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RE: La Marine Royale Gauloise - Transmission Centre - Cælumaresh - 06-15-2018

Marine Royale Gauloise Mission Report

[Image: PnPOy9K.png]


This document is visible to all enlisted officers of the Marine Royale Gauloise, hereby I, Mari Elise Dubois state, that I have conducted service in the ranks of the MRG on the 15th of Juin 742 A.G.S. Honneur et Patrie, Valeur et Discipline. Pour le Roi.

Déclaration de soldat: Lis Dubois

Rang: Capitaine de Corvette

Topic: Paysan hunting

Description de la/des situation/-s


A couple of Crayterians tried their courage in Leeds, getting utterly defeated by our mighty navy. After this, we decided for a little peasent hunt in California, where we destroyed 2 of their battlecruisers, before getting away.

Pièces jointes:

RE: La Marine Royale Gauloise - Transmission Centre - La'Row - 06-21-2018

741 A.G.S.
Île-de-France System
[Image: PnPOy9K.png]

Sender: Capitaine Lauren Charlotte La'Row
Recipient: Marine Royale Gauloise - High Command
Subject: Retirement

Bonjour soldiers,

I would love to be transferred back to active forces, effective immediately. I've solved everything I needed to et I am more than ready to fight for our Roi once again.

Lauren Charlotte La'Row
Marine Royale Gauloise, Capitaine, Reserve forces

Attachments: N/A

Transmission Terminée

RE: La Marine Royale Gauloise - Transmission Centre - Lanakov - 06-21-2018

INCOMING TRANSMISSION - Etat-major de la Marine royale gauloise
Auteur de la communication : Capitaine de Corvette Jean L'Herminier
[Image: 436266CCLHerminier.png]

Sujet : RE : RE : Retirement
Cryptage : Diffusion restreinte
Néo Paris, 21 juin 741

Capitaine La'Row,

I am glad to hear your leave of absence has brought you what you needed. Your request for transfer back to the active forces has been APPROVED. Reacquaint yourself promptly with the current situation on the frontlines : there is much to be done and your talents will be put to good use.

Welcome back to the Marine.

CC L'Herminier

RE: La Marine Royale Gauloise - Transmission Centre - Nen - 06-21-2018

Incoming Transmission
[Image: PnPOy9K.png]

[Image: 4a4f393a96accda991ce3253e51f6472.png]
A man appears on the screen sitting down in a chair just a few feet from the camera, dressed in full proper attire for an officer of the Roi. His face has a dour expression, most likely a resting one. Minor presence of wrinkles and graying hair suggests he is a man in his late 40s. His focus is on the various screens on the desk in front of him before taking his attention towards the camera.

Bonjour men and women of the Marine, this is Capitaine de Corvette Nicodeme Guillory; Commandant of the Obstinate class battlecruiser RNS- Mont St. Michel. Etat-Major has decided to transfer me and my ship to the MRG from the home defense flotte. Unfortunately due to delays in the Michel’s retrofits and a need for senior officers on the front lines has seen me transferred ahead of my ship. Not an ideal situation but it is one I must make due with for now, and in lieu of proper introductions I believe I have something much better.

Earlier today the Bethany battle group was beset by a small capital force from the Bretonian Armed Forces. They totaled 3 Dunkirk-class Battleships, 1 Defiant-Class corvette, and a handful of fighter craft. I took command of the destroyer RNS-Auvergne and was soon joined by the RNS-Blessure Grave and the RNS-Burgougne as well as the two Valors RNS-La Bagarreur and RNS-Gascogne . Unfortunately La Bagarreur was heavily damaged in the engagement, and the Gascogne suffered malfunctions early in the fight that rendered her unfit to engage. However, our destroyer wolf-pack with the support of snub craft proved sufficient in isolating and routing the enemy capital ships, with them suffering heavy damage during their retreat. A Crecy-class cruiser joined mid fight but it proved too late as its Battleship support was no longer on the field and was made short work of. The end result was an overwhelming victory for the Marine. I was also intending to upload battle logs of the engagement but it seems the Auvergne's camera systems were damaged early in the fight.

