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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maximillian Largo - 04-11-2018

[Image: 74b.png][Image: 2.png]

Largo here.

Today, I tried once more to pull a Lockdown ops, this time in California - by locking the access to New York itself. Our newest Initiate, miss Willing, assisted me in doing so. Allow me to synthetize the operation:

Miss Willing and I joined at Cochrane, in Ontario, and quickly made our way to California. As we jumped the system, we set our ops in motion straight on, with two transports falling right into our laps in a mere second - one was an Interspace lackey named Allan.Hawkes, the other one was a Bretonian flying a Shire, named Blackwings_IX. Both carried low-value cargo, and they were both persuaded to make a small donation to our cause. We also met a peculiar ship - a freelancer flying a Sutinga with Navy transponders. He claimed he was going to fix it, after he denied allegiations with the Navy. I was about to liberate it, when my scanners detected two nearby anomalies, and I let the hoodlum go, with the warning that he will be disgronified if he was caught with a Navy transponder again. We went to investigate the anomalies, to find two vessels, a Stargazer and a Griffin - unarmored, unarmed and unshielded. Being uninteresting, we resumed the operation. A short time later, we caught another prey, this time a Kusarian with GMG transponders flying a Raijin train, named Kobayashi,Akito, which was also convinced to make a small donation as well. As we were about to resume, the Spyglass Scanner alerted me of Navy lapdogs' capital vessels entering the system (as well as an anonymus tipped me off about the lapdogs coming) and we decided to pull off, and retreat to Cochrane.
I then unmoored the Cochrane.Interrogator in order to transfer several pilots from miss Willing's hold.

This would be all for now.
Maximillian Largo

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Felicity Willing - 04-14-2018
...Interruptor.Felicity Willing.recognized...encoding.transmission...

[Image: 128b.png][Image: 2.png]

The day's start was quite slow as i have launched from Cochrane Depot and directed my venerable Scimitar to California. It - along with Texas - was completely empty, and no luck did accompany me there.
Through the pace of it changed fast as i have jumped to New York and jumped through the intersystem Anomaly - and caught an eye of a Core pilot traversing through in the direction of Zone-21; i have managed to close in the distance and proceed with both initial and indepth scans.
It carried general transponder used by Core, and had some unidentified weapon samples that match the records of some code weapons, and a standart armorement for all snubcraft; even through loosely affiliated with corporate hoodlums of Ageira, Deep Space Engineering and Interspace Commerce along with Independent Neural Net Division - it still tried to shoot me, showing himself a properly behaving lapdog, even worser than the Navy wretches alltogether. His petty chunk of metal it called a ship, however, suffered from a malfuntion so heavily that he was barely capable of anything but shooting empty space ahead of him. I've left him to be stuck in his misery and moved along.
Callsign: (LF)John-D. Approximate combat threat level: low.

The footage of malfunctioning Core "Wahoo":

[x] [x] [x]

As the routine flight advanced - i have stumbled into quite a sight - Hellfire Legion wretch peacefully chatting to Naval lapdog; there's not so much difference between the two of those, i should tell.
Hellfire wretch immediately turned his attention to me, apparently holding a hope of convincing me that my choice was a gravely mistake, petty close-minded fool. I've directed my ship into the badlands, seeing the chance of properly extracting all the saved data in reaching Buffalo Base. As we've delved deeper into the Badlands - an LSF agent joined the party, and it was surprising enough to see him, along with Ageira lackey from Primary Navy standing and watching while Hellfire wretch have started to entertain himself with shooting rocks floating around in large numbebrs. I have made it safely to Buffalo, and decided to call it a day. Guncam shots for each vessel and Neural Net logs will be attached below.

Update: All of the lapdogs listed below possess standart armor upgrades and vessels fully equipped for combat.

Callsign: [HF]Orionis
Approximate combat threat level: Moderate.

[x] [x] [x]

Callsign: [LN]-Nazawo.Ayato
Approximate combat threat level: Moderate.

[x] [x] [x]

Callsign: ONS|Mason.Chandler
Approximate combat threat level: Questionable. Requires further analysis.

[x] [x] [x]

On a side note - i've had an encounter with Freelancer who i've encountered along with Interruptor Maximillian Largo, and who we mistook for an Ageira lackey, have sticked to his word and indeed fixed his transponder to properly display his affiliation.

Callsign: Corwin.Bowman


RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Felicity Willing - 04-14-2018

[Image: 128b.png][Image: 2.png]

Willing here.

