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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 02-09-2008

Hackers: The elimination of the corrupt Liberty Regime continued today when Ernst Stavro Blofeld and myself joined the Hellfire Legion in taking the fight to the LSF in the New York system. Our combined force succeeded in eliminating 4 of the prime ships of the LSF fleet, along with 2 Mandalorian lackeys working for them and an independent who refused to disengage.
After vaporizing all opposition sent against us, the LSF flagship Goliath appeared and succeeded in destroying the HF Gunboat. Our remaining forces were myself (Svengali) in a Scimitar LF, Ernst in a Sabre, and Denelo Mori in a Falcata bomber. After a long and grueling engagement, the Goliath succumbed to our combined firepower. Unfortunately, Denelo Mori's ship was too close to the explosion, and his hull buckled from the shockwave. I tractored in his escape pod and returned to him to Mactan Base safely for a well-earned round of celebratory drinks.
[Image: th_LSFGoliath.png] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 02-13-2008

This morning me and Ernst have successfully pirated very wealthy trader and almost get the other one but unfortunately he escaped from our trap. Just after we regrouped in California, corrupted police battlecruiser shown up. Few minutes later LPI ship came to BC rescue but with poor result:

[Image: lpiyb0.png]

It took a long time to drain BC shields and atomize his hull but after long fight it was noting to look for after him. Unlucky the explosinon of capital ship blow up mine vessel aswell:

[Image: bcyc3.png]

Ernst tractored my escape pod and gave me a safely lift to Mactan base.

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 02-13-2008 data..

We had a huge clash with lawfull forces in California space yesterday. Allied forces consisted of:
3 fighters, 1 Bomber and 2 Gunboats
was met with the following:
1 Dreadnought, 2 Battlecruisers, 1 Cruiser, 2 Gunboats, 1 Bomber, 1 SHF and 4 Fighters.

We fought heroically, but both our Gunboats were destroyed as well as one fighter. The bomber was forced to leave due to control problems.

But we managed to heavily damage the Dreadnought, 1 Battlecruiser and cripple beyond repair one of the Gunboats.

The Universal Shipping SHF fell to our guns as well as the LSF bomber and a navy fighter:

[Image: kill1iq9.png]

[Image: kill2hy5.png]

[Image: kill3yn0.png]

Most of enemy forces left the area during the battle so after destruction of the bomber we were left alone in space. This gave us time to search the debris for all allied escape pods and return them safely to Magellan

coming out of the JG in Magellan we were jump by one of the Navy fighters, but he was quickly dealt with.

[Image: kill4rk8.png] terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Robert.Fitzgerald - 02-13-2008

Earlier today Ned Kelly and I went to New York to... Liberate credits from traders. After an uneventful trip from Mactan to the Rogue destroyer in Detroit, we started searching for targets. Manhattan was our first and only stop...
When we got to Planet Manhattan we encountered a LPI crony "Irdonath", flying a puny Liberator fighter. We engaged the lawful lapdog after he left Newark Station. Never knew a Liberator could be so agile... Our optimised weaponry did hardly any damage to the evading light fighter.
Shortly after engaging a new ship appeared on my scanners: "[V]Sven[V]" was the callsign. His ship was very fast and deadly, Ned was forced to retreat after several of his systems were blown off. I soon retreated towards Rochester as well, as the two lawfuls concentrated fire on my Slipstream.
I zoomed towards Rochester with both ships in pursuit. One by one my weapons and other systems were stripped off. First, my weapons. Then my countermeasure dropper. My shield generator was even destroyed by a missile!
The only thing remained was the Nuclear Mine dropper, which I activated 6 times.
The 6 mines zoomed onto the Liberator ship, destroying it in a giant explosion. My imaging system has been damaged by the gunfire, so excuse the poor quality.

[Image: cbaa1a38359dca314533c3bfed9261981db5811a.jpg]

After my lucky break, [V]Sven[V] disengaged and my crippled Slipstream drifted towards Rochester. I hope the Junkers have fixed up my ship... terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 02-14-2008 data..

