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Player Banned Indefinitely: Snak3 - aerelm - 04-17-2016

Snak3 has been indefinitely banned for:

Quote:1. Server administrators will impose sanctions on players for violating server rules and for any actions that harm server gameplay.


After a long discussion while observing your recent actions, the staff have reached the conclusion that you have worn out your welcome and as you clearly have no intention of changing your attitude and behavior, we'll be stepping in to help you put a stop to the unhealthy habit of harmful approach at roleplay you have developed over the past years, i.e. "taking a game way too seriously". We sincerely hope this decision helps your RL as well as any other game you decide to move on to after this, but the fact remains - You've long lost touch of the fine line between RP and ooRP and even though your approach has always been inRP, it's been a long while since the last time you tried to keep things clean ooRPly.* So each and every inRP action of yours has had a harmful ooRP consequence one way or another for a while now, and as the rules state, administrators are obliged to put an end to such behavior, which we first tried to resolve through milder means, but you unfortunately didn't leave us any other choice.

So - Good bye, and good luck wherever you end up next.

P.S: Ageira and LH forum accounts have been banned for the time being. If you're in the leadership of these factions, contact the staff to arrange a password change and unbanning of those accounts.

* Technically speaking, this fullstop shouldn't be here, but Bob says my sentences are too long...

If you post in this sanction and are not directly involved or a leader of the accused person's faction be advised that you are consenting to be subjected to the reprisal of my choice which may involve in game repercussions up to a ban. Blaming members of your immediate family, neighbours, friends, pets, and assorted Orcs, Trolls and any other legendary creatures may result in the use of Admin Right #CTE 750AE

RE: Player Banned Indefinitely: Snak3 - sindroms - 11-19-2016

Your appeal has been processed.

Your forum account is on permanent probation. Make no mistake, the vote on your appeal was very split and at this point, we cannot guarantee that you will be given another chance if you will start showing the same signs that resulted in your previous ban. Hopefully you will not need to see this section of the forums for a long time.

Enjoy the game.

RE: Player Banned Indefinitely: Snak3 - SnakThree - 12-02-2018

Perhaps after two years has passed since this, I could get unprobated? Or am I still considered some sort of special case of being prime example of unorthodox punishments?

There is also one year old warning that has no expiration date. Can we get rid of it at the same time, please?