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To: Rogues of Liberty - Hussaini - 05-20-2018

ID: B∴ H∴
Encryption: BBL-6
Status: Streaming--

Good evening,

As the years pass, regimes rise and fall, whole solar systems disappear - it seems there are but few certainties in this universe. For one, that everything will inevitably and unexpectedly change. And another - the Cardamine, and the fact that it must flow. It is no secret that we've grown rich from this certainty, and it is no secret that this wealth gets passed on to you - as is natural. But what is wealth, I say, without friends? The Commune remembers its own. And it couldn't help but notice that you've been fractured in recent times, more so than in the past.

So we extend our hand, and ask, no strings attached; Is there anything we can do for you?


RE: To: Rogues of Liberty - Texas Red - 05-20-2018

[Image: FbYYmlR_zpsa11e6f72.png]

Stay out of Liberty.

~ Red.

-|Signal lost|-

RE: To: Rogues of Liberty - Moka - 05-21-2018

[Image: RoguesLogo.png]


Red there,
It's what I love
about that guy.

Simple and to the point.

So in saying that,
unless you are bringing
The Orange Glow down
here in transports then
I entirely endorse my
boy Red there.

Keep your warships out
and the trade in.

Lord Moka

RE: To: Rogues of Liberty - Crazy Lou - 05-21-2018

--- Transmission Status: Online ---

Sender ID: Crazy Lou
Location: Niverton Base
Subject: The Orange must flow
Encryption: High
Priority: Medium

Greetings, Mr. "No Strings Attached",

I've learned a long time ago there is no such thing. Unless it's one of these new crappy cordless guitars. I prefer my old guitar - with strings.

Anyway... I never thought this day would come, but I'll have to agree with Red and Moka here...

So, unless you are moving the Orange, kiddo, don't get in our way.

Lou out.

--- Transmission Status: Offline ---