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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Thackeray - 05-29-2018

[Image: 126a.png][Image: 2.png]


I have completed another criteria toward Sabotage Mastery


I was alerted to the presence of a Weasel working for Omicron Supply industries by the Shikoku Spyglass Array, I first attempted to intercept him within the Shikoku system, however he managed to slip past. I was later able to interdict him and his valuable cargo in the Colorado system and extort him for 12,500,000 SC, I have attached the audio transcripts as further evidence.



Thackeray.: Greetings Milksop.
OSI-Infinity: Sakae: Good day.
Thackeray.: What do you think your doing here?
OSI-Infinity: Sakae: I am trading goods.
Thackeray.: Well then.
OSI-Infinity: Sakae: Can I help you with something?
Thackeray.: Yes.
Thackeray.: You will wait here for a moment.
Thackeray.: Where did you aquire that cargo?
Thackeray.: From the Guide?
Thackeray.: Guild*
OSI-Infinity: Sakae: Yes.
Thackeray.: I see.
Thackeray.: Let's move away from the gate.
OSI-Infinity: Sakae: So, what exactly are we waiting for?
OSI-Infinity: Sakae: Allright.
Thackeray.: Follow me.
Thackeray.: Here will work.
Thackeray.: What is the projected sell price of your cargo?
OSI-Infinity: Sakae: Around 9000 credits per unit.
Thackeray.: So around 40-45 millions?
OSI-Infinity: Sakae: Hm yes, something like that.
Thackeray.: Uh huh.
Thackeray.: What did you purchase the cargo for?
OSI-Infinity: Sakae: I got this from the Independent Miners Guild for helping them supplying their bases. Now I am looking to sell it for an
OSI-Infinity: good price.
Thackeray.: Right.
Thackeray.: How much are you willing to pay me to Not blow you up?
OSI-Infinity: Sakae: Well, as my crew is in danger, I'm willed to pay a lot.
Thackeray.: And that amount is?
OSI-Infinity: Sakae: Do you have any wishes?
OSI-Infinity: Sakae: Well, would 10 million credits make you happy?
Thackeray.: One moment.
Thackeray.: How does a small fortune of 12.5 million credits sound?
OSI-Infinity: Sakae: That is fine for me.
OSI-Infinity: Sakae: I will transfer the credits.
Thackeray.: Good.
You have received 12.500.000 credits from OSI-Infinity
OSI-Infinity: Sakae: Thanks.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - The Espada - 05-29-2018

[Image: 125a.png][Image: 2.png]

Howdy fellow Hackers,

Since the changes to our career paths, I've been dormant - up until now. I've exchanged my old Falchion for a Scimitar on Cochrane and started looking around for people to shoot at. Luckily I found myself two worthy candidates to prove myself, Stoneheart and the infamous Liberty Security Force agent "Mason Chandler". Unfortunately I was no match for them in a Light Fighter, especially when even the slightest bit of damage from a Nuclear mine my Scimitar would explode into pieces.

Although, today I've stumbled upon a skirmish between Gallic and Navy fighters. After the skirmish had come to an end I immediately jumped on the burning fighter that was left scarred after the battle and took him down. Afterwards I engaged on a full-on battle against 6th|Alpha-1. Learning from my mistakes in my two previous fights, I steered clear of any Nuclear mines and prevailed in the fight - finally proving myself in a Light Fighter.

As I am writing this report I am on my way to purchase a Very Heavy Fighter - a Raven's Talon from Barrier Gate. I've heard recently that new models have been manufactured with a substantial improvement to the ship's agility. If something does not seem sufficient, ask Professor Scorpius who spectated the fight between me and Alpha-1.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Felicity Willing - 05-30-2018

[Image: 128b.png][Image: 3.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 20.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 43.png]

Good evening, esteemed Professors, fellow Hackers. The following activities are submitted to meet the corresponding criteria, to further advance in Intelligence mastery.


Transfer confirmation.


The encrypted transmission to Gaian Guard Brothers Brown, which resulted in personal meeting, after which they agreed to provide me with information about Gate/Lane parts shipments to New London Gate Construction site, recently established by Gallic Royalists.


A true gesture of kindness from Professor Yoshida, who caught Samura in breach of Leeds embargo and transferred this information to me, have been processed appropriately, and handed over to Bretonian law enforcement.

Promotion Criteria - Deviousness - Vladimir Scorpius - 05-31-2018

[Image: 3a.png][Image: 6.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 24.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 43.png]

While casually blocking New York -> Colorado Jumpgate, I was assaulted by some pigs. Sent a few worms along the way, to keep the fighting distractions and other unfavorable circumstances. LPI Executioner was quickly forced to implode by precision disruptors. With only LPI Avenger remaining, I successfully hacked into his mine dropper and forced another implosion. As Forlorn| Merlin was on horizon, I wanted to retreat, but the adrenaline rush inside kept whispering that I got this. Boom Kaboom, I had that.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maximillian Largo - 05-31-2018

[Image: 74b.png][Image: 3.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 20.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 43.png]

Greetings. First, one criteria completition:

Contribution : Proof

At last, I assessed the information I was provided regarding a possible deal between Battlegroup Harmony and Core. Admiral Knight herself told me that, despite the operation conducted by them in the Omicrons -where they were helped by the Core- they have no plans for a deal with the latter. Still, I'd advise to keep the Battlegroup under discrete observation nevertheless. Should they develop something with them, we'll know it. Log excerpt below.

