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RE: Rules Clarification Thread - WesternPeregrine - 06-29-2016


Forum Punishments

3rd Offense - 1 month+ forum ban, after which you can appeal*
* - Any attempt to circumvent your ban, by posting via an alt or getting someone else to post for you, will automatically bump you up to 3rd offense. 3rd offenders who circumvent this will have their first appeal denied

Server Punishments

3rd Offense - Ban from forums and Server for a minimum of 1 month, after which you can appeal*
* - Any attempt to circumvent a ban will result in your first appeal denied automatically. Repeated attempts will result in more appeals denied

QUESTION: Lines refer to the minimum sentences for the offences. It also mentions in the same line "after which you can appeal". Does the permission to appeal come after at least one month after the ban, or at the end of the ban time, no matter how long it has been defined?

To surmise: From which point can a banned person submit an appeal regarding a ban sentence?

If you are banned for an X amount of time, you can appeal once X amount of time passes.
If you have been banned for one month on the first of January, you can appeal on the first of February.

RE: Rules Clarification Thread - JohnyWalker - 06-30-2016

RULE:3.3 OOC (Out of Character) chat and behavior in Local/System Chat
QUESTION:Im speaking only about Pennsylvania System. Several times I was surrounded by newbies, and they are not familiar with game. Not all of them know the RolePlaying, not all know where the hell is the attention required icon... those things. I just want to ask, if its is possible to be more flexible just in this system, is a really pain to send the same private one time and another time and another time,... just because those 3 newbies dont know the game. Of course im doing my best to keep local in RP only and ooRP for group or private, but i hope you understand sometimes it turns impossible. You know... those times you need "//Click up/right icon, Attention Required"....Would be possible to not be so radical in this system? that will help a lot for help new comers! *(sarcastic voice)* ...and i dont want to lose more stuff for sanctions for helping hahaha
ADMIN/MOD ANSWER: For the purposes of helping new players, instructions such as how to join group chat are acceptable.

RE: Rules Clarification Thread - Yber - 07-18-2016

RULE: 2.1 All messages must be in understandable english
QUESTION: It's not specifically said that you must speak in English in the server. You could technically pirate someone talking in russian and blast them off because they didn't obey your demand. I know it's dumb and common sense says this rule applies to the server as well, but it'd be nice if it's added (as of now it technically only applies to the forums)
ADMIN/MOD ANSWER:(Leave blank for Admin/Mod comment)

All messages must be in English.
We do not see the issue here.

RE: Rules Clarification Thread - Psyentific - 07-21-2016

Clarification request:
[Image: SKEARrS.png]

What, specifically, would constitute metagaming?

To my knowledge, almost every faction (official or not) has some sort of out-of-game comms. Typically skype acting as both a faction chat room and a batphone to summon backup, as well as voice chat for big fights. In the sense that I'm used to, this is directly metagaming - saying "There's two smugglers in New York. Someone log on a Lawful and help me grab the other one" is questionable at best.

Where is the line? What is okay? What is not okay?

Judged on a case by case basis.

RE: Rules Clarification Thread - Foxglove - 08-15-2016

RULE: Bounty Hunting & Freelancer Hire
1. All bounties must be posted on the forum. If you attack another player to claim a bounty and the bounty is not posted on the forum, you are open to a PvP abuse sanction.
3. Players are required to claim for kills made under a bounty contract within three days time. Board owners are required to forward payment of the claimed bounties at least once every two weeks.

QUESTION: What happens if the one you have previously engaged because you're registered on a bounty board kills himself with a mine and the kill therefore isn't accepted by the board owner?

As long as your claim was posted on the forum, you are in the clear.
Whether or not it is accepted is between you and the board owner.

RE: Rules Clarification Thread - PhoenixClaw - 08-21-2016

RULE: 4.1
QUESTION: Are you allowed, to re-enter the system, when the guy who killed you got killed too? or just when he logged off? Cause someone told me, that i am allowed to re-enter or re-engage, when the guy who killed me, got killed too.

Question is outdated, refer to the new server rules.

RE: Rules Clarification Thread - TheSK - 08-25-2016

Question Regarding Rule 4.1

It specifically says when the attacker "logs off" What about when he leaves the system? Can we re-enter or no? I'm getting conflicting stories from players in game.

Question is outdated, refer to the new server rules.

RE: Rules Clarification Thread - Xenon - 08-25-2016

RULE: 4.1
QUESTION: Should you leave the system after getting killed? Yes i know that, but when the killer log off, then you come back to the system again, then the killer log on again, so should you leave the system again? and if yes, please clarify why because it makes no sense to me at all. Thanks.
ADMIN/MOD ANSWER: If they leave then that closes the encounter so you can return.

RE: Rules Clarification Thread - Melisandre - 09-08-2016

RULE:4.2 Demands should be reasonable and only one monetary or cargo demand can be issued during each piracy interaction
1, Does demanding more than the entire profit of a trader violate the rule?
2, Is there a set amount of credits that considered a reasonable demand regardless the trader's profit?

In my case the demand was 158% of my profit. After asking the pirates multiple times inRP to lower their demand they insisted that I pay them 2.000.000 credits. During our "negotiation" I offered them that I would pay 1.000.000 credits (78% of my profit). I also made an ooRP note that it is against the rules.
After a while they got impatient and opened fire. I had to yield and send them the money. (because I have as much combat skills as a trained chimpanzee without the training) My profit would have been 1.275.300 credits. I ended up with -724.700 credits (The cost of bots and repairs are not included)

It would be really nice to expand on the current examples, because for me their demand seems unreasonable. Unfortunately, the provided examples do not afford enough information for me to confidently say that they have violated the rules.

A few more questions popped into my mind writing this post:
3, Are pirates allowed to demand anything from an empty transport?
4, Is there a time limit before a pirate is allowed to make another demand against a trader that recently fulfilled a demand for the pirate?

Thank you in advance for your time answering my questions.

If a report is made against an unreasonable demand, it is judged within the context of the encounter.
We usually do not allow a player to demand more than the total sum of the cargo at the sellpoint. If you are flying a 5k transport and your cargo is worth 3k/u at the sellpoint, anything above 15 million is excessive.
Empty transports can be pirated as their death will result in them not able to return to the system. It is a valid interaction. We would like to, however, think that asking more than whatever million credits per thousand units of cargo space is frowned upon. If it is an empty 5ker - ask around 5 million. If it is an empty medium - around 3million.

RE: Rules Clarification Thread - Wildkins - 10-18-2016

RULE: POB rules:
- POB's built in House space, as listed below, are subject to House laws and fees.
- POB's built in non-House space that are bordering a House system, as listed below, are not allowed to be engaged for lack of payment, should one be issued.
QUESTION: Not so much a question as these rules conflict with those listed under ships & systems classification and should probably be removed
ADMIN/MOD ANSWER:(Leave blank for Admin/Mod comment)