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Site breached? - Reese - 09-12-2018

Yesterday, I got a Google alert that someone attempted to log in to the email address related to this account. I forgot I even had this account and the password is known to be compromised from other hacks (yeah password reuse is bad, my security standards 6 years ago weren't very high).

Anyway, the odd part is that the password was not linked to this email account in the previous breaches, and the email account was purely dedicated to this forum account. It's not used for anything else except registering for this forum.
The other odd part is, the password for the email address is the same used for this forum account as well.

I'm not saying this proves the forum was breached, but it's a little too odd to blame coincidence and lucky bruteforcing...
Anyone else got any Google alerts?

RE: Site breached? - Vendetta - 09-12-2018

I got one yesterday as well. Someone attempted to link their email as the recovery option for mine and attempted to recover login info, but I just disconnected the accounts.

RE: Site breached? - Neraxon - 09-12-2018

Not in the pas days.

RE: Site breached? - Silverlight - 09-12-2018

Give me a shout if you want an actual infosec person to look into it

RE: Site breached? - Alley - 09-15-2018

Just noticed this thread.

I have not received any weird attempt on my account or my alts. If there was a leak of the forums database, I think accounts with advanced permissions would be targeted first such as admin/dev accounts.
Judging by the lack of message in regards to something like that, I suppose it would mean there is no leak. More data would probably be a good indicator as well.

In the event there's some serious but unclean doubt on this matter, change your passwords and as usual always use unique passwords. A program like KeyPass is almost mandatory today.

RE: Site breached? - Durandal - 09-15-2018

As far as we're aware, there has been no breach. Good passwords are a must for anything you do online.