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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Yoshida - 10-12-2017

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: oAsa1LZ.png]

Dear colleagues,

I would like to announce Adrian Malprave has successfully completed his criteria and is promoted to Deceiver rank. Along with his enhanced allowances and deeper access into the Mactan Network, he will receive at the appropriate time a specific portfolio, relevant to his unique talents and skills.

It took you some time Mr Malprave but you have come far. However I am certain you have not revealed all your cards and we have yet to see the best of you.

That would be all for now.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mr. Blackfriar - 10-14-2017

[Image: 119a.png][Image: 2.png]

Blackfriar here.

Due to fact that my source of income was more or less nonexistent, I have decided to change this fact by starting doing Cardamine runs from Malta. The task appears to be quite rewarding, as I managed to obtain my personal "DL" Border Worlds Transport in brief time. Therefore, I will be focusing on completing smuggling-oriented missions in near future.

Another note, as of my recent promotion and acquiring a LHX7-F4S "Vindicator" vessel, I have been actively engaging Bounty Hunters' patrols around Mactan. The vessel, with its immense strength and agility, has proven superior to Hunter's vessels. As a verification of my statement, I have imprisoned large amount of their pilots. They are awaiting at Mactan for interrogation.


RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Stefan.Pomerov - 10-22-2017

[Image: 118a.png][Image: 2.png]

Good Sirs, Madam, and Darlings out there flying amongst the Black and Void

I come bearing a gift of the fruits of my hard work and Intelligence gathering.
The yield of said fruits goes by the names of:

Mission 63: Locate and Investigate Modular Vases within and around Liberty: Phase 1
Times two.

AND going by the flavor of:
Mission 65: Locate Extortion Points of Interest

For a about a week now (Under the guide of Professor Scorpius), I have been in irregular contact with The Junker's Congress 2nd in command, Deputy Arbiter Nick Tiltman.
He mentioned about the increased activity of Deep Space Mining operations in the system of Kansas. This intrigued me into further conversation with the Arbiter. Under the level of compartmentalized information, I'll omit the rest of the conversation out of this report.

Days ago, I went out on a solo scouting expedition to the Kansas System. While flying almost the entire system, I noticed that my NavMap was recording a Copper Mine field:
< Nav Map Dat File #80 >

When I approached the location, my IFF was beginning to ping not one, but two depot installations, and an included Asteroid Resource Miner to boot. I flew up to investigate:
< Visual Dat File #81, #82, #83 >

With no other vessels in sight, other than a few 'pesky' patrols from the Riff-Raff brigade. I turned on my docking transponder and see what would happen.
Then the unthinkable, the single depot that I had targeted cleared my vessel for docking?! Imagine that!
Unfortunately, I forgot my personal Holo-Camera, but I was able to walk around an installation with out having to 'Hack' anything.

Afterwards I made my report over the Mactan HQ Comms, and proposed a potential Operation.
But after speaking with Professors Scorpius and Professor Hunter, I was informed that the 'scale' of what I proposed was simply impossible due to the Lack of Resources needed to 'pull off' an operation of said magnitude. Furthermore, the level of fiscal assets required, then 'Gains' that we would acquire wouldn't justify a large Operation to begin with.

It was then suggested to me by Professor Hunter that we at least could 'Send a Message' to our "friends".

Today, I gathered nearly 15 Million Credits from my own personal coffers and launched The Airdrie Repossessor. From Corchine, I filled the cargo bays full of Counterfeit Software, and proceeded to Niverton Base (Penn System), might as well make more 'use' of the trip.
From Niverton, I flew straight to the Kansas Jumphole. Upon Arrival I then made a running dash to the installations. As I was flying a bit blind I ended up rather further 'beneath' the depots.
< Visual Dat File #120 >

I flew right in and hit Airdrie's Auto-Nav and again, the depot even allowed her large frame to dock. Quickly I filled Airdrie's cargo hold and plotted course out.
Now, the fun part of this, is that unlike two days ago I wasn't alone at the depots. A Samura Industries transport was also utilizing the facilities. This makes me wonder how many corporations are there using this location to fatten up their bellies.
< Visual Dat File #121 >

