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[SIS] - Intelligence Database - Secret Intelligence Service - 05-28-2017


[Image: SIS_logo_perfect_1.png]

This is the secure network of Her Majesties Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). All communications are classified. All agents are to forward evidence with each report.

RE: SIS Communications - Stolt. - 05-30-2017

[Image: EDITED_8.png]

[Incoming Message]

[To]: Defence Intelligence Staff
[From]: Adrienne Perry (Telic)
[Subject]: Record of assets recruited thus far
[Encryption]: Extremely High

Over the past few weeks, I've been recruiting assets that SIS can use as need be and to set up a secondary recruitment pool if possible. Currently, I have 2 confirmed assets already deployed, and I'm currently working towards getting 1-2 more. The first asset is an employee with Interspace Commerce's secondary arm, a Ms. Erin Miller. Through the grapevine, I was able to find out that she used to conduct blockade runs during the Liberty-Rheinland War and as I understand, she has a good ability to create contacts in both legal and unlawful circles, which definitely explains how she was able to work as a successful smuggler all those years. She has an affinity for enjoying risk, telling me that she looked forward to exploring Gallia when I offered her the chance of working there as an SIS intelligence asset. I have forwarded her 30 Million Credits in order for her to set up false documents in that country. As of this time, I as we do not yet know the GRN's Office of Naval Intelligence's surveillance strategies, I have asked her to refrain from revealing her false identity to us. She is currently working towards obtaining employment in one of Gallia's major corporations and networking across lawful and unlawful circles so that we can use her 'friends' when we need them.

A second asset has also been recruited, a bounty hunter by the name of Chelsea Jenkins. Although she had a criminal record (by matter of technicality) in Bretonia (as a former indentured servant/slave who murdered her master to escape), she has been cleared of all charges by the BPA) and has agreed to work with us in exchange for lucrative and exclusive contracts from our side. I am looking forward to using her to make the lives of our opponents impossible to live. She is currently hunting down some SCRA and Coalition secondaries due to an incursion in the Dublin system that occurred last week.

I'm currently looking to obtain a third intelligence asset, preferably an outcast or some other unlawful mercenary/hitman that we can use to target those on the other side of the legal spectrum as necessary, corrupt officials, counter intelligence, capturing hostile agents, etc. However, this is an ongoing process at the moment.

All records of employment are linked below.
Reference 1: Erin Miller's contract with SIS
Reference 2: Chelsea Jenkins contract with SIS
Reference 3: Record of Chelsea Jenkins cleared of all charges by the BPA)

Adrienne Perry (Telic)

[End Message]

RE: SIS Communications - Victor Steiner - 06-29-2017

[Incoming Message]

[To]: Defence Intelligence Staff
[From]: Skirka, James
[Subject]: Northern Patrol report
[Encryption]: Extremely High

Good evening command
This report covers events that have occured in the Northern Taus and Gallia.
My first order of business began in the Tau-37, where I undocked from the local freeport and was about to head into Omicron Tau when I spotted a Lane Hacker in a ''Bullmastiff'' class transport. I followed the ship and made some light talk with the pilot. Apparently she was there to pick up some cardimine for her friends. She made no explanation about her cargo (see photography) and I, having neither the will nor the means to stop her, carried on to Gallia.

After arriving in Lorraine I spotted another transport, a freelancer flying under an interesting tag (410th). He was hauling 8 Nomad Battleship remains. Quite the haul I dare say. Unlike the Hacker, there was no communication. So I simply carried on my way.


That's all for today.

[End Message]

RE: SIS Communications - Stolt. - 07-03-2017

[Image: EDITED_3.png]

[Incoming Message]

[To]: Defence Intelligence Staff
[From]: Adrienne Perry
[Subject]: Update regarding the situation in Delta
[Encryption]: High

As ordered by Command, I arrived to Delta to conduct the fact finding mission regarding the disturbing rumours we've heard from the Order. However, alone the way, I did get a clearer picture of the geopolitical situation in Delta and also develop a low level contact within the Core.

I spoke to a few ship captains from the Council of Freeports during my stay there. They claim that over the past few weeks or so, the Core has reduced their military operations in Delta, despite having the "dagger in the throats" of the Zoners as one of their captains said. They aren't quite sure what the reason is for the reduced military activity around Freeport 11, but it has given the Zoners time to repair and rearm some of their ships, something they've been struggling to do before the lull in the combat. I'll see what I can do to launch an investigation, the foreign ministry should be prepared in case there is a new rapproachment in the works between their two organisations. However, I did speak to a Core agent about this and unfortunately, such details are (unsurprisingly) classified in their organisation.

