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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 02-02-2008

I have received two independent intelligence reports that the group known as AR~ Alcatraz Rogues have attacked and destroyed a Hellfire Legion cruiser in the Vespucci System after they were ordered to leave the system. It has also been reported to me that the AR~ are positioning themselves as friendly to all pirate clans, including the Corsairs and Gaians, and that they intend to use Corsair weaponry.
All Hackers are instructed to investigate the use of Corsair weapons by the AR~, and post their findings.
All AR~ should be treated as Neutrals at best, until more thorough data on their intentions is known.
AR~ should now be treated as valid targets for intelligence gathering. If we find it necessary to make a move against them, I want to know the disposition of all of their forces. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - baboeska - 02-03-2008 data...

Priority keyword: [AR (x2)]

A few hops into California, Mojave.
The desert world looks hot, a change from the ice.
A large cargo train in the distance, hull full of boron, jumping towards me, Navy tag.
I fire, the lane goes down, the transport slugs into view and halts at my command.
Piracy commences, my hold is now full of Boron.
He claim to be a reincarnation of a member of [AR], engaged on some illegitimate trading business.
I did not enquire further as I was more interested in scalping his cargo hold than knowing his life story.

Freeport 4, Magellan.
A Bounty Hunter is detected passing through.
I command him to HALT and he does, foolishly. I scan his cargo bay, empty, he doesn't look that rich, I scan his ammo and "Bingo... I've found what I'm looking for..."
I demanded all his ammo, ten cutter mines and twenty five advanced countermeasures, told him to never come back to Magellan with that tag unless he wanted to die, told him to leave BHG, he claimed, interestingly, that he had nowhere else to go.
Well perhaps if he ever turns towards Magellan ever again, we shall send him to hell, with the rest of the BHG.

Mactan, Magellan.
A group of strange ships from [AR] have been floating around. All members quickly acquired Lane Hacker gunships from some unknown seller who would surely be questioned as to his motives.
Much as in old earth history, Iran ended up flying Russian SU-27's (stationed out of Tabrak), Chinese antiship missiles, and American helicopters when it defeated the Americans, I feel these [AR] will take their weaponry from anywhere to win.
They were noted to use both Corsair and Outcast turrets on their gunboats, leading to a confrontation in Magellan with a different Lane Hacker (not LH).
[AR] quickly decimate the opposition and a short time later depart for the outer systems.


When I look through the composite carbon shell seperating me from the Ice of Magellan, shivers run down my spine. Still, it hasn't broken yet
So cold out in space, so cold you freeze in a second if life support fails.
Still, Mactan is warm, and the feasts of Valhalla will welcome me when the cold inevitably comes.
And sometimes so hot you burn before you knew the heat hit you.
I'd hate to be left out there, to die out in the cold. I guess thats why I pick them up, the prisoners from the ships we destroy.
Do we give them a worse fate than death when we bring them back to Mactan?
It pays not to think about it, to just focus on the job, the slow steady grinding down of the opponent.
I've got a bit of a problem with the cardamine, it's like a perishable good when I ship it... I just can't make money out of it, it's always half gone by the tenth hop, I'd way rather get fried up on the stuff and blow some BH's away...
Besides, noone in Manhattan trusts Cardamine that's depleted. It got worse after the Manhattan News Network ran stories on the cardamine spiking, spiking it with anything powdery and white, anyways, someone got a bit desperate and spiked the cardamine they were selling with some nanotechnology bots, only white powder they had handy.
Bots were medicinal in nature, designed to ensure the free flow of the digestive system. Anyways, over 500 users were hospitalised in that incident, and did the LSF change its thinking about prohibition? Don't they realise that prohibition delays medical treatment? If you think your mate on card is dying and you know the LSF are gonna send you to 20 in an LPI Prison ship if you turn him in, well.. Alot of people run is all I'm saying...
Noone cares about the history of the cardamine trade anymore, all they want is the next hit.


Docked at Mactan. terminated......

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 02-04-2008

Today, the insidious miscreants of the Bounty Hunters Guild once more turned their corrupt gaze upon Magellan and The Lane Hackers in an attempt to collect bounties placed upon us by certain corporate fiends. They brought enough armor and firepower to face a fleet, and almost to a man they suffered the vaporization of their ships dealt upon them by the superior skills of our fighter force.
They initially entered Magellan with a Liberty Assault Carrier DW Marksmen, and a Gunship, and were soon joined by a bomber [PRF]-Pancamo who was the first to be atomized, followed by the destruction of the gunship.
[Image: PRF-PancamokilledbyLeChiffre.png]
Another gunship entered Magellan and after suffering heavy fire it fled to Leeds along with the Assault Carrier. We gave chase and continued to mercilessly rain down tachyon fire upon them. Another DW joined the fight along with a mercenary "Pixie". Both were destroyed.
[Image: DWAtorkilledbyLeChiffre.png]
[Image: DWCrunchkilledbySchiavona.png]
[DW]-Vexille had fled to Planet Leeds and rearmed and returned to the fight, but to no advantage but ours.
[Image: DWVexillekilledbySchiavona.png]

After witnessing the destruction of all of his allies, the Liberty Assault Carrier fled to Planet Leeds.
All told, the count stands at 3 Gunships, 2 bombers, and a fighter destroyed, with no losses among The Lane Hackers. I, Le Chiffre, Highwayman, and one of our Assassins represented The Lane Hackers, while a brave member of the [BLS] rendered assistance but had his ship destroyed. An independent Lane Hacker, [Hacker]Flowerchild also provided early assistance. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - baboeska - 02-04-2008

Intel pic of one AR Allen Murphy attached.