I must admit, this is quite the introduction to our front line forces. I’m impressed with the professionalism and valor that was put on display today. Let us hope this remains a constant pattern in the future.

[Image: rVbtMhH.png]

RE: La Marine Royale Gauloise - Transmission Centre - Havok - 06-25-2018

Incoming Transmission

[Image: PnPOy9K.png]
Sender: Enseigne de Vaisseau Félix Lacroix
Recipient: Commandement Central de la Marine Royale Gauloise

[Image: KeshISc.png]
Bonsoir Commandement,

this evenings sortie initially took us to the Magellan System, where our mustered forces were met by a fleet of the Crayterian terrorists who seemed to think that they were able to oppose the might of the Marine Royale! Our forces were able to oppose the Crayterian threat with fierce fire, our Valeurs were able to dispatch their capital vessels with posthaste as our bomber forces focussed on smaller Targets before seeing to finish of the stragglers of the fleet, allowing me to push the dagger into the heart of a hostile Cruiser. With only one friendly loss in this engagement, our forces emerged victorious over a beaten Crayterian Fleet!

After returning to our stations in Leeds, the 5G Commerce Raiding Unit was called into action, two Perilous Gunboats, an Armored Transport as well as an Eclipse Bomber set off to the Cambridge System. Once we arrived and our forces were mustered, the bomber proceeded to scout the System for the hostile Convoy. It was found not far from Planet Cambridge and boasted a formidable fight. As the rest of our forces arrived, the Bomber was able to evade hostile fire and keep the Convoy occupied until we were able to interdict, allowing me to draw the fire of the hostile Gunboat escort and pulling it away from the defense of the Merchant Ships. What ensued was prolonged Gunboat which left myself and the crew of La.Juste victorious. The rest of our forces managed to eliminate multiple hostiles before our Bomber was taken out of action, with the second gunboat following at the hands of a Dunkerque. The Armored Transport and I were able to slip past hostile lines back to Leeds.

Attached you will find the recorded hostiles that were beaten by the might of le Roi today!


Félix Lacroix

End Transmission

RE: La Marine Royale Gauloise - Transmission Centre - La'Row - 06-26-2018

741 A.G.S.
Île-de-France System
[Image: PnPOy9K.png]

Sender: Lieutenant de Vaisseau Lauren Charlotte La'Row
Recipient: Marine Royale Gauloise - High Command
Subject: Dublin

Bonjour soldiers,

I'd love to report a minor incident which took place in system of Dublin, in proximity of Gold Ore mining field and New London anomaly. En route to assist our forces in New London, I was called off but at same time I found Libertonian transport cooperating with Bretonian miner so I changed my course and intercepted them. My priority was transport of Deep Space Engineering as the more valuable and bigger asset of these two civilians, even better when scan of its cargo hold revealed ore, precious Gold Ore.

When confronted, person in question offered a donation to our crown... So I received 7,500,000 sirian credits from him, while Bretonian kept bugging me, but disappeared as soon as I shifted my attention to his annoying presence. However another miner arrived, with disrespectful tone, calling me a pirate. When I warned him, he kept a calm manners for a while but then again he began using his tone again so he was taught a lesson as he wished.

Lauren Charlotte La'Row
Marine Royale Gauloise

Attachments: #No.24.213a.b462

Transmission Terminée

RE: La Marine Royale Gauloise - Transmission Centre - Nen - 07-09-2018

Nouveau Message Entrant

[Image: PnPOy9K.png]
Identifiant: Capitaine Eloi Leclerc
Destinataire: Etat-Major de la Marine Royale Gauloise
Sujet: Rapport de Bataille
Leeds, 9 Juillet 741 A.G.S.

