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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Stefan.Pomerov - 03-09-2018

[Image: 118a.png][Image: 2.png]

Comrades, and to the Professorship

I am making a minor report of my contribution to the R&D fund at this time.
Transaction report

Thank you,
Stefan Pomerov

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Stefan.Pomerov - 03-09-2018

[Image: 118a.png][Image: 2.png]

Comrades and Professorship,
In addition to my previous report, I would like to make a report on a extortion of an Interspace Commerce dog.
Proof of my transaction: Attached file

This should be first of my three reports under my 'Determination' criteria for my career.
And also fulfilling my requirements unter 'Vigilance' criteria for my career.

Last but not least:
The destruction of a Lapdog, a most pitiful and deceitful...
This mutt, listed even onto our own records as a truly ruthless enemy, extremely dangerous foe. Targeted in direct to our assassins, he became under my cross-hairs.
But to me, this dog didn't want to be put down, but in the end; My superior piloting proved that my might was right!

This should be listed under my 'Deadliness' criteria for my career.

Very Respectfully,
Stefan Pomerov

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Stefan.Pomerov - 03-09-2018

[Image: 118a.png][Image: 2.png]

Comrades and Professors!
I have been quite the busy fellow tonight!

The showcase of my current exploits rests in the system of Colorado, where a certain =DSE-Enterprise just so happen to be in range of my bomber.

After my demands for him to dump his cargo..
He attempted to negotiate. To which I eventually allowed him to contribute 3 million SC to our cause.
Of which, I Immediately deposited into our R&D fund.

This should count as my Second of Three reports for my 'Determination' criteria for my career.

Very Respectfully,
Stefan Pomerov

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Thackeray - 03-10-2018

[Image: 126a.png][Image: 3.png]


I ran across a new outpost within the Texas sector as well as another station, namely Scrap Palace within the Houston orbit, which appears to be under the ownership of a hostile entity, during this mission I also encountered a Mastadon flying the flag of Deep Space Engineering. His vessel was disassembled. Later, I had an encounter with a big wig naval lapdog. He was dispatched. I've also extorted a number of vessels, mostly a number of Interspace Commerce Vessels, first one, a Mastadon was extorted for 2.000.000 SC. The other, a Stork was found to be hauling products of Ageira Technologies, he was initially ordered to drop his cargo, after which he made the mistake of tractoring his cargo and attempting to flee, as a result his vessel was destroyed . I would like to apply these actions to their respective criteria.


Guy Thackeray

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mr. Blackfriar - 03-17-2018

[Image: 119a.png][Image: 4.png]

Blackfriar here.

Last few weeks have been hectic, therefore, I am here to report of several important matters. First and foremost, the Junker installation "EJ_Enterprises", a thorn in our eye, has been removed. A valuable lesson has been served to the owner; constructing within the perimeter of our hideouts is not a smart idea.

The operation has started with a meeting a Blood Dragon representative in Omicron Delta, Freeport 11.[1] Mister Heung Hideyoshi of the Blood Dragons has been absent from Kusari for the moment, but my eagerness to start the operation drove me deep into the Omicrons. After the formalities, we have discussed the strategies of an attack. After coming to an agreement, we have set a time and date, and I have departed back towards Liberty.

The next day, Blood Dragons arrived in Galileo. The Shogun's fleet has joined the Lane Hacker forces in the siege. The plan was set in motion; Lane Hacker forces were divided in three parts. First, consisted of mister Espada and miss Freudenstein, has been sent into Shikoku with a mission to delay arrival of Naval Forces' capital vessels. The similar mission was appointed to mister Thackeray and mister Pomerov as well, their goal was to stop Liberty Navy's advance from Colorado. The third part composed of mister Jaws, mister Largo and myself. With the assistance of seven Blood Dragon battleships, we have moved towards the base and proceeded with the assault.[2] With combined strength of Blood Dragon and Lane Hacker fleet, the installation[3] had no chances whatsoever.[4]

On the other matter, I have contacted the Junker Marauders regarding the procurement of Cloaking device for my new vessel. In the process, mister Ivankov has offered us a lucrative business deal - a brokering of extorted commodities using their trade hub, Port Tacoya in Kepler. With guidance of Professor Yoshida, I have prepared a list of commodities we're able to deliver, and their respective prices. Perhaps a change that will tip the scales of credits and cargo extortion.

Last, but not least; while my new vessel has proven to be a masterpiece of technology, satisfying all of my needs for luxury and wealth, it has one small drawback. With the recent upgrades of hull plates and implementation of Cloak technology, the vessel's cargo hold has been altered to a size of an freighter. Sadly, the vessel cannot fulfill my needs when it comes to distribution of Counterfeit Software and Cardamine. Therefore, I would like to request a CT-69 "Aspis" Outcast Battle Transport to be put into my personal fleet. With the vessel's vast cargo hold and defense capabilities, I could continue my logistic duties and trips to Malta.