Yesterday we tried to block the Texas JG in New York. Group consisted of me, Le.Chiffre, 2 HF ships and 2 LR ships - 2 Fighters and 4 Bombers alltogether.

The others were already in place while I came under fire by a Battlecruiser and a Cruiser on my way there. Others came to my help between Wespoint and Norfolk shipyard.

A huge battle started with seemingly endless stream of Liberty Capital ships and fighters coming in.

LH kills:

Liberty Gunboat:
[Image: kill1kp2.png]
[Image: kill2ok5.png]
[Image: 141.jpg]
Rheinland Bomber:
[Image: 142.jpg]
Liberty Gunboat?
[Image: 143.jpg]

Including the ships destroyed by HF and LR the counted stopped on roughly:
1 BC, 1 Cruiser, 3 GBs, 1 Bomber and some 4 Fighters.

We also managed to do serious damage to the LSF Goliath that came to the scene of battle.
Both LR ships and one HF were destroyed and the remaining 3 of us retreated to safety when we were outnumbered 4 to 1. terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Highwayman - 02-17-2008 data...

I had a terrible... And great day. Which do you want first? Good news or bad news? Bad first.

I got attacked three times today! I tried to run, but failed... Once by a pair of Mercenaries (Blood Dragon VHF and Manta), and a Freelancer (RH Bomber). Right outside of Freeport 4 of all places! Second by a Blood Dragon Gunboat, Transport (no idea why he was fighting...), Eagle, Havoc Bomber and two other ships I didn't get to scan. The third time I was jumped by a neutral. He gave no warning and before I could even hit my nanobot button, I lost my ship. Watch out for Red-Black (I think that was his name). He flies a Raven's Claw with a lot of explosives on it. Once your shields drop, you're in trouble. Especially if you're flying a Sabre or Scimitar.

On the flip side I pirated a number of traders. Well, not that many to be honest, but a few. One of them supported our cause (Xing Zoldark), and another gave 20% of his worth to the Lane Hackers!

IND Cabover Pete (Rank 29, btw), it was. IND of all people. Conversation went something like this:

Pete: Don't hurt me!
Me: You have been Hacked! Donate to the Hackers or be disgronified!
Pete: All right!
Pete: I can give you $100k
Pete: That's 20% of my wealth.
Me: Very generous of you! I'll be sure to inform Moriarty!

I suggest we cut him a little slack next time for being generous. Perhaps it was fear? Who knows.

Anyway, apart from that, I managed to talk to one of the ICO (whom claims he has left the group...). He flew a gunboat of Liberty design, and I didn't feel like trying to fight him, especially after so many losses today. So I offered him a deal, I go on my way for the Lane Hacker pilots in his hold. He agreed and I returned to Mactan, where I am now. I have around thirty total pilots for interrogation and recovery.

All in all... It was a very so-so day. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 02-18-2008

And once again those patsies and pets of corrupted Agiera and Interspace corporations proved how vile and treacherous are their oppresive methods directed against Free Liberty. Last night while Ernst Stavro Blofeld was headed to Magellan lawful forces catched him into a trap. Just after we immediately come to aid him. When we reached their postion sides of fight were proportional. Our forces consist of: Moriarty, Ernst, Frosty, LH Assasin and me engaged initially similarly numbered forces of =LSF= and [SA]. But shortly after the battle started developing according to following pattern: in place of every lawful ship we destroyed 2 independent ships joined:

[Image: kill1uq8.png]

[Image: kill2bm3.png]

[Image: kill3sx9.png]

[Image: kill4oo7.png]

[Image: kill5sn7.png]

[Image: kill6cu7.png]

Cumulative =LSF=, [SA] & Independents Lawful forces:

1 Liberty Carrier
3 GBs
3 Bombers
~9 Fighters


LH forces:

3 Fighters
1 Bomber

=LSF=, [SA] & Independents Lawful casualties:

3 GBs
1 Bomber
3 Fighters

LH casualties:

1 Bomber

Ion storm disrupted the battle and prevented continuing it.

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Emilio.Largo - 02-22-2008

...hack data...

