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EFL Encounter - Vladimir Scorpius - 01-26-2018

[Image: SGeJYNX.png][Image: oA3qqV3.png]

I have been hailed by EFL vessel in Tau-37 system. It seems that they wish to cooperate with us against Ageira. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to spare.

Quote:EFL|Batillus: Ludovic: Hmmm, Contact on scanner's, Identify your self?
LH~Spoof: Now why should I, weasel?
EFL|Batillus: Ludovic: Yeesh, I simply wanted to talk.
LH~Spoof: Is that so? And? What do you have to say?
EFL|Batillus: Ludovic: Well,
EFL|Batillus: Ludovic: Tell your higher ups EFL would like to talk.
EFL|Batillus: Ludovic
LH~Spoof: That's very informative.
EFL|Batillus: Ludovic: Clearly, if what the Neural Net has to say is true, then you are Ageiras worst enemy. Right?
EFL|Batillus: Ludovic: We, likewise, are their competition, I see no reason we cannot cooperate to one extent or another.
LH~Spoof: That is true.
LH~Spoof: Cooperating with another corporation providing same services as Ageira? Now that is odd idea, I will bring it to my "higher ups
EFL|Batillus: Ludovic: Good enough for me.
EFL|Batillus: Ludovic: Well, my superiors will be notified.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Thackeray - 01-27-2018

[Image: 126a.png][Image: 3.png]


During a recent meeting with Wolfgang Weisen, our conversation was interrupted by a Spook that seemed be to working for the Libertonian Government. Without delay, his vessel was quickly disassembled. Immediately after, a scamp flying the flag of the Hellfire Legion once again decided to bother us. His hull was punctured a number of times and he was forced to Eject. After our meeting was concluded, I encountered another Legionnaire, this one proved to be a easy target as was splashed. A few days later a vessel belonging to the Security Division of Universal Shipping was encountered in the vicinity of West Point Military Academy. He made the fooling mistake of attacking me, he was quick to regret his foolishness. Once I had returned to more usual activities, I encountered what seemed to be a Passanger Liner hauling a peculiar load which turned out to be Aluminum, for which he was extorted for 1,000,000 SC. I wish to apply these actions toward the applicable criteria.


Guy Thackeray

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mr. Blackfriar - 01-27-2018

[Image: 119a.png][Image: 2.png]

Blackfriar here.

I will start from more relevant information, and that is - my entry towards completion of Manipulation criteria. The targeted vessel was a "Honey.Kisu", a Kruger Minerals Stork hauling Copper Ore. After the interrogation, the subject was forced to drop a certain amount of cargo, which was redirected to our Rogue allies. After the interrogation, I have made my way towards Kansas in order to halt any mining operations on the field. Several miners were found and instructed to abort their operation and leave the site.

Proof of identification
Proof of cargo redirection

Also, I am reporting of several encounters throughout the Liberty. My first target was a Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing transport vessel under the name "Red-Dwarf". Upon ordering him to halt, he decided to thrust forward and call for help via system-wide communication array. His cry was answered by a Hellfire Legion snubcraft and Liberty Navy battlecruiser. The trader swiftly met his demise despite their attempts to disrupt me.

Proof of destruction

My next target of opportunity was a Universal Shipping transport carrying Copper Ore, codenamed "Universe|K.Shine". The vessel followed my instructions accordingly and dropped 2,000 units of previously mentioned cargo. As there was no inner circle transports available at the moment, I have contacted a member of Battlegroup Harmony to redirect the cargo to Marshall Station for further processing.

Proof of identification
Proof of cargo redirection

After deciding to halt traffic throughout the Pennsylvania gate , I have found my third victim. The Freelancer trader was asked a small sum of 100,000 credits, but he decided that his life is worth even less. He was quickly disposed of.

Proof of identification
Proof of destruction

Another trader made a similar decision. Despite my warnings, he decided to silently thrust away. He was caught few moments later and disposed accordingly. The individual was piloting a Serenity-class transport with Freelancer identification.

Proof of destruction

My last catch was a juicy one, a Deep Space Engineering affiliated vessel. He was hauling 5,000 units of Copper ore. He complied to my demands and transferred 4,000,000 Universal Sirius credits to my Neutral-Net account.

