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From: Dozerua Zozen | To: LIBGOV - Wasserfrog.jpg - 06-28-2018

Comm channel up...

Sender ID: Dozerua Zozen
[Image: Tvu7Quq.png]
Run Encryption: 776-A2177
Encryption: Medium
Importance: Medium
Location: Planet Manhattan, New York System
Subject: Beaumont Spire

Greetings, I would like to send you some "recent" or more or less it was a lucky shot I discovered this. I was fighting two Lane Hacker vessels in Texas near the Beaumont Junkers base. Upon their destruction one of them actually docked on their installation "Beaumont Spire". I don't know if this was in your knowledge or not, perhaps you are in a new situation now.


Attachments: Visuality


Dozerua Zozen