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To: The Lane Hackers, The Unioner Cells, The Liberty Separatists. From: Alster Actual - The Syndicate Leagues - 06-04-2017

Incoming Transmission

[Image: vzKCZTw.png]

To: The Lane Hacker Professorship, The Libertonian Seperatist Movement and the Battlegroup attached to LNS Harmony at large, all Unioner cells.
From: Der Reichsarbeitergesellshaft.
Subject: Tripartite Negotiations.

The Arbeitsdirektor has held the edict that our present lines of communication between the Lane Hacker Professorship, the Reichsarbeitergesellshaft and forces of the Libertonian Separatists are inadequate, tactically inefficient, and a diplomatic nightmare waiting to happen, especially in the light of the Lane Hacker’s late quiet concerning joint operations with our operatives. This is a matter of concern, and we will stomach no concealed agenda, nor will we keep our agenda from you, which is ostensibly to further the wellbeing of the Seperatists.

Below are the subjects of discussion:

Terms of debate Wrote:- Maintaining the operational readiness of separatist forces.

- Securing the future of our relationship after a representative of the Lane Hackers accused Union operatives of crises-mongering.

- Shipyard allocation and use.

- The adequate movement of supplies, be they relevant to the war effort or smuggled commerce, between the Bering Gap and Ontario.

- Joint operational assistance and the lack thereof between Lane Hacker operations in western Liberty and Unioner operations in the cosmic east.

- Co-ordination between parties of unidentified diplomatic status operating in the region (Maltese, Commune, Liberty Rogues) and our own elements.

- Third party concerns such as the Hellfire Legion and their accompanying subordinates, including the Auxesian movement.

- The development of sub-spatial tunnelling technologies to bypass the New York and Virginia controlled zones to minimise transport attrition for both Seperatist and Unioner suppliers alike.

- Common future planning and operational future proofing to ensure the survival of an uninfected armed separatist resistance.

We therefore turn our transmission over to the delegates. Co-operation is codependent, Hackers. Remove either of our organisations from the equation, and the Separatists would no longer be alive. We will make trade in the light, not in the darkness.

Additional Unioner cells who provide the Bering overcell with military and logistical aid, such as the Koeln and Speyer cells, will have their opinions given weight.

Cordial regards,
Der Reichsarbeitergesellshaft.
Arbeitsdirektorate Actual, Pacifica, Bering.

Transmission Ended

RE: To: The Lane Hackers, The Unioner Cells, The Liberty Separatists. From: Alster Actual - Enkidu - 06-06-2017


To: Armin Jansen, The Unioners - Nicole Hunter - 06-06-2017

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Herr Armin Jansen,

I must admit that I rejoiced your communique while at the same time it sincerely baffled me. It baffled me because you have completely blown out of proportion my genuine concern, even though you have already successfully addressed it yourself earlier. I think we can both agree that trust is something that must be earned - which obviously concerns every single party invited here.

I rejoiced it because it is largely compatible with the Professorship intentions. Shortly after last successful joint-operation we have opened a project codenamed "Southern Pact" which was exploring an idea of tightening ties between Lane Hackers, Liberty Rogues and Unioners in the southern Liberty. I have personally met with Mr Trevor Williams, boss of the Alcatraz Roguepack, to assess his resolve and will to galvanize the remaining Liberty Rogues under his banner. It appears, however, that Mr Williams does not have such ambitions yet. Despite that, my intention was to complete one or two joint operations with Alcatraz Rogues and only after that approach the Unioners with a proposal. Unfortunately, all my attempts to coordinate during last month remained fruitless. While I still genuinely hope it will change with time, it appears that Alcatraz Rogues suffer from operational deficiencies and it may be simply too early to incorporate them in this project. It is a real shame considering that I know Unioners would not object.

However, a lot has happened since last month, when we were still convinced that separatists have perished. Just two days ago our scout wing has rendezvoused with Harmony in Texas and escorted it to Ontario, from where we have launched a very successful search and destroy operation resulting in destruction of battleship, gunship and two fighters of the 5th fleet not counting associated mercenaries. We have agreed with Admiral Victoria Knight on general terms of our partnership, and currently the Battlegroup is being harbored in Ontario. I believe that our resources and supply chains are sufficient for the immediate future, but it is up to Admiral Knight to consult their logistic officers and precisely explicate battlegroup's needs for the upcoming months.

With all that being said, I do wish to declare The Lane Hackers' full commitment to tightening and formalizing terms of cooperation with Unioners in form of a pact extendable to third parties such as Battlegroup Harmony or even Liberty Rogues in the future. However, at this moment I believe that the next step are not further negotiations, but further actions. For this reason I propose to conduct a joint lockdown of Texas.

