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Conception - Karlotta - 05-09-2017


RE: Conception - Karlotta - 05-09-2017

Invoked by the word
Thoughts become worlds
The point they raise
Will draw a line
Encompass a plane
Enfold a space
Which hides / betrays
And moves through time

RE: Conception - Karlotta - 05-09-2017

Falling towards around away
Begotten in the immobilizing push of mother
Her breath, her right hand’s veer deflected heaven’s harm
Gazing through rippling waves
Their coherence beckons to
The implicate order

RE: Conception - Karlotta - 05-09-2017

Death breeds life
Peace breeds strife
The cosmic joke
Is god
Let our word’s will be done
Let our kingdom come
Here, as in the beyond
Come with me

RE: Conception - Karlotta - 05-09-2017

The blur turned into the sweating panting face of a man.

"I think… she’s looking at me now! She’s coming to!" he shouted to someone behind him.

"Yeah… the things breathing can accomplish..." a woman’s demonstratively bored voice replied.

"I’m surprised you didn’t remember the ammonia-to-the-nose trick to awaken a fainted damsel." She casually manipulated a monitor on the wall.

RE: Conception - Karlotta - 05-09-2017

"Not suggesting you took liberties here by trying mouth to mouth resuscitation first. Now excuse me but I need to get back to the data again. The captain wants to know what it means asap." The woman turned to leave.

"Hold on! First we have to make sure Zelman’s really ok!"

She rolled her eyes and looked back at the monitor. "Respiration and heart rate normal. Brain’s working but a bit woozy. Should return to normal when oxygen levels stabilize."

RE: Conception - Karlotta - 05-09-2017

Can you hear me? You hyperventilated and passed out for a few minutes. I brought you back on board. Can you tell me where we are?” He waited expectantly.

“Back”? What does he mean? Is this a… pre-space… of… inter-being? But if brought here… and we came here… how can that be? If coherent, the word “back” means the… location… that was before and is now… should be the same in reality. Pre-now and now, former there is now here, in the same place. Is that the answer?

"Yeah. Here… again."

RE: Conception - Karlotta - 05-11-2017

It’s ok. Take your time. Try and get situated. Don’t be afraid and breathe slowly. You’re safe and back on board. Try to remember where here is.

What time? Where is here? What place is this? On board means on a ship. Place ship. Space ship!

The Liberty.

RE: Conception - Karlotta - 05-12-2017

The woman covers her face with her palm for a second, then walks towards the door.

We were on the Liberty, yes. But now we’re on the Trailblazer.

Trailblazer Seventeen”, she corrects him, frowning.

Remember me?” Now he's smiling.

RE: Conception - Karlotta - 05-12-2017

And Dr Peterson?” His eyes briefly shifted to the woman when he spoke.

She lowers her head and drums the door frame with her fingers impatiently. There was a pause of silence.

He looks disappointed. “Does the name Kara ring a bell?

Remember. Not the Liberty. Not in this before, but in the now. The Trailblazer. Trailblazer Seventeen. Number 17. There are more than one, but right here is only one. The same place, again. That’s understood. Now the words make sense. In reality it’s only consistent. We. The woman is Peterson. Of course. Me. It’s that simple.

I’m Kara.