[Image: c9e150b127f81e8d29b510164113feb9.jpg]

Earlier today we received a notification from patrols in Tau-23 about a large Maltese capital force presence. Further debriefing revealed that the first to encounter them was an initial scouting force consisting of the Transport Logistique- La Mosqueuse and a Sunbeam under the call-sign Bleu Trois. Not long before they spotted the hostile forces were they driven away by the Maltese’s numbers which counted at least 2 ‘Ranseur’ Dreadnoughts, 2 ‘Storta’ Destroyers and a ‘Tridente’ Corvette along with a handful of fighter craft. There may have been more or less, my information for this report is rather incomplete unfortunately.

Our response force was a bomber wing with support of some fighters and a Triumph, the RNS-Glorieuse, lead by Commandant Everette Fontaine. Joined by a small IMG contingent containing their own cruiser as well as bombers and fighters. By the time I joined the battlefield the enemy was already on the back foot and attempting to flee like the cowards they are. I wonder where all that courage went from when they engaged the scouts, but I digress. Our forces with the assistance of IMG proved too much for the Maltese for they were decimated, all enemy forces suffering crippling damage during the engagement with ourselves only losing 1 from my reports, others may need to corroborate that claim.

On the topic of the IMG assistance, I must commemorate their bravery and efficacy in battle their contribution was vital to the success of this skirmish. They are indeed great allies and one I personally would love to work with more in the future. Now if only all Sirians were as gallant as they were.

I believe that is all I can report, hopefully other participants will follow up with their debrief for a more detailed report than mine own.


[Image: rVbtMhH.png]

RE: La Marine Royale Gauloise - Transmission Centre - Havok - 07-10-2018

Incoming Transmission

[Image: PnPOy9K.png]
Sender: Lieutenant de Vaisseau Félix Lacroix
Recipient: Commandement Central de la Marine Royale Gauloise

[Image: KeshISc.png]
Bonsoir Commandement,

given my recent promotion and the permissions and right inherited within, I took upon myself to commission a new Obstinate-Class Battlecruiser for the fleet. I am proud to say that today, the Dunkerque has launched from it's Dockyard. I have made sure that it will fittingly be pomp as well as deadly. Our foes will learn the real meaning of Dunkerque, especially the right spelling of it.

Attached you will find a shot of the Dunkerque shortly before mooring at Planet Leeds on the frontlines.


Félix Lacroix

End Transmission

RE: La Marine Royale Gauloise - Transmission Centre - Bordo - 07-12-2018

[Image: sdbcomm.png]

Bonsoir, mon collègue Capitaine,

It'll be a pleasure to be working alongside you for the first time. The time has finally come for us to do something about this [REDACTED] l'Amiral brought up last time. I trust it we'll be over and done with it speedily and efficiently.

My crews have been briefed on the nature of this operation; as I understand it, it'll be a new challenge for my command, since as you know, my officers and I are more accustomed to raiding commercial convoys in Leeds and Magellan. I will be requiring your e-signature as well to certify documentation, but I've specifically requested that until both of us clear the final report, this expedition will remain off the books. C'est une mission de reconnaissance, pas un raid.

I'm also having the L'Esperance refitted especially for our little trip. I regret that the cloaking module I ordered has not yet arrived, but I suspect we'll manage to make do without it. I'll contact you on a more secure and private channel to discuss the particulars, but I think we should be able to slip in and out undetected if we play our cards right. We'll have two systems to probe, so I don't think we can tarry. Then again, from what I've heard of you, I do not think we shall.

Let's get this over with quickly.

Bordeleaux, out.


[Image: sdbsig.png]

RE: La Marine Royale Gauloise - Transmission Centre - Bordo - 07-13-2018

Receiving Incoming Transmission..
Comm-Link Established..

[Image: resized.png][Image: sdbcomm.png]

After debriefing all pilots and personnel involved in this mission, we were not able to verify any ship profiles or station IFF signatures that matched this Natio Octavarium. The captain of the Battleship Guillestre however was able to share with us the neural net map of an IMG Trader that completed the Tau-44 Navmap for the Esperance's navigations team.