Mit freundlichen grüßen,
Professor Provocateur,
Nicole Hunter

P.S. Dear Armin, I think we both know that Unioner involvement with Harmony is not as crucial as you claim. I estimate that our current reserves and supply lines would be sufficient to support and fund Harmony for two years, which is way beyond its life-expectancy according to our current analysis. I think your exaggeration in this department was dictated by your fear of being sidelined. This clearly proves me Unioners' strong commitment towards extending their influence into southern Liberty and securing their interests there. Ironically, this is what I wanted to see. It is in our best interest to form a tangible alliance that can be relied on in the immediate space, a not only far away in the Omicrons. Work with me and it will be a beginning of a very strong and beneficial friendship.

RE: To: The Lane Hackers, The Unioner Cells, The Liberty Separatists. From: Alster Actual - Enkidu - 06-18-2017

Incoming Transmission

[Image: MuIiDPi.jpg?1]

To: Professor Provocateur Nicole Hunter, The Lane Hacker Professorship.
From: Sascha Lattke, der Alster Union.
Subject: This.

I am not Armin. Mass communications are not Armin’s sphere. When we speak together, we’re speaking with one mouth, but many minds. Armin is just a man in suit, I am the head of the Chort's Forge cell.

Nobody is “afraid” of anything from Liberty. Being sidelined? Please. Don’t project. We are concerned that you intend to use Harmony as a proxy, at the expense of their mission statement. You haven’t done anything yet to prove that you’re hunting for more than a vassal. That’s where we come in. We’re the counterweight.

Your movement has done its part, saved lives, kept the fires. Harmony has a second bastion and domestic allies. You have the means to check Liberty Navy asset movements, which will keep Harmony alive for the future. You are saints.

You cannot feed them, arm them, repair them, maintain them, provide them with ships of the same lines, re-core warships. We can. We do. We will. We are shipbuilders of the highest calibre, you are software technicians. Together we can accomplish more than we can alone.

I’ll bring you up to date. We are maintaining two of Harmony’s cruiser assets using scavenged technology from the Bering battlefields. The war between the Rhein and Liberty have strewn Tanner with a graveyard of prime military hardware - enough to enable the Battlegroup indefinitely without sacrificing technological purity. You can maintain them - we can grow their numbers. We intend to monetise the mining of this zone - pre-procedures are in place already. Rheinlandic hardware we bend to use against the Hesse. Libertonian? We will redress Knight’s airwing with it.

We support Harmony, and you, because we recognise the Federal system as utterly corrupt. We protest infection because we, ourselves, are vulnerable to its spread through the artefact trade. We have a duty to clean up.

I am ready to join with your so called “Southern Alliance” - if the name is revised. From a Rheinlander’s perspective, Liberty is to the cosmic North. As for a lockdown - the majority of our Imperial relics are occupied with the defence of Koeln, but I can request a limited force to be prepositioned for future operations in Texas - if respect is honoured by all sides. This is not a petty dispute, but one of pragmatism. Do you believe a Unioner would participate in anything viewed as Libertycentric?

Take care not to talk down to your equals and I will indeed will behave beneficially, in terms of friendship alone.

Sascha Lattke
Cell-Lord, Chort's Forge, Westphalia.

Transmission Ended

RE: To: The Lane Hackers, The Unioner Cells, The Liberty Separatists. From: Alster Actual - Wolfgang Weisen - 06-19-2017

[Image: FisXB8l.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Well, well. Isn't this an interesting response.

Now I am sure you could have worded it far better, but I don't blame you. As a fellow Rheinlander I know the common auto-translator is a bit tricky sometimes.

So you are saying you want to be the main sponsors of hardware and ammunition to Harmony. Sure, if you can solve significant logistical hindrances such as the proximity from Liberty or incompatibilities with Libertonian hardware, then please do so. It will make our lives much easier.


As for the name of our cherished Pact, please allow me to put it into a different perspective: You are saying that Liberty is in Rheinland's cosmic north. Based on our location in Sirius Sector. But if we use another galactic measurement, I am sure you may find Liberty to the east, west or south of Rheinland. So if we agree on using the Sirius Sector for our measurements, then you will find Rheinland being the southernmost House not just compared to Liberty but to Bretonia, Gallia and Kusari too.

So if anything, the proposed name of this Pact is indirectly referring to Rheinland, and thus it is Rheinland-centric just like the way you want it to be. I can assure you that the Professorship with its unique foresight had already calculated any and all implications before putting forward their suggestion.

Of course there is also another topic which you should not dismiss. The war of ideas and ideologies. Your Hessian friends are located even southern building a communist haven; appropriating words and ideas which they could have used to further their cause is important. Use the word "South" or they will use it one day. The ball is on your field.

