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RE: Discovery 4.88.1 - Praxor23 - 03-30-2015

I downloaded the Disco 4.88.1 setup file form the direct download link but when it finished downloading Norton 360 flagged it as malware and automatically deleted it. Does that mean the download link is comprised or is there another issue that is causing it to conflict with my anti-virus software?

RE: Discovery 4.88.1 - evanz - 03-30-2015

its norton, temp disable it, install disco, then add the disco folder before you reenable norton

RE: Discovery 4.88.1 - Elamber - 04-02-2015

I downloaded and installed this excellent mod yesterday as I had just now been able to finally locate a legit copy of Freelancer from a retailer in Cali USA. However when I launched the game it auto leveled me to level 13 and I wanted to play the single player game from level 1 with the whole story intact, am I using the wrong mod to do this or is it still possible with Discovery?

I had to reinstall Freelancer to get it working again so I could play it at its max vanilla resolution, but the characters all look too fat and not tall enough. I could play it this way its not to bad when in ship but all the cut scenes kind of suck at this resolution.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

RE: Discovery 4.88.1 - jammi - 04-02-2015

Unfortunately Discovery disables the single player campaign as it is a primarily multiplayer online mod. At this point Discovery is a total conversion more than anything, so the changes would've irreparably broken the campaign anyway.

Discovery also enables higher resolutions than the base game allows, but I can't remember the command line to do so.

RE: Discovery 4.88.1 - freelancer knux - 04-04-2015

Please remove was virus issue

RE: Discovery 4.88.1 - Elamber - 04-04-2015

Thank you for the reply I got the higher resolutions working and that part was really nice indeed but I guess I will have to just play Freelancer in its max vanilla resolution and then try out this mod, thanks again for the reply though.

RE: Discovery 4.88.1 - Lifesaver6141 - 04-08-2015

My launcher has stopped working. It gives me an error command...Error Code: L03 DSAce missing..I used the Ace RESTORE...still won't work. I have reinstalled the 4.88.1 5 times already and no change. I also notice a program is stopped by my virus software. "Artemis!85B3386C3729", I don't know if I should let this program thru. The launcher will allow me to start loading the game, and then stops working.

RE: Discovery 4.88.1 - Remnant - 04-08-2015

If anything related to Freelancer is stopped by your antivirus, make an exception. There is no virus included. Once everything is allowed, try re-installing one final time. Things should load and run just fine.

RE: Discovery 4.88.1 - TheSK - 04-10-2015

I do not know what the hell is wrong, I download the installer and install it, no problems, open it and it updates, no problems, I even open the client and select servers with no problems but as soon as I select a ship to log in, it crashes every single time.

Can anyone help me? I'm on windows 7 home basic.

RE: Discovery 4.88.1 - Siren Stone - 04-10-2015

contact me on skype and I'll see if I can help. Smile

EDIT: If anyone needs any help, then pm me on the forums.