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To: Maria Freudenstein, The Lane Hackers - Nicole Hunter - 06-25-2017

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Ms Freudenstein, you have green light to interview Mr Steiner. You should acquire information on his agenda, affiliation, area of research and links with various organizations within Omicron sector. A successful screening that will yield useful information will fulfill your Manipulation criterion.

Good luck,
Professor Provocateur
Nicole Hunter

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maria Freudenstein - 06-25-2017

[Image: fuaLRNw.png][Image: 2.png]
Buonasera, Professor Hunter

Thank you for the information and thank you for trusting my instinct. Hopefully luck will not be involved but every little helps.

Maria Freudenstein

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Brad Whitaker - 06-25-2017

Afternoon Professors and Lane Hackers,

This is initiate Brad Whitaker just sending in all evidence required for my promtion. A large amount of it was sent in already but this is just clarification on completion of all criteria including the Notoriety.

Just below will show all criteria that is required with evidence to show it has been completed.

• Reboot: You are recieiving my promotion criteria on the new neuralnet username.
• Reputation: Hacked Transponder
• Navigation: Mactan Base, Magellan Leiden Base, Galileo Cochrane Depot, Ontario Airdrie Hideout, Alberta
• Education: Completed
• Cautiousness: Internal Comms
• Relentlessness: Prisoners Relocated
• Notoriety (optional): Personal Dossier Complete

All the evidences has been attached for the criteria that is required for my promotion.

This is Brad Whitaker signing off.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Von.Hammerstein - 07-13-2017

[Image: 117a.png][Image: 1.png]

Good Morning to you all.

Firstly, allow me to file a report on behalf of both myself and Interruptor Jaws:

Our small expedition began in the Texas system, where we met up along the New York Jump Gate-Planet Houston line. All was quiet for a time before we encountered an Outcast pilot by the name of Kieran.De.Luca, who promptly joined us. It wasn't long after that when a small freighter came along into our gathering. He wasn't hauling all that much, thus it seemed only fair to charge him the minimum amount. Unfortunatly for him, he didn't much care to pay, in fact he opened fire on me. Needless to say, he was quickly and quietly put down. After a while, with little activity in Texas, we decided to move out to New York and, after a quick stop at buffalo, made our way to the Californa Jump Gate-West Point line. Again, there was little activity until Mister Jaws was pulled away by a professor. After a while, I retired to Buffalo myself.

A few hours later, I was heading into Magellan to begin my daily smuggling run when I encountered a strange sight. A Freelancer and a pilot of the MRG. Deciding to take the opportunity while it was there, I scanned their ships from top to bottom and while there was little of interest in either, it is worth noting I suppose that the Freelancer seemed to be lecturing the Gallic pilot on the morality of fighting in an unjust war. I've no idea how sucessful he was in that regard.


I am also here to inform you that I have, to the best of my knowledge, completed all the requirements for my promotion. As vain as that may sound.

As follows is the evidence:

Prisonser Transfer

I hope that the above report will count toward the 'Cautiousness' criteria, if not then I have no issues in doing it again.

Regards: Von Hammerstein.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Jaws - 07-22-2017

[Image: 113b.png][Image: 2.png]

Good evening.

Thought it best to drop in a report and update on my recent movements.

Quite a busy couple of days it has been... I'd noticed a new callsign running through skies of New York and my current home system courtesy of the Rogues, Pennsylvania. The callsign? DSM... As the callsign is unfamiliar to me i was eager to find out more!

While in Manchester yesterday, making use of the trade to question passing vessels, I was approached by a miner who went by the callsign Klaus.Berger... I started contact with the pilot only to be engaged without warning... His ship, unfortunately for him, was not fit for combat and i was able to disable him quickly.

