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Common man of Liberty - Le.Gérant - 09-11-2016

Citizens. Free man. The common man. The family man. The dreamers of Liberty.

The corporate oligarchy of Liberty runs deep. The puppet government powerless. Their roots are everywhere, yet, can you see them? Are you aware? Perhaps you are. Perhaps you are not. In the end, we are victims of circumstances. You want the security of your family. You want the freedom of your life. All you know is that if you obey, perhaps these things may come to you.

They will not.

You dare not speak up. You live, you exist and nothing more. In fear that your life will go in shambles, in fear that you will disappear. In fear that you will lose your job. Lose your livelihood.

In your "Freedom", you fear Liberty itself. You dare not speak up. However, know that you are not alone in this thought and in this fight.

We are made out to be the enemy of the state. The bad guys. Yet, what do you really know about us? You take the words of the corporates as authority, in regard to us, in regard to how you should live, in regard to how you should spend. They control your every thoughts, your every actions, your entire life.

They have little regard for your life. They will readily dispose of you if they see it fit to their goals.

The corporations are the enemy, they have brainwashed you.

"How am I, a freelancer, supposed to trust an organization like that to overthrow an entangled, corrupt mess of a web that is the current Sirius alliance, let alone take control should they unlikely win?"

"NO! I am not satisfied because criminals like you threaten the lives of civilians who are just trying to get by with their daily life. And I experienced it first hand, that you Lane Hackers, DO NOT CARE about the free citizens of Liberty. You rob every single transport that you can catch."

"And where Lane Hackers steal from the poor, Or destroy corporate assets and murder innocent people in the process."

"In the end, you are just a space-hobo with a neural net connection. Don't try to put yourself above the people of Liberty just because you made some poor choices in life."

"No, but in all seriousness. You take yourselves as revolutionaries. And maybe one day you will be. But for now, you're just thugs. Case in point, about a month ago I was transporting synth paste, when a group of your people disabled the trade lanes. They wanted my money, my cargo, or my life; I gave them my cargo. If you really cared about civilians, you'd take care of us, not steal from us. "

This is what happens to the common man who follow the corporate oligarchy and listen to their puppet governments. Total brainwash.

They make themselves out to be the victim. They play with your lives, willingly sending you on dangerous paths. They play with your wallet, willingly making you believe you need their products or their jump gates that could potentially kill all life in a sector as per the Texas Incident.

Yet in the end, who are the true victims? You. You are. The powerless and hopeless man.

As they sit across their desk worth more than your car, smoke cigars worth more than your life, fly ships worth more than your family, they dare to call us the criminals. They dare victimize themselves. They pin our fight against the corruption as mere thievery.

They make you think we "steal" Synth Paste. We merely redistribute it free of charge. Instead of you paying them for your food. We make them pay for your food and give back to the common man.

We are the true bastion of Liberty. The ones looking out to the common man. Do not let this brainwashing get to your head. What is your Police and Army force doing right now? Looking out for you? No. They are busy killing each other.

To any man believing in Freedom, in Security, in Happiness, we extend our arm.

Our arms are fully extended, we will give you this sanctuary you and your family need. We will give you that food you need. We will give you that livelihood you need. That liberty you need. And we will make them pay.

The common man will be freed over our dead bodies, until my very last breath, I promise this.

You. Will. Be. Freed.

We fight the good fight. Reach out to us if you believe in Freedom. A Free Liberty.

A place where we can have the Liberty to Dream.

RE: Common man of Liberty - Le.Gérant - 09-11-2016

~Recalibrating Transmission~

Our fight is not yet over.

RE: Common man of Liberty - KaelanFrey - 09-11-2016

==Incoming Transmission==
ID: Alky Ltd.: Klaus Gerhardt (Freelancer IFF Verified by sysadmin)
CC: Anyone who has received this idiotic propaganda
Date: September 11th, 823 A.S.
Location: [Undetermined, contact sysadmin]
Encryption: "I don't care anymore" Mk I Version 2


(The screen lights up with the two quotes side-by-side.)

What the Hackers want you to know Wrote:"How am I, a freelancer, supposed to trust an organization like that to overthrow an entangled, corrupt mess of a web that is the current Sirius alliance, let alone take control should they unlikely win?"

WHAT I ACTUALLY SAID Wrote:"I'm really not convinced. I ship drinks to various locations around the sector and you revolutionary groups are all the same: all flash, no substance (unless you count murder), attack literally everyone who isn't your ally despite propaganda suggesting otherwise. Most of you, in your freetime, just gloat on how you blew up that idiot trader really deep into an Asteroid Field, where he can't move worth a schnitzel."

"How am I, a freelancer, supposed to trust an organization like that to overthrow an entangled, corrupt mess of a web that is the current Sirius alliance, let alone take control should they unlikely win?"

(An audio signal begins to play back. There is no video feed.)

