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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Thackeray - 01-12-2018

[Image: 126a.png][Image: 3.png]


Quite a few noteworthy events have taken place within the last week or so. I would like to apply the following events to their respective criteria.


Guy Thackeray

High Priority Targets:

HanSoU: Mastadon (extorted)
Cassiopeia: Serenity (extorted)

Millitary Targets:

5th|Jim.Wallace: Guardian (destroyed)
5th|Lissy.Jager: Guardian (destroyed)
[HF]-Caleb.Oh: Guardian (destroyed)
Buddly.Salterton: Templar (destroyed)

Low/Medium Priority Targets

BMF|Balta: Shetland (extorted)
Matthew_Porter: Shire (extorted)
Timbuktu: Stork (extorted)

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Chang - 01-13-2018

[Image: 86b.png][Image: 3.png]

Greetings professorship
I believe i might of found out something quite useful i have observed a bounty hunter with the ship name of bounty hunter as he call's himself goes under the call sign of Gordon Knot he had two liberty police pilots and Cardamine in his cargo hold he was hovering above long island station thats orbiting planet Manhattan. here is his id.
I located him while doing a cardamine run around liberty when his ship appeared on the spyglass scanner it peaked my interest whist i was en-route to Rochester.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Nicole Hunter - 01-13-2018

[Image: 1b.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Mr Thackeray,

If in future I see as vague request as the one you have sent here, it will be automatically denied. For the time being you're allowed to equip one of the Rapiers we have brought from Malta. You are also temporarily being given full access to our stockpiled weapons of Outcast, Liberty Rogue and Golden Chrysanthemums' weapons. No later than in two weeks I will be expecting an extensive report from your weapon field tests including comparison of all guns and their performance in the field.

Kind regards,
Professor Provocateur
Nicole Hunter

Stealth Operations Protocol - Nicole Hunter - 01-13-2018

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Stealth Operations Protocol

Due to a high exposure of our recent operations we are initiating Stealth Operations Protocol that will remain in force until end of March 825 A.S. All instructions concerning the scrambling of your personal transponder are to be found in the briefings section.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maximillian Largo - 01-13-2018

[Content deleted]

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mr. Blackfriar - 01-14-2018

[Image: 119a.png][Image: 2.png]

Blackfriar here.

During my recent logistics run to Malta, I have been halted by a Colonel Hector Valdez of the Maltese 72nd Fleet, a commander of RM-2A "Storta" Destroyer. From a ordinary conversation, this turned into an intense argument, as mister Valdez has halted my vessel and did not let it pass Maltese borders with a load of Cardamine. It seems that the 72nd Fleet is in an open rebellion against The National Council due to their "corruption" and "ignorance towards the people". They reject Constitution of Territorial and Interstellar Laws of the Maltese and have created their own set of laws they enforce - The Republic Codex. This brings us to my initial issue - according to their law, it is forbidden to carry more than 50 units of Cardamine over the border. I have contacted a member of The National Council to assist me in resolving this dilemma, but he had no luck with it. All of his attempts have proven futile, so he commanded me to return the load to Malta to avoid conflict.

It seems I have uncovered a conspiracy within the Maltese. My further investigation on this matter have shown that it is not a meaningless act of rebellion, but a serious uprising that could affect us negatively. While studying their "Republic Codex", I have learned that they consider members of the Orange Treaty unfriendly, plan to halt Cardamine export and consider Slaves as a contraband.

The next step of my investigation will be contacting The National Council, as they might help us to understand this more clearly. Until the situation is resolved, I would advise avoiding any contact with the 72nd Maltese Fleet. Further information could be found below.

"Republic Codex"

Report on Defilers - Nicholas Bower - 01-18-2018

[Image: 105a.png][Image: 18.png]


The plan has worked. I have met them. They call themselves "The Defilers". They used ordinary ships that looked like they could have been manufactured by Liberty Rogues or any similar organization. I managed to learn that they call their leader Warlord Ventrin. They were reluctant or unable to say where they operate or what is their agenda. It is possible that they genuinely do not know just serving a role of disposable low level henchmen. Redrige openly admitted his pirate origins before being recruited into the Defilers, which seem to be a small terrorist cell with unknown agenda.

As for the less important part of my assignment, I have received the payment. The Defiles wants us to organize a force in Omicrons that could strike the Core. I said that we can organize it as long as the Professorship deems it profitable enough. I promised to reply on the previous comm channel whenever I get any new instructions.

