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Dossier on Vove Tague - Stolt. - 06-06-2018

[Image: vove4.png]


[NAME]: Vove Tague
[AGE]: 22
[CITIZENSHIP]: Stateless, has Permanent Residency status in Kusari
[OCCUPATION]: Freelancer, ex-Samura Neural Net Security Engineer
[BIRTH DATE]: 803 A.S., Exact date unknown due to statelessness
[BIRTH PLACE]: Unknown due to statelessness, she was left at a church for adoption
[PARENTS]: Daizo Watanabe & Pam Tague (adoptive parents)


  1. California Institute of Technology (CalTech), Planet Los Angeles
    • Bachelor of Science (B.S., Summa Cum Laude with Honors) - Neural Net Engineering, 819-823 A.S.
  2. University of Cambridge, Planet Cambridge
    • Post Graduate Diploma (Part Time) - Aerospace Engineering Principles, 825-826 A.S.

  1. Fujioka Cyber & Neural Net Security Systems Inc. (Subsidiary of Samura Heavy Industries)
    • Neural Net Security Engineer (Full Time) - 823-825 A.S.
  2. Kempetai (Military Police Corps)
    • Consultant (Part time - Contractor)

  1. Java, JavaScript, C#, C++, Python, Ruby


Vove Tague was raised on board a small and distant research station just outside of the Omicron Lost system where her adoptive parents, who were career radiation astronomers, wanted to get a better view of the galaxy to conduct their research. The research (which had a very convoluted thesis title) was funded by the University of New Tokyo but also Samura Industries as her parents were employees of a scientific subsidiary company owned by Samura. Eventually the project was completed so the station was evacuated and jetted into the nearest star for destruction. Meanwhile, her parents took her into a Zoner Mobile Colony Ship (Nephilim) where thanks to their effective homeschooling, she was able to graduate with a high school diploma at the age of 16.

With a scholarship to attend the California Institute of Technology (CalTech), Vove Tague self-financed her Neural Net Engineering studies. Due to having grown up by and large in isolation on board the station and the Zoner Colony Ship, she was able to build an affinity for programming and coding languages from a very young age as she was fascinated with finding out about Sirius via the Neural Net. After 4 years, she was awarded a degree in Neural Net Engineering and received a job offer from a subsidiary of Samura Heavy Industries at Planet New Tokyo.

Unfortunately, her statelessness made things complicated especially since she did not apply for Liberty Citizenship while she was at California (her first time experiencing bureaucracy was very confusing). She did want to travel and explore the rest of House Space as she didn't have the opportunity to do that while she was crunched for credits during her studies. However, without a lot of money and a ship, she decided to work for Samura instead. Upon arriving in Kusari, the police intelligence of the Republic of Kusari interviewed her as she did have an expertise in the Omicron regions having grown up there. She made a deal to work with them as a contracted consultant in exchange for a Kusari permanent residency which was easily accomplished as her father was a native of Kusari.

After spending two years working for Samura and consulting for the police intelligence, the government figured they had gotten whatever knowledge of the Omicrons they could from her and gave her a huge payout which gave her huge financial security. She then put in her two weeks’ notice at Samura and decided that she would build the perfect ship in her eyes while exploring Sirius and learning more about House space and maybe even visiting Gallia. She also figured she could make more money as a freelancer, even if it was unstable and sometimes dangerous work.

As she grew up largely in isolation, she began to misuse her skills in coding/programming to hack into people’s private neural net accounts and find out all of their private information. Despite not doing any physical harm to them - she felt a severe need to understand people in her isolation, and she felt this that was the only way she could. Even though her time at university had acclimatized her to meeting and connecting with people in person, there was a certain power she felt as she invaded the privacy not just of people, but even her own employers and other corporations, finding out many of their secrets though her well-crafted coding skills. This did however help in her career as a neural net security engineer, as she was very well versed in the black hat techniques since she was one herself. As a result, she was able to stop many cyber/neural net attacks against Samura during her time there. She never revealed any of this to the Kusari police intelligence as a contractor, but she is now hoping to use it in a way which will allow her to make more money as a freelancer.