Mit Freundlichen Grüßen,
Wolfgang Weisen

RE: To: The Lane Hackers, The Unioner Cells, The Liberty Separatists. From: Alster Actual - Victoria Knight - 06-19-2017

Incoming Transmission
[Image: jSsxCam.png]
[Image: DbaoCe1.png]

ID: Admiral Victoria Knight
Recipient: UN, LH - Communications Channel

Loading Message
[Image: 8dsD8NP.png]

I am not sure if I should feel flattered or threatened the way my forces are being negotiated here.

So far our operations went smoothly because of our cooperation with both the Lane Hackers and the Alster Union. While it is true that it is mostly the Lane Hackers initial support and intel it is the Unioners shipyards and engineers that currently keep my ships in acceptable state. While that might progress slowly as of the differences I believe that, here as well, a cooperation with the Hackers would be more benefitial than splitting these efforts.

Now I believe we are clear on that the Hackers are superior in acquiring intel while the Unioners are more capable on the field of crafts. It is at the supply lines where I am beginning to lack information.

We know these hidden routes exist. We saw ships arriving and leaving and even the Navy knows. But no one knows about the extend and the actual routes your ships take.

Seeing which supplies are needed and evaluting the best routes should be more of a concern. We're fighting in all of Liberty, we cannot lose support in one area because of whatever differences have been between the Hackers and the Unioners.

Admiral Knight out.

[Image: so2aLXO.png]
Transmission Ends

To: Armin Jansen, The Unioners; Victoria Knight, Battlegroup Harmony - Nicole Hunter - 07-06-2017

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear friends,

The joint operation over two weeks ago was largely successful though uneventful. Our wing has just shot the Liberty Navy escort fighter while your heavy hitters took down two hostile ships. We believe that the reason lies in the fact that combined presence of Harmony and Unioners in Texas was of too high profile. Instead of attracting attention we have discouraged it. Only a scout party was sent to Texas and upon its destruction Liberty Navy made a tactical decision to wait for reinforcements before acting any further. This scenario will have to be avoided in any future operation of this sort.

With that being said I think we can still congratulate ourselves this moderate success and return to the topic of formalization of our friendly relations under a signed treaty.

Mit freundlichen grüßen,
Professor Provocateur,
Nicole Hunter

RE: To: The Lane Hackers, The Unioner Cells, The Liberty Separatists. From: Alster Actual - Enkidu - 08-25-2017

Incoming Transmission

[Image: MuIiDPi.jpg?1]

To: Professor Provocateur Nicole Hunter, The Lane Hacker Professorship.
From: Sascha Lattke, der Alster Union.
Subject: This.

Correct us if we are misinformed, Professiorship. An organisation the size of the Lane Hackers has the resources to make a technology trade at the same time as scrutinizing political details. Unless your capabilities are far inferior to what you had lead us to believe.
I would encourage yourself, and your confederates, to stop with the veiled knifes. They don’t win you favour. They don’t put yourself on any perceived higher ground or plateau. If anything they disincentive to work with you and sabotage Harmony’s own objectives, who are dependent upon us collaborating. Any barb you make will fall upon your own back, for we have alternatives to you, including in the offered technological trade and as smuggling and strategic partners in the Liberty theatre. You have no alternatives to us in the Rheinlandic artefact trade – the Junkers are apathetic, the Rogues disorganised, the Hessians are narcissistic. You have a friend in us. Treat us with the same high respect we reserve for you.

From our perspective, the Liberty Navy abandoning operational wherewithal in Texas is extremely advantageous. Do not forget, our prime incentive for entering Liberty is to engage Synth Foods assets passing to Rheinland, and to discourage ALG from doing business in Rheinlandic space. Preventing the infection from spreading to the Rhein is a co-mutual objective, but it doesn’t pay bills or motivate an insurgency. Shock and awe, works. None of us can hope to engage the Liberty Navy on common ground, and we will not squander our few Imperial warships in attempting to break the blockade, especially in the light of impending aggression by the Gas Miners Guild.

Which brings us on a second topic. We cannot hope to destroy the navy. Such assumption is palty – it is also a defilation of Harmony’s own purpose. We can, however, starve the Navy of fuel.

Liberty is entirely dependent upon H-fuel imports. I’m sure you follow our line of reasoning. Any political consequences on the Sigma front will result in an inevitable impact to the Navy’s operational effectiveness in history. Supply and demand – we smugglers are familiar with the calculus. This is beyond the Lane Hacker’s operational range, however, you do have an extensive network of freelance affiliates, do you not? We have the means to turn whatever politically data the Hackers possess upon the GMG, keen corporatist allies of Interspace commerce, Agiera, and Synth, over to the public sphere. Together, we can undermine the Liberty Navy far more effectively than operations in just Texas alone could allow. In return, we would happily permit the Lane Hackers to place observers aboard Unioner craft already in operation in the region, should your interests move that far.