It appears we have more than one problem in this system. While the initial objectives of this operation were to scout out NO profiles, Capitaine Lacroix and I were immediately greeted by fire from a nearby installation proximal to the jump-hole we had just come out from. Scans returned the tag Sulawesi Citadel, with an IFF signature matching that of Crayter bases in our neural nets. The citadel's military capabilities have been noted, and evasive patterns immediately had to be taken to take us out of the installation's line of fire. We advise caution for further expeditions into the Tau-44 system via the Tau-23 jumphole. Both it and the citadel are located in sector 6E, deep in the Brunei Ice Field. Immediate suppressing fire from Sulawesi Citadel can be expected upon exit from the Tau-23 jumphole.

Capitaine Lacroix and I also picked up an anomalous reading in sector 7C. Initial scans returned a battlecruiser-class signature, although with no discernable IFF's. The Capitaine moved in closer for a more thorough scan, and remarked that the vessel, although passive, appeared to be of Kusari design. We recommend further analysis of this derelict. It sits near the western rim of the Brunei Ice Field, close to Planet Mindanao. Exact coordinates will be uploaded to your neural net, Amiral.

Our patrol also revealed heightened Crayter military activity in the area. We have visual confirmation of what appeared to be a Crayter carrier, although we were able to disengage without trouble. The capital ship was spotted near another Crayter installation tagged Minato Harbor. Another base, tagged Melbourne, was also sighted. The encounter and the two bases were marked at sector 5F, by Planet Borneo. There is also another base, tagged Borneo Orbital, located in high orbit above Borneo in sector 5G.

Scan of the Sumatra Cloud also revealed the presence of an IMG colony, named the Jakarta Orbital Colony, and an adjacent dry dock tagged Singapore Shipyard. Preliminary observations suggest the capability to house small capital-class vessels. We advise for an immediate inquiry to the IMG as to the nature of this installation.

Of particular interest to us however, are these two installations, located in sectors 3A and 2E respectively. The first is active with defense systems online, and fired upon Capitaine Lacroix when he moved in for a closer scan. Its tag, Sekigana Depot, suggests Kusari origin. Is this base to be found in any of the Kusari corporations' registries for the Taus? We advise close surveillance until we learn more about it. The second installation, Canberra Star City, appears to be an extensive starbase capable of housing a small colony. While derelict, it seems to still have active docking protocols, as Capitaine Lacroix was able to land his Lynx on the base. And while it seemed empty, I found it a little strange that there'd still be active systems to allow craft to dock. If it were truly abandoned you see, and given the presence of nearby mine-able resources, wouldn't the IMG have moved in by now - similar to what we observe in the case of the Battleship Hood in the Dublin System? Something's wrong here.

These two bases warrant our attention, as scans returned no discernable IFF ID's for either. At least we can confirm that the other installations in the system return Crayter signatures, but not so much with Sekigana and Canberra. I advise for the Royal Intelligence corps to look into it further, as I suspect both stations are still in use - one with weapons systems online, and the other with active docking protocols. If you will however insist that Capitaine Lacroix and I continue, I recommend that our next course of action be to monitor both stations, and if possible, intercept any traffic going to and fro between either and the jump-holes out of Tau-44. I'd like to request for your clearance to requisition another Perilous for Capitaine Lacroix, or if possible a Taureau. If those cloaking modules we ordered will be available to us soon, that would help as well. I suspect, Amiral, that a little bit of 5G tactique will be of use to us here. We'll start with Canberra, as I would rather not be fired upon while waiting for a hostile vessel to train my guns on.

Who knows, this Natio Octavarium might also show themselves while we're at it, no?

Bordeleaux, out.

Transmission Ended..
Signal Lost..

[Image: r_Vbt_Mh_H.png]