Shortly after the conversation I had with the Admiral, I received a distress call from Professor Scorpius regarding Hellfire legionnaires. I directed myself to Planet Atka, in its orbit, and joined him. Shortly after, Mr.Espada and Mr.Malprave joined us, and the Hellfires were joined by another of their ship, totalling three - callsigns Steve.Athanas, [HF]-Stoneheart and [HF]Crimson-1. After some mud-slinging, the fight erupted. I managed to bring one down with me, although my own vessel was disabled. I remained unconscious for a while, and I awoke on Dawson. Somehow, the remains of my Vindicator were brought quickly to Marshall, where its repairs are underway. It will be flight-ready in no time.

This is all for now.
Maximillian Largo

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Thackeray - 06-02-2018

[Image: 126a.png][Image: 2.png]


Myself and Ms.Willing encountered a number of vessels belong to the Bretonian Armed Force and Liberty Police. Partway through the fight Ms.Willing was forced to Eject and left me with a 1v3. My first kill was scored against Buzz a Libertonian policeman. Next, I found myself against two officers of the Bretonian Armed Forces. The first, BAF|Lt.Mike.Harris was disassembled after a short skirmish. Next, BAF|Cdr.Seeley.French was quickly engaged and forced to eject.

Promotion Criteria - Humiliation - Vladimir Scorpius - 06-03-2018

[Image: 3a.png][Image: 6.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 24.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 43.png]

While blockading Colorado->New York Jumpgate, I encountered a nosy Freelancer with Navy affiliation. My initial plan was to show him that ignoring my request is a bad idea by destroying all his weapons but this was not meant to be and I had to settle with setting his ship on fire. Target was forced to accept the outcome of this battle and afterwards was allowed to limp back to safety.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maximillian Largo - 06-03-2018

[Image: 74b.png][Image: 3.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 20.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 43.png]

Greetings. Another day, another corporate dull-witted pesky weasel rightfully robbed of its wealth.


By using the Spyglass Network and my prediction skills, I managed to track and extort an Ageira Stork-class Advanced Train, callsign Altename_25,

As an added flavour note, I'll leave here the log of the encounter where the dull Ageira lackey openly admitted to work for the corrupted Libertonians' dirty wealth increase.

This is all for now.
Maximillian Largo

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Jack Spang - 06-08-2018

[Image: 129a.png][Image: 2.png]

Esteemed Colleagues,

Please forgive my lateness in providing a report from last week. For as I got back to my quarters to write the report, I was interrupted with an invite to an opportunity I could not miss, which resulted in me being in holocuffs for a week Fear not for I wasn't apprehended... It was far more sinister For it involved my fantasies and a couple of... Well lets not say for a report is no place for me to brag about my conquests...

Onwards with the report...


As some of you may remember, we had been invited to meet with Auxesia last weekend over in the Inverness system. Which resulted in a firefight due to some Nomads turning up uninvited.

Whilst the engagement was taking place myself and Mr. Weiden took the opportunity to take a closer look at the layout of the base and take some photo's of some of the more interesting areas.

Auxesia Base Valravn Citadel

As you can see from the guncam images there are several points of interest, the main body of the base has a rotating ring that looks like it could be a defensive weakspot along with this, I only spotted 1 weapon mounted on the top deck of the main body.

Protruding from this was 2 arms (also possible weak-spots) leading to a docking bay (3 guns on the top of it along with a communications array) And a dry dock (which suggests the Auxesia having the capability of manufacturing Capitol Ships of their own

Whilst myself and Mr. Weisen were conducting our analysis of the base,some unknown signatures showed on our scanners and we proceeded to intercept. Whilst Mr.Weisen interrogated them I took scans of their weapon and cargo systems.
Warriors ships

Finally after business was conducted, once back at Mactan, I swapped over to the interrogator to take acceptance of some Nomad munitions that Mr. Weisen had picked up from the engagement that had halted our meeting.

Proof of Acceptance

Please also note;
Evidence of 50M credits I personally transferred to R&D so that I may start my Research Criteria which I hope will be taken into consideration for my Contribution criteria.

Jack Spang

Promotion criteria - Adrian Malprave - 06-08-2018

[Image: 9b.png][Image: 2.png]

Praised be the Professorship for their wisdom in which they saw it necessary for me to not rest in my struggle for perfection. There is nothing I want more than to prove myself again and again.


During standard business with The Unioners I learned that The Battlegroup Harmony was conducting talks with The Hellfire Legion which was the beginning of the biggest diplomatic crisis this year. I think that's something![resource]


  • After The Blood Dragon tournament I have approached Shogun Hideyoshi about the Cardamine incident and later contacted his right hand and secured our privileges within Kusari.[resource]
  • I have been sent as an envoy to Battlegroup Harmony and prepared the ground for alteration of our alliance and eventual resolution of the crisis.[resource]

  • I have obtained two Light Cloaks from BDM.[resource]
  • I have completed supply mission for The Unioners.[resource]