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Internal Punishment of Thackeray - Nicole Hunter - 05-17-2018

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]


This is an internal notice. Mr Thackeray has breached our operational protocol, specifically allowed himself to send a bit too much static during a stressful encounter, which results in following punishment measures:
  • Resourcefulness, Deadliness and Reliability criteria are nulled, effectively resulting in demotion to Interruptor rank.
  • Access to shared fleet is revoked for an unspecified period of time.

This should serve as a reminder to follow our core protocols at all times. Expect a new more clear version to be propagated soon.

This is all.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Thackeray - 05-17-2018

[Image: 126a.png][Image: 2.png]


Today, myself along with Felicity Willing made a number of encounters. First we stalked a Milksop working for Interspace, he was extorted for 2,000,000 SC. After that a few miscellaneous vessels were extorted, these vessels included, a Gateway shipper that appeared to supplying a base. He was extorted for 500,000 SC. A few minutes later, a Freelancer vessel was caught and asked as to how much he was willing to donate, while quite unusual for such a small vessel, he offered 1,000,000. The extortion of the Interspace Commerce vessel should be applied to Resourcefulness,



Reorganization and reevaluation of specializations - Nicole Hunter - 05-18-2018

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 6.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 20.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 40.png]

Dear Lane Hackers,

As you have been informed we are introducing a new organizational structure emphasizing specializations in primary fields of our activity. As of now The Lane Hacker Assassins are no longer an independent subgroup and are fully integrated into main structure of our organization. Consult appropriate section in our Internal Network for details. The new career path is effective immediately for every member who has passed the verification process. All past completed and compatible criteria will be acknowledged, though due to incompatibility of requirements most members will find their ranks lowered to the Operative level, as well as all acting Professors will temporarily loose their Provocateur titles. Until 10th of June all members will retain their former privileges and during this grace period no new restrictions will be enforced. This is a time which you should use to complete all missing requirements in order to secure positions you held before. It is allowed and encouraged to use your past well-documented operations in order to fulfill missing criteria.

Highlighted changes
  • Shared wing access will be granted only on Level 3 and higher. Wings will be restructured in upcoming month.
  • Non-native technology will be available only from Level 4.
  • There are four specializations with two mastery levels each. Each mastery comes with its specific perks. You may complete any number of mastery levels but you should pick your primary specialization.
  • Interruptor rank has been renamed to Operative. Deceiver and Infiltrator ranks are now Masteries of the Intelligence Specialization. Initiate, Provocateur and Professor ranks remained the same.

Requirements transition
  • Old Infiltration criterion has been nullified for members who passed it before 823 A.S.
  • Old Deadliness criterion has been nullified for all members as incompatible with respective new Assassin requirement.
  • Old Resourcefulness, Vigilance and Determination are counted towards new Ruthlessness and Subversion requirements. New Determination criterion is left blank for every member.
  • Old Command criterion is counted towards new Lockdown.
  • Old Aptitude criterion is counted towards Aptitude variant from the Sabotage specialization. Other variants are being acknowledged on a case by case basis to the best knowledge of the professorship.

Best regards,
Professor Nicole Hunter

Intelligence Mastery - Nicole Hunter - 05-18-2018

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 6.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 20.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 40.png]

Dear Lane Hackers,

In order to promote transparency and equality on top of setting a good example I am supplying compiled report of my past operations to fulfill missing Intelligence mastery criteria.


As a head of Intelligence and Subterfuge I had designed and executed multiple provocations aimed at successful infiltrations and utilization of acquired intelligence data. Following are chosen examples that fit the Infiltration requirement:
  • Intelligence data acquired from The Oracles proving Das Wilde and Aoi Isejin involvement into staging the Fulda crisis has been sold exclusively to Das Büro des Marinenachrichtendiensts for a price of 200 000 000 SC.

  • To this date Operation Exposure aimed against LSF remains also the most destructive one. During its course I have acquired coordinates of a hidden LSF research complex and eventually sold its location to Das Büro des Marinenachrichtendiensts for a price of 40 000 000 SC. By publicly compromising the base security I have launched a chain of events that resulted in internal meltdown of The Liberty Security Force. As I have learnt later Director Anna Brown fled to the Order while most agents loyal to her ended up either in jail or among Xenos. The Liberty Security Force has never really recovered after that.


