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RE: Discovery 4.88.1+ Installation Guide - Teerin - 05-14-2017

Thread renamed and moved to proper subforum, given the context of its current purpose.

(05-13-2017, 11:10 PM)Ramke Wrote: Is the Taureau Armored Transport supposed to be able to mount one heavy transport turret?

Please remain on topic. Questions like these are more fit for Mod PvP Balance discussion, or perhaps Mod Bug Reports.

RE: Discovery 4.88.1 - Tempest[NL] - 05-16-2017

(05-11-2017, 05:04 AM)Stolt. Wrote:
(05-11-2017, 05:01 AM)sindroms Wrote:
(05-11-2017, 04:50 AM)Stolt. Wrote: Hi guys, I'm trying to install the vanilla FL file linked on the first post, however, I am having this problem with it. I was wondering how I could fix it? Yes, I have tried running it as an administrator but that has not solved the problem.

Did you follow this tutorial?

Yes I have, both the 3.5 NET components and the Legacy Components have been checkmarked as instructed in the video. Problem still not solved Sad

Try a higher .NET (4.0-4.5)


RE: Discovery 4.88.1+ Installation Guide - ASimpleMan - 06-28-2017

Hi. It appears that Disco does not work for me anymore. At some point I decided I was going to start Disco again, since I just played a decent bit of Vanilla for old time's sake. So I had uninstalled Disco and uninstalled Vanilla, then reinstalled Vanilla (also downloading an .exe file for playing since I've got a disc and Windows 10). Then I downloaded the .exe of Disco or the "Direct Download", and went through the installation process. This worked in the past. But, this happened:
[Image: 13gVxFv.png]
I have no idea why it does not let me click next, but I've tried uninstalling everything, then going fresh, actually downloading the whole disco file, but nothing has worked. No matter what, it does not let me click "Next". If someone could help that would be great, since I signed up for an event and would like to make it there ( July 1st). But, as long as I can play again that would be greatly appreciated. Time is not necessarily of the essence, but would be nice. Anyways, thanks for any help anyone has.

RE: Discovery 4.88.1+ Installation Guide - Kaze - 06-28-2017

Try to install FL Vanilla in a different path. And start the installer with admin permissions.


RE: Discovery 4.88.1+ Installation Guide - Alex. - 06-28-2017

Have you checked that the Freelancer install location specified is correct, i.e. the directory actually exists?

You said you downloaded an exe for playing - for Vanilla? I think usually people get an ISO of the disk and mount it...

RE: Discovery 4.88.1+ Installation Guide - ASimpleMan - 06-28-2017

I am old fashioned and own a disc copy XD. So yes, that's what I do for Vanilla. And on Windows 10 you need to download a .exe file to actually run the program. If you get ISO, no need. But for disc you need that .exe. It's never caused problems before so I don't think that is the problem XD. Anyways, thanks for responding, I'll try your suggestions when I can today, though that will be later. And no, I've never checked the directory because it usually doesn't cause problems.

RE: Discovery 4.88.1+ Installation Guide - ASimpleMan - 06-30-2017

Problem solved! I installed in a different folder and ran the direct download of the .exe as an Administrator. Thank you very much!

RE: Discovery 4.88.1+ Installation Guide - ShinyHat - 07-03-2017

I'm having an error when i'm trying to install the vanilla freelancer.
I took the original fl version from "Downoload Mod" page, but when I'm trying to run the setup, it says this: "Setup was unable to find (or could not read) the language specific setup resource dll, unable to continue. Please reboot and try again".Are any files missing or is there a problem to my computer?
This is the first time when I'm encountering this problem.

About the computer:
Windows 8.1 Pro

System type:
64-bit Operating System, 64x-based processor.

RE: Discovery 4.88.1+ Installation Guide - Mujer Stallion - 07-16-2017

I recently tried to install discovery and while the process of installing it, it said and error occurred while unzipping it. any idea why that happened. thank you

RE: Discovery 4.88.1+ Installation Guide - Skorak - 07-16-2017

Was that when you started the launcher or still in the normal installation?