Today i finally managed to track down this 'group'.. DSM. It would seem from their get-up that they have a mining interest. I managed to catch the vessels by pure chance as they emerged from the California to New York jumphole. Unfortunately i wasn't able to conduct a full-scale questioning, or indeed capture one for the extraction of information as a bounty hunter... one i am becoming all to unfamiliar with (And not in a friendly sense)... showed up and allowed them to move on. I did however manage to get payment from two of the vessels, one shortly before the hunter turned up and one.. Listen to this.. While he was there! I suspect the corporate dogs will be churning over that one! Anyhow... the encounter, what with payment and making first contact, was an overall success. Considering also i was able to take scans of all three of the vessels [1] [2] [3]

After the chance meeting in California i headed back towards the Pennsylvania system, it was there that i was once again the target of a surprise attack, the vessels Fryd3k and Kopcap fired upon me without warning. Well, without hesitation i put both the vessels out of action.. returning then to Niverton to write up this report, rest up.. and get some well needed repairs to my ship

Jaws out

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Brad Whitaker - 08-14-2017

[Image: 116a.png][Image: 2.png]

Good day fellow Lane Hackers,

This evening has been a little active than my usual patrols, I just missed out on our convoy to the Coronado system to I provided escort duty for the return trip from the California to Cortez jumpgate to Cochrane Depot. The escort and return trip was rather quiet, not much to report. Once all our transporters got to Cochrane Depot safe and secure, I proceed to rendezvous with Nicole Hunter and Trigger at the New York jump gate in Colorado.

Upon approaching the gate, my sensors picked up a common face to us, Mr Alan Pace and his beloved Heron Transporter. Mr Pace was very cooperative with us this evening, especially after having to fire upon his ship to get him to fear us a little more. We forced him to move away from the lanes into a unknown area of the western asteroid field of Colorado, where he was demanded to jettison a large sum of Food Rations. A rough estimate is two thousand five hundred. After Mr Pace complied, he then kindly returned three of our pilots that he openly admitted of firing upon because they were working on the lanes and the lane was disabled. This is not a bold move, but it was his lucky day and he was free to go.

We then proceed towards Baltimore Shipyard and the Fort Bush vicinity when we came across two Bounty Hunters, one by the name of Exe and the other was a Domino Harvey. They thought it would be a bold move to try and claim some money on us, targetting Trigger first. Trigger was being covered by myself and Nicole Hunter while we were under fire from Domino Harvey, the captain of a Orca Gunboat. Not long later both Bounty Hunters decided to leave towards Planet Manhattan which gave us the chance to proceed to the eastern field, where minutes later they returned to try and shoot us down.

They successfully shot down Trigger and then Nicole got the final hit on Exe. But moments later Domino Harvey hit the forward gun of the Orca on the hull of Nicole causing her ship problems. Luckily both our pilots got to their escape pods in time and where picked up by myself who managed to escape, leaving the gunboat on it's own.

All evidence is being attached as my report comes in.

Identity Scan Ageria~Alan.Pace Cargo Scan Before Cargo Scan After
Exe Destrution Identity Scan

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Brad Whitaker - 08-25-2017

[Image: 116a.png][Image: 2.png]

This is Interruptor Whitaker sending in another report,

My patrol started with moving to Rochester to rendezvous with Miss Hunter where we proceed to the Colorado system as we came across a Pelican Armored Transport Pilot who was hauling a large sum of over five hundred units of pharmaceuticals. As this pilot complied to bringing his ship to a stop without any troubles, the demand that was put in place was only small of twenty units of pharmaceuticals which where taken onboard my fighter. From there we let this pilot go and proceeded to Colorado like planned. The Pelican Armored Transport pilot has some sort of escort, the escort was a Kusari Gunboat-class Freelancer, who seemed a little happy on the trigger and followed us to Colorado and started shooting at my vessel almost straight away.

When successfully jumping to Colorado we came across a DSE Mastadon pilot by the name of Benllech, this pilot was hauling a rather expensive load of Copper Ore, in the four thousands. The demand from Miss Hunter was only four million to be wired to my account, I did not recieve four million but I recieved a sum which will be attached. Miss Hunter recieved a large sum also. But he was very intent on donating more to the Lane Hacker cause.