The day have started at Pennsylvania gates, with me catching a Zoner transport of apparently Kusarian origin, thinking that it would be a good idea to haul Artifacts in presence of an actual Lane Hacker; sad to say, but i had to proove him wrong: through words at start, but, when it became clear this wretch is capable of anything but listen - i had to blow it up in place it stood and obliterate the cargo - shortly after the Zoner chunk of scrap crumbled - Naval Battlecruiser entered the scene; his blatant incomptenece of a general Ageira lackey allowed me to collect enough data on him before leaving the place.

Callsign: Fulleren

Footage: [x] [x] [x] [x]

Callsign: LNS-Ohio

Footage: [x] [x] [x] [x]

Next notable encounter involved another Naval lapdog along with our Rogue ally, after i have took my Scimitar off from Buffalo base. By pure accident, i have noticed an already erupted combat and decided to support the Rogue. Another nuisance of dumb wretch getting his hands on a cruiser class vessel was resolved, however, i doubt it will teach him a lesson.

Callsign: LNS-Janissary

Footage: [x] [x] [x]

As the endeavour have proceeded and i have moved to Colorado in my venerable Vindicator - there i have encountered the ALG vessel loaded with Cobalt Ore. It failed to properly respond when i have kindly offered it to stop and submit to my simple and justified demands; moreover, it responded in quite a rude form and attempted to threaten me, making his final mistake. Over the next few minute i allowed the captain to observe how Hellflurries and Nuclear mine payloads are nicely breaching through his transport hull. The fool was unavoidably removed, and a presence of Repossessor was requested, nearest one from Ledien, commanded by Miss Liang-Tan, was there quite soon. After a quick stop on Leiden to fill the rest of the cargo bay with Counterfeit Software, we have departed to the Home of honourable Blood Dragons, Kyoto base, and sucessfully delievered the repossessed cargo there, along with Counterfeit Software.
The profit was separated in half between me and Ms. Liang-Tan.

Ms. Liang-Tan have left on Kyoto for the time being, but is going to return to Liberty as soon as possible. Looks like going there got her a shot of nostalgia.

Callsign: Rigon

Footage: [x] [x] [x] [x]

And the last encounter to be mentioned - a sight of Gallic Dreadnough in Magellan, that's captain was sloppy enough to allow me to collect all the necessary intel and safely depart.

Callsign: RNS-Latouche.Treville

Footage: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

On a side note, i should also mention the yesterday's interdiction of Deep Space Engineering wretch assuming he may slip past my Scimitar sitting right next to him. When it became obvious to him that no hoodlum is to slip past a true Hacker - his engines was shut down, and he turned out to be pretty cooperative, providing me with a sufficient donation of 6.000.000 S.C. for his amount of Gold Ore carried in his cargo hold.

The credits have been wired through direct exchange, avoiding the usage of Neural Net, sadly, no guncam shot of transaction was taken.

Callsign: =DSE-Enterprise

Footage: [x] [x]

I herebly request The Professorship to count the provided extortions data towards the fulfilling of Determination trait.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Yasuo Hirano - 04-14-2018

[Image: 112b.png][Image: 2.png]

Sun Liang-tan reporting in.

As Ms. Willing mentioned, I have helped her this day picking up almost 3000 standard units of Cobalt Ore and we transported it to Kyoto Base in Chugoku. Upon my return, I have decided to remain productive and search for targets of exortion.

While I have not find any suitable targets within the time frame I was around, I witnessed movements of the Liberty Navy just to shortly run into our allies from the Battlegroup Harmony. It did not take long until we seperated one of the Navy Warships from the others and with the arrival of the SNS-Harmony start a battle. Despite the Liberty Navy's retreat to Planet Houston Orbit, they did not manage to withstand our joint forces for long and with the exception of one Warship were destroyed. I have to admit, I still favor the reliable Waran over our Transgressor in situations like this.
During this battle I took direct involvement in the destruction of the LNS-Ohama and the LNS-New.Wales, while landing the final blow on the New Wales. That is pretty much everything for now.

All in all, a refreshing day.

Stealth Operations Protocol Reinitiated - Nicole Hunter - 04-14-2018

[Image: 1b.png][Image: 7.png]

Stealth Operations Protocol

A sufficient exposure of our operations allows us to re-initiate Stealth Operations Protocol that will remain in force until end of June 825 A.S. All instructions concerning the scrambling of your personal transponder are to be found in the briefings section. All Hackers are required to keep their profile updated for all stealth and coded ships. It is encouraged to keep these entries even during logged period in future.

Good job, Hackers!

