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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Brad Whitaker - 09-13-2017

[Image: 116a.png][Image: 2.png]

This is just a short report,

I was patrolling the southern sector of Liberty, the Texas system to be precise just now, when I came across a Ageira Mammoth-transport hauling only a small amount of HazMat Canisters. The pilot clarified he was moving them to Pueblo Station. Just to make his day miserable I thought i'd demand him to jettison all the canisters or be physically harmed. The pilot did not respond so I gave him what he deserved. The evidence will be below.

Roughly an hour before that, I came across a Independent Miners Guild Hegemon-pilot hauling 2675 pharmaceuticals. I'd requested this pilot to stop so I could demand a small amount, but it seemed this pilot was rather scared and fled towards Norfolk Shipyard, so I open fired upon the pilot, when shortly after a Liberty Navy Gunboat Capitan thought it'll be a brave idea to open fire on me. What this Navy Capitan didn't realise was that I had reinforcements on the way. The encounter was a success and all evidence is being encrypted and attached below.

ID Scan: Mr.Jensen.
Cargo Scan: Mr.Jensen.
ID Scan: Coram.Judice
Destruction: Coram.Judice
ID Scan: Ageira~Fraynman
Cargo Scan: Ageira~Fraynmann
Destruction: Ageira~Fraynmann

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Brad Whitaker - 09-14-2017

[Image: 116a.png][Image: 2.png]


So as far as I am aware, there is a mission in place to transport Liner Engine Components from Cochrane to our damaged battleliner within Texas. In total i've made a large amount of deliveries, roughly 20 trips, I lost count not keeping a tally on my deliveries. We did come under fire from a Liberty Siege-Cruiser though which was shot down successfully wiht no losses.

I've also made a three trip smuggling run of Cardamine to Cochrane Depot, which I have recorded, all evidence I have is being attached now.

Cardamine Delivery One Cardamine Confirmed Sale One
Cardamine Delivery Two
Cardamine Delivery Three
Liberty Siege Cruiser Destruction

SIS involvement in recent hostile infiltration - Norman Bates - 09-16-2017

[Image: 76b.png][Image: 17.png]

SIS involvement in recent hostile infiltration has been confirmed. Operations relied a tip from an informant about Kailani Rose departing Beaumont Base in company of two unknown escorts. I immediately launched and followed them through California, Magellan, Manchester and New London all the way to Cambridge where I found a SIS agent and BAF officer. While I failed to prevent the extraction of Kailani Rose from Liberty, I left four corpses in Cambridge to send a message. I am on my way back now.


Cambridge, BIS, Guardian

Cambridge, BIS, Eagle

Cambridge, BAF, Templar

Cambridge, BAF, Templar

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Brad Whitaker - 09-16-2017

[Image: 116a.png][Image: 2.png]


Going to start of with the assisted interrogation on an AI06, within the hour. The interrogation went well and was successful. Ms Hunter managed to be granted access to the network and download all necessary materials, archives and research before it was scrapped. My blackbox shows the records of the chat logs as well as some visual evidence.

AI06 Visual ID Scan AI06 Visual Capture AI06 Scrapped

Then yesterday afternoon, a few of our pilots came under attack by a large Navy force, first time we came under first by a Bounty Hunter Gunboat, Navy Gunboat, Navy Siege Cruiser and a few fighter and bomber pilots. Then one of our Mactan Repossessors came under fire by two Navy bomber pilots and a light fighter. I provided aid in both situations to the best of my ability. All evidences is being attached now. This is all I can provide, but Scorpius can confirm a few more destructions, including 6th|LNS-Hampshire which is a Liberty Siegecruiser as well as Domino.Harvy a Bounty Hunter Orca-Gunship earlier today in Texas.