I also had the pleasure of speaking to a Core agent, a Templar named Martin McKinsey. They were friendlier than the Zoners but not as willing to give out information. It seems they're aware of the situation with Auxesia and it's leader, and they might be open to coordinating intelligence sharing efforts, but for that we will have to make contact with their Guildmistress which could go either way. I suspect that a low to mid level agent may not have the full picture regarding their intelligence branch's intentions or long term goals but they do seem interested in finding out about their old Guildmaster's current situation, just like us. I'll be working towards seeing what we can give to them, in exchange for their cooperation and further intelligence sharing in the future.

I'm currently working towards making contact with a friendly face within the Order or the Crayter Intelligence. The Crayterian Intelligence and I worked together extensively during my time with =LSF= so I'm looking to revive the relationship with them.

All documentation is presented below.
Link to Ship Log Records

Adrienne Perry

[End Message]

RE: SIS Communications - Stolt. - 07-07-2017

[Image: EDITED_11.png]

[Incoming Message]

[To]: Defence Intelligence Staff
[From]: Adrienne Perry
[Subject]: Evidence regarding Sapphire Raven
[Encryption]: Extremely High

I've opened up this transmission to DIS. A contact of mine within the Order was kind enough to deliver a hard copy of the news update regarding Sapphire Raven. It has remained unchanged from its initial state as requested.


Mrs. Shepard has also provided a first hand source of Sapphire Raven admitting her infection via 5.K.Y.P.3 protocols. The logs are posted below.