AR~Allen.Murphy is flying a Lane Hacker Gunship with a pirate ID.
Seen in company with two train size vessels, one Navy tagged named Jamie, another neutral called Comanche.
I believe he may have had Outcast turrets onboard, one of them did but the reconaissence camera was out of memory due to an emp surge from an earlier encounter with a bounty hunter.
Due to this, recon footage took longer to report than standard.
AR~Lance.Caplan and AR~Seamus.McLachlan (Sabre VHF)

Call-sign Tag ID Ship Class Date
Allen.Murphy AR Pirate LH Gunboat 3/2/07
Lane.Caplan AR Pirate Sabre VHF 3/2/07
Seamus.McLachlan AR Pirate Sabre VHF 3/2/07

A fourth member of AR was seen and scanned, however a failure in the image acquisition protocol has left intel unable to recovered.
Civillian ships Comanche and Jamie were seen in the area, Jamie with a Navy tag, in close proximity to Mactan. It looked as if some illegitimate trade was occuring, however regardless the brave gunners of Mactan continued to engage the Navy cargo train for target practice, but sadly inflicted negligible damage. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Hugo Drax - 02-04-2008 data...

Here I am at Mactan. Relaxing back, chatting to allies. We Hackers have great clothes, great food and of course... Malta Orange. This is the life! But the life of a Hacker isn't always great.
For example, today in Dublin I ... was "conducting business with the Mollys". I would soon find out that Traders and Bounty hunters can be so pitiful.
After transiting to Dublin to help out our Molly friends, I pick up the trader TIGAR on my scanners. He appeared to be in a Heavy Tanker. That'll a tough nut to crack for my Slipstream. It didn't bother me however, I disrupted him and engaged.
[Image: b655e837505cbddcfd84c94dfccd84168852c40f.jpg]

Boy, those shields were tough! After a few minutes of draining his shields, my Adv. Debilitators managed to break his shield. The Trader wasn't fazed however, he then opened fire with his turrets. Hah, he thought he could hit me. Me! What a fool. I kept up attacking his ship until a fellow Hacker (Flowerch!ld*) came to my assistance. His Sabre really packs a punch! Can't wait 'till i can fly one of those beauties...
Anyway back to this corporate lackey. He was fleeing towards the New London jumpgate with little success. But suddenly, he changed directions and zoomed to the Battleship Essex! This guy was bait for those Bretonnian lapdogs! After recieving some hits from the Essex's Main Cannon I decided to withdraw. No point losing my shiny Slipstream over some civilian. I could catch him later.

I was making the long haul back to Arranmore to repair when an amazing thing happened. Two Bounty Hunter targets appeared on my long range scanners, HR=TIGAR=CRO and HR=kIlLeR=CRO. To think these Bounty Hunters would encroach on the Mollys territory... Disgraceful. It'll be their loss. At least that was my opinion until I scanned them up close.
[Image: d736d6f8f35c4e4c1155c963226dc0e13888609b.jpg]

Two fully kited-out Bounty Hunter Battlecruisers were closing in on me! Such a ridiculous show of force from the BHG today... Thankfully my Slipstream was agile enough to evade their clumsy attacks. I fell back to Arranmore hoping the minefield would deter them.

Turns out I was right. One of the battlecruisers had disappeared completely from my scanners and the other was skulking near the New London jump gate. I left Arranmore and evaded detection by the second Battlecruiser. A short trip through the jumphole network got me back to Mactan. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 02-05-2008

...Le Chiffre...recognized..transmission.encrypted. ...uploading data...

Yesterday I was already going to team with Ernst at Magellan when suddenly I meet a trader on my way. I couldn't refuse myself to ask him nicely for a small donation to Lane Hackers but he didn't even give me a chance to do that. A minute later as it turned out there was a Bounty Hunter with him and I was forced to move my attention to him. While later Ernst had find me and together we shoot him down.

[Image: kill1hy5.png]

Just after we reached Mactan we bumped unexpectedly into a Xeno scum taking off from our base...our astonishment went down fast and he was warned only once. He didn't listen. But I'm sure that after we tractored his escape pod he knew he should.