Corman.Judice Gunboat Destroyed
5th Navy Fighter Destroyed
Bounty Hunter Gunboat Destroyed

Patrol#413 Upholder Bomber Destroyed
Corman.Judice Light Fighter Destroyed

The Spyglass Game - Operation Report - Nicole Hunter - 09-18-2017

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

The Spyglass Game - Operation Report

As agreed with the Battlegroup Harmony, our battleliner departed Cochrane Depot on 12th September with Spyglass Network components for both Battleship Harmony and Marshall Station. On its way through Grande Negra in Texas it was hit by a particle storm and grounded. A high profile rescue operation was initiated while we called for help Battlegroup Harmony, Liberty Rogues and even Unioners. We managed to organize ad hoc shipments of replacement powercore components from Cochrane Depot and engine components from Wedel Mining Facility. In the beginning our operation was almost uninterrupted, however, later an organized group of Bounty Hunters Guild attacked our convoy and inflicted significant losses in California. We managed to regroup in Texas where numerous medium and large scale skirmishes with Liberty Navy and Bounty Hunters Guild occurred for the next two days with support of Battlegroup Harmony, Liberty Rogues and the Unioners. Thankfully, our allies managed to draw enough attention on themselves, that we were able to complete Battleliner repairs. Today it reached its destination and installation of the Spyglass Network node on Marshall Station has begun.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mr. Blackfriar - 10-01-2017

[Image: lAoJhwu.png]

Ladies and gentlemen,

To prove the severity of my intentions to continue my career in the inner circle of the Hackers, I have completed the promotion criteria as soon as possible. The evidences are listed below.

  • Reboot: New alias acquired.
  • Reputation: Transponder adjusted, relations with allies improved.
  • Navigation: Lane Hacker bases: Leiden Base, Airdrie Hideout, Cochrane Depot, Mactan Base and Rogue bases.
  • Education: Examination completed.
  • Cautiousness:
    LPI-Chun-Mai.Dawn[DC] - Armament: "Vengeance" cannon x2, "Debilitator" pulse cannon x2, Sidewinder missile launcher, Mosquito cruise disruptor, Nuclear mine dropper. Equipment: Advanced Deep Scanner, Armor Upgrade VIII, "Prototype engine 2". The subject appears to exercise patrols around New York system. The subject is flying a Liberator light fighter, so it should not show as a significant threat.
    5th|John;Sader - Armament: "Vengeance" cannon x3, "Debilitator" pulse cannon x3, "Vengeance" turret x1, Sidewinder misslile launcher, Train cruise disruptor, Nuclear mine dropper. Equipment: Advanced Deep Scanner, Armor Upgrade VIII. A skilled pilot of Guardian very heavy fighter. The individual appears to be often on patrols toward Rochester base, caution is advised.
    Forlorn|-Elena.Voigt - Armament: "Cleanser" cannon x4, "Debilitator" pulse cannon x2, Sidewinder missile launcher, Mosquito cruise disruptor, Nuclear mine dropper. Equipment: Enchanted thruster, Cargo scanner, Armor Upgrade VIII, Gallic engine ( probably bought on black market ). The subject appears to often hang around Trenton outpost. He shown no hostility towards me, but caution is advised.
    Argos Armament: "Delusion" codename x1, "Twilight" codename x1, "Blue blaze" codename x1, "Iron hammer" codename x1, "Debilitator" cannon x1, "Debilitator" turret x1, Mini razor, Train cruise disruptor, Nuclear mine dropper. Equipment: Advanced cargo scanner, Armor Upgrade VIII. Individual appears to be member of Liberty Security Force. During my intelligence gathering, the subject has pursued me twice and shown significant amount of hatred towards the organization.
    Buddy.Boops Armament: "Vengeance" cannon x2, "Debilitator" turret x2, Sidewinder missile launcher, Razor mine dropper, Train cruise disruptor. Equipment: Advanced cargo scanner, Armor Upgrade VIII, Enchanted thruster. The subject shown no interest in my whereabouts and doings. He simply continued to idle next to Trenton outpost. Another incompetent Liberty Police Inc. officer, low threat level.
  • Relentlessness: Prisoners transferred.
  • Notoriety: Database infiltrated, profile extracted.