[17.06.2017 19:27:23] Sapphire.Raven: A question of will.
[17.06.2017 19:27:37] John.Silverstone: Right, let me simplify the question, Enma.
[17.06.2017 19:27:44] John.Silverstone: Do you still drink and get drunk?
[17.06.2017 19:27:45] Enma.Loyola.: My lifechoices that I've made usually regret, so it's better not to have a free will. If you ask personally.
[17.06.2017 19:27:55] Sapphire.Raven: Regret is how you learn and adapt.
[17.06.2017 19:27:56] Enma.Loyola.: Sadly I do have my freedom, still.
[17.06.2017 19:27:59] Sapphire.Raven: Aha.
[17.06.2017 19:28:00] Sapphire.Raven: I see.
[17.06.2017 19:28:03] Sapphire.Raven: Hm.
[17.06.2017 19:28:04] Enma.Loyola.: Despite all limiting factors.
[17.06.2017 19:28:20] Enma.Loyola.: Such as society and personal ties, you know.
[17.06.2017 19:28:25] John.Silverstone: Right.
[17.06.2017 19:28:25] Enma.Loyola.: All this stuff.
[17.06.2017 19:28:26] Sapphire.Raven: Truthfully, putting it in the bigger picture, being a part of their collective isn't that bad.
[17.06.2017 19:28:44] John.Silverstone: Tentacle-spawner. You do that again you'll end up in pieces before your human eyes can blink.
[17.06.2017 19:29:13] John.Silverstone: And i would not care of IFF transponders on your ship at all.
[17.06.2017 19:29:18] Enma.Loyola.: Did you try to be a part of the collective mind of those?
[17.06.2017 19:29:24] Sapphire.Raven: Elaborate?
[17.06.2017 19:29:35] Sapphire.Raven: Enma, I'm already infested by them to an extetn.
[17.06.2017 19:29:38] Sapphire.Raven: extent.
[17.06.2017 19:29:41] Enma.Loyola.: Well, you saying it isn't that bad. What are you besing on.
[17.06.2017 19:29:48] Enma.Loyola.: Oh
[17.06.2017 19:29:51] Enma.Loyola.: Interesting.
[17.06.2017 19:29:59] Sapphire.Raven: I'm surprised you haven't "picked" it up.
[17.06.2017 19:30:27] Enma.Loyola.: You know, I can be flower, especially when tired.
[17.06.2017 19:30:34] Sapphire.Raven: Fatigue does that.
[17.06.2017 19:30:43] John.Silverstone: So hey, Saph, Enma.
[17.06.2017 19:30:48] Death: monty791 was put out of action by a hostile vessel.
[17.06.2017 19:30:49] Sapphire.Raven: I was referring to your other occupant, really.
[17.06.2017 19:30:51] Sapphire.Raven: rather than you.
[17.06.2017 19:30:56] John.Silverstone: How do i join "where all the cuties are" club?
[17.06.2017 19:30:57] Death: Neitrino was put out of action by a hostile vessel.
[17.06.2017 19:31:09] John.Silverstone: I was denied it every time i asked.
[17.06.2017 19:31:10] Sapphire.Raven: I don't think the Human body is capable of sensing psi-esque signals, pffsch.
[17.06.2017 19:31:14] Sapphire.Raven: What.
[17.06.2017 19:31:38] Enma.Loyola.: Well, you should consider cardamine factor when thinking about the theoretical freedom of will here.
[17.06.2017 19:31:52] Sapphire.Raven: Cardamine is essentially slavery to a degree.
[17.06.2017 19:31:55] Sapphire.Raven: A second breath.
[17.06.2017 19:32:22] Enma.Loyola.: It gives more freedom when it comes to your incorporation into something collective.
[17.06.2017 19:32:30] Sapphire.Raven: Adaptability.
[17.06.2017 19:32:40] Sapphire.Raven: Something has always connected them and Cardamine.
[17.06.2017 19:32:58] John.Silverstone: They eat it, from the rumors.
[17.06.2017 19:33:04] Sapphire.Raven: Idiot.
[17.06.2017 19:33:09] John.Silverstone: Or, well, whatever they do.
[17.06.2017 19:33:11] John.Silverstone: No?
[17.06.2017 19:33:13] Sapphire.Raven: No.
[17.06.2017 19:33:18] John.Silverstone: Oh come on.
[17.06.2017 19:33:22] John.Silverstone: That's what i was told.
[17.06.2017 19:33:23] 2017-06-17 19:29:31 SMT Traffic control alert: Jade.Fire has requested to dock
[17.06.2017 19:33:30] Welcome to the year 824 A.S. (740 A.G.S.) on Discovery Freelancer 24/7 RP server!
[17.06.2017 19:33:30] Type /help for more information.
[17.06.2017 19:33:30] Press the ENTER key in order to send messages to other players or to use server commands.
[17.06.2017 19:33:30] Press the Y key in order to access the ingame player list and chat history.
[17.06.2017 19:33:30] This is a role-playing server. Players are required by server rules to roleplay here. Visit our forums at to find out more as well as introduce yourself to the server rules.
[17.06.2017 19:33:30] Server administrators are: Clavius, Hawk, Sindroms, Skorak, St.Denis and Tunicle.
[17.06.2017 19:33:30] Other players are here to answer your questions, help with the basics of our mod and direct new players to official factions that may interest them. Contact higher-ranked players or ones with [Helper] or similar tags for help ingame, but for the best results, please visit our forums and our Help and Tutorials section!
[17.06.2017 19:33:30] Active Event: None
[17.06.2017 19:33:31] Auto-Buy(Munitions): FAILED! Insufficient Credits
[17.06.2017 19:33:40] Enma.Loyola.: So choose carefully.
[17.06.2017 19:33:44] Sapphire.Raven: It was the biological lottery.
[17.06.2017 19:33:57] Sapphire.Raven: I only thought about it as an alternative to - hrm.
[17.06.2017 19:33:59] Sapphire.Raven: An end.
[17.06.2017 19:34:10] Texas-[101st]: Sure you've a choice. Stop taking it and gracefully die.
[17.06.2017 19:34:18] Sapphire.Raven: Negatory.
[17.06.2017 19:34:47] John.Silverstone: What about me, Enma?
[17.06.2017 19:34:56] Enma.Loyola.: What do you need again?
[17.06.2017 19:35:02] John.Silverstone: What are the conditions for joining your little party?
[17.06.2017 19:35:13] Enma.Loyola.: Be useful.
[17.06.2017 19:35:21] John.Silverstone: Geez. I don't even feel like asking after that kind of answer.
[17.06.2017 19:35:31] Sapphire.Raven: Ha.
[17.06.2017 19:35:35] Enma.Loyola.: I don't think you will achieve that in coming 50 years.
[17.06.2017 19:35:36] Enma.Loyola.: SO
[17.06.2017 19:35:49] John.Silverstone: Now i really want to slap her.
[17.06.2017 19:36:06] Enma.Loyola.: You will regret it.
[17.06.2017 19:36:09] Texas-[101st]: Then stop talking and start doing.
[17.06.2017 19:36:37] Sapphire.Raven: Watch it.
[17.06.2017 19:36:42] John.Silverstone: Regret it? Hell no. Rather, it will take quite the efforts to cut you out of that hull and slap you.
[17.06.2017 19:36:44] Sapphire.Raven: That idiotic LSF.
[17.06.2017 19:36:49] Sapphire.Raven: Please just remove it already.
[17.06.2017 19:36:51] John.Silverstone: And i am somewhat lazy.
[17.06.2017 19:37:00] Amanda: "Remove..!?"
[17.06.2017 19:37:06] Sapphire.Raven: Yes, begone.
[17.06.2017 19:37:07] Kieran.De.Luca: And see?
[17.06.2017 19:37:11] John.Silverstone: But slapping Enmalia Loyola is not something one can regret.
[17.06.2017 19:37:16] Sapphire.Raven: Don't.

