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[BREAKING NEWS] W.F.Cody was abducted! - CNS Exclusive - - nOmnomnOm - 05-04-2015

[Image: UgOl46M.png]

Dear viewers we apologize for interrupting our program, we are going live from Norfolk Shipyard in New York. A few minutes ago the most well-known weapons dealer in Sirius, W.F.Cody was abducted!

According to live witnesses Mr. Cody at that time was conducting business while carrying items which were worth more than 4 billions credits. All the evidence conclude that the terrorist group known as The Lane Hackers was behind this attack to one of the most secure locations in Liberty.

CNS will now show you the video we exclusively obtained from a civilian.

Viewers can also comment on this channel if they know anything new on this dramatic incident.

RE: [BREAKING NEWS] W.F.Cody was abducted! - CNS Exclusive - - William Frederick Cody - 05-05-2015

Comm IDs:

Location: Norfolk Shipyard, New York system, sector F-5

To: CNS / All

Subject: Further details of the robbery/abduction/kidnapping

What an evening two days ago, dear ladies and gentlemen.

It all began with some stalking-horses, camouflaged as customers. While they were asking holes into my stomack (and while a transfer window was open), I became shot and then I wanted to dock, but Norfolk Shipyard was not on the scanners anymore. I was abducted to the edge of the NY system, beyond sector 8-H, where the extortion and humiliation took place.

First, I feared only for my cargo. I then tried to flee. I became stopped and recieved heavy fire.

That was the moment, I began to fear for my life too. My heart did run like hell, and I really thought: "That was it. I am ruined and soon I will be dead. This is the end of William Frederick Cody and his extraordinary Weapon & Equipment Shop. I gave up any hope."

They wanted me to deny everything I trust in. They wanted me to betray Liberty. I did not, of course. In result, they emptied my whole stock, but in what in a way, which was a real punishment for me being a vendor: They forced me to transfer only 5 items per round, then accept (!) the deal. As my whole stock was 50 different 'toys', they punished/forced me to accept (!!) this insane transfer 10 (!!!) times in a row! Maximum penalty for me! And yes, the cargo was worth ~ 4 billion credits. But not even that was enough for them: After 'cleaning' my cargo hold, they shot my ship down to the bones. Then, they left me alone in space in a wreck, unable to use cruise speed. Perhaps I should think thankful, that they let me alive.

Hours later I found a way back to Norfolk Shipyards, where I docked my wreck and felt asleep on the spot.

The next morning I contacted my insurance about the robbery. For Eris sake I made a good contract with them years ago, and thus I recieved already a brand new Yacht with 90% of the lost wares very quick.


The news were horrible, and even if I now feel ~20 years older as I already am:

I am still alive!
I am still in business!
I still love Liberty!
I still care for my customers and deliverers!
My Shop is still alive and open!

Thank you for paying attention, dear ladies and gentlemen. See you in space!


~William Frederick Cody

P.S. Copied into the logs of my shop.