A good day it was.
I undocked from Mactan, as my supervisor on our home base gave me a few missions to fulfill.
They were all successful, of course.
I was on my way to New York after that, to do some scouting.
There i met with 2 other members of our glorious organization, LH~Le.Chiffre and LH~Hugo.Drax.
I remained at California Jump gate, to scan for incoming ships, while professionals were hacking the lanes 15k away.
It was a successful pirating ambush, in which we caught 3 or 4 traders.
They all payed for their lives. I am aware my mission was of low risk comparing to other 2 hackers, but it was a good one for my start in the Lane Hacker organizations.
Pirating experience also is necessary for me, as I have never done it before, I was always on a, so called, "good" side.
While Navy and Police had no idea we were robbing those corporate lackeys.
Once they did find out, we were already far away from New York system.

I was later then sent on another intelligence mission, in New York again.
I'v tried the same trick as the other day, near Manhatan, but this time I was spotted by that huge ship.
=LSF=Goliath was the name of the ship, a Liberty Carrier. I quickly recorded it on my camera, and started my run.
He managed to shoot of my shield once, but luckily i still had some batteries for reserve.
Saved my life they did.
My quick Dagger quickly managed to escape then.
Goliath had no chance for a pursuit, but he did launch some fighters to catch me.. I lost them in the Junk field, North of Manhatan.
Recordings will be sent to Director's office, as well as a full report about happenings today.

Later on, some Navy pilots engaged me in California minor, but I managed to vaporize all of them with my Hellfurries.
I tractored their pods in my ship, and they are currently being Interrogated by our specialists.

Emilio Largo. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 02-22-2008 data..

I took off from from Buffalo and received a distress call from HF member under attack at Westpoint. I hurried to his aid and found him fighting GB, Bomber and 2 VHFs.

I focused my fire on the already damaged bomber and we soon took it down:

[Image: 221.jpg]

LSF fighter was next:

[Image: 222.jpg]

Then 1 more VHF as well as 1 LSF Bomber one Mercenary bomber an LSF Gunboat and a BHG Battlecruiser arrived. HF ship was caught by a salvo from the BC and had to eject.

Faced with 1 VHF, 2 Bombers, 2 GBs and a BC I opted for retreat.

I managed to score a nuclear mine hit on the LSF bomber before jumping to Texas. There I engaged cruise engines and headed away. The remaining pursuers gave up after some 20k.

As I have not received any hull damage in the fight I opted to head to California system. Closing on California minor I persuaded a trader to donate to our cause. Then at Magellan JG and Mandalorian mercenary came on my scanners.

It seemed that he was just trying to pass to Magellan, but I remember all their attacks on our members and engaged him. The fight was going well when an outcast and a SA member came.

I opted to eliminate the SA member and suceeded:

[Image: 223.jpg]

The Mandalorian jumped to Magellan and I pursued him and eventually he was kill under fire of another HF member arriving on the scene. terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Emilio.Largo - 02-23-2008

...hack data...

I took off from Mactan, as I was sent to another intelligence gathering mission.
I set course to California system. Near planet Mojave, I spotted one Navy ID-ed Defender Pilot.
As I was on a intelligence mission, I didn't want to cause trouble, so I moved on. But the Navy fella didn't agree with that.
He engaged me, and I had to strike back. It was a very short fight.
Praise the Hellfurries, as they ripped trough his hull like a knife trough butter.

[Image: kill1tm0.png]

My Dagger proved as a dangerous tool after all.

I proceeded to New York, where I managed to scan and record =LSF=Black_Wing and run away.
Then I headed to Colorado. In Colorado, I have met one of those Ageira scumbags [Lane_Security].Hotel near the Jump Gate.
I have scanned him and recorded his ship on my camera, and then moved on.
My mission was to scout Colorado, Kepler, Galileo and Cortez systems.
And it was a total success, my ship now contains all jump holes and all bases in these systems.

Later on, I have spotted a smuggler hauling cardamine trough New York. As he had a noble cause, I didn't try to tax him.
But I did ask for a bit of his "goods", and he gladly transferred it to my ship.
Afterward i managed to scan one more LSF pilot, =LSF=FireBat.
After a hard day I docked on Mactan and had some sleep.

Emilio Largo. terminated...