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Promotion Criterion - Obliteration - Vladimir Scorpius - 05-25-2018

[Image: 3a.png][Image: 6.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 20.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 40.png]

Three Guardians sniped down - 5th|Grey,Evans & LSF-Han & 6th|Alpha-1

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maria Freudenstein - 05-25-2018

[Image: fuaLRNw.png][Image: 2.png]
Buonasera, Professor's

Again reasonably routine report.

Transferred 504 low level pilots (Image) to LH~Cochrane.Interrogator. Further addition to Relentlessness criteria.

Moving on, a lone Retrofit Transport - NO-Aluminum.Falcon (image) was extorted (image). I believe this can now be linked to the Ruthlessness criteria.

In more routine events was called upon to provide support to fellow Hackers and escort a number of Gaian ships and a UN| vessel (image) to deposit their cargo at Cochrane. A number of raids in New York were embarked upon under the leadership of Thackeray with various collegues of which the following was a typical group.(image)

Finally yet another strange encounter, this time in Keplar, the logs of which I pass to the Professor's for evaluation. It appears that the ship named Atar (image) was piloted by an artificial intelligence with philosophical leanings.

Hopefully the transcript has intelligence of use, and hopefully if so links to potential career advancement criteria?

Maria Freudenstein

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Thackeray - 05-25-2018

[Image: 126a.png][Image: 2.png]

Recently, I have lead a convoy consisting of Ms.Felicity and Mr.Blackfriar. Ms.Felicity was in command of LH~Full.Bloom, a Bison-class Battle-transport, while Mr.Blackfriar was in command of a Vindicator-class, Fighter. First stop was Leiden for the loading of a combined total of 7424 unit of Counterfeit Software between myself and Ms.Felicity. Next stop was Planet Malta where the Counterfeit was sold to the Outcasts and 4000 Tons of Cardimine were picked up by Ms.Felicity and 3424 Tons of Cardimine carried with my Series "DL" Border Worlds Transport. This cargo was delivered to Leiden. This mission was a complete success with no vessels lost to hostile forces.

Promotion Criterion - Reconnaissance - Vladimir Scorpius - 05-25-2018

Promotion Criterion - Fraudulency - Vladimir Scorpius - 05-26-2018

[Image: 3a.png][Image: 6.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 23.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 43.png]


I have made numerous attempts to persuade various captains to head out towards Alberta's mining field where I would provide them with cheap ore. In the end, Ageira's captain flying a Stork have been hooked and lured out where he was extorted. Here are the audio logs:

[26.05.2018 11:48:13] Rockstar: Greetings, Ageira captain! Would you be interested in cheap Platinum Ore here from Alberta?
[26.05.2018 11:48:39] Altername_25: Of ocurse
[26.05.2018 11:48:46] Altername_25: I am coming to alberta now to deliver diamonds
[26.05.2018 11:49:23] Rockstar: What an excellent timing! I shall head down to field now and await you.
[26.05.2018 11:49:37] Altername_25: Just inform me of the sector
[26.05.2018 11:55:10] Altername_25: Where u at
[26.05.2018 11:55:51] Rockstar: I will be shortly at the field.
[26.05.2018 11:55:58] Rockstar: Where are you delivering Diamonds to?
[26.05.2018 11:56:04] Altername_25: camrose
[26.05.2018 11:57:40] Rockstar: The mining field is at D2
[26.05.2018 11:59:32] Altername_25: is there any dockable stations nearby?
[26.05.2018 11:59:40] Rockstar: At the mining field?
[26.05.2018 12:01:07] Altername_25: I'm at the field, where are you?
[26.05.2018 12:01:19] Rockstar: Ah, I will arrive in two minutes!
[26.05.2018 12:01:29] Rockstar: I thought you were still at Camrose.
[26.05.2018 12:01:35] Rockstar: Apologies for confusion.

[26.05.2018 12:02:32] Rockstar: Haha!
[26.05.2018 12:02:38] Rockstar: You fell for my trap!
[26.05.2018 12:03:01] Altername_25: Ha
[26.05.2018 12:03:02] Altername_25: Ha
[26.05.2018 12:03:03] Altername_25: Ha
[26.05.2018 12:03:05] Altername_25: funny
[26.05.2018 12:03:14] Altername_25: wyw?
[26.05.2018 12:03:15] Rockstar: What a masterful plan this was, to lure you away from drydocks.
[26.05.2018 12:03:35] Rockstar: Now then, as you can imagine, I am not about to fill you up!
[26.05.2018 12:03:44] Rockstar: But at the same time, I can offer you an exciting deal.
[26.05.2018 12:03:59] Altername_25: I'm listening
[26.05.2018 12:04:01] Rockstar: You transfer me a million credits and I will give you some leeway with your operations.
[26.05.2018 12:04:41] Rockstar: A fool who fell for a trap made a smart decision.
[26.05.2018 12:04:48] Rockstar: I guess balance does exist in the universe.