Transmission to the Blood Dragons
Transmission to the Junker Marauders

Cardamine Convoy with Der Alster Union - Adrian Malprave - 03-26-2018

[Image: 9b.png][Image: 4.png]

Cardamine Convoy with Der Alster Union

At 2000 hours on 24th March I have rendezvoused[guncam] at Bering gate in Texas with Frau Sofia Zelinsky from The Unioners. Ms Maria Freudenstein and Mr Von Hammerstein acted as scouts for the convoy on our side, while Mr Blackfriar, Mr Maximilian Largo, Mr Wolfgang Weisen and me commanded our transports. The Unioners have sent two transports of their own accompanied by Separatist and Liberty Rouge cruiser. From Texas we led Unioners to Leiden base in Galileo where are ships finally gathered[guncam] after delays caused by minor Navy and Hellfire Legion interruptions.

Once all transports were loaded with Counterfeit Software, we have entered Shikoku. After minor interruption by the KNF, we have continued without problems to Kyushu[guncam] and reached Omicron Alpha[guncam] with no further delays. The unloading of the convoy has been easier than we anticipated and after filling all transports with Cardamine we have launched to Sigmas. In Alpha we have parted with Mr Hammerstein and Separatist escort. Upon reaching Sigma-13 Ms Zelinsky has taken over the point[guncam] of the convoy. Unfortunately, just before reaching Bering one of our transports was caught by Rheinland Military and eventually destroyed. With only this exception all remaining assets including 5 transports reached Marshal Station[guncam] with approximately 20 000 metric units of Cardamine.

Without any regrets whatsoever,
Adrian Malprave

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Yasuo Hirano - 03-29-2018

[Image: 112a.png][Image: 2.png]

I bid you all a good day.

I have concluded the deal with our friend Amber Lane from the Liberty Rogues just now. In addition to this data package, we had a small but nice conversation. Miss Lane mentioned an uprising new group of Rogues who appear to be revolutionaries aiming to overthrow the Liberty goverment but also deny taking part at any acts of piracy against corporations. This sounds very unusual for Rogues and we should probably investigate this further to see who exactly we have to deal with there.

I am attaching the chat logs below. The data package is saved on the Leiden Interloper and is ready to be transfered for analysis whenever needed.

This would be all for now.

Sun Liang-tan

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mr. Blackfriar - 04-01-2018

[Image: 119a.png][Image: 4.png]

Blackfriar here.

Professor Yoshida has decided to make a field test of our newly commissioned Oppressor vessels, and he asked me to accompany him. The outcome of the test was indifferent - their effectiveness relies on numbers, as well as picking targets of larger size, but the achieved results were more than satisfactory. We have also stumbled upon a most recent discovery regarding the Unioner forces. As it seems, they have come to possession of Spyglass battleship prototype. A matter that should be deeply investigated.

Destruction - LN-88th|Hunter
Destruction - LNS-Overlord
Destruction - LN-Enterprise
Destruction - LN-88th|Hunter
Spyglass Battleship

My regular patrols have resulted in two encounters worth mentioning. First one was a Kruger vessel in Manchester, whom I extorted. The second one was a Cult of Technology incursion into the Manchester system. A foe with unnatural strength, only the combined forces of Gallic, Bretonian and Crayter capitals have managed to fend them off. I have managed to collect several samples of their technology during the observation, which were handed over to our R&D.

Cargo scan
Observation #1
Observation #2
R&D transfer

The upgrade of the Remote Wing has finally been concluded. A total of four Light Cloak devices have been procured from the neutral installation in New London, and the engine refit and implementation of Spyglass module was completed on Mactan. All vessels have been returned to their assigned position and are ready for deployment.

Transmission to owner of Ilfracombe Base
Annihilator: #1 #2
Eliminator: #1 #2
Exterminator: #1 #2
Predator: #1 #2

Temporary suspension of stealth operations protocol - Nicole Hunter - 04-01-2018

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

This is a reminder that as of as of today stealth operations protocol is temporarily suspended. All operatives using stealth transponders are to replace them with regular ones until further notice.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mr. Blackfriar - 04-06-2018

[Image: 119a.png][Image: 4.png]

Blackfriar here.

Recently, I have intercepted and extorted two transport vessels. One being a Bowex transport I have caught in Hudson, and other being a Bretonia Mining and Fabrications super-transport . Both of them paid the price, as they understood it's much easier than facing the consequences of denial.

Cargo scan

Cargo scan

During our recent skirmish in California, a small number of data files have been picked up off a Hellfire pilot we've destroyed. The files have been handed over to our R&D department for further study. Additionally, a number of credits have been sent to our joint funds.

Data transfer
Credits transfer