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Liberty Navy Recruitment - Liberty Navy - 01-12-2009

Liberty Navy

”Non sibi sed patriae.”
”Not for self, but for country.”
- Official Motto of the Libertonian Armed Forces

Officer Candidacy School - Application

A life of adventure - only thirty government forms and a signature away.

If you've found yourself at this Neural Net address, chances are you're interested in joining the Liberty Navy as one of our newest recruits, or you want to know more about the process. Let me first stress that becoming a member of the Liberty Navy is not a simple undertaking - joining one of the finest military forces in Sirius is a daunting task in and of itself, not to mention the sheer amount of responsibility and duty you will hold as a servicemember of the Libertonian Armed Forces. However, despite the responsibility - and the risk - it is a quite rewarding life, and the experiences you have here will change your life for the better, as Commander Marshall will tell you:

"The Gallics took my home on Leeds and Liberty was the best bet to start again. I joined the Navy to fight back and hopefully liberate my home. The Navy doesn't let anyone walk over them, no matter how big the opposition."
- CMDR Malachy Marshall, XO 1FLT-LOG

Before you rush to your nearest recruitment center and sign away the next few years, however, make sure you're aware of what we require of you:

» You are expected to be completely familiar with the rules and guidelines set forth by the Administrators of Discovery GC 24/7, located here. Breaking any of these while within the [LN] may result in demotion, suspension, removal, or exile.
» As above, you are also expected to be familiar with roleplaying - this is a roleplaying server, after all. We do not expect perfection, but repeated failure to act in-character whilst in-game will result in consequences.
» All members are required to hold at least one hour of activity on a non-shared vessel (or a shared vessel, if it can be confirmed) at the end of each month. Failure to do so may result in demotion or allocation to the Reserves. This can be suspended in the case of extenuating circumstances, although cases lasting longer than (1) month will result in your character(s) being moved to the Reserves.
» You are expected to act with respect in regards to all members of the community, both inside and outside the [LN], and both in-game and on the forums. Failure to do so will result in demotion, removal, and/or administrator intervention, if deemed necessary.
» Act as a fair player in-game. While this is hard to define, we expect you to conduct yourself with a degree of class and style. Relying on outnumbering or outgunning your foe is not something we encourage. Instead we would prefer to encourage people to hone their combat skills and endeavor to meet people in a more even battle. That is not to say we expect you to win every even handed battle you engage in - but instead to fly with courage, and to learn from your mistakes should you lose.

Still interested? There's only one more step then, hotshot. The NORR-822-OCSA, also known as the Officer Candidacy Application, is the newly standardized method of applying to Officer Candidate School at West Point Military Academy. The candidacy application is split into two parts: the written portion and the checkride. To initially be accepted for a "checkride", or a flight test as it may be more commonly known, you must first submit a biographical statement to this neural net address. These applications are responded to every Friday or at the earliest convenience, typically by a NORR junior official. Please using the following format when submitting your application, or it may be rendered invalid:

[font=Orbitron][color=#FFFFFF]Liberty Navy - NORR-826-OCSA[/color][/font]
[font=Open Sans][color=lightblue]Name:[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]Your legal name, as it appears on Liberty citizenship, visa, or passport documents.[/color]
[color=lightblue]Date of Birth:[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]Your date of birth. Format: MM/DD/YYY[/color]
[color=lightblue]Place of Birth:[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]The planet, moon, or orbital facility you were born on, the system in which that planet or structure inhabits, and the House it is affiliated with.[/color]
[color=lightblue]Sex:[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]Male / Female.[/color]
[color=lightblue]Height (cm):[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]Your height in centimeters.[/color]
[color=lightblue]Weight (kg):[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]Your weight in kilograms.[/color]
[color=lightblue]Relatives:[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]Any currently living or otherwise notable relatives.[/color]
[color=lightblue]Previous Work Experience:[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]Any non-combatant work experience that is applicable to the Navy.[/color]
[color=lightblue]Previous Military Service:[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]Any previous service with either the Libertonian military or a foreign military. Service record should be attached if any such experience exists.[/color]

[color=lightblue]Biographical Segment:[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]A short summary about your life. Should be around a paragraph.[/color][/font]

