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To: Everyone who knows of the Lane Hackers. - Le.Gérant - 10-07-2016

[Image: CRk8fDf.png][Image: Deceiver.png]

Greetings to everyone receiving this here message.

My name is Le Gérant, I am the newly appointed Ambassador and a Deceiver of the Lane Hackers. Perhaps you have heard of me or even come across me in your travels, perhaps you have not but it matters little.

This here message is for everyone that knows of us.

First of all. Common man of Liberty, you are not forgotten. We work day in and day out for your well-being and your future. It is likely that most of you has heard of us as nothing more than petty thieves and terrorists but we know the truth. The Puppet Government of Liberty and its controlling Corporate Oligarchy are pulling your strings as that of a puppet just like the Government. Is this what you really want? Does your life amount to nothing more than that of a stringed doll used for the benefit and greed of the already rich?

The answer is simply no. We know your real worth. Our lives are on the line for your freedom and we will never stop fighting. Your lives and freedom are what makes our cause, our goals, our fight, our sacrifices worth it. We have sacrificed everything, what has the government sacrificed for you?

We will always be fighting for you in the shadows. As such, we encourage anyone believing in our cause to also do their part. It can be anything. From sending us anonymous tips to monetary donations to outright joining the cause. Our arms are always open for the people we fight for.

Additionally, the reason I am sending this transmission to the masses is to, in a way, ''Open our borders'' so to speak. As the newly appointed Ambassador of the Lane Hackers, it is my duty to represent what we truly are. To be upfront and open about our goals and our cause. This transparency shall serve to the better understanding of the masses of Liberty about our Organization known as the Lane Hackers.

We are aware that to the masses, we are portrayed and painted as nothing more than a Terrorist Organization by the greedy, yet powerful Corporate Oligarchy residing in Liberty and we aim to change that. We are much more than that. You wouldn't believe the amount of incriminating evidence that we have on the corporations that supposedly protect you, serve you and feed you. But we are better than them, we will make you understand with more than just blanket statements about what we are as the Government and Corporations are doing. As such, I will hereby open a communication line directly to myself for any inquiries or questions of a political, diplomatical, or business nature that anyone in Liberty might have with the Lane Hackers.

We are still out there. Your fight is our fight.