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To: LH - Subject: Confessions - RBP - 06-22-2016

[Image: RuHjhA3_zps5023a5fc.png]
*he slowly pries his mask off and looks into the camera, giving the facial recognition scanner the chance to scan Spoiled's true face*
"I have a confession to make."
*he whispers*
"Come and get me, if you think you have the pilots to take me on."
[Image: 9gah3q_zps06f64d22.png]

RE: To: LH - Subject: Confessions - Wolfgang Weisen - 06-23-2016

[Image: dcr9Wjn.png]

Challenge accepted.

Do you think we don't know who you are under your pretty mask? Do you think our face-reconstruction software didn't identify you immediately... Mr Mortlock?

Your location has been recognized.
We are coming for you.
During the night, when you least expect it.
I can only promise pain and suffering.
Resistance is futile.

Just don't panic and stay where you are,
Wolfgang Weisen

RE: To: LH - Subject: Confessions - RBP - 06-24-2016

[Image: RuHjhA3_zps5023a5fc.png]
"You know, I'm just drinking the last bottle of Liberty Ale I was able to purchase. With money earned from your bounty board..."
*he pauses briefly*
"I bet you I'll make a nice sum with the heads of every Hacker you send to their deaths looking for me. No worries, I'm staying put. As said, I've ran out of booze."
[Image: 9gah3q_zps06f64d22.png]