That is all for now. Expect to hear from me soon.
Blackfriar out.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Grubozaboyschikov - 10-09-2017


[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
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[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
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[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]
[Image: QtQljrp.gif?1]


RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Jaws - 10-09-2017

[Image: 113a.png][Image: 2.png]

Good afternoon most respected colleagues,

I have been busy of late attending to some indulgent nature's, relaxing.. and generally recuperating from my first month tirelessly damaging the workings of the corrupt Libertonian wheel. I thought this little encounter might please you as it did me

Last night while travelling through the California system to my rented residence on Niverton i was alerted to a hostile ship on my scanner.. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a Bounty Hunter AP-18100 VHF. I immediately hailed the pilot and opened a direct communication channel, what follows is a black box recording of our conversation

[07.10.2017 20:44:49] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: Hey there
[07.10.2017 20:45:05] Father_Chaos: Hi there
[07.10.2017 20:45:17] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: where are you off?
[07.10.2017 20:45:25] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: Mr Hunter..
[07.10.2017 20:45:41] Father_Chaos: I'm in my way to pennsylvania
[07.10.2017 20:46:03] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: Interesting... not
[07.10.2017 20:46:41] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: So..
[07.10.2017 20:46:56] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: Are you all alone?
[07.10.2017 20:47:34] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: Calling in backup..?
[07.10.2017 20:47:51] LH~Jaws.: jaws: It wont get here quick enough i assure you
[07.10.2017 20:47:53] Father_Chaos: Yup I buy my ship few hours ago and heard that Pennsylvania is more friendly
[07.10.2017 20:48:05] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: You are a bounty hunter..
[07.10.2017 20:48:10] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: i hate bounty hunters
[07.10.2017 20:48:32] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: But i'll give you a chance to leave with your life..
[07.10.2017 20:48:43] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: 2 million is the cost, what say you?
[07.10.2017 20:49:03] Father_Chaos: I don't have this much
[07.10.2017 20:49:20] LH~Jaws.: jaws: Oh dear.. well that's not good either is it
[07.10.2017 20:50:09] LH~Jaws.: Jaws: then i guess only one of us we will be leaving here alive today.. Shall we.. Dance?
[07.10.2017 20:50:51] LH~Jaws.: jaws: energise your weapons hunter.. it's go time
[07.10.2017 20:50:56] Father_Chaos: Let's try a dance if I don't have another choice, but I will remember your kindness
[07.10.2017 20:51:13] Death: Father_Chaos was put out of action by LH~Jaws. (Gun).

As you can hear from the recording this hunter was obviously new and no match for our supreme technology and i was able to wipe him from the system with little effort

Your's faithfully,

Mania Interrogation - Adrian Malprave - 10-10-2017

[Image: 9a.png][Image: 2.png]

Your loyal servant Adrian here,

I am supplying a log of a mania interrogation attempt. After I had successfully parted[guncam] an USI pilot with his ship in California, a certain persistent donut eater decided that following me was a good idea. I decided to use this occasion to hone my manipulation skills and teased the LPI vermin by reducing and extending[guncam] the distance between us. While I cannot confirm it, it appears that my mania interrogation has made the ruffian to realize senselessness of his existence and take his[guncam] own life. Or the horror he must have experienced when he realized he is alone in the void and too far to make it back.

