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To: Lane Hacker "Le.Gerant" |Secure| - Kalhmera - 09-24-2016

[Image: HStXEa2.png]
*Unreachable unless you are Recipient*

I apologize for not being able to contact you in person, current situations have drawn me away from Liberty for a very short time. Regarding your Liquid Cardmin request i am saddened to say i will not be able to deliver them to you. Order protocols restricts these items, should you want Liquid Cardamin, please contact the Order Overwatch. I am sorry my friend but rules are rules and i hope you can understand.

-For The Order
Captain Jonathan Kalh

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RE: To: Lane Hacker "Le.Gerant" |Secure| - Le.Gérant - 09-24-2016

[Image: CRk8fDf.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Greetings esteemed friend.

Of course I can understand, do not worry yourself with such trivial things. Rules are rules as you said.

Still, you have my thanks for getting back to me, I will make sure to contact the Order Overwatch for any business arrangements concerning restricted commodities.