[font=Orbitron][color=#FFFFFF]OORP Part[/color][/font][font=Open Sans]
[color=lightblue]Your experience in Discovery:[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]How long have you been around? Have you ever been sanctioned? Tell us -shortly- about your experience.[/color]
[color=lightblue]Are you familiar with the [url=][u]Laws of Liberty[/u][/url] and the [url=][u]Discovery RP 24/7 Server Rules[/u][/url]?:[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]Yes/No[/color]
[color=lightblue]Respectively, rate your RP and PvP skills on a scale to 10:[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]RP: 0-10 PvP: 0-10[/color]
[color=lightblue]Discord Username:[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]Your Discord User / ID.[/color]
[color=lightblue]Timezone:[/color] [color=#FFFFFF]The timezone you're in, preferably listed in +/- GMT. Ex: -5 GMT.[/color][/font]

Once the application has been received, verified, and accepted, you will be assigned a training vessel from the West Point Military Academy squadron, which is to be used solely during your checkride period. The checkride will be set up in advance with one of our Combat Training Instructors, or, in their absence, a member of the Admiralty. The checkride will last the period of approximately thirty minutes to one hour, depending on the instructor's preference, and will test your attitude, capabilities, and understanding of what is expected of you as a recruit (as detailed in this channel). You will be informed the night of the checkride or the day immediately following as to the success of your application, and, if successful, be added to the appropriate Neural Net frequencies.

If you are successful enough to be accepted to the First Fleet as a Cadet, you will be required to fly four hours in a Libertonian fighter craft (Liberator, Guardian, Avenger, Executioner, Upholder, and Havoc Mk II) in order to maintain your position within the Navy and be promoted to Ensign.

The Naval Office of Recruitment & Retention wishes you the best of luck in your attempt, and hopes to see you among the Navy's finest in the near future.

Liberty Navy recruitment - Bomarck - 01-12-2009

Alexander DePriest, a young man of twenty with dark brown hair and of average height. Born on Manhattan, Alexander was raised by his single mother along with his older brother Sullivan DePriest. Tragedy came to the DePriest family when word came of Sullivan's death when the freighter he was working on was destroyed in an accident. Shortly afterward, Alexander's mother died leaving him alone and near penniless. With few choices left to him, and few resources available, Alexander chose to enlist in the Liberty Navy.

(Hope this is what you meant by biography)

Liberty Navy recruitment - underd0g - 01-12-2009

Data follows...

Message recieved from: Doggett, Andy

Decrypting data...

Data uplink found. Scanning content...

Bio data found. Adding uplink to message...

Message ends.

Liberty Navy recruitment - Darkflight - 01-12-2009


Liberty Navy recruitment - Jihadjoe - 01-12-2009


COMM ID: Liberty Navy Recruitment
SUBJECT: New applicants

Mr Andy Doggett, your application to the Liberty Navy has been accepted. Please set up your vessel within our naming convention [LN]-Firstname.Lastname

We sall equip you with an Executioner Heavy Fighter.

Alexander DePriest and Paul Rogekeller, sadly your applications have been rejected. Perhaps the Navy isn't the career for you.

Recruitment Petty Officer Andrews out.


Liberty Navy recruitment - Joneh - 01-12-2009

Incoming Transmission
Comm ID: Hobgl (ingame: Johny.Leroy)
To:Liberty Navy Recruitment

Name: Johny.Leroy
height:1.70 meters
Parents:Jack.Leroy, Elisa Leroy
Place of birth:Planet Manhatten, New York System
Date of birth:781 AS
Timezone: GMT +1
Experience:I have many experience, i worked for the navy and LSF

Story about yourself:Johny was born on Manhatten in the year 731 AS. His Partents, Jack and Elisa Leroy, fell into dire circumstances shortly after his birth. Jack, his father, joined the navy as way to put food on the table. Elisa, his mother, was a zoner, piloting one of the transport craft to Freeport 4.