As for the treaty itself, the Arbeitsdirektor suggests that Harmony itself should be the ones to draft its terms, as Harmony has the most common ground of the three of us, and is the prime motivator for our collaboration.

I trust you will find our offer satisfactory.

Sascha Lattke
Cell-Lord, Chort's Forge, Westphalia.

Transmission Ended

To: Sasha Lattke, Der Alster Union - Nicole Hunter - 08-29-2017

[Image: 1b.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Ms Lattke,

I am glad you have taken your time to revive this channel. It means that there is a willing on your side for an understanding. I personally believe that clearing all the misconceptions and misunderstandings is the best approach in such circumstances. Let me address several points in your statement that I find inaccurate.

It is not true that the Unioners are indispensable for us. In terms of Artifact trade, as you probably know, we have a "strictly business" understanding with The Hogosha in Kusari. They are currently our biggest supplier of the Artifacts. We have also deescalated tensions with the Gaians and they becoming our second supplier is also on a table. In all aspects our position in the Bretonia-Liberty-Kusari corridor is firm and undisputed - a position we have been building for decades. Which brings me to another point.

It is not true that the Battlegroup Harmony is the only motivation for our collaboration. Quite the contrary, it is not a factor at all, as we have already formalized our alliance with the Battlegroup and we had reached out to Unioners long before Harmony even existed. As you may know, the traditional divide of "the Liberty cake" between us and the Rogues was leaving Rheinland border solely to our closest allies. With the disarray into which the Liberty Rogues plunged over three years ago, The Professorship recognized this vacuum and has slowly approached the Unioners as a possible partner. Our intention was and still is to expand our influence to "the south" through mutually beneficial agreements. It turned out that back then the biggest obstacle was your internal instability. When your current leadership has contacted us almost a year ago, we decided to gradually get closer with you again.

The refusal to proceed with technology trade was not caused by our lack of resources, but by our uncertainty about current relations with the Unioners. The collaborative extraction of The Battlegroup Harmony, high profile artifact convoy and finally Texas lockdown were the necessary but sufficient steps to build the required trust to formalize our relation. It left me extremely puzzled that instead of a swift signing of a treaty we have experienced an unexpected cool-down, especially considering that to the best of my knowledge it is in the interest of all parties involved. Considering my maybe a little paranoid nature, it is no wonder that I started to expect even hostility from the Unioners. As you can imagine we trade our most advanced technology only with our close friends.

With all that being said I am willing to blame for this unfortunate set-back a series of miscommunications caused most likely by the cultural differences and not hostile intentions. Therefore, I hereby declare The Lane Hackers' readiness and willingness to sign a treaty with The Unioners that will cover terms of military cooperation, sharing resources and division of influence.

Are Unioners equally ready to complete these unnecessarily prolonged negotiations? If so I do propose a direct meeting to iron out the details and speed up the entire process, so we can move on with a backlog of projects affecting each others.

Kind regards,
Professor Provocatuer
Nicole Hunter

P.S. Dear Ms Lattke, I do mean no offence, but if you decide to accept my offer, I would like to kindly ask that the Unioners send Mr Armin Jansen as their representative. Our records show that Mr Jansen always made it easier for us to understand each other.

RE: To: The Lane Hackers, The Unioner Cells, The Liberty Separatists. From: Alster Actual - Enkidu - 08-30-2017

Incoming Transmission

[Image: MuIiDPi.jpg?1]

To: Professor Provocateur Nicole Hunter, The Lane Hacker Professorship.
From: Sascha Lattke, der Alster Union.
Subject: To shake a hand.

Armin has as much power as a potted plant. He's a representative for what Garen wants others to think - essentially a puppet that can take bullets on his behalf. It's a matter of precaution. Since Arbeitsdirektor Abendroth was assassinated by the Rogues on the Hesse's behalf, a mere six years ago, it's been the custom to operate through intermediaries. Arbeitsdirektor Boyle made the same mistake - his resignation was essential after the Hessian conflict started to escalate. To be clear, Garen wishes to engender firm ties with the Lane Hackers. However, he is bound by a certain amount of institutional paranoia. It is difficult to keep any entity as antiquated as the Union stable, let alone politically unified.

I'm prepared to de-escalate my rhetoric. Thank you for your accommodating our concerns. Our fears were that the Hackers had an agenda beyond that outlined - now that this has been proven false, I will normalise my conduct.

The Alster Union presents itself as the signatory to a tripartite treaty between the Lane Hackers, The Liberty Seperatists, and the Unioners.

Sascha Lattke
Cell-Lord, Chort's Forge, Westphalia.

Transmission Ended