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RE: To: Anna Heinrich - Wesker - 06-30-2018

[Image: JOF42tx.jpg]

Sender: Generalmajor Annabelle Heinrich
Recipient: Krsnik
Source: ???

Subject: Approval?

Priority: Moderate
Encryption: ᚢᚾᛒᚱᛖᚨᚴᚨᛒᛚᛖ


"Suspicion" you say, have you any clue as to what you're dealing with? Doesn't your position require you maintain some functional knowledge of your adversaries which in this case are - quite illusive. The Bretonian's hands in espionage dates back to the Sol-era, any suspicion you might have practically confirms it right then and there. The Bretonian's capabilities in the field are more proficient than that of the Lane Hackers. They rely entirely on being proficient in the field given their less than fortunate position as a house.

You've put details regarding my condition out for publicity on the grounds of being able to meet yet another person to help you "discover yourself", your emotions are stacked over your ability to think before you do. For your sake, I hope you didn't disclose anything else that might've been more confidential. I'd remind you that I am very real, and not some ghost you'd sell out personal information for like a pair of worn boots.

Figure yourself out at your own expense, and not mine - let us be clear that any more events like this will be met with real consequences.

Signed, Generalmajor
A. Heinrich
Rote Hessen Armee