Recruitment of assets is the most basic and prevailing part of the human intelligence operations. Here are some examples.
  • I have organized an ambush for John Silverstone. After capturing and interrogating him I have offered him to work for me. Ever since he has been one of my most useful asset delivering information and resources on multiple occasions, most notably providing proof of Nomad involvement in current Sigma Crisis, and most recently providing hard data on Harmony deal with The Core.

  • During Operation Rascal's Nightmare I went as far as Gallia and acquired an asset within the Gallic Royal Police, Commandant Thomas Fouquat. Mr Fouquat was able to provide me with a lot of data on the Independent Neuralnet Division operations in Gallia.



Considering that espionage is my speciality the great deal of my logs from my time as a ground operative fits this category. Let me just point some.

Best regards,
Professor Nicole Hunter

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Thackeray - 05-18-2018

[Image: 126a.png][Image: 2.png]


Earlier today, I encountered a pair of Lapdogs. These vessels, one squawking the IFF of Liberty Navy, the other belonged to Interspace Commerce. The Interspace weasel was extorted for 1,000,000 SC, while the Naval lapdog was subjected to rapid decompression after forcing an friendly pilot to eject. I would like to apply these actions toward their respective criteria. Namely, extortion of Interspace Commerce vessel should be applied to Subversion. I have attached the audio transcripts for reference.

Mr.Thackeray: Greetings
Hermes_Logistics: Greetings
Mr.Thackeray: Move away from the lane.
Mr.Thackeray: Cut your engines.
5th|LNT-Seattle: Alan: Hmh. You really think this is smart?
Hermes_Logistics: Xan: You'll have to excuse the slowness, Mastodons aren't built for speed or agility.
Mr.Thackeray: Right then.
Mr.Thackeray: Alright. Milksop.
Mr.Thackeray: You will be sending me 1.5 million credits.
Mr.Thackeray: Else your ship will turn into swiss cheese.
Hermes_Logistics: Xan: Liberty Navy vessel, do you know who this Milksop is?
Mr.Thackeray: You are.
Mr.Thackeray: Such a corrupt individual.
Hermes_Logistics: Xan: Wha?
Mr.Thackeray: Yes. I am talking to you.
Hermes_Logistics: Xan: My name is Xander, captain of the Hermes. Not this milkperson you're taking me for
Mr.Thackeray: Fine.
Mr.Thackeray: You will be sending me 1.5 million credits.
Hermes_Logistics: For?
Mr.Thackeray: Else your ship will turn into swiss cheese.
Mr.Thackeray: Do you wish to try your luck?
Death: CS~Navarra was put out of action by UN|Basilisk (Gun).
Hermes_Logistics: Xan: Have you scanned my ship?
5th|LNT-Seattle: Alan: I think I've heard enough of you, honestly.
Hermes_Logistics: Xan: Does this look like the kind of ship that could get away in any realistic chance?
Mr.Thackeray: We'll make that 1 million credits.
Hermes_Logistics: Hmm,  and then you'll let us leave in peace?
Mr.Thackeray: NY to Penny gate
Cornelius: Howdie boys.
Mr.Thackeray: Bring a bomber.
Mr.Thackeray: Greetings.
Hermes_Logistics: Oh goodie, robbed by two people
Mr.Thackeray: Have your way with the Officer.
Mr.Thackeray: Now Hermes.
Mr.Thackeray: Are you deaf?
Cornelius: Hey there Hermes. You look like you can *spare* some credits.
Hermes_Logistics: Xan: Give me a break hacker, being robbed is new to me
Hermes_Logistics: Xan: Let alone by two people at once
Mr.Thackeray: 1 million credits to my neural net account.
Mr.Thackeray: oh
Hermes_Logistics: Will you be providing protection from the other thief?
Mr.Thackeray: Move away from the lane.
Mr.Thackeray: Do I need to show you..
Mr.Thackeray: You seem to not be interested in paying.
Hermes_Logistics: Xan: You haven't answered the question
Mr.Thackeray: That is?
Hermes_Logistics: Xan: I asked two. First; will paying you let us both leave in peace. and Two, will you be providing protection against the
Hermes_Logistics: second pirate
5th|LNT-Seattle: Alan: Interspace vessel I suggest you pay the Hacker and move away, the Rogue isn't much trouble and will be dead before he
5th|LNT-Seattle: knows it once we engage.
Cornelius: Against the second pirate?
Hermes_Logistics: Xan: Alright Navy vessel, suit yourself.
Mr.Thackeray: Not so fast.
Cornelius: Hermes, you gonna pay in big credits for those words.
Cornelius: 2 million now.
Hermes_Logistics: Xan: What now?
Cornelius: Or you're dead, like really dead.
5th|LNT-Seattle: Alan: So. Rogue first. Come, we have some words to share.
Cornelius: I have no time for games.
Hermes_Logistics: Xan: What is it hacker?
Mr.Thackeray: You haven't paid.
Death: Cornelius was put out of action by 5th|LNT-Seattle (Collision).
Mr.Thackeray: Don't try any tricks..
Mr.Thackeray: That is it.
5th|LNT-Seattle: Alan: Before he knew it.
Mr.Thackeray: You've had it.
Mr.Thackeray: Fork it over.
You have received 1.000.000 credits from Hermes_Logistics
Mr.Thackeray: Move along.
Death: 5th|LNT-Seattle was put out of action by Mr.Thackeray (Gun).



RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maximillian Largo - 05-18-2018

[Image: 74a.png][Image: 2.png]

Greetings. Due to the internal re-organization, I'll list the latest internal comms that I've forwarded with possible criterion completition.

Intelligence Mastery - Espionage

- I've been tasked with gathering intelligence about a modular installation located within Alberta. I managed to gather intel about said station - a Zoner-affiliated installation called 'Fort Sofia' as stated in this report. After successfully posing as a independent researcher - with the help of a simpleton Navy lapdog - I've successfully located said station, scanning its defences as well as my 'guide' - as reported here.

- Recently, I have acquired information about a possible deal between Battlegroup Harmony and the Core, as well as Zoner activity within Bering increasing. In this first internal dump I've reported the finding of a Core vessel, callsign Core|AV-Mizcoatl which said to have been there 'on vacation' - however it has been rumored to have been invited to Bering from Harmony. This has been confirmed in the following report from the leading figure of the SSRT - Separatists Special Response Team - which also confirmed that talks between the two are in progress, as well as how both parties met with each other - apparently during an Harmony operation within the Omicron system cluster. I have personally relocated myself to Bering to gather more intel.

Sabotage Mastery - Reconnaissance

- Under the Professorship's directives, I successfully organized and led a convoy of Slavers Union Presidium with the assistance of Mr. Weisen himself. The convoy went smoothly, and no transports were lost in the process.

That should be all for now.
Maximillian Largo

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Jack Spang - 05-18-2018

[Image: 129c.png][Image: 2.png]

Greetings fellow colleagues,

Today started off as a quiet day with no viable targets showing on the network, so I set off to accomplish my
Distribution Criteria and flew to Buffalo to pick up my first shipment of 4069 units of Cardamine which I delivered to Rochester Base. Having flown back to Buffalo to pick up another 4069 units of Cardamine that I delivered to Mactan.

Another flight back to Buffalo to pick up yet another load of 4069 units of Cardamine which as I was delivering to Airdrie I received a communication from Mr. Thackeray informing me of a possible target in the New York system to keep an eye out for an extortion on my return leg to Buffalo, which I must have missed out on. As my return leg to acquire another 4069 units of Cardamine was uneventful. However as I was flying past Planet Manhatten my scanners briefly caught the target which must have docked before I was able to ascertain scans of his weapon systems... and then it was back to the quiet of space as I finally delivered my cargo to Leiden

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maximillian Largo - 05-19-2018

[Image: 74a.png][Image: 2.png]

Greetings. This will be a very short report.

