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Biography: Hunter Christian Wolff - Aaron_Cianci - 08-31-2018

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Primary Data

Subject: Hunter Christian Wolff
Rank: Gefreiter
Loyalty: Alster Union
Date of Birth: May 20, 803 A.S. (Age 22)
Gender: Male

Biographical Information

Home: Leipheim Base, Munich System
Family & Friends:
Father: Dieter Haden Wolff, Starship Design Assistant, Leipheim Base
Mother: Emilia Johanna Wolff (nee Koch), Starship Design Assistant, Leipheim Base
Brothers: Sebastian Jonas Wolff, Gymnasium Student, Leipheim Base
Sisters: None
Best Friend: Niklas Peter Lehmann, Cargo Shipment Manager, Leipheim Base
Girlfriend: Klara Charlotte Fischer, Administrative Assistant, Leipheim Base
Known Associates:
Shadowwalker, Nation of Malta
Franz Rousse, Alster Union
Gunda Riehl, Alster Union

Union Status

Confidential Status (UN High Command Only): Executed for Treason
Public Status: On Classified Assignment


With great grandparents who were directly impacted by the downsizing of the Rheinland military-industrial complex at the end of the Eighty Years War, it was inevitable that Hunter’s family would be a part of the Unioners. While the Wolff family was never important enough to take on a leadership role, for three generations they have worked tirelessly to support the Unioner cause. Differentiated from many of their brethren’s desire for profit, the Wolff family’s primary legacy and contribution has been through their technological expertise.

At 11 years old, while accompanying his father on technical assignment from Lepheim to Pacifica Base, young Hunter had his first encounter with a Unioner who did something other than work on technology. The pilot he encountered had just completed combat runs against the GMG and Republican Shipping, and Hunter spent his father’s entire three-week assignment listening to the pilot’s stories – true and exaggerated. That young boy’s encounter with another side of life as a Unioner would go on to shape his future in a significant way.

Because of that experience, Hunter inherited only half his family’s technological skill. While able to maintain, repair and work with pretty much any piece of technology, he lacks the creativity to improve it or make it better. He also does not share his parents’ interest in doing so. Anxious to get away from his familial home at Leipheim Base, Hunter is currently working through his family’s contacts in the Sirian underworld to get his hands on a ship. Still a Unioner loyalist, he’s determined to make his contribution in a different way.

Since becoming a pilot for the Union, Hunter's entire life view has been altered. Sheltered by his parents on an installation far from any fighting, the first weeks of his piloting career have had him in encounters with the Hellfire Legion, Battlegroup Harmony and countless mercenaries hell-bent on destroying the Alster Union. He's listened in on high-level talks amongst leaders of the Lane Hackers, Gaian Guard, Alster Union and others. His escort and piloting duties, and his desire to do more to protect the Union, have recently driven him to request command training for a Hel-class cruiser, to further aid the Union.

Underlying all of this, though, is that Hunter has recently learned about the existence of the Nomads. Their presence hidden from so many of the "general public" like young Hunter, he never knew there was life in Sirius beyond humanity. And now, he's learned that they exist, and they are a threat, and they want to wipe humanity from existence. He also knows that he cannot just share this information with anyone, but he is on the hunt to find out more. He wishes to learn everything possible about them, knowing that perhaps there is something even more important than defending the Union right now - but defending humanity itself.

Hunter's search for more information about the Nomads has recently led him to the company of Ms. Katherine Pennybrooke, a "cosmopolitan" and researcher who he believes to be an expert on the topic. Her information provided, however, has been contrasted by that learned from Shadowwalker, a member of the Nation of Malta with whom Hunter has also become close. Their conflicting data caused significant confusion for Hunter until, unexpectedly, Katherine led Hunter into Nomad space for the first time - where his vessel was nearly destroyed. That encounter has faltered Hunter's curiosity, and made clear to him just how dangerous the Nomads can be. Although his pacifist, idealist nature leads him to believe there still could be some peace with the Nomads, he's put the idea of interacting with them directly on the back burner for the time being.

Back at home, Hunter has recently investigated the origins of the conflict between the Alster Union and Battle Group Harmony. He believes the conflict is a waste of Union lives, and seeks its end as soon as possible, despite his lack of power in the situation. He has gone so far as to directly contact the Arbeitsdirektor, a Commander in Battle Group Harmony, and a member of the Gaian Guard, who also participated in the peace talks, to try to get more information about what is happening. Although originally the combined information caused his faith in the Arbeitsdirektor to falter, a recent interaction with the Lane Hackers on a basic trade negotiation has proven the Direktor's opinion regarding the Hackers correct.

Direct witness to the atrocity of the nuclear attack against Marshall Station, Hunter's faith in his people's leaders has faltered completely. Now the Arbeitsdirektor is more than a liar, but responsible for countless deaths - possibly against a civilian population. There is no way for Hunter to justify following him or his lead officers any longer. Listening to one of the Union's leading Admirals tell him that he must be prepared to blacken his soul completely in order to win the war has left Hunter raw and emotional, but determined. Trying desperately to cling to his humanity, wanting to be able to return to his family some day with a whole heart, he has undertaken a personal quest to improve the Union - both from within and as it appears to the outside - no matter the cost.

Unfortunately, Hunter's attempts to restore peace to the Union and get them back on track to their core goals failed spectacularly. In attempting to recruit his friend, Franz Rousse, to the cause, he did not realize he was approaching the GEIST Procurator, and third in command of the faction's military forces. Despite the emotional cost, Herr Rousse chose to commit an extrajudicial execution. Hunter died of three gunshot wounds aboard the Sirene, after which Franz ordered the execution of Hunter's entire family for his treasonous acts.

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