"You are no better than the Red Hessians, you terrorists! I haven't magically 'heard' of the Hacker boogeyman or anything, I've SEEN it happen! You don't just attack the big bad 'corps' and the big bad 'government' -- oh, but before I completely crap on your idiocy: I also disagree on a lot of their practices, and maybe that's why I'm an UNAFFILIATED FREELANCER working with an INDEPENDENT GROUP, but I don't go out of my way to humiliate the 'poor common man' to make myself feel good. HAH. Freakin' jerks. I just happen to live in Liberty because ze Federal Republic is a warzone, Kusari bent over to Gallia, Bretonia is a ticking timebomb and Gallia hates me for just existing."

(Klaus pauses for a few seconds.)

"Seriously, the only instance I saw of the Lane Hackers actually 'caring' about people was of some Wilde pilot claiming to be part of the Lane Hackers who acted PRECISELY how you described yourselves. I wonder how and why? Because your 'we're heroes lalala we save mankind from corporate bads, save innocent people' narrative is so ungodly widespread compared to how often you actually lift-off from Magellan and return home in one piece after messing with people that EVEN THE GOD FORSAKEN LAMPS were convinced! Good work, Hackers, seriously, you managed to get sub-human trash on your side, sorta -- until they kill us all I guess."

(Another pause. The sound of something lit falling into a body of water is heard, followed by a nervous and violent cough, suggesting that Klaus had been smoking for a while.)

"Seriously, how dare you, you ******* inbred mongs! How dare you call me brainwashed, how dare you completely ignore the fact that you're constantly attacking innocent vessels and revelling on the fact, you ******* attention seeking, 'cardameene' sniffing, script kiddie law-breaking manslaughtering-slash-murdering high-horse condescending dimwitted delusional abandoned on birth plasma-eating malfunctioning hunks of flesh and bone with NO BRAIN! I will NEVER go back to your way of life, ever ever EVER. Your name suits you well, 'Hackers': you're all a bunch of HACKS."

==Transmission Suspended==

RE: Common man of Liberty - Helium Devil - 09-11-2016

[Image: igsaoOU.png]
Comm ID: Deckard Whitehouse
Ship ID: Helium Devil
Comm origin: Appalachian Asteroid Field, Pennsylvania

Ya guys know that'cha got my back.

These stupid suit guys think they are boss. But we'll show 'em they are wrong. I saw 'em doin' the real crime.
Them Liberty allies, the Craytan, that right? Who cares. Them guys don' care for life.

And them Liberty boys? Shooting down more transports in a week than I stopped in mah lifetime.

Give 'em hell boys, I got no clue how ta do all that hackin' stuff. I'll stick to givin' ya support.

End of comm

RE: Common man of Liberty - DraconAUT - 09-13-2016

[Image: kSF0oNr.png]
Greetings, Lane Hacker.

I've just been enjoying my day off on Planet Manhattan, checking the comm-channel, only to notice your "message" to the people of Liberty.

You and your "brethen", associates, company, or whatever, call yourself the "champions of the people of Liberty"?
Merely thugs with a skill in hacking and craking codes, encryptions and security systems, still about robbery on tradelanes to threaten honest merchants with death or destruction of their ship, if they won't pay you a "tax", "fee" or whatever you guys call it.
You take from the good and honest people, who whish to make their living and increase the economy of the Republic of Liberty, by trading goods. Destroying their motivation, lives and harming the economy can hardly be your goal, since you guys literally live on a strong economy and lucrative commodities hauled around by transports.

You wish to achive revolution and be successful in making people fight the system, but all you do is pissing people off.
You guys call the Liberty Navy traitors, the bad guys who destroy citizen's transport, deceiving and twisting the truth, only making up lies for your own benefit. The Primary Fleet of the Liberty Navy does not destroy the ships of citizens, unless said citizen has committed a crime and does not comply. Smugglers and prohibited ships and technology.... there is a reason why these things are listed as contraband. Of course, this reason is nonsense for you guys, because you fight the system, and the people who uphold it. You cry havoc against the government of Liberty and Navy of Liberty, but who would defend the borders of Liberty, if not the Navy? I doubt you guys have the armada of ships, the firepower and numbers to fight Gallia.

I'd prefer the Navy to shoot down Cardamine dealers and Slave-traders, as much as anything Nomad and Alien-related, and this for a very good reason. The Lane Hackers only act, when it is lucrative or they see a chance in increasing their power. You guys are the true traitors to Liberty. I am hardly brain-washed. Actually my brain works pretty well with an IQ of 130%. Doubtful though, is the status of your and your friends' brains. All that cardamine must have left some severe damage up there.

Lane Hackers? Rather Lame Hackers I'd say.

Reconsider your words before you shout out aloud, next time.

Valor, out.
[Image: XxP0iPy.png]