There has been a short skirmish in Bering earlier today. Two 6th Fleet reprobates - callsigns 6th|LNS-Hampshire and 6th|LNS-Fire.Dragon and a Bounty Hunter lapdog - callsign .:Jade:. came as far as the Freeport to cause some ruckus. Of course, along with the help of our Separatist allies, of a Unioner bomber and a random Coalition battlecruiser, they have been quickly disposed of accordingly by our combined firepower.

This is all for now.
Maximillian Largo

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Jack Spang - 05-20-2018

[Image: 129a.png]

Industriousness Criteria

Today I finally finished completing my Industriousness Criteria for the Influence Career Path.

Having picked up 4069 units of Black Market Arms I proceeded to Arranmore Base in the Dublin System where I exchanged them for the same amount of units in Gold. From here I flew to Beaumont Base in the Texas system and exchanged the Gold for Light Arms. Here's where I hit a snag... My copy of the recommended routes is out of Date as Darmstadt Depot in the Stuttgart system is no longer operational. And so I proceeded to Freital Base in the Omega 11 system and exchanged the Light Arms for some Blood Diamonds and continued my journey to Niverton to exchange them for some slaves that were needed on Planet Malta. Upon arrival at Malta I purchased some of the highest quality Cardamine that I've had the pleasure of testing, which I then brought back to Leiden to complete my Industriousness Criteria.

Guncam Images

Influence Mastery - Nicole Hunter - 05-20-2018

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 6.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 20.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 44.png]

Dear Lane Hackers,

In order to showcase relative accessibility of the Influence path I am supplying all required criteria.


As a long time Professor I have been conducting diplomatic talks on a daily basis. Therefore I will just mention my latest efforts in this field as well as selected achievements.
  • I have initially negotiated and signed and recently also normalized the alliance with The Battlegroup Harmony.

  • After the withdrawal of Goro Yoshida and Wolfgang Weisen from Rheinland affairs last Spring I have taken over the project of tightening links with The Unioners and recently normalized relations with them which lead to a formal alliance declaration.

  • The Orange Alliance is probably my biggest achievement in the field of diplomacy. Not that long after the Outcast Civil War I have managed to convince former enemies to sign a treaty normalizing and formalizing division of influence between The Lane Hackers, The Liberty Rogues and The Outcasts.

  • Even before my Professorship I have aimed to build our position in Kusari initiating and maintaining contact with all key players of the Kusari underworld: Blood Dragons, Golden Chrysanthemums and The Hogosha. Our current position in Kusari is in great deal effect of those continuous efforts.


During my time in Ageira Technologies I was a lead scientist on numerous projects focused primarily on weaponization, energy sourcing and networking. Over the years I have utilized knowledge and experience from related fields in The Lane Hackers extensively.


Negotiating business deals is part of running every organization.
  • Acquired access to Rothaar Huette in Bering and its stockpiles as well as one Light Cloak from Hansa for a delivery of components required to build a Cloak Factory.

  • Acquired access to Kameyama Outpost in order to build one Large and two Medium Cloaks with Blood Dragon Shogunate in exchange for resources required to extend and arm their facility.

  • Purchased one Tridente and one Storta class vessels from 101st Ghosts of Razgriz for total of 300 000 000 SC.


While smuggling operations were never my thing for numerous reasons I have organized and led multiple convoys. Following are some of more recent examples.
  • Almost half year ago I have organized The Anniversary Smuggling Run exporting Counterfeit Software from Leiden Base and importing Cardamine to Rochester and Beaumont Bases. Almost 20 ships in total took part in the operation including ships commanded by all acting Professors. No own or allied assets were lost during the operation.

  • Last year I have finalized and led on our side a covert convoy with The Unioners that went as far as Omicron Gamma. Our ships were offloaded and loaded in hostile space and then returned back to Liberty to Buffalo with Artifacts. The operation was successful despite high activity of the Liberty Navy, Forlorn Hope, Red Hessian Army, Corsairs and even Rheinland Military. As a result all escort wings were eventually lost while transports were not intercepted.



Best regards,
Professor Nicole Hunter