Promotion Criterion - Raid - Vladimir Scorpius - 05-26-2018

[Image: 3a.png][Image: 6.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 24.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 43.png]

Everything started from my attempt to locate another target to shoot down. I hailed UN| transport who said he is being followed by Navy hound. I rushed to assist it and lapdog instantly fled. I pursued it but was unable to catch it. Of course, at Planet Houston this flunky felt brave and attempted to disrupt me, however I proceeded towards New York and allowed him to catch on. Fight broke out, and while my plan was to use extensive EM-warfare methods in order to force his humiliation, reinforcements in the form of LABC came and I chose to swiftly terminate the cockroach. Since I have already called for backup, anticipating heavy reinforcement, I toyed around and kept the capital ship busy until my own reinforcements arrived to apply combustive end of this pest. Just as we were done, I got a glimpse of incoming LSF Gunboat and called back our ships to destroy yet another incompetent fool. With two capital ships destroyed, we were met with numerous and various enemies from Navy, LSF and even Bounty Hunters. Sadly, over-confident and hotheaded Largo was obliterated by hostile but we continued on and delivered revenge against this Upholder. Bounty Hunter flying Liberator was annoying as mosquitoes are, so I chose to apply nuclear slap to its face. Finally, the remaining LSF Avenger started to flee but we were not about to let it go and it was obliterated with well placed shot. All in all, under my initiative and supervision, we wiped 6 hostiles while losing only one ship of ours therefore I hope this will be counted as successful operation.

Promotion Criterion - Entrepreneurship - Vladimir Scorpius - 05-26-2018

[Image: 3a.png][Image: 6.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 24.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 43.png]

We started one of our most beloved routes from Leiden to Malta and back. Worth mentioning incidents are few: 1) Mr. Thackery was granted a freebie by Ms. Felicity to extort GMG Akegata delivering Helium-3. 2) Mr. Thackery receiving some insight from me about his duties. 3) We saw NO- transport flying through and I just couldn't resist to verbally remind them of the past.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Thackeray - 05-26-2018

[Image: 126a.png][Image: 2.png]


Today quite a number of events occurred that will applied to a number of criteria


[LN]-Alan.Polstari [LN]-John.Mayer [LN]-Erwin.Durran


During the extortion of a vessel belonging to EFL a fighter belonging to the MRG| decided to interfere, he was punished for his mistake.


Leiden -> Shikoku -> Kyushu -> Tau-23 -> Tau-37 -> Omicron Tau -> Malta -> Omicron Tau -> Tau-37 -> Tau-23 -> Kyushu -> Shikoku -> Leiden


During the completion of the Reconnaissance criteria, a vessel belonging to the Gas Miners Guild was spotted and extorted for 5,000,000 SC



Warfare Mastery - Nicole Hunter - 05-27-2018

[Image: 1aw.png][Image: 65w.png]
[Image: 14w.png][Image: 20w.png][Image: 30w.png][Image: 44w.png]

Dear Lane Hackers,

In order to showcase the Warfare path I am supplying all required criteria.


During beginning of my Lane Hacker career I was a very active field operative and as such I have participated in numerous combat situations. A number of them matches the description of Superiority, though since I never put a lot of value in properly archiving such encounters it proved to be problematic to find matching records in my personal database.


In the past a Super Nova Antimatter Cannon Kills were much more frequent and as such bombers with an appropriate weapons were utilized more often. This tactics slowly lost its ground with heavily armored transports that forced us to switch to NOVA torpedoes and recently to Scorchers.
  • DSE)B-26.Marauder: Encountered a wing of Deep Space Engineering primary branch in Texas and dispatched their Havoc bomber and Condor gunboat.
  • XA-Jake,Wyatt: During one of multiple skirmishes in Colorado I obliterated a Xeno Alliance pilot flying an Eagle.
  • BAF|Ens.Roger.Kent: A lone Templar pilot from Bretonia Armed Forces primary fleet met my Antimatter in Leeds.
  • BAF|Capt.H.Ghost.D: Another Templar from Bretonia Armed Forces finest in Magellan.
  • =LSF=Black-2: An Upholder belonging to LSF primaries vaporized by the ugliest ship I have ever flown in my life.