Proof of cargo and identification
Proof of extortion

Also, I have recently contacted Professors about acquisition of state-of-the-art Cloak technology. According to the recommendation of both Professors Yoshida and Scorpius, I have contacted Junker Marauders about this delicate matter. My efforts have proven successful; The representative of Junker Marauders, Cash Ivankov has delivered me two pieces of this marvelous technology, which currently are equipped on both my fighter and bomber vessels. The device has proven exceptionally useful in many uses on the field, especially at espionage.

Communication with Junker Marauders

Also, due to the fact that all of my recent actions have resulted with growth of my personal wealth, I have donated a part of it to our cause.

Proof of donation

Most recent actions have resulted in extortion of a Deep Space Engineering vessel code-named "Sulla". The rat was halted and after a small conversation he decided that his life is worth 3,000,000 universal sirius credits. Combining this report with ones previously mentioned - regarding vessels code-named "Universe|K.Shine" and "DSE|Horrid.Henry|", I have fulfilled the quota to complete Resourcefulness promotion criteria. Evidences of my most recent interaction are attached to the report.

Proof of identification
Proof of extortion

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maximillian Largo - 01-28-2018

[Image: 74c.png][Image: 2.png]


Last day, while checking the Colorado system for an unusual traffic surge, I managed to get ahold of an Universal hoodlum - callsign Universe|K.Shine - headed for the New York system with a cargo of Pharmaceuticals. Given the opportunity, I decided to test my mania-interrogation abilities on the hoodlum captain of this Mastodon supertransport. Log found below.

Proof of received payment.

I'll leave the judgement of this - as well as the validity of my extortion for the completition of the Vigilance criteria - to the masterful minds of the Professorship.

That would be all for now.
Maximillian Largo

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mr. Blackfriar - 01-28-2018

[Image: 119a.png][Image: 2.png]

Blackfriar here.

During my regular business travel to Omicron Alpha, I have stumbled upon a member of The Commune while traversing Tau-23 system. He dared to waste my time with trivialities and hostile attitude. Shooting dozen cruise disruptor missiles at me, draining my shield, insulting both me personally and Professors. Not to mention - begging. While I would not expect much more from a Xenophile, I would neither expect them to fall so low.

Communication log is attached below.

Commune encounters - Vladimir Scorpius - 01-28-2018

[Image: SGeJYNX.png][Image: oA3qqV3.png]

If we are talking about idiocy hailing from Commune, I had the same below-the-low-IQ-person interrupted me with Cruise Disruptors while I was transporting Cardamine back to Liberty.

Quote:[24.01.2018 16:18:21] (C~Jason.Williams: Hacker!
[24.01.2018 16:18:31] (C~Jason.Williams: You came a long way to find me huh ?
[24.01.2018 16:18:43] (C~Jason.Williams: Stop
[24.01.2018 16:18:44] LH~Spoof: Uh?
[24.01.2018 16:18:53] (C~Jason.Williams: I would like to talk
[24.01.2018 16:19:02] LH~Spoof: Then do so on the way.
[24.01.2018 16:19:13] LH~Spoof: I have no intent to sit around doing nothing.
[24.01.2018 16:19:15] (C~Jason.Williams: Would you fancy an escort?
[24.01.2018 16:19:19] LH~Spoof: No.

Quote:[26.01.2018 14:19:58] (C~Jason.Williams: Hello there, again...
[26.01.2018 14:20:24] (C~Jason.Williams: You are suporting Maltas economy
[26.01.2018 14:20:41] (C~Jason.Williams: Do you fancy an escort?
[26.01.2018 14:21:27] LH~Spoof: Greetings.
[26.01.2018 14:21:31] (C~Jason.Williams: You dont talk ?
[26.01.2018 14:21:36] (C~Jason.Williams: Oh finaly
[26.01.2018 14:21:50] LH~Spoof: I do wonder why are you slinging Disruptors at me.
[26.01.2018 14:21:53] (C~Jason.Williams: Come on... don't run...
[26.01.2018 14:22:09] (C~Jason.Williams: You are a rude one
[26.01.2018 14:22:26] (C~Jason.Williams: Do you fancy an escort?
[26.01.2018 14:22:34] LH~Spoof: I don't enjoy company of unmannered people.
[26.01.2018 14:22:51] (C~Jason.Williams: That's exactly what i think about you

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maximillian Largo - 01-30-2018

[Image: 74c.png][Image: 2.png]

Greetings. Today's been a fruitful hunt.