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maria Freudenstein - 04-15-2018

[Image: fuaLRNw.png][Image: 2.png]
Buonasera, Professor's and all

As part of routine data gathering for addition to the Spyglass network I was contacted by fellow Lane Hacker pilots to engage in a lock-down of Shikoku. I had just arrived at my position when that operation was terminated and the theatre of operations was switched to Colorado.

Just as I antered the system I encountered as DSE vessel, The_RENEGADE_Trader.

They were kind enough to stop and enter into conversation, not doubt helped when LH~Felicity'Willing: and LH~Mr.Blackfriar popped into the system next to the gate.

As it happened during the initial conversation another ship appeared, White.Pearls, the recently arrived LH~ ships went to deal with this ship.

Whilst we often aim for certain $ per cargo unit I opted to let the pilot suggest what they thought may be a fair price to allow a continuation of their business. As it happens it was a very satisfactory offer yielding a healthy sum

Just after wishing this pilot good day I started towards my collegues and the White.Pearl. However at that point two hostile warships appeared, the LH@ ordered us to disperse so I duly complied.

Maria Freudenstein

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maximillian Largo - 04-15-2018

[Image: 74a.png][Image: 2.png]

Largo here. Another day, another lockdown. Details below.

Three were the operatives involved: Interruptor Felicity Willing, Infiltrator Blackfriar -on the Cochrane.Interceptor- and myself.

I chose to lead my team in Colorado, with the objective of blocking the access ways to Kusari. Blackfriar took the Kepler jumpgate, Willing took the Galileo jumpgate, while I directed my ship to the intended extraction point - the Galileo Jumphole anomaly.

The lockdown operation commenced straight on as we were all in position. On the way I hired a Rogue bomber, designation BloodMoney, in the role of watching over the New York jump gate in case that nosey weasels would come to poke their stinky noses. After a while without targets approaching, I took the place of Blackfriar at the Kepler jump gate as I asked him to relocate himself to the New York jump gate to check on our Rogue friend, given he didn't answer my sit rep. Lady Luck smiled on us, as mr.Blackfriar managed to halt and extort a GMG miner full to the brim with Helium.

With the traffic in the system lowering down, I decided to call off the lockdown operation, deeming it a success. Miss Willing and I relocated to Leiden, while mr.Blackfriar should be on Cochrane, where he relocated the Cochrane.Interceptor.

This is all for now.
Maximillian Largo

Maximillian Largo promoted to Deceiver - Nicole Hunter - 04-15-2018

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Hackers,

I would like to inform everybody about promotion of Mr Maximillian Largo to the rank of Deceiver. Mr Maximillian Largo while pursuing his career has showed a persistence and dedication worthy of a recognition. The Professorship believes that if this strong will to learn, adapt and improve is maintained, Mr Largo will become a renowned addition to The Inner Circle.

Congratulations, Mr Largo!

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maria Freudenstein - 04-17-2018

[Image: fuaLRNw.png][Image: 2.png]
Buonasera, Professor's and all

After returning with some 150 "passengers" to drop off for interrogation, I felt the need for speed so jumped into my Scimitar equipped with stealth transponder.

Whilst getting the transport piloting out of my system I decided to scout around and see if I could gather any data for addition to the Spyglass network. In Kepler I encountered two pilots hauling rice, [K.E.V.]Freeflight a Kishiro vessel and DeWolf a DSE transport, both have now been entered into the network.

They were also kind enough to stop when asked, and discretion being the better part of valour, as I was in a LF, I accepted a modest contribution from both of them equal to $1 million.

Maria Freudenstein

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Felicity Willing - 04-18-2018

[Image: 128a.png][Image: 2.png]

Good afternoon, Professors, fellow Hackers.

There's actually not much to report as the recent days have been quite slow, to say the least. And they still had multiple notable encounters.

First involved an Interspace wretch carrying around a full load of Platinum Ore and considering it as a good idea to try and slip through Interruptor accompanied with the actual Professor. Vessel was processed appropriately.

Second one involved DSE hoodlum, apparently way less smart or lucky, as he had quite a general cargo along with him in his travels, i've made his wallet lack appropriate amount of credits.

As soon as i have moved to Texas later on today - i have received a data of Harmony vessel all on it's own with a couple of apparently heavier capital ships belonging to Ageira lackeys. I have lended our allies a hand, identifying one of them and taking a part in their merciless obliteration.

The minor successes like covering the flaws of Mactan Network on intel data about Ageira lackeys and other corporate wretches and my honest desire of the encounters composed in this report to be counted towards the appropriate traits are unnecessary.

That would be it for now.