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[SIS] - Recruitment Centre - Secret Intelligence Service - 05-28-2017

[Image: SIS_logo_perfect_1.png]


With the disbandment of the BIS, leaders within the Bretonian Armed Forces and Bretonian Government decided to create a second, smaller Intelligence agency that would serve as Bretonia's main source of information. The Secret Intelligence Service (S.I.S) was created from trusted individuals and experienced officers from within the BAF. With the loss of Leeds and the threat of being cut of completely from Liberty, the founders of the SIS were under imense presure to gather valuable intel regarding the enemies of Bretonia. Due to the past failings of the BIS, it was decided that SIS leadership would remain classified and unknown. As it stands, the current leadership of the SIS is not known even to the agents themselves as leaders are chosen by the Queen herself. The organisation itself is small and close knit, this was decided as the best way to prevent infiltration.

The service, would take on the duties of domestic and foreign intelligence gathering and defense, as well as undercover investigations inside domestically grown organizations which have been deemed terrorists or are at risk of such to gather evidence. Agents have been known to recruit outside assets to aid them in their duties. While this is seen as risky, most see this as the only effective way to gather intelligence without becoming directly involved. The SIS stands as the first line of defence for Bretonia, it's sole purpose is to find and destroy any who would threaten Bretonia.

Secret Intelligence Service Enlistment

While recruitment is usually handled directly by an intelligence officer over time, there maybe those who wish to join directly. If you are one of these people then fill out the form below. Your application will be reviewed, please understand we take these applications seriously and therefore, there may be a delay in responding.


Place and Date of Birth:
Why do you wish to join?
What skills can you provide?

//OOC Part
Why do you want to join the SIS?

Have you ever been sanctioned before? If so, why?

What timezone do you live in?

What is your Discord username? (PM If you like)

Do you agree to never reveal any information about SIS role play and/or intelligence when in the SIS faction or when you have left it? (Required)

Assets are those people who are considered trustworthy enough by an Intelligence officer to explore and deliver information on various matters. They are not offically a part of the SIS, answering only to their respective agents. However, given enough time and dedication, assets may be considered for the position of Officer. Assets may not access the Communications channel or write reports. All information they obtain must go through their handlers, although it is expected that they obtain quality evidence.

RE: SIS Recruitment - Byron - 08-03-2017

Name: Chelsea Jenkins
Age: 25
Place and Date of Birth: Planet New London, 25.9.798 A.S.
Occupation: Bounty Huntress, Affiliate of SIS
Biography: I'm gonna make this short since Miss Perry already knows most of the important details. As stated above, I was born on Planet New London to my mother who had to raise me on my own as my father didn't manage to care one single about us. Though I had a rather easy early childhood, it brought some problems with it as my mother developed some serious alcoholic problems together with an ugly drug addiction. At first she was able to handle the costs of purchasing her drugs, but that soon changed as she got chained at her couch more and more by the consequences of her countless addictions. That's when I had to start intervening and beginning working at a local pub to earn some extra money for my mother to brainlessly spend. Not like I want to sound like a special snowflake now, but I was a bloody teenager back then. What was worse however was that my attempts seemed to be quite fruitless to earn enough money, it just seemed like never being enough. Watching her falling into decline, slowly, but surely, I made a very desperate decisions, one I today wish I had never made, but I made it back then. Please allow me to not dive deeper into the details, I really am not too proud of it. Details would mean this application becoming indecent, and I'm pretty sure you don't want that as much as I don't.
To move on though, I had to break off school in the end to care for my mother, another decision I am regretting today, because no matter how hard I had tried all these years, in the end the drugs and alcohol killed her, and thus she left me alone, however having left the mess behind for me to savour. All of a sudden, I found myself stuck in the business of whoredom, with no easy way out. When the brothel I worked at closed, though, I got sold to a Bounty Hunter called Jonah Ward, a total creep and weirdo. Looking back, I really am wondering how I could stand through several more months of serving this guy, in more than just one way. However one day, a fuse blew inside me; I won't even try to deny that it felt relieving to finally cut his throat, but again I'll spare you with the details of this murder. However I'd wish to point out here that this little problem inside my criminal registry has already been dealt with by the BPA) and Miss Perry, so I do hope further investigations on this matter will not prove to be necessary.
What this guy Ward left behind was obviously his Manta, which I in the following turn of events would put to good use. Discretely taking over his position as a rather independent member of the Bounty Hunter's Guild, I managed to run from my old life and start a new one as a Hunter myself, a refreshing business to say the least, not to mention that I could finally make hunt on some drug dealers, getting the revenge I've been looking for for that long.
That's pretty much it I guess, a few more years passed in which I stayed in this line of business, obviously avoiding Bretonia as I had murdered somebody there, before recently I got spoken to by Miss Perry who wished to recruit me as an affiliate of your organization.
Why do you wish to join? I feel like I'm currently gifted with the unique chance of joining an organization that acts for the better of my motherland. In my eyes, it would be a foolish mistake to just let this opportunity go past and keep on living the life of a simple Hunter.
What skills can you provide? Besides being a self-made-woman concerning space combat, I believe I come up with a solid insight into human nature and human behavior, which certainly comes in handy as well.