Adrienne Perry

[End Message]

RE: SIS Communications - Stolt. - 08-09-2017

[Image: EDITED_15.png]

[To]: Defence Intelligence Staff
[From]: Adrienne Perry, SIS
[Subject]: Report on Kusari
[Encryption]: Extremely High

The following channel is open for viewing to SIS. A summary and explanation is written below.

Over the past week, I have been contacted by a relatively new group of Blood Dragons operating in Kusari calling themselves the Tears of Izanagi, hereafter referred to as the {ToI}. It appears that they are a fairly active organisation primarily focusing on hurting Samura's activities in the Nagano system, although they do operate Kusari-wide. Other unlawful organisations that we have contact with in Kusari have described them as ruthless against any and all Samura employees, including civilians. The [KNF] in response has heightened their early warning systems in order to deal with this new threat, and it seems that it is working. I was attempting to meet them undercover but the [KNF] were able to detect them and launched a surprise attack, so the meeting had to be cancelled, but we are able to continue communications via secure channels. Having been in contact with the {ToI}, they also appear to be consolidating themselves as well, so they should be able to respond and adapt to the [KNF]'s methods.

However, that is not what I am here to inform Command about. I have attempted to establish an understanding with them. It appears one of their drawbacks is that they are unable to grow quickly enough as piracy has failed to increase their resources and revenue. As such one of the reasons they contacted me was to help them with this problem. I suggested that we help them establish a shell corporation/front organisation, a legal company that would partake in lawful business throughout Kusari so that we can create a new source of revenue for them which should help their organisation grow financially. This new corporation would not partake in any illegal activities other than the transfer of credits to the {ToI} which will be done discreetly.

In return, they have agreed to collect any intelligence we require from them inside Kusari. As the group is unlawful and the shell corporation will be lawful, we will have both these organisations to draw upon for a full-spectrum of intelligence collection operations within the Democratic Republic of Kusari.

The financing of this shell corporation will cost approximately 500,000,000. I have already diverted part of these funds from my own personal accounts (approximate 150,000,000) however I spoke with "Harry" to gain the remaining funds for setting up this shell corporation. I will personally oversee the beginning of this shell corporation and report as needed back to Command.

Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.

Adrienne Perry,
Secret Intelligence Service, Bretonia


RE: SIS Communications - Secret Intelligence Service - 08-11-2017

Mrs Perry
'Harry' sees no reason to stop you, be he would like to inform you to be careful. You have free reign on this assignment, but you know the rules.
Good luck.

RE: SIS Communications - Stolt. - 08-15-2017

[Image: EDITED_20.png]

[To]: Defence Intelligence Staff
[From]: Adrienne Perry, SIS
[Subject]: [KNF] incursion into Bretonian space
[Encryption]: Extremely High

Yesterday, I was contacted by the {TOI} regarding some intelligence they had gathered regarding Gallia.

I promptly responded to them and we arranged a meeting at the Tau-29 system. Unfortunately, we were compromised as I believe the [KNF] had detected the large presence of {TOI} ships at the system and had deployed an interceptor from their 66th squadron. Officer James Skirka and I were intercepted near the Baffin jump hole by a [KNF] pilot with the call-sign Nobushi. He then proceeded to interrogate us on the spot and even threatened arrest and detention, demanding to know what we were doing at the Tau-29, which apparently Kusari had laid claim and considered its own despite the fact that the ownership of the system is ... disputed to say the least.