Signing off,
Nicholas Bower

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maximillian Largo - 01-20-2018

[Image: 74b.png][Image: 2.png]


As soon as I got promoted to Interruptor, I used the money at my disposal to fully gear up a Vindicator, that was put to the test straight on in Pennsylvania today.

In short: while I was gathering intel on the traffic through Pennsylvania, I saw a profitable extortion opportunity in the shape of an 568-ARKG-B6 "Behemoth" Rheinland Transport piloted by a freelancer captain, callsign cucuminator. When I kindly asked him to stop, he cruised away inside the Ralston nebula, with me in tail. Despite his meaningless efforts at getting away from me, I finally managed to disrupt his engines. However, instead of having a nice chat with him, the hoodlum cockroach kept trying to cruise away. Having obtained no answer, and without him halting or even speaking, I was forced to disgronify his vessel. While heading to New York, however, I encountered none other than a Core Gunboat - callsign HonourGuard - orbiting Philadelphia, which hastily opened fire on me once in his sight. Needless to say, I managed to slip away from him and dock on Niverton.

That would be all for now.
Maximillian Largo

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - The Espada - 01-25-2018

[Image: 125a.png][Image: 2.png]

Howdy Y'all. Hope you're having a fine night like I did. Tonight I decided to use my new toy - the Transgressor on the many kinds of transports that pass through Liberty at any given hour. I've met a particular Freelancer Serenity that I've scorched yesterday due to his negligence to my demands. He said he would put a bounty on my head but obviously, I wasn't intimidated. Here's the black box recording.
Fast forward to today. I've met Hego yet again, this time with the company of a TPM- Titan. I thought it might be his hired thug but he didn't bother me. I attempted to extort Hego yet again but he would not give in. I wonder what makes him so stubborn to risk his ship, the amount of carelessness is beyond the standards of an average logistics pilot. Nevertheless I scorched his Serenity for the second time. Here's the black box recording again.
Fast forward again into midnight. I was using the Spyglass to hunt some corporate logistics-vessels when TPM-Volodya flying a Cretan Titan came out from the lane at Toronto Station, I had a suspicious feeling he was not hunting the same game I was preying on and so I cruised away towards the Alberta Jumphole. Amusingly enough he admitted mid-cruise that I indeed had a hefty bounty on my head - fifteen million. Here are yet again the black box recordings.
As you can hear, I've docked on Fort McMurray and waited for a time-window where I could undock and sneak past him back to Cochrane so I can take out my Falchion for a spin. I did exactly that and confronted the unlawful bounty hunter at the Colorado Jumphole. What ensued later is a swift dogfight and surprisingly - a surrender.
After feeling the agony of the heat cooking him in his cockpit. - the lone pirate confirmed that The Pirate Manifesto will not attempt to claim a bounty on my head ever again, and obviously, they'll never mess with the Lane Hackers ever again. I personally ask of you Professors that you'll forgive the foolish actions The Pirate Manifesto had dared to take. I've handled matters with my own hands. Although the bounty is still up on the neural-net for other hunters to claim so it's not all over. That would be all for my report.

Promotion criteria - Adrian Malprave - 01-26-2018

[Image: 9a.png][Image: 3.png]

My beloved Professors,

Your loyal servant Adrian was a very good boy! He did some naughty things to the Big Three and their military hoodlums, he survived through some nasty stuff and greatly contributed to the brighter future of all the Lane Hackers, or at least his own. I believe and hope, or maybe not, I am not sure. Whatever. What was I saying? Could you in your benevolence look kindly on his clumsy attempts to rise up to your high standards and promote him to the rank of Infiltrator? While this wretch does not deserve that kind of recognition, I am sure that it will motivate him and especially me to further serve my own interests and the interest of the Lane Hackers of course.

Contribution: Transfer
Ingeniousness: Mission report
Infiltration: Communication channel
Deadliness: [HF] fighter[kill] • 5th| fighter[kill] • Aoi bomber[id][kill] • LN fighter[id][kill]
Resourcefulness: DSE Transport[transfer] • USI Transport[id][transfer] • DSE Transport[id][transfer]

Without any regrets whatsoever,
Adrian Malprave

P.S. I also stuffed some Cardamine inside a DSE[transfer][scan].