While we were in the process of dealing with Benllech, I quickly changed my comms encryption to call for gunboat support within a matter of minutes Leidon sent in gunboat support. We then immediatly started to deal with this Freelancer Gunboat-captain who would openly engage us just because he thought it was a wise decision on his behalf, later finding out it was not such a good idea when Miss Hunter landed the final hit on his hull.

From there I proceed up the eastern side of Colorado while Miss Hunter proceeded up the western side to see what targets we could find. After that we proceeded to New York with the New Yorker's to see what we could come across a Serenity Pilot, who was being rather stubborn and was determinded to make an escape, but every attempt was denied and he would not cooperate with us, so it was only sensible to shoot him down. While this was happening we had a third party join the fray, a Liberty Navy Carrier-class. Was not a wise choice as he made the Serenity pilot suffer with slow agonizing pain. After shooting the Serenity pilot down, our Gunboat and Miss Hunter broke off to bring a suprise in for the Liberty Navy Carrier-class.

Within a matter of minutes two Scylla Cruiser-class vessels from the Lane Hackers came to deal with the Liberty Navy, followed by two Liberty Rogue Barghest Torpedo Bombers. Making a very nice explosion within a very fast time frame, there was no time for the Liberty Navy Carrier to call for any form of assistance. But a DSM Pelican Pilot was passing by and was unsure if he should open fire, or sit back and watch. Luckily for him, he left just as the Carrier-class was hitting flames and fire, burning crew alive.

After dealing with the Liberty Navy Carrier, i proceeded around the lanes of New York, awaiting for comms from Miss Hunter, as she proceeded to the capital, Planet Manhattan. I changed my patrol path and set course for Planet Manhattan, where a sunburst-freighter pilot opened guns upon Miss Hunter, but gave up shortly after then targetted me, I gave him a warning to stop and he did not so I had to shoot him out the sky.

Not long later Miss Hunter had a admirer from the DSM, I believe it to be the same one from earlier in my patrol. A two million demand was made, and that was to be wired across to the two Liberty Rogue Bombers that joined our wing. Not long after Forlorn Mercenaries proceeded and hunted down those Liberty Rogue Bombers just outside the vicinity of Manhattan, myself and Miss Hunter turned from Manhattan vicinity to assist the Liberty Rogue pilots, when it was too late, one of them were shot down and we became heavily out numbered by a fifth fighter pilot, two Forlorn, and the DSM Pelican Pilot. It only made sense to make an escape and fight another day.

All evidence including my blackbox will be uploaded.

Guncam Images

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Stefan.Pomerov - 09-03-2017

[Image: 118a.png][Image: 1.png]

Good Evening:
As apart of my initiate level requirements, I am to locate and make appropriate scans of direct "Lawful" do-gooders. And provide the Intelligence report.

As such as follows:
** Please refer to documents noted: "Evidence"
>>> Evidence <<<

Preamble Notes:
- Utilization of Advanced Cargo Scanner (12k Effective / 9k Cargo) was used during this mission.

>>>> Beginning of Report <<<<
>>> End of Report <<<

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Stefan.Pomerov - 09-04-2017

[Image: 118a.png][Image: 1.png]

Good Evening,

Today I present to you as evidence of each level of my progress of the Requirements as an Initiate:
  • My vessel's IFF & Reputation - >>> Review <<<
  • Provided Navigation - >>> Review <<<
  • Completion of Examination - >>> Review <<<
  • Providing Intelligence / Cautiousness - >>> Review <<<
  • Prisoner Transfer - >>> Review <<<

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Stefan.Pomerov - 09-09-2017

[Image: 118a.png][Image: 2.png]

Acquired Ageira type Jump Gate and Lane Parts and brought them to our research center: >>> intel <<<

Returned acquired Project funding to R&D dept: (650k SC) >>> Intel <<<

Added an additional 4.35M SC: >>> Intel<<<