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The Union Diplomatic channel - Message as reply - The Syndicate Leagues - 03-15-2017

[Image: rFWaOWf.png]

Die Reichsarbeitergesellschaft der Alster Diplomatic Channel


This nerualnet address has been reserved for all inbound diplomatic requests not covered by external channels, for the purpose of secure neural book-keeping and end-user. All foreign communications to the Union are to be collated within this nerual thread. Inbound diplomatic requests not bound to this channel will be disregarded, without exception.

Diplomatic requests pertaining to Unioner technology and munitions purchase, shipyard use, modular space station construction and third-party materials fencing, is to be devoted to its appropriate channel, and will be ignored if transmitted to this address.

All messages transmitted between the Union and the Inbound party in this channel are invisible to other inbound parties, without the administrative permission of a Unioner diplomatic representative. All connections are secure.

All valid communications will be answered as swiftly as a representative is available.

Complaints concerning the format of this channel will be disregarded.


RE: The Union Diplomatic channel - Message as reply - Wolfgang Weisen - 04-05-2017

[Image: CygGpT5.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Guten Tag.

On behalf of the Lane Hackers I'd like to send our salutations to the hard-working men and women of the Unioner movement. Your resilience and persistence during your centuries-long armed struggle is truly unique and inspiring, even more so now that the biggest unlawful force in Rheinland has turned against you.

In spirit of our constantly improving relations and closing cooperation we would like to propose a joint operation. Except the direct benefits, through this mission, both sides will gain valuable experience and knowledge which can be used to design more important, beneficial and complex operations in the future.

The mission will contain a smuggling operation as well as an offensive assault in southern Liberty after the former's completion I am looking forward in your response.

RE: The Union Diplomatic channel - Message as reply - The Syndicate Leagues - 04-08-2017

Incoming Transmission

[Image: 6NrvIgS.png]

To: Wolfgang Weisen
From: Armin Jansen, der Alster Union.
Subject: A fine name you have there.

We are more than intrigued by an artefact delivery mission - especially by a joint convoy. Your escort pilots are of a higher caliber than the Unioner mean, whilst our smugglers are adept and know the routes well, having plied them for trade for centuries. This will be a beneficial collaboration.

We are prepared to organise shared convoys as soon as both Transports and hacker escorts become available - if need be, as promptly as the night of the 8th. We are entirely willing to collaborate with our friends within the Lane Hacker Movement, and regard the potential for co-mutual profit to far exceed the monetary value of the delivered goods.

After all, you are the software princelings of the underworld, we are the hardware grinders. In smuggling, we are suppliers, and you are distributors. There is nothing more complimentary than parallel, codependent fields of expertise. It is a unique common ground.

We advise precise details are arranged over the S.K.Y.P.3 encrypted line, for the sake of expedience.

Armin Jansen.
First contact representative and Diplomat-in-Chief of der Alster Union, Pacifica Base, Bering.

Transmission Ended

RE: The Union Diplomatic channel - Message as reply - Wolfgang Weisen - 04-23-2017

[Image: CygGpT5.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Mr Jansen,

It appears you are an educated, intelligent man, far more than I initially suspected. You have a very clear idea of both our role and yours in this trade.

I have passed your contact to the upper echelons of my organization, please expect to be contaced very soon. Personally, I believe a joint operation (blockade-type) in Texas after the smuggling operation ends would be a very good idea to further strengthen our ties and tactics' efficiency.

To: Armin Jansen, The Unioners - Nicole Hunter - 05-04-2017

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Herr Jansen,

My name is Nicole Hunter, Professor Provocateur of the Lane Hackers. As you surely have been informed the joint operation was successful albeit costly. While I would like to express my sincere willingness to further our relationship and conduct more joint operations, I must express my concerns about the attitude expressed towards us during the operation by some of the regular Unioners.

This operation has clearly shown how sensitive is our partnership. If the bulk of Unioners are prejudiced against us this cooperation can become dangerous for us both. Please address my worries.

Mit freundlichen grüßen,
Professor Provocateur,
Nicole Hunter

RE: The Union Diplomatic channel - Message as reply - Enkidu - 05-13-2017

Incoming Transmission

[Image: 6NrvIgS.png]

To: Nicole Hunter
From: Armin Jansen, der Alster Union.
Subject: The attitudes of my subordinates.

Professor - you are Libertonians, we are Unioners. We may have business connections, but you cannot expect personal niceties from those whose families have lived outside the law for centuries.

We cannot control the opinions of individual operatives. In the past, we could promote punitive punishment for agitation, however, we cannot afford to bleed manpower whilst Hessian battleships filter into the Koen system.

We can entice flight operatives to behave more respectfully - but the proof is in the profit. These are distrustful men and women, Hunter, but they are loyal to those they are close to. They will co-operate with the Lane Hackers as ordered, but you cannot expect them to hold their tongues.

The path to gaining their respect is more flight operations with the, nothing more, nothing less. I cannot change three hundred years of institutional attitudes.

Armin Jansen.
First contact representative and Diplomat-in-Chief of der Alster Union, Pacifica Base, Bering.

Transmission Ended