After his 18th birthday, his mother coerced Johny to join the zoners without the knowledge of his father. Left with no choice, he enlisted with the zoners. His first mission was to help his mother to transport some luxury goods to freeport 4. But some lane hackers hacked the lane between california jumpgate and freeport 4. My mother was told to drop her cargo, but the cargo hatch wasn't working properly, and she couldn't drop her cargo. The Lane Hackers didn't believe that and opened fire on our ships. After a few seconds the shields of Elisa's ship broke and some missiles destroyed her ship. Johny couldn't believe that his mother was dead. In his blind rage, he opened fire with his ship on the hackers. After a few seconds his shields broked and he thought that he died now, but at this moment, comes some navy's and shooted a full missile of rockets at the lane hackers and destroyed they. After the battle, he fled to Manhatten, to the place he was born.

Johny didn't know what he should do, His mother was dead. He seriously considered suicide, but as he turned the pistol over, he noticed the make. Navy. His father is a Navy, so why not try to become a pilot for the Navy.

Johny knew the way to the battleship missiouri. His mother sometimes flew there with him.Once there, he met a pilot of the Navy who, upon hearing his story, was strangely drawn to this haunted young man, and offered to help him join the ranks of the Navy. When he got there, he saw a patrol of Navy fighters who were pursuing a squad of rogues. They soon were eliminated, two of the five falling to Johny's guns. The Navy pilots were amazed at his piloting skills. The patrol leader said that he would have a good shot at joining the Liberty Navy, and Johny decided to apply, in hopes that the Liberty Navy would give him the home he never had.

Transmission ended

Liberty Navy recruitment - torchwood - 01-12-2009

:incoming transmission:
:Opening Navy private Comms:
Comm ID: Simon Jenkin's

Name: Simon Jenkin's
Height: 5 ft 7

I was born on Houston in Texas. My Father the Warden on Prison station Huntsville above Texas. My Mother? I never knew her. my father said she was killed when they had a devorce and my Mother moved to Manhatten. Her transport was attacked, No suvivors.
I was raised by my Father until i was thirteen. Then he sent me to the Military accademy at West Point.
I Stayed there for five years. I graduated as Top in my class and Almost emidiatly applied as a Police Detective.
I stayed a Police Detective for nine years, Earn a great reputation with Liberty and its Security Forces. Then the Detective's were Ordered to stand down. I knew there was nothing left for me there so i Left to attempt the Navy. to discover the recruitment was down. i found work in the Navy engeneering plant's. Building Guardian's for new Navy Officers. Then later that month my father was killed. He was Killed by a prisoner on huntsville, and that same prisoner was on the loose. i Bourght a ship with the Credits i had and hunted him down and killed him.
i returned to Houston in shame for what i had done. I did not turn up for work for a month. i was living off my last few credits. then i was told Navy recruitment was back, so i decided to take my chances...

:Transmission ending
:closing private comms:

Liberty Navy recruitment - Ringle99 - 01-13-2009

::Incoming Transmission::


Name: Toby.Maxim
Age: 32
Birthplace: California
Qualifications: Basic Flight Rank A. Advanced Combat Rank A*. HuD Coding Rank C-

Born on California. I attended Millitary Flight School after i was arrested alot as a youth. I soon learned my ways were bad, and i changed. I was in the top 5 of my class, with a Flight ranking of Navy Pilot. And a reflex scale of 86/100. So i went on to study Advanced flight at Manhattan where i learned advanced combat piloting and HuD programming. I passed the programming course barely, and aced my pilots course. After my graduation. My father urged me to sign up as he was also serving in the Liberty Navy, but i wanted to see the galaxy. So i boarded an Orbital Spa cruise liner for Kusari, for a long deserved holiday.

On my trip to Kusari, the ship was boarded by Pirates and i was taken hostage. when they verifiyed my Nationality as liberty, they beleived they had a bargaining chip. So they contacted the Liberty Emmisary for Kusari and told them they have several Liberty hostages they are willing to exchange for a large sum of credits.

As the days passed, my hate for the Kusari forces grew. Being hauled half way around the sector in a dank cargo-hold. Nothing eventful happened until the ship passed into Rhineland space via Sigma 13's System backdoor. The RM engaged the ship without asking questions, and they bracketed the hull with battery fire until the sheilds and life-support systems failed. The survivors of the spa liner dont know exactly what happened next, but we have out theorys. I beleive the cargo-pod we were sealed in was ejected from the underside of the ship and we were tractored in by the RM ship.