Once I made it out of their sensor range, I proceeded to Texas via Jump Hole, then onward to Buffalo Base in New York. When I arrived, their commodity traders were happy to do business with me.
< Visual Dat File #123 >
< Visual Dat File #124 >

From there, I grabbed a shipment of Cardamine bound for Cochrine. After having to shake off some of the 'heat' that I gained, I returned The Airdrie Repossessor to Dock
<Visual Dat File #127 >

Conclusion & Planning:

We should hit every transport conducting operations in and out of this Copper Field. Either we hit them 'on location' or we hit them as soon as they exit the Jump Hole in the Pennsylvania system. But the risk would be high, as the proximity to the New York system, any reinforcements or Police interceptions may spring for us at any given moment, and quickly.

Minimal size:
1 Frieghter
1 Bomber
& Either 1 additional Bomber or 1 Fighter

Copper Storage Depot in Kansas - Vladimir Scorpius - 12-12-2017

[Image: SGeJYNX.png][Image: oA3qqV3.png]

I stumbled upon a modular base named Copper Storage Depot in Dodge Asteroid Field, Kansas System. I will be investigating this further however all Hackers are invited to harass Copper miners in Kansas and interrogate them for details about the station as per Mission #63.

The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Nicole Hunter - 12-21-2017

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Today The Lane Hackers' Inner Circle celebrates exactly 10 years of existence. Exactly 10 years ago Professor Moriarty initiated our secret society that throughout the decade led the Lane Hackers and remained on the forefront of the fight with corporate oppression, government hypocrisy and alien infiltration. In upcoming days we will execute a high profile operation in Liberty to celebrate this anniversary with possibly a big NEMP bang.

Be ready when the time comes, Hackers.

Contact with Black Lotus Cartel - Adrian Malprave - 12-23-2017

[Image: 9a.png][Image: 3.png]

Dear Professors,

As requested I have contacted and met[guncam] the Black Lotus Cartel and invited them to our smuggling operation. I have first contacted Damian Mantoro who quickly arranged a meeting with Don Set Ramirez. Cartel leader was very polite and quite happy to participate in our operation. What was interesting is that Ramirez told me that one of their members sends regards to Professor Nicole Hunter. Don mentioned that she was once member of our Inner Circle. Sound quite curious, doesn't it? I have also confirmed that Black Lotus Cartel is a rebirth of Blue Lotus Syndicate with which The Lane Hackers conducted business several years ago.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that during the talks with Blue Lotus Cartel I managed to extort four transports with high profile cargo.

Extortions: DSE TransportALG TransportGMG TransportGatewayTransport

Without any regrets whatsoever,
Adrian Malprave

The Anniversary Smuggling Run - Nicole Hunter - 12-27-2017

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

The Anniversary Smuggling Run - Operation Report

On 25th December at 19.00 SMT we launched a smuggling operation aiming at delivery of Counterfeit Software to Malta and bringing back Cardamine. The RV point was set to Leiden where wing of 6 Lane Hacker transports was joined by one transport of each Black Lotus Cartel and Liberty Rogues. The convoy entered Shikoku and arrived in Kyushu where we rendezvoused with scout provided by The Golden Chrysanthemums. Once we arrived on Malta we were joined by The National Council vessel which provided additional security on our way back. On our way back we stopped at Rochester where part of the convoy ended their journey. The remaining vessels cruised past Manhattan and reached Beaumont without interruptions. It is worth noting that the smuggling operation was being overseen by four Professors: Moriarty, Nicole Hunter, Goro Yoshida and Vladimir Scorpius. Total net worth of the convoy shipment was oscillating around 350 000 000 SC.

Once remaining escorts were paid 10 000 000 SC each we have left our transports and started a lockdown of New York with the support of Outcast and Separatist, just after a Xeno lurking in Texas was removed by National Council. Multiple transports were extorted on top of some minor LPI and 5th presence which was eliminated. The total amount of extorted funds reached almost 20 000 000 SC.