David Anderson: Gonna cloak again? *sighs*
Adrian Malprave: First I am going to let you follow me into the void. So we can have a bit of a social call. What would you say for it? How does the feeling that your endeavour is hopeless works for you?
David Anderson: Spare your bull crap. I don't want it or need it.
Adrian Malprave: I will even shorten the distance to make you feel more comfortable. How does these 200 units feel in the face of total hopelessness?
David Anderson: Keep rambling.
Adrian Malprave: You have some basic understanding of navigation. You know you will never get into an interceptable position, friend. And as you have pointed out... I can *anytime* engage my fancy nancy... How you will feel then?
David Anderson: Well at least I will take you far from anyone that you will do harm. I am willing to die in the void as long as you die in the void as well.
Adrian Malprave: I will not die in the void, Mr... What is your name?
David Anderson: What does it matter? We aren't buddies, we are far from it.
Adrian Malprave: If we are going to speak for a while, we may get to know each other better. Let me start, my name is Malprave, Adrian Malprave. This is of course not my real name, but it can work as such for the time being. And how should I call you?
David Anderson: David, David Anderson.
Adrian Malprave: Nice to meet you David.
David Anderson: Yeah, and what exactly drove you to start killing innocents and going into criminal activity in general?
Adrian Malprave: Let me answer with a following question. What drove you to doing the dirty job for corrupted corporations and the brutal military regime of Liberty?
David Anderson: Turning the back at me huh? Alright. First off, every organization has corruption. I don't condone it and I certainly don't engage in it myself. However, you cannot eliminate corruption completely anywhere. Even if you do, sometime and somewhere another will pop up.
Adrian Malprave: Just before the collapse of IND that we have orchestrated your funny bunch of Donut Eaters were owned by them.
David Anderson: And? What does all that have to do with killing innocents and doing criminal activity?
Adrian Malprave: You served the most wealthy corporation and covered up for their atrocities. How does it make you any better? And this USI pilot, he was not innocent. He was part of the machinery of oppression. I have given him a chance he decided to reject.
David Anderson: What atrocities have these corporations committed? Does being rich make you a criminal?
Adrian Malprave: Those of us who have been outcasted must fight back and not let to be squashed by hypocrites like yourself.
David Anderson: And why were you made an outcast in the first place?
Adrian Malprave: Now you're asking a right question. As a Police officer you should know at least the basic premise of "crime" source. Do you?
David Anderson: That doesn't matter to me. However people who are greedy and love killing people out of thrill will always rebel. Even if nothing is done to them. Evil people exist. And how does that excuse you for killing innocents?
Adrian Malprave: Typical ignorance of an establishment hypocrite. It is understandable. You are just afraid of accepting the answer.
David Anderson: Answer? There was no answer! I have answered your questions. You are the one refusing to tell me why you do this.
Adrian Malprave: Social inequality is the real source of recruits for us - "the outcasted criminals". This is self defense, David. You made us do it. You are responsible for it. You, indirectly, by protecting the system that made us criminals.
David Anderson: So not being equal huh? Why can't go to work like every normal human being?
Adrian Malprave: Have you even read about the origins of Liberty Rogues or Xenos. They WERE working. I understand it is a lot. And it's hard for you to accept the truth and responsibility.
David Anderson: And who's fault is it that you are criminals? You guys are. Do you see me going after any innocents and stealing and killing them?
Adrian Malprave: You clearly do not recognize the difference between the cause and effect, the reason and consequence. I am hurting people. As you do. You protect the system that outcasted me. I try to survive. Who is evil here?
David Anderson: And you fail to tell me exactly what happened to you that made you do this sort of thing. You keep deflecting with more "Oh Liberty is corrupt". Admit it. It has nothing to do with standing up for values or rights. It has to do with your thrill.
Adrian Malprave: Of course not. I just want to survive. Weren't you about to kill me there at the gate?
David Anderson: Of course. I at least have values to stand up for. I have to retaliate to protect the innocent.
Adrian Malprave: I've done my best to reach your reason. I cannot do more. I can only further show you the rule of action and reaction.
David Anderson: How exactly is blowing up transports, reasoning?
Adrian Malprave: The more you hunt us the more clever we are. The more people you send after us the more elusive we are. You made me who I am now.
David Anderson: And you still have not answered my question.
Adrian Malprave: I will let you get a bit closer to me before I disappear. Until another time, David.
David Anderson: Until next time.

Without any regrets whatsoever,
Adrian Malprave

Vigilance - Adrian Malprave - 10-11-2017

[Image: 9a.png][Image: 2.png]

Hello there my beautiful people,

A bit of late report on my incursion to Vespucci. Upon arrival I have found a group of Deep Space Miners extracting ore from the field. I have presented them with an opportunity to share some of their wealth with me, but unfortunately their escorts felt trigger happy. I had no other choice than to kill the transport, ore and leave the area. I have left them a note but it did not meet with understanding[comm]. I also report other extortion attempts that ended up in superheated plasma discharges. I also left a note to the Unniversal about our unfortunate encounter, but I did not get any answer[comm].

Vigilance: DSE) Transport
Extermination: THP| Transport[*USI*] TransportBAF| TransportDSE Transport

Without any regrets whatsoever,
Adrian Malprave