After several days of interrogation by the rhineland millitary forces. Our story checked out and we were free to leave. We were bundled onto the next trade vessel heading to Liberty space. I resent the Rhinelanders for the slander and plain abuse to simple human rights, there corrupt law system and unfreindlyness toward liberty citizens.

We were dropped at Houston in the Texas system. So i could continue my holiday...When i say continue, i mean try to pursuade the police forces to send me back to california.

After some talks i was sent on my way in a civilian fighter back home. Upon my return my mother greeted me with teary eyes, and hurried me inside. I asked where my father was and my mother told me to sit down, Her next words shattered my life forever. my father was killed in action, By a rogue pilot. I was broken. I decided there and then, for the memory of my father, to sign up for the Navy. I went to the local recruitment center and sat the aptitude test. I am now eagrely awaiting my score

::Message Ends::

Liberty Navy recruitment - RHYS_DALLOWS - 01-13-2009

Name: Luis Snyer
Age: 22
DOB: February 17, 857 Place of Birth: Planet Manhattan, New York Previous Jobs: Worked as a Security Officer on the Presidents House. Also, he was attending the University Of Manhattan, studying on LN Capital ships, and studying his piloting skills.
Current sector time zone: +00 GMT (galactic mean time)
Hair colour: Black.
Eye colour: Light brown
size: 5'7

Luis Snyer is a well educated student from the UNIVERSITY OF MANHATTAN. He studied on LN (LIBERT NAVY) Capital ships for 3 years and studied on piloting fighters for 1 year. He isnt disobedient, but daring to do things that no one has ever done. He is not afraid of an encounter of hostile vessels, but willing to engage gladly if an order of a LN officer is giving out. He is a good engineer on the capital ships problems, whenever is needed. He was only 7 years old when his mother was threatened by Outcasts and LRs. His father worked as a chef on the Presidents House. Though, Luis didnt wanted to be all of his life doing nothing but sitting there and be a security in front of the President Door office. He decided to join LN, to do more dangerous and more serious work in space and protect the innocent traders. Luis Snyer, a good student and still eager to gain more knowledge from LN officers.

Liberty Navy recruitment - Darkwolf475 - 01-13-2009

<===Incoming Transmission===>
no viruses detected
opening transmission

Hello to the Sirs and Ma'am of the Liberty Navy Admirality. My name is Kyle Whisperdale. I am 5'11" of medium weight, and have green eyes and brown hair. I am also the brother of former Naval Recruit Sapher Lithas who tragically disappeared after a fight against the Nomads in Zone [censored] several months ago. My life story is relatively short and simple, but here it goes:

I was born and raised on Manhattan in a lower-middle-class family with my parents, my older brother Sapher, and my little sister Dominique. My early childhood was much like that of any other kid in my neighborhood. My parents (espcially my father) deeply ingrained me with the values of loyalty, service, and dedication. It was always his dream to join the Liberty Navy, but he was unable to due to an eyesight issue. So, my father ended up as a fighter escort pilot for Liberty convoys but lost his life protecting a convoy of refugees as they were ambushed by Rogues when I was about the age of 16.

After his death, Sapher and I had to go out and find jobs in order to support our family. I held a lot of random jobs over the years, but was never able to stay with any of them longer than 6 months. Finally, I began to work as a starfighter mechanic for my father's old escort company. I became very good friends with many of my father's old pals. After a year or so of working there, some of the pilots started to let me take rides with them into space and so began my flying lessons.

Once I had the grasp of flying and passed my pilot's exam, I began to run missions for my father's old company as well as missions for other factions in liberty. Recently though, a lot of my missions have been for the Navy. I have fought against rogues and xenos and other pirates and menaces along with the valiant guards of Liberty. I now know what inspired my father to try and join them. I wish to join the Liberty navy so as to be able to protect my home and be given a chance to display my talents in a manner useful to all citizens of Liberty just as my father wished to. Like my brother, I have no problems about putting my life on the line for others when it comes down to it.

<===End of Transmission===>

//ooc I was formerly [LN]-Sapher.Lithas and I joined just before [SA] made the transition to [LN]. [LN]-Sapher.Lithas was somehow deleted under very odd circumstances. Due to a series of events in RL I was unable to get on my computer whatsoever to play or access the internet and therefore unable to recreate my character or play freelancer at all for several months. I'm only now making it back on.