I joined up near the trade lane to the Texas Jump Gate in New York with the pilot of the Cochrane.Interdictor in order to interdict transports bound to and from Texas. And, oh boy, guess who comes right into our grasp - an heavy-armored Ageiran Bison, callsign Ageira-Bohr with a light escort in the form of a Sunrider, callsign RED.DOG. However, the operation was unsuccessful as both the Ageiran and its escort found safety within the Missouri's defense perimeter, and we were forced to withdraw.

After resting a moment on Buffalo, I set out solo in order to interdict shippers bound to and from Texas once more. I got luckier, as I interdicted a first one, a Samuran Serenity transport flunky - callsign Shanodah - hauling Liberty Ale, and I managed to extort a sum of credits from his pockets, given the low value of its cargo. Shortly after, I interdicted a second transport, this time a Spa and Cruise Heavy Tanker shill - callsign Modlat - which was extorted as well. Given the surge of the Navy shills' capital vessels, I decided to not push my luck further, and docked back to Buffalo. Today fruited my personal coffers the total of 3.3 million credits.

That would be all for now.
Maximillian Largo

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maximillian Largo - 01-31-2018

[Image: 74b.png][Image: 2.png]


I push forward the completition of the Vigilance criteria by having successfully interdicted and extorted in Texas an Interspace train captain shill flying a lightly armored Stork train - callsign Thracia - for a sum of 3 million standard credits.

Adding to the total amount gained by extortion of my previous entry, it sums up to 6.3 million credits available in my personal coffers.

That would be all for now.
Maximillian Largo

The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Nicole Hunter - 02-05-2018

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Hackers,

With a great pleasure I would like to announce elevation of Mr Blackfriar to the rank of Deceiver. Mr Blackfriar has proved that he is a worthy addition to The Inner Circle and the Professorship expects that he will continue to walk the path of self-improvement with the same dedication and results.

Congratulations, Mr Blackfriar!

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maximillian Largo - 02-05-2018

[Image: 74a.png][Image: 2.png]


Today, I joined up with mr.Blackfriar on his Transgressor in order to extort transports flying around Liberty, and it was a very proficuous hunt.
All extortions below count toward the Determination criterion completition, save for one about a Universal weasel that counts towards the Resourcefulness criterion.

I managed to extort a Cryer shill, callsign arxontas for a small amount of credits prior to meeting up with Mr.Blackfriar near Buffalo.

As I joined with him, we took the Texas Jumpgate trade lane as a first. However, seeing that traffic to and from Texas was at an overall low, we decided to relocate to the Colorado Jumpgate trade lane. Here, we managed to extort a Zoner, callsign Larry.Lagavulin. Shortly after the Zoner left, we stopped a Universal shill, callsign Primero.Libertad - this one was hauling these when we stopped it. We inquired his captain about the destination of said cargo, but seems that everyone on that ship save the cook bailed - nevertheless, he told us they were headed for Denver.
After this, we stopped two more transports: the first one was a Rheinlander, callsign Kruger|KMS-Shlagbolzen, and the second one was a Freelancer, callsign Ezra.Ramirez. To top it all off, a Navy lapdog in nothing less than an Assault Carrier came to hunt us. Clearly, we bailed out, outwitting the hound in the process. We chose to relocate to California through Colorado and Ontario, where we restocked at Cochrane. We took the lane between the New York Jumpgate and Riverside. Here, we caught what seemed to be a refugee runner, callsign Hammock, moving Refugees to Liberty from Bretonia. We inquired the pilot about the poor situation in Liberty as well as the opportunity to bring those refugees in a better place - of course, Malta. The captain of the small Sunburst inquired his passengers, with 24 deciding to follow our advice - a local Rogue patrol picked up the pods that will be already on Malta.

We chose to hunt for a little while, but seeing that there was no traffic at all, we called it a day and docked on Alcatraz.

That is all for now.
Maximillian Largo.