About four years ago I ceased to maintain an up to date archive of my operations as it consumed too much of my time. Instead I will just provide 10 kills for Liberty Navy primary fleet.


While re-indexing... I mean searching... my personal archives I have found numerous situations in which through combat superiority I have managed to humiliate my opponents in more or less hilarious way.
  • One of my favorite humiliation of the Little Squeky Fiends happened in New York. I have been intercepted by a wing of four agents of the primary fleet. I have sent away Mr Orlov as he would not survive this fight at that point. Once I was engaged by all agents I have mocked them in multiple ways, once by conversing with Vice-Admiral of the Liberty Navy primary fleet that was called as a reinforcement and then by attempting to pirate a transport while still under fire, including two Solaris gunboats of the secondary fleet that arrived at the place. After I killed the first and second target two remaining fled the scene. Using system wide channels I have announced their disgrace which they emphasized by empty threats.

  • During operation in New York I was intercepted by an LSF agent and an LPI officer. The agent was extremely arrogant, ordered the LPI to leave the scene and refused to call in reinforcements. I have kindly explained it that it was a mistake and have personally put the officer down while suffering just minor damage. After that I have tractored agent's escape pod and invited the already mentioned LPI officer to pick it up in order to maximize humiliation of the Little Squeaky Fiend.

  • Standard Humiliation is basically a required component of every mania interrogation on a combat vessel. As such I have done it multiple of times but rarely recorded such insignificant events.


About four years ago I ceased to maintain an up to date archive of my operations as it consumed too much of my time. Instead I will just provide 10 kills for Liberty Security Force primary fleet.


During one of operations I was helping Mr Scorpius to capture a target from Liberty Navy to interrogate. We have caught an officer of the primary fleet in New York. Mr Scorpius broke away to tackle hostile reinforcements, while I started to slowly overtake target's systems. Once I have fully disabled its ship it turned out that the officer is not willing to cooperate. In the end I have overloaded its mine dropper.


I have commanded multiple raids but due to my personal perception of rather low overall significance of these operations my private archives rarely covered them.
  • Recently I have conducted weapon tests with Professor Vladimir Scorpius and Mr Domingo Espada utilizing three double-Scorcher twin-Hellfire Transgressors. Timing our attacks allowed us to obliterate three Bounty Hunter Guild's Orca class gunboats almost instantly. The engagement took in total one and half minute, roughly 30 seconds per each gunboat.


During beginning of my Lane Hacker career light fighters were in use more frequently and as such I have been utilizing them for a considerable time.

Best regards,
Professor Nicole Hunter

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maria Freudenstein - 05-28-2018

[Image: fuaLRNw.png][Image: 2.png]

Buonasera Professors

This report starts with a successful convoy run withLH~Bloom and LH~Mactan.Repossesor {image} to deliver Cardamine to Beaumont Base {image} Cardamine. We were assisted by a GC gunboat that sadly was downed by the swarm of Forlorn| ships that hunted us in the Sigmas, their demise was not in vain however as it proved an invaluable distraction that allowed us to traverse the system.

The following contains a number of smuggling runs both importing and exporting valuable cargo and would count against the Industriousness attribute.

Cardamine from Planet Malta {image} to Leiden Base {image}.
Counterfeit Software from Leiden Base {image} to Planet Malta {image}.
Cardamine from Planet Malta {image} to Mactan Base {image}.
Light Arms from Beaumont Base {image} to Heisenberg Research Station {image}. Please note this was the use of on the spot initiative as the Technical Manual is now in error as the Darmstadt Depot, Stuttgart is no longer there.
Human Organs from Heisenberg Research Station {image} to Golden Dragon Casino {image}.
Counterfeit Software from Leiden Base {image} to Ecommoy Base {image}.
Human Organs from Ecommoy Base {image} to Golden Dragon Casino {image}.

Also to report is the extortion of two traders SGMInspired. Journey and [Rising Sun] {image} who both kindly paid {image} and should complete the Ruthlessness criteria.

On the mention of criteria I seem to have lost components in Column F in the new pathways, the first three rows would be difficult to prove as I moved on from a freighter however Cautiousness should be translatable from the earlier grid.

The final point for consideration by the Professors relates to this message {image} which I now believe was genuine. However, at the time this ship appeared to have no Mactan network information and I doubted its authenticity. Is there somewhere I am unaware of that lists ships of this nature or some protocol or code that would securely identify the sender?

Maria Freudenstein