a Freelancer mod. As of right now, the Discovery team already has our hands really full, and are unable to actively pay attention to the ModDB content, since we already have our hands full with other things going on internally on Discovery.

We believe that it's time to extend our hand out to the community for anyone who is willing to help us get a little public appeal. Content submitted by the community, having a good chance to show up publicly to appeal to the masses that the ModDB provides, targeting users who are looking for specific mods of their favorite games.

Are you interested in submitting something for our public ModDB page? Images? Videos? We'd love to take a look at them and consider them for the big-picture.


For those who don't know how the ModDB likes Mods to catagorize videos which are put up on the page, they can generally be split into six different categories.

  1. Comedy
  2. Concept
  3. Demonstration
  4. Entertainment
  5. Promotional
  6. Wallpaper

    We need to be careful and make sure that the large majority of things we put up on our ModDB page appeals to anyone who may be interested. So for this section, we are going to be rather picky in what we decide to upload, and what to respectfully decline.

    Comedy - Videos which in some sort of other, obviously boil down into the comedy department. Humorous encounters which you might find at your time here on Discovery. Generally, we feel like the amount of submissions for this section will be lower, as relevant videos encompassing this might be rather rare. Hey, you might prove us wrong however.

    Concept - Cinematic type videos. Videos which show the Concept of Discovery Freelancer, without really showing very much actual footage. A lot of these will be taken in the style with the Camera ship, which allows dramatic videos to be taken.

    Demonstration - We're guessing that most videos will fall into this category. Demonstrating concepts and features embedded into Discovery. Do you have a video explaining how to be a pirate? Perhaps one demonstrating the difference between capital class vessels, and fighter class? We'd love to see it submitted under this section!

    Entertainment - If you're not demonstrating something, and feel you have a high quality video of what it's like to be a player on Discovery, perhaps your video might make it into this section.

    Promotional & Wallpaper - These sections are most likely going to be used by the staff, rather than players. However if you feel your video fits under these categories better than anything else, feel free to drop this tag on your video.

    Other - Just because your video doesn't fit any of these categories, doesn't mean it won't be considered if it happens to be of good quality.

    Do you have an entry which you believe has what it takes?

    If you think you have a video which would do well on the Discovery ModDB page, please fill out the following form. Once completed, there is a sub-forum attached to this one, labeled 'Video Submissions' - We'd be glad to look it over and make a judgement on if it's ModDB worthy or not.

    [color=#FFFF00][u][b]Video Category: [/b][/u][/color] <Enter Here>
    [color=#FFFF00][u][b]Video Description: [/b][/u][/color] <Enter Here>
    [color=#FFFF00][u][b]Video Link: [/b][/u][/color] <Enter Here>
    [color=#FFFF00][u][b]Creator Name/Username: [/b][/u][/color] <Enter Here>


    Images are a little easier to handle.

    1. Do you have a cool image of Discovery scenery?
    2. Is there a moment that you've captured on an image, which you think would appeal and serve as an attraction?
    3. Do you have 'anything' which looks interesting?

    Well look no further! This type of submission is a little more lax than the video section, since catching a cool scene on Discovery we realize isn't the hardest thing to do!

    If you have any images which you think will look nice on our page, please fill out the following form and post it in the Image Submission sub-section.

    [color=#FFFF00][u][b]Link to Media: [/b][/u][/color] [url=< Enter Here>]Link[/url]
    [color=#FFFF00][u][b]Image Title: [/b][/u][/color] < Enter Here>
    [color=#FFFF00][u][b]Image Description:[/b][/u][/color] < Enter Here >
    [color=#FFFF00][b][u]Why do you think this should be up the ModDB page?:[/u][/b][/color] < Enter Here >
    [u][b][color=#FFFF00]Credits Username/Name: [/color][/b][/u] < Enter Here >

    As a conclusion, we'd like to thank you for any submissions. Anything helps. We'd love to appeal better than we have to the public, your help is doing much more than you'd ever think.

    Please do not submit anything which is not related to Discovery. Content from other mods (HUDs, Starspheres, Visual changes) can not be used to represent Discovery*. We are required to use what belongs to our own mod, and nothing else. Thanks in advance!
    *Swag Pack content seems to be alright. We have permission to use all the textures in the visual-mod.

RE: ModDB Submissions - Read this first! - Remnant - 02-16-2015

Things will start to get messy if all the submissions were placed on this thread. - The ones here have been made invisible, we'll move them publicly again once the forum gets setup right.
Thanks for everything so far!