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Maltese Opposition Army - Faction Information and Feedback - The Maltese Opposition Army - 01-26-2019

The Maltese Opposition Army

ID: Outcast ID
IFF: Outcast IFF

Supporters of the opposition


Crayter Republic:


Junkers, Zoners, other unlawfus

Other Lawfuls


National Council:


The Maltese Opposition Army (MOA) is a group of revolutionaries and rebels fighting for a new, better Outcast government. The ideology of the faction is based around making Outcast space a people’s republic. In the eyes of the Opposition, Malta should belong to the people and not to the few rich and corrupt families controlling it at the moment. As the poverty grows on the streets of Malta, the group is gaining momentum and numbers to face the government. The Maltese Opposition Army was at first a group of pirates, mercenaries, shipyard workers and civilians working in harmony with the National Council but one day it all changed. Approximately 2 years ago, the Maltese Opposition Army separated from the other Outcasts and became a group of their own. They saw the suffering and agony that the National Council has been causing to the people of Malta. With every decision that the council made the factions drifted further apart. They continued to do so until one day they had enough of it. They left the main cities of Malta and hid in the few forests around Malta. The group was first led by Jack Johnson a Maltese businessman who was the first spark of the Maltese revolutionary movement. After he went mysteriously missing in 823 A.S. he was later found in a river on planet Malta, he was dead but the cause of death was never found. Presumably, he drowned. After Jack died, his son, Alexander Johnson was placed in command of the organization. For the last 2 years, he has been leading the MOA, trying to put it back on track. After 2 years of work, the faction finally gained some of the ex-members and began to operate once more. After the faction was reborn, the group was split into two cells. The Arms of the Opposition also known as the army. And the Minds of the Opposition also known as the research cell.

The Arms of The Opposition:

The Arms of the Opposition is the military branch of the MOA. Currently led by the veteran raider and adventurer Roberto Duellos, it favours psychological warfare, ruthless ‘hit and run’ tactics. To evade the attention given to the massing fleets, it's largely composed of civilian and black market ships, with Outcast made vessels kept on a bare minimum. As of now, The Arms mainly consisting of Duellos' Marauders, along with a few other outcasts sympathetic to the cause.

The Mind of the Opposition:

The main purpose of The Mind of the Opposition is to research and adapt outcast technology for their own use. Currently, the whole science cell is gathered on the Divine Gate which acts as the main research vessel for the Opposition. Lead by Serena Gandìlez they are working on countless experiments and tests to achieve their goals. At the moment the cell must focus on the upgrading of the Divine Gate because for the ship to achieve its purpose it must be resistant to heavy capital ship attacks. Currently, around fifty scientists are working on achieving this task. Thanks to private founding the Divine Gate and its scientist are equipped with the finest technology that they found in Sirius. Its secondary purpose is to maintain and take care of the various ships of the Maltese Opposition. Mainly they are busy with repairing and adjusting the components that get damaged in fights. The ship is currently the most important vessel for the opposition since it represents their only place to stay outside of Malta. The fleet bays are able to hold up to Gunboat class vessels while the scientists are repairing them. Although those are expensive to maintain.


Primary Goals:
  • Claim control over Malta and Outcast space
  • Destabilize and destroy the National Council.
  • Assist the Corsair revolutionaries to claim control over Crete and create an alliance
  • Finish the upgrading of the mobile laboratory
  • Establish a decent supply line and make Maltese Opposition Army self-sufficient

Secondary Goals:
  • Hunt and destroy, or obtain the cargo from National Council / National council affiliated vessels for MOAs own purposes
  • Set up a temporary Head Quarters away from Malta hidden from the eyes of Civilians
  • Help the Apostatas gain control of Omicron Gamma and it’s border systems
  • Establish an alliance with one of the Houses main lawful and unlawful factions


The Maltese Opposition Army mainly uses civilian, black market and Outcast technology. Civilian technology is less powerful and easier to obtain while Outcast technology is hard to obtain but powerful and unique. The unique Opposition technology is also being researched and tested on the mobile research vessel, Divine Gate .

RE: Maltese Opposition Army - Faction Information and Feedback - TheShooter36 - 01-26-2019

Solid writeup from what I see. As we did RP before, I know this faction's RP gonna be decent. It involves other revolutionary factions and should also include other Tau parties such as IMG or Council as they are opposing Outcasts as well. Maybe contact SCRA for something in Omegas too.

RE: Maltese Opposition Army - Faction Information and Feedback - Tenacity - 01-26-2019

I would love to see this follow through and have an outcast-corsair alliance form, leading into a full blown hispania house. Always been something I wanted to happen even 10 years ago, but nobody really ever got onboard with working towards that goal.

If this could move forward and with dev/story dev approval, we could have some really interesting changes happen.

I have one question: What's your stance on nomads?

RE: Maltese Opposition Army - Faction Information and Feedback - SnakeLancerGame - 01-26-2019

Quote:Assist the Corsair revolutionaries to claim control over Crete and create an alliance

OOoooOooh, god dang that sounds interesting. Looking forward for this!

RE: Maltese Opposition Army - Faction Information and Feedback - Querious - 01-27-2019

Excellent writeup, from what I see. I look forward to seeing what you have to offer in-game as far as RP goes.

RE: Maltese Opposition Army - Faction Information and Feedback - Mark109K - 01-27-2019

Nice concept, It could create a new sight, and hopefully more activity for OC

RE: Maltese Opposition Army - Faction Information and Feedback - Spectre - 01-27-2019

Really liking the writeup. Tried this kind of concept a while ago, though with mixed results and a lot of uncanny valley mistakes. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Also looking forward to interacting with you guys ingame. Still got my concept floating around the northern Omicrons, and I'd love to see potential cooperation between like-minded ideals.

Best of luck, gents.

RE: Maltese Opposition Army - Faction Information and Feedback - Sand_Spider - 01-27-2019

Interesting... A United Hispania - Could you imagine, after all these years?

I like this idea honestly, and the OP looks pretty good. I also dig the faction symbol!

Break a leg and have fun!

RE: Maltese Opposition Army - Faction Information and Feedback - Tenacity - 01-27-2019

Also curious about your relations to the order. Corsairs are kinda neutral-ish with us, and outcasts have been back and forth between hostile and neutral several times now with different groups of outcasts taking different stances. With both groups hostile to the Core, it could do well to ally the Order with a united hispania and finally have the resources and logistics to secure the edge worlds.

RE: Maltese Opposition Army - Faction Information and Feedback - Reeves - 01-27-2019

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I just don't see how a Maltese rebellion would work if all it would take for the loyalists of Malta to quell your rebellion would be to just exile you and deprive you of cardamine.

I really think it would be nicer to see more factions adhering to their vanilla lore and being sensible about things rather than trying to be so different and just coming across as a "Mary Sue" faction. Which is the exact vibe I'm getting from this. Good guys doing good things for good reasons.

I ultimately think this is the wrong kind of activity for the Outcasts and I have no hope in the concept. I commend your creativity, but there's a sea of rebel and reformist factions spread across the various regions and the concept itself is starting to become generic and rather bland. This doesn't feel any different than all the others, it's just Maltese in origin.

I wish you luck but I just don't see this going anywhere meaningful.