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RE: Arbiter McKenna in the Interrogation - Yoshida - 08-16-2015

The Hacker nodded.

"Very well Professor. There is only one category left to explore before we conclude this interrogation." His eyes shifted to the Arbiter and examined him for a few moments.

"I think you relaxed too much Jim, you need to realize that it's not over yet." Once Yoshida said that, the operative standing next to the Arbiter pressed the button and excruciating pain was spread to the Arbiter's body once again. Jim McKenna screamed but this time it didn't last as much as the previous one.

Jim's senses were fully active, his mind clear once again and his heart was beating fast.

"So... I would like to hear if you are aware of any organisations that the Oracles have dealings with excluding the Maltese."

RE: Arbiter McKenna in the Interrogation - HuggieSunrise - 08-16-2015

*the ringing in his ears subsided in time to hear the important question.*

"Ugh. fuck you yoshida. didn't have to shock me.. damn."

*he hummed and hawed.. really not liking the idea of getting another shock.. but the fact stood.. getting out of here isn't.. a sure thing.. he had to pull himself together.*

" Ok.. ok..... ok.. uhh.. off the top of my head.. Zoners.. TAZ specifically.. hell Ishtar was one of them for a long time. I would suspect anything zoner related but as mentioned by name and seen in action TAZ is sympathetic and OSI has been helpful too in getting materials of the cult distributed."

*he looked pained for a moment.. *

" Junkers are too stubborn to keep a delivery schedule.. which is why OSI is much more dependable.. "

*shaking his head *

"Some time ago.. I remember it was a brief time in December.. few years ago it looked as if nomads were attacking nomads.. well.. as far as Thomas told me it was a deception aimed at blurring the lines between elements of the liberty navy... But I started putting things together shortly after my brother went into the order and never returned...

He had access to information. gave me the relevant things to stay the hell away from the Omicrons which I try my best to do.. still. Since Leonard died though.. I didn't think of anything he sent.. and again right now.

Thomas actually filled in the blanks...

One of the times I was able to get an answer about it was recently when the hellfire started openly antagonising Junkers and the congress again.. And that's is the Hellfire legion and the Nomads have a standing non aggression. and i didn't just hear it.. Ive seen it happen. So.. this should at least be provable not just because of me. I know the order has the intel.. well at least under Taweret.. Overwatch seems to have shrunk in recent years."

*pain was still there he looked uncomfortable*

"Dull pain... kind of like when you realise... everyone seemingly trying to overthrow the governments of sirius all have the same help. but to be fair hellfire are the only ones I know you can prove, the data is there."

*tries to lean back as much as he can*

"Oh im trying to remember others but.. stuffs hurting.. pretty bad."

RE: Arbiter McKenna in the Interrogation - Yoshida - 08-19-2015

Yoshida tweaked his hand. It wasn't seen, however everyone could see that his eyes and interest were sparked by the Arbiter's revelations. Bingo. In fact, not only him but the entire team were still apprehending the news.

"Interesting. However I'd like to hear you back your claims about TAZ, OSI and Hellfire Legion." His answer was short and demanding. The stakes were now truly raised.

RE: Arbiter McKenna in the Interrogation - HuggieSunrise - 08-19-2015

"Well I didn't prepare a dossier to incriminate them.. maybe if you warned me before you freaking kidnapped and tortured me."

*he inhaled sharply expecting a shock.. it.. really did sorta spill out of his mouth.*

"...back up.. well. Ask yourself what discordianism is. its inherently counter culture counter society. basicly its saying its all wrong and to make a solution for something thats wrong is even bigger waste of time."

*clearing his throat*

"But in my travels and .. admitted snooping sessions around Baffin throughout the years I have encountered Nomads of the Slomon blue shiny variety being unchallenged there.. far from the coronado or tau gate... but out there none the less. Non hostile.. doing their own thing.. Also.. the Drake gate is in coronado.. and now leads somewhere.. that connects to newcastle and coronado.. which should probably scare the crap out of anyone with a brain..

Do you think they could create such a conduit without help right into the core of sirius?

So either they're unaware of their role in being a safe heaven to everything brought that to reality or they enjoy peaceful co existence with them behind the curtain.. Ishtar was taz ishtar was the matron mother of the cult and had similar empathic abilities as thomas.. but she was older.. blended into groups easier. She could get from malta to baffin quicker than anyone i knew.. and it made sense now since the oracles have had a Class U jump drive probably used it for years before the commercial drives ever came along.

It was never for a price but moving artifacts.. people.. and cardamine to difficult and highly defended places was something the cult just did.. and they stole all the data of every prison, base, or group they had members. And while i'm not proud to say it. I helped them infiltrate even deeper into the junkers and zoners by pushing the materials.."

