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Avorion - Freelancer + Space Engineer + X3 !! - Dave Synk - 01-27-2017

So I've found today this game on Early Access on Steam called Avorion.

"Avorion is a sandbox multiplayer game where you find yourself in a sci-fi galaxy, far far away from the milky way. You can explore this galaxy, build your own space ships and stations and get to know other people who do the same.

You can mine asteroids to collect resources, which you will then use to build your own ships. There are other ways to gain credits, too: You can trade with other players (or AI) or destroy and loot ships controlled by other factions or pirates. Everything in the game is be made out of blocks of different sizes, this way it is easy to build your own space ships as you wish, and even generate them randomly for infinite possibilities! "

The planned features are really very very interesting as well such as, random scripted events, scripted server-wide events (invasion of unknown enemies from another galaxy, was their example given). But the game has a lot of potential and it's already in very positive reviews on Steam too.

Avorion's Main Site.
Game's Steam page

The game is currently at 18 euros/USD. What do you think guys ? It has also dedicated server's support. Disco could host something like this in the future if it's something good out of it, maybe.


RE: Avorion - Freelancer + Space Engineer + X3 !! - sindroms - 01-27-2017

(01-27-2017, 04:39 PM)Dave.Synk Wrote: [...] Early Access on Steam [...]

[...] sandbox multiplayer game [...]
[...] space ships [...]
[...] 18 euros/USD. [...]

Haven't there been around 13 of these over the last year and a half already? Space Engineers being the more complete one so far?

RE: Avorion - Freelancer + Space Engineer + X3 !! - Sombra Hookier - 01-27-2017

It looks nice, but that's what I thought about Galactic Empires and the Ship Editor as well. Let's wait a year and look at it again. ;3

RE: Avorion - Freelancer + Space Engineer + X3 !! - Dave Synk - 01-27-2017

To be honest, I took my share of "lies" with Early Access before. Space Engineers is indeed one of the most complete as far as I know, but their multiplayer stability is utter crap. So at least the reddit community says. Thing is, I'm gonna keep an eye on this little game, I see great potential in it.

RE: Avorion - Freelancer + Space Engineer + X3 !! - Haste - 01-27-2017

Space Engineers is very slowly approaching playability on dedicated servers. I've only played it hosted on one player's end without a dedicated server, and with 3 or 4 players tops. It's good fun that way.

But yeah, Keen's really bad at anything physics and multiplayer related, so I'd just wait and see what the game is like by the time they think it's ready for release.

RE: Avorion - Freelancer + Space Engineer + X3 !! - Omicron - 01-28-2017

Elite Dangerous is as closest as it can get to FL. You can edit the control scheme to box like a Sabre and control your ship with a mouse. But really, there's no legitimate FL killer as of yet... still.

RE: Avorion - Freelancer + Space Engineer + X3 !! - Dave Synk - 01-28-2017

FL killer ? I think there might be other games that expanded what FL did. Basically FL is just an arcade space shooter with no cool modern features, as in, planetary land-fall, base walking, planet walking. "No Man's Lie" was a good solid concept and could've done wonder if they were more inspired. We also have Star Citizen that, if delivered, you can have a very expansive space game experience.

FL is very dead as it is. The most populated server being Discovery with peaks below 90-80 people ? That's pretty dead for me in many ways. If it had a constant of 250 players as it had before, yes, it would've been something. But that's for another topic.

Returning, I think there are games that are in many ways better than FL and with more features that we would've loved to see here. Elite is indeed a complete game, as it can be in it's status. It can be better too.

RE: Avorion - Freelancer + Space Engineer + X3 !! - Dr Hooligan - 01-28-2017

Cool space games:

Avorian (demo is free on their site)- I have not played a lot of this yet, but it looks fun, has decent controls and some serious depth to the game as a whole.

Empyrion Galactic Survival- Just plain one of the best games out there right now. The dev's are extremely active and actually give a crap about their game. It is an alpha, expect bugs, patches, wipes and some more bugs. But this game will have you hooked. I have played over 100 hours in just the past month or so. Make sure you have a more modern pc though. Voxel based games need some horse power to run right.

Space Engineers- One of the best building/space games out there, period. There is not much in terms of npc's to fight though. A few here and there.. But the building mechanics, automation and mechanism creation is just awesome. Plus, they just recently went Beta on this game. There is even a mini campaign/tutorial to teach you the basics.

Star Citizen- I have not played it yet, but a couple of my buddies have this and showed me this map, the actual map of what you can currently play ingame: I don't know about ya'll, but this sure looks like a lot more than just some testing systems. It is really starting to look like it's ready. If I had the money I'd probably go ahead and get this.

RE: Avorion - Freelancer + Space Engineer + X3 !! - Dave Synk - 01-28-2017

Wow ! I didn't know about Star Citizen having so many systems active as of it yet ! I will look into this for certain.

RE: Avorion - Freelancer + Space Engineer + X3 !! - HuggieSunrise - 01-28-2017

Empyrion is definitely more fun and more playable then space engineers at the moment. its worth a look.