[Image: kill2gq6.png]

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 02-06-2008

Moments ago I entered the California system in search of Liberty Cruisers and Gunboats to admonish. After rebuking one such patrol, DW Suzanna in a fighter appeared on my scanners and engaged me. Shortly, *DW*Bam_Bam arrived in a BHG Bomber so I switched targets to him with the following results :
[Image: DWBamBamkilledbyMoriarty.jpg]
Almost immediately, another DW BHG Bomber arrived, followed by a capital ship of some sort. Faced with a fighter, bomber, and another capital ship, I flagrantly engaged my thrusters right under their noses and reached Alcatraz Depot safely.
As I laughed at their futile attempts to chase me, I pondered "How many BHG Ducklings does it take to kill a Lane Hacker?" Apparently the answer is more than 5. The Lane Hacker Intel Division is ordered to begin work on an answer immediately. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 02-06-2008

...Le Chiffre...recognized..transmission.encrypted. ...uploading data...

Last night I teamed with a group of [LR] friends near LR Destroyer in New York. It didn't take long until we drew attention of lawful forces. First showed up a couple of =LSF= scum. Just after them some merc in a gunship and bounty hunter arrived. Firstly we took down a gunboat but during this time LR gunboat was taking heavy damange. Suddenly 2 other lawful gunboats arrived. Both started to firing at our gunboat and while later we could only save escape pods of the crew. Under heavy fire of those corrupted flunkies there left only me and one Libery Rouge in figher. We focused together on a =LSF= ship. Minute later:

[Image: killir8.png]

I ordered withdrawal to the LR Destroyer. Unfortunately during this retreat LR was destroyed too. After this I left alone surrounded by enemies forces which were able to face a huge fleet however which weren't to shot down 1 little ship. Still almost with all nano and bats I made decision that I'll show that patsy lawfuls what means being The Lane Hacker. =LSF=Liquid became my main target. I drawn his shield and hull several times and as it turned out all those gunboats were supplying him frequently. It just became pointless for me couse there was no chance to kill him in that way. I said too myself: "oh no, you won't take my head so easily, you will have to sweat a lot over that". They were chasing after me for about 30 minutes.

After I entered the Badlands they gave up a pursuit so I just waved those lapdogs goodbye and docked at Buffalo safely for well-deserved rest.

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 02-08-2008 data..

A team of two Hellfire legion gunboats asked me to assist them with a short raid against the New York system.

As soon as we came out of the Texas Jump Hole in the Badlands a Liberty Police gunboat detected us and begun broadcasting our location. His broadcast went to an abrupt end when his ships was blown to pieces just in a very short time.

We proceeded to Manhattan to find it defended by a single Liberty Gunboat. Soon the vessel fell to our combined fire:

[Image: edd.jpg]

After that a Bounty Hunter bomber came out of the Trade Lane from Fort Bush and got eliminated as well:

[Image: burt.jpg]

After one of the traders donated 75k credits to our cause we retreated back to Texas system. At the JG a transport began firing on us and refused to donate so his ship was destroyed to serve as a warning to other traders.

My ship began to experience engine problem so I landed on Beaumont.

Overall we have shown that Liberty defenses are not impenetrable. Moment of surprise is however crucial. terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 02-09-2008

Lane Hackers, the dawn of Liberty's liberation from the wickedness of Ageira and its commercial allies is fast approaching!
Tonight, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Le Chiffre, and myself tracked a Universal Shipping monopolist flying the [KOF] flag to the Bering system. After nearly buckling his hull, the pilot surrendered his vessel and agreed to pay a penance for his misdeeds.
After regrouping at Beaumont Base, we were joined by Hugo Drax. We then received an intel report from one of our sources that a large [KOF] convoy was leaving the Cambridge system. After hacking the trade lanes to download their flight plan, we ambushed them along the trade lane from Cortez to Planet Los Angelas. [KOF]-Chakotay put up a brief fight and attempted to flee, but after being brought to a standstill, he agreed to repay The Lane Hackers for [KOF]'s many crimes against the citizens of the colonies. We then pursued [KOF].Drover. into Colorado, but Ernst transmitted a request for reinforcements to take on the remaining transport and its BHG escort in Cortez. The transport managed to elude us, but the BHG gunboat did not. I pursued the dastardly slime across California, while the others use the trade lanes to cut off his escape to the NY system. We obliterated his loathsome presence just as he was docking with the jump gate.
[Image: th_PRF-Cobradies.png]
Not long after that, we were joined by [LR]-Drax at Planet Mojave. We taxed another corporate slimeball who passed by and after granting free passage to a Mercenary named Baltar in a Bretonian Gunboat, our graciousness was betrayed when he returned with a liberty Gunboat and a BHG Virage fighter. Baltar fled after sustaining heavy damage, and the other two schills were dispatched without much effort.
By this point, Ernst and Le Chiffre had departed to take care of other duties. [LR]-Drax, LH Hugo Drax, and myself then received a transmission indicating that the infamous terrorist Mon'star was in the area. Details are available in our official press release about the incident.
After securing Magellan, we encountered a Zoner Destroyer under the callsign Brahma. He claimed to be going to Freeport 4 to transact peaceful business, but after launching he treacherously opened fire on me without warning! His atoms were soon scattered across the system by [LR]-Drax and myself.
[Image: th_Brahmadies.png]
This IMG slime "Brahma" is to be treated as a hostile until further notice.
In other news, Ernst Stavro Blofeld has been promoted to Hacker. Congratulations are in order all around. terminated...