I proceeded to inform him that we were in the system to go to the Rousillon system in order to investigate reports of Auxesian activity outside of the independent worlds. Nobushi accused us of lying, however he was unable to do anything about it as he was then hit by an ion storm. Skirka and I then proceeded to hit our cruise engines, however, I was followed and attacked by 'iamthelaw', a secondary KNF pilot who was following the orders of the [KNF]'Nobushi]|66th pilot. Skirka was able to hit his cloaking device and was able to get away, I proceeded to fly to the Rousillon system in order to distract 'iamthelaw' while Skirka contacted the {TOI} and conducted the intelligence exchange at the Tau-31 system.

I was informed that the intelligence exchange went successfully and quickly, although there was a Unione Corse pilot who showed up. Skirka can give more details about that.

Unfortunately, as I led 'iamthelaw' into the Rousillon system, he had continued to attack me. Eventually I led him through the Edinburgh system where [KNF]'Nobushi'|66th had rendezvoused with 'iamthelaw'. I tried to get to the Dublin jump hole where I was informed that Lt. Commander Steiner of the BAF| was sending a squadron to assist as the [KNF] had violated Bretonian sovereignty by entering the Edinburgh system, however, I was unable to make it. the [KNF] pilot had cruise disrupted me, and did nothing to stop the secondary KNF pilot 'iamthelaw' from destroying my vessel. Luckily, I was able to get the evidence of the violation of sovereignty out via Skirka, and I have posted all the relevant evidence below.

[Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-11-25-78.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-12-24-83.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-12-27-42.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-14-18-01.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-14-18-57.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-15-39-97.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-17-20-67.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-20-17-98.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-20-20-79.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-25-43-99.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-25-45-64.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-25-57-03.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-26-57-45.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-27-40-34.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-37-45-10.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-38-08-29.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-38-13-10.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-38-13-94.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-56-34-75.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-56-35-47.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-56-40-39.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-58-37-19.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-58-43-73.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-58-50-85.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-58-51-35.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-58-51-92.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_16-58-52-36.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_17-00-34-29.png][Image: Freelancer_2017-08-15_17-01-00-36.png]

Adrienne Perry,
Secret Intelligence Service, Bretonia


RE: SIS Communications - Stolt. - 08-29-2017

[Image: EDITED_15.png]

[To]: Defence Intelligence Staff
[From]: [SIS] Adrienne Perry
[Subject]: Report on Kusari - OPERATION COMPLETED
[Encryption]: Extremely High

The Operation to bring the {TOI} Tears of Izanagi terror group in as our allies and assets in Kusari is complete. SIS now has a full spectrum of intelligence inside Kusari with both an unlawful terror group and a lawful Kishiro owned corporate entity as our spies inside Kusari. The company, Limited Edge, is now one of our shell corporations as well which we will use to funnel funds into the {TOI} organisation to further intelligence collection within Kusari.

The base approval for Limited Edge's Little Silver Station did however take an abnormally long time so I'm certain we can conclude that the Kusari governments suspects something but simply doesn't have enough proof to shut down Limited Edge. SIS Officers will have to restrain whatever action they take in Kusari and only operate there under cover, we are already underneath a microscope. The operation, which was slated to be completed within 1-2 weeks, has already taken a month to finish so SIS operations inside Kusari have to be under a low profile for the time being to lower attention.

Kishiro has also run through our accounts before purchasing Limited Edge from Interspace so that the Kusari government would allow us to construct a base at Rishiri, we passed their tests. As far as we're aware, Kishiro doesn't suspect anything.

I'm currently in the process of contacting my other intelligence assets to get updates from them and re-establish dialogue.
I should have assignments ready for them soon.

Adrienne Perry,
Secret Intelligence Service, Bretonia


RE: SIS Communications - Gagadug. - 09-07-2017

[Incoming Message]

[To]: Defence Intelligence Staff
[From]: Fraser, J
[Subject]: Exfiltration report
[Encryption]: low

I bid you a good evening Directors,

This reports topic is the recent exfiltration of Miss Rose from Liberty space. I and another operative met with her as ordered by Mr Skirka.

We met her in Cortez, where I attemptet to assert the level of danger this individual might be for our work. If she did not lie, and I dont think she did considering her situation and the threats I used to get the informations.

After this intermezzo we moved to Cambridge without any delays apart from a 6th fleet battlegroup asking for our intentions in Cortez wich we evaded by moving into sovereign Bretonian territory.

The subject was given an accomodation (including all the technical things we need to keep an eye on her) and told Miss Perry will contact her soon.
That would be all.

[End Message]