Convoy Transports
LH~Mactan.Repossessor, The Lane Hackers
LH~Cochrane.Repossessor, The Lane Hackers
LH~Leiden.Repossessor, The Lane Hackers
LH~Disco.Volante, The Lane Hackers
LH~Spoof, The Lane Hackers
LH~Orange.Dream, The Lane Hackers

BLC|The.Nox, Black Lotus Cartel
BLC|Jorge.Salamanca[L], Black Lotus Cartel
LR-The.Soul.Train, The Liberty Rogues

Moonshiner, a junker

Convoy Escorts
BLC|Zed.Fel., Black Lotus Cartel
GC|Aimi.Amaia, The Golden Chrysanthemums
GC|Satsumi.Miyasaki, The Golden Chrysanthemums
NC-Genevieve.Mercier, The National Council
Piratbyran, a Lane Hacker
Clea.DiRigo, an Outcast
Megaera, a Liberty Rogue

Lockdown Participants
LH~Nicole.Hunter, The Lane Hackers
LH~Trigger, The Lane Hackers
LH~Stefan:Pomerov, The Lane Hackers
LH~Airdrie.Interceptor, The Lane Hackers

GC|Aimi.Amaia, The Golden Chrysanthemums (observers)
GC|Satsumi.Miyasaki, The Golden Chrysanthemums (observers)
NC-Genevieve.Mercier:, The National Council
[13th]T.Rivera, 13th Outcast Squadron

Felix:Snyder, a Separatist

Hostile agent captured - Nicole Hunter - 12-28-2017

[Image: 1b.png][Image: 7.png]

Lane Hackers,

With great sadness I inform you that our organization has been infiltrated by a hostile agent who managed to disguise himself as a recruit striving to join the Inner Circle. While pretending dedication to our cause he was filing reports to our enemies on our plans and movements. Fortunately, being still an Initiate his clearance was too low to compromise any critical information.

The hostile infiltrator is currently in our custody and awaits further processing before execution. New security protocols will be put in place to prevent such infiltration in future. I will use this occasion to remind you that every sign of disloyalty should be reported directly to the Professorship. All Hackers must remain vigilant in the face of hostile infiltrators and provocateurs. Hackers failing to report a suspicious behavior will be considered as guilty by complicity. I hope this will motivate you to keep your eyes and ears open. There will be no mercy for traitors.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - The Espada - 12-28-2017

[Image: 125a.png][Image: 1.png]

Howdy, I've finished all of my initiate tasks and compiled them beautifully for you.
It has been certainly a long-drawn two-day period. But I've got the appropriate reputation, found all of the Rogue bases scattered around Liberty and its borders and fully scanned a Merchant Navy convoy - complete with its escorts. Additionally, I've grabbed my own dossier from Ageira. Anyway, here are the full details.
  • Reputation - Complete
  • Navigation: Divided by Liberty's regions
    1. Central Liberty
    2. Western Liberty
    3. Eastern Liberty
    4. Northern Liberty
  • Cautiousness: Compiled and Complete
  • Relentlessness - Complete
  • Bonus - Notoriety: Dossier

I hope this'll complete my initiatehood and I won't encounter into any technical problems. I'm sick of flying this fat Bactrian.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mr. Blackfriar - 12-28-2017

[Image: 119a.png][Image: 2.png]

Blackfriar here.

I am informing you of my acquisition of HFX-F2B "Broadsword". The vessel proven efficient against the corporate lackeys and their lapdogs, as immediately got into action; an assistance in destruction of "Atlantis"-class Carrier in New York that was intercepted by mister Scorpius.

But, as I will not waste neither your or my time, I'l get to the point. I am here to inform you of my completion of Vigilance task. In cooperation with mister Scorpius, we halted a Deep Space Engineering vessel, codenamed "Namine". The vessel swiftly complied to my demands and the extortion resulted with a sum of 5,000,000 Sirius credits transferred to my Neutral-Net account.

Vessel identification
Proof of extortion