//OOC Part
Why do you want to join the SIS? Because I believe it to be the most logical next step for my char, besides that I'm sure there are many interesting RP interactions to be had as a member of the faction.

Have you ever been sanctioned before? If so, why? Nope.

What timezone do you live in? GMT+2 (+1 during winters, basically Germany).

What is your Skype username? You already got it.

RE: SIS Recruitment - Secret Intelligence Service - 08-04-2017

Miss Jenkins, the board has reviewed your interactions with Mrs Perry, and has confirmed your usefulness to us. You are therefore accepted. Mrs Perry can fill you in with the details of your first assignment.

RE: SIS Recruitment - Goldberg - 08-09-2017

Name: David Garrand
Age: 34
Place and Date of Birth: Planet New London, 04 May 790 A.S
Occupation: Ex Lieutenant Commander of the Bretonian Armed Forces
Biography: David Garrand was born on Planet New London. After the school he decided to try his luck on the A-Level which he managed to pass. In the meantime he did some Jobs in the bar where the payment was bad and the work not really enjoyable. His parents weren't really happy that David worked in a bar, and wasn't really doing anything positive for the Queen, that's why his father gave him a idea to join the Bretonian Armed Forces. David was pretty excited about this idea, and applied for the Armed Forces. He got accepted and had a pretty good carrier in the armed Forces. After having some troubles with several higher ranked member of the Armed Forces, he left the Army and returned to Planet New London.
Why do you wish to join? I will never stop serving for the Queen, it doesn't matter if I'm in the army, or in the SIS.
What skills can you provide? Fighting skills up to the Gunboat Vessels.

//OOC Part
Why do you want to join the SIS? I'm getting kinda interested into Bretonia again, and since I had some cool encounters on my old =LSF= ship, I would like to see if I can have also nice encounters on a SIS ship

Have you ever been sanctioned before? If so, why? Of Course, insulting, going full Rheinland on the Forum and some other minor stuff like telling banned member how to play again

What timezone do you live in? UTC + 2 (Cause sommertime) otherwise UTC +1

What is your Skype username? (PM If you like) lambdadisco

RE: SIS Recruitment - Spectre - 08-10-2017

Name: Elisa Marie Kingston
Age: 30
Place and Date of Birth: Planet Le Mans, Maine System. March 2nd, 794 A.S.
Occupation: Former-BIS operative, Former-LSF agent

Born on Le Mans in the now sealed Maine system, Elisa grew up a fairly scarred child, losing her parents at age 4 and falling into an oil slick at age 14, burning a good portion of her body (which has more than healed up). She met and married a Gallic Royal Navy pilot named Richard Cellier, whom fathered her a child they named Killian. Taking the role of the passive mother, she nurtured her son, trying to prevent him from ending up in a life that would see her work made meaningless. Her husband, however, thought it wise to bring his son along on a woefully ill prepared raid on the Courville Wreck in Champagne before the gate was sealed, killing his son and nearly fifty others.

Furious at her husband, Elisa stole his fighter and used the inbuilt papers on the ship to flee Gallia, seeing no need to live in a country that holds people like him in high praise. She fled to Bretonia, finding quick asylum and eventually employment under the now defunct Bretonian Intelligence Service. She joined in 822 A.S., and has since been supplying cooperative intelligence between the BIS and her sources within the LSF to prepare both houses for what could happen.
Why do you wish to join? To renew my deal with the house that provided me shelter.
What skills can you provide? As a former operative of the BIS, as well as a former LSF inside source, there's the possibility that my contacts and the information they provide me would be able to defend the Kingdom from any and all threats.

//OOC Part

Why do you want to join the SIS? Because of this. Granted, it never really went anywhere, but I've always RPed her as if it actually did. Also, I want to maybe try and connect some bridges that would inRP help the Kingdom greatly, and I really love to play intel factions.

Have you ever been sanctioned before? If so, why? Twice, though I'm not sure either really apply anymore since I've not only learned from them, but upped myself from them and worked off the mistake.
One was for 'allying' with a Liberty Navy carrier as an OC battleship. Two was for nuking Valors with a pirate IDd bomber.

What timezone do you live in? UTC -4 | East US

What is your Skype username? (PM If you like) specsgaming

RE: SIS Recruitment - Secret Intelligence Service - 08-11-2017

Mister Garrand, your reputation preceeds you, your experience in the navy will no doubt be useful to us. Consider yourself accepted.

