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To: Eliza Valdez | From: Ezrael Vertiga - Sombra Hookier - 01-06-2017

[Image: 04_by_rhulaner-da2sxcj.gif]


ID: Ezrael Vertiga
Location: Omega-49
Subject: Supporting Gypsy
ENCRYPTION: [Image: encryp_by_rhulaner-da2t4d9.gif]

Same initials. Funny. Hello Miss Valdez!

I ordered one of my inferiors to bring you what you wanted. I take it you know where to wire the payment. By the way, what are you going to do with that stuff? A bit much for a single person to play around with.

Oh, and seriously, if you want, I could try to contact Chairman Pines of Orbital Spa & Cruise. While I doubt he remembers me, I think I could get you a visa to allow you to visit the primary and secondary islands for a day. So if you want to explore the paradise down there, just contact me. However, you'd need to let your guns at home, right?

Ezrael Vertiga

RE: To: Eliza Valdez | From: Ezrael Vertiga - Backo - 01-06-2017

<//Incoming transmission...

  • <// Eliza Valdez

  • <//transmission.sender.location: Shasta Orbital Skyhook, Baffin

  • <//transmission.encryption: bl0od.m0n3y

That was fast, Vertiga. You don't need to worry about the equipment. It will be used for purely peaceful and pacifist goals - shielding the base from scanners and perhaps giving it extra protection from any possible raiding parties. Though I can not say the same for the money I'm using to pay you. Below you'll find proof of me transferring:
  • 1x Liberty Navy fighter pilot
  • 1x Crayterian Nyx pilot
  • 1x Hogoshian in a civilian spacecraft
  • 1x Core operative flying Rheinwehr hardware (strange that one)
  • 2x Corsair Titan pilots
  • 2x Corsair Correo pilots
worth of credits to your neural net account. I hope they will not burden your conscience in any way.
  • <//Decoding binary stream...
  • [Image: money.png]
  • <//End of stream reached...
As for Curacao - I'll keep that in mind, but currently I have some things I need to take care of before I can just run away on a vacation even if the offer sounds REALLY tempting.

With same initials,
Eliza Valdez

<//Transmission ended...