*he shrugged*

"OSI and Taz are apparently very close My experiences directly with them outside of their exclusive Jump deliveries when i've seen them move everything smugglers do in the frontiers of the sector is kind of... well duh. They have sources for all kinds of aliens remains and artifacts.. I can guarantee this because certain technologies employed have to make use of them it's just common knowledge to anyones whos had to build cloaking shields.

The incentive to having access and moving this stuff around proxy wise and directly for the cult is that the information on how it all works was given... information that probably took 90 nerds in a bunker in manhattan to figure out dry.

The legion however.. something about that group.. when I was in Security... legion members where whisked off to darker corners then this. something about their makeup.. they didn't want contaminating the level five drones...

Someone or part of their high command is old navy probably knows too many secrets and keeps the current administration at an arm's length.. kinda like that freelancer people have been looking for ..... discreetly for twenty years Thomas said they had the first hybrid.. I figured that was an exaggeration.. but knowing a bit of the psychology of nomads.. to associate part of yourself with something is like adopting it. Cause of this supposedly the nomads do not bother them.. as far as a more intimate relationship.. and those details.. your likely to find them with an actual oracle.. or a legion member of high rank and promise..

I can only relay you what i've been told by them and my handler who was also quite knowledgeable about the goings on..."

* coughing *

"Not to tell you what to do but.. I woulda rounded him up as soon as possible especially if anyone starts to miss me."

RE: Arbiter McKenna in the Interrogation - Yoshida - 08-20-2015

Yoshida closed his palm. The bioscanner revealed another truthful answer.

"Anne, I need a report which will adequately describe by tomorrow morning what this old man revealed about those three organizations. And offer suggestions on how to follow the provided leads." He then turned his attention back to the Arbiter.

"One last subject remains. Then you are back to your life so don't waste this opportunity. I wish to know your relations or dealings with other Outcast groups. Especially Crimson Cross. Also one more thing which I don't expect you to know... what do you know about the Cross' dealings with the aliens?"

RE: Arbiter McKenna in the Interrogation - HuggieSunrise - 08-20-2015

*he thought about it.. hed known many groups.. but malta was..not what you'd call stable... still he preferred it to crete.. *

"Currently the congress enjoys a very close relationship.. in so far as were appreciated to traffic and import and export not just the usual things but other economic staples all the way out there in Omicron Alpha... so with that in mind... It wasn't always so.. factions rose and fell a lot in the past years but the cross seems to know specifically what keeps their people happy... So.. when it comes to.. the other features and factions of the Omicrons.. where we do not live.. we meaning I stay the hell out of it.

Cordial and celebratory greetings heard in space is about all ive seen from the cross in regards to the slomon."

*he inhales*

"Personally... i've noticed some show stopping differences between the oracles... specifically the cult.. and the cross.. but in so far as managing the starving masses.. it seems the cross is more focused on hegemony.. over malta.. and the oracles not.? there could be more to it.. but the junkers are warmer received by the cross.."

*he frowned*

"Really ... professionally speaking the Cult caters to the castoffs... the cross do not... the oracles might as well be a freak show.. and since they are vary VARY open about what they are and have managed to hold land there... i'm pretty sure explains the cold relations."

RE: Arbiter McKenna in the Interrogation - Yoshida - 08-20-2015

Yoshida tweaked his arm. When the scan came up he exhaled and stood up.

"Religion historically divided people. Even among different denominations. The relations of Crimson Cross and the Oracles are apparently no different." He spoke to himself while putting his suit on.

"Jim McKenna, despite your simple and few virtues, you happen to be in charge of an important organization, the Junker Congress. Normally we would have simply disposed of you and saved ourselves the trouble, but you have a role to play. Your Church should not know that we are following their tracks and your Congress cannot lose another leading figure." He coldly added, as if murder was a simple and unimportant thing.

"One of those cables connected on your forearm carried some substances which temporarily denied your brain the ability to save information in a permanent fashion. So you will not remember a single thing, old man." Yoshida was still angry with Jim about not playing along with his role on the level he wanted. He sometimes provided information too easily, he even had to not close his palm on purpose once in order to catch him lying. But he still had a card on his sleeve.

"My colleagues here will examine you in order to determine whether you have been brainwashed or not. That will show us if the information you have provided were completely accurate or not. If the information is accurate, the next time you wake up will be in Ames. However, if you are brainwashed, I will come back and you will experience a very painful death. Since you are a religious man, this would make you a martyr right?" He mockingly said to the Arbiter. "See you on the other side Jim, whichever that is." He simply said and exited the room.