Miss Kingston, while some of us were doubtful of your motivations, you have also been accepted. May you both do us proud.

God Save the Queen.

RE: SIS Recruitment - Kara.Heinrich - 08-27-2017

Name: Hanna Wyghtham
Age: 24
Place and Date of Birth: Planet Cambridge, 15.Nov. 800A.S.
Occupation: Former BAF Commander, former BIS Agent

Biography: Hanna Wyghtham was born in 800A.S. on Planet Cambridge. Her father is a Bretonia Armed Forces Admiral, William Wyghtham. Her mother died short after her 1st birthday near BS Essex because of a Molly assassination. Hana learned fast, that she has to protect the Bretonian Empire against terrible evil, such as the Gallic Royal Navy, the Corsair Empire or the Kusari Forces. Hanna should join the BAF just like her father. And she joined them with 17 years. She learned fast and was promoted to Commander after two years in service, but she did not feel as this would be her dream. She wanted to see more of Sirius, but also wanted to serve the bretonian crown. Her father realized her problem and told her to join the Intelligence service to be an agent working alone in Sirius. She did so. She loved it. Until a few days ago. There she read that she could apply to something more secret, better organized; the SIS. Hanna thought that this would be much better than being alone all the time. So she came to the decision to join the SIS. And now she waits here for your reply.

Why do you wish to join? I'm sick of being an alone working agent, I want to join a group of agents. And i want to learn better skills than I have now
What skills can you provide? BAF flight academy skills, BIS special training flight skills, I had close links to Rheinland, a friend of my father works there, I could have valuable Information

//OOC Part
Why do you want to join the SIS? I like being an Agent and I want to help Hanna to get better skills

Have you ever been sanctioned before? If so, why? Once I engaged Corsairs without a warning. It was a light sanction.

What timezone do you live in? Berlin: +1h

What is your Skype username? (PM If you like) Navy_Pilot31

RE: SIS Recruitment - Secret Intelligence Service - 08-28-2017

Miss Wyghtham, your background check has passed screening, you are to report Harlow for your first assignment.

God Save the Queen.

RE: SIS Recruitment - Emily Harper - 09-16-2017

[Image: PV17ZjI.png]

Firstname: Emily
Surname: Harper
Age: 25
Date of Birth: 800 A.S
Birth Location: Planet New London
Looks: Long Blonde Hair, Tall and Athetlic Body.

Join Date for Bretonian Armed Forces: 818 A.S
Reasons for joining Bretonian Armed Forces: I joined the Bretonian Armed Forces after completing both. Medical and Phyiscal tests which gave me the authority to become a pilot of Bretonia. This is where I thought I would like to fight for Bretonia and to defend the people of this sector of Sirius.
Join Date for Bretonian Intelligence Service: 820 A.S
Reasons for joining Bretonian Intelligence Service: Within the 2 years of defending Bretonian from the threats and helping citizens and civilians, I wanted to work one something that was more challenging and gave me the opportunity to investigate and learn about unique and special equipment such as infected and nomads.

What skills can you provide?: There are many skills that I am capable of doing through the expierences and the time i've service Her Majesty the Queen. I then later joined the Bretonian Intelligence Service and later ending up in a hospital coma. I've only recently returned to active service and wish to join SIS.

//OOC Part
Why do you want to join the SIS?
Because I have a high interest in the Bretonian Intelligence Service Faction and the new faction of SS.
Have you ever been sanctioned before? If so, why?
Not on this character, but i've been sanctioned for petty mistakes which I can provide links for if you wish to see.
What timezone do you live in?
I live in Bretonia (UK)
What is your Skype username?
You have it already
Safe skies.

[Image: yRpnskW.png]

RE: SIS Recruitment - Smokey. - 09-18-2017

[Image: GKVJYbc.jpg]

Name: Alexander Wright
Age: 31
Place and Date of Birth: 793 A.S - Planet New London, New London System
Occupation: Biomechanical Engineer, University of Cambridge

Biography: A former Cambridge psychology student i switched at the end of my first diploma to study biomechanics, i was intrigued by developments in biomechanical brain cell engineering and followed a career where i could further study and eventually contribute to that field. In my spare time i am a keen light fighter racer, enjoying a succesful amature career for the last 10 years.

Why do you wish to join? To serve queen and country while expanding my skillset in a challenging and rewarding career

What skills can you provide? Apart from my educational achievements in psychology and biomechanics i am also trained in advanced piloting techniques. I have a reputation for dedication, hard work and most importantly.. Integrity. I believe these skills would make me a fine asset to the intelligence service

//OOC Part
Why do you want to join the SIS? To RP an intelligence character

Have you ever been sanctioned before? If so, why? Never been done

What timezone do you live in? Greenwich Mean Time Zone - UTC+00:00

What is your Skype username? (PM If you like) PM'd