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Promotion Criteria - Clandestinity - Vladimir Scorpius - 06-24-2018

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For your consideration, Assignment 61 Phase 1 Report.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mr. Blackfriar - 06-25-2018

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Blackfriar here.

I have recently intercepted an Ageira vessel commanded by CEO John White himself. While I expected the patrol to be a routine task, it has proven to be something far more valuable, and resulted in an interrogation that gave me a next clue of the larger scheme I'm pursuing for some time. Mister White has proven to be a tough nut to crack, and I have only managed to subdue him after the lengthy gunfight. Interrogation ensued, but his attitude and answers were more than disappointing, therefore I have decided to evaporate one of his prized possessions to teach him a lesson - his Bison transport.

Proof of destruction

Promotion Criteria - Diplomacy - Vladimir Scorpius - 06-26-2018

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As we were contacted by resurfaced Red Hessian Army, I took the chance and ran diplomatic talks in which they agreed to allow our ships within Rheinland to operate with small number of personal Cardamine as well as actively disrupt vessels with Ageira and Interspace transponders. We were also asked to deliver them a good number of re-educated personnel while returning back to Liberty with their Blood Diamonds.

After another discussion between our organisations, I have managed to secure permission that allows Lane Hackers to transport Cardamine through entirety of Rheinland now. Should the need arise, we will be able to use the backroutes to avoid danger that would otherwise wait for us on our main routes.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Thackeray - 06-27-2018

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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Thackeray - 07-03-2018

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After a number of attempts to lure a vessel into my honeytrap, a vessel belonging to Samura Heavy Industries took the bait and proceeded to the prescribed location within the Texas system. Upon his arrival he was quite surprised to find himself in my crosshairs. Extortion of his vessel was successful and no resistance was encountered.

Communications Log Wrote:Thackeray: Incoming Message: Do you wish to Accepect Y/N
Samura|-Akari: Funami: Oh? Onscreen. [Y]
Thackeray: "I have a business offer for you"
Samura|-Akari: Funami: Hmm.
Thackeray: "I am in possession of around 3.000 units of Copper Ore, valued at around 30 million credits"
Thackeray: "I am willing to arrange for the transfer of this cargo for around 1 million credits.."
Thackeray: "A litteral steal"
Thackeray: "Are you interested"
Samura|-Akari: Funami: Literal? That's something. So what's in it for you?
Samura|-Akari: Funami: You'll forgive me if a Samura captain is distrustful of deals that sound too good.
Thackeray: "It'll cost you a million credits for my time"
Samura|-Akari: Funami: Hmm. We're on our way to New Berlin to unload ore too. Where do you want to meet?
Thackeray: "I'm thinking around Kepler system if possible"
Thackeray: "Shouldn't be much of a detour."
Samura|-Akari: Funami: I'll discuss it with the crew. We'll contact you when we're in New Berlin.
Thackeray: "Copy that"
Thackeray: Hello Again.
Samura|-Akari: Funami: Would it be possible to meet any closer to Rheinland space?
Thackeray: "Any other locations that would be preferable?"
Thackeray: "What about Bering System?"
Samura|-Akari: Funami: Texas?
Thackeray: "That could work"
Samura|-Akari: Funami: We will remain in touch.
Thackeray: "Sure"
Samura|-Akari: Funami: Err, not that this goes onto the books. But how did you acquire all this copper ore? You mentioned 'a literal steal?'
Samura|-Akari: Funami: This is the Akarimaru. We're in the Hudson System.
Thackeray: "Copy that"
Thackeray: "Proceeding to Texas system"
Samura|-Akari: Funami: Approaching Planet Houston.
Thackeray: "Suggest we meet in 2G"
Samura|-Akari: Funami: That's.. alright. We're going.
Thackeray: Greetings there.
Thackeray: You fell for my trick.
Thackeray: *Laughs*
Thackeray: You will pay for it.
Thackeray: Interesting that you carry no cargo.
Samura|-Akari: Funami: I'm told I'm too trusting as a captain, but even I am not that stupid.
Thackeray: What is your life worth to you?
Samura|-Akari: Funami: What are you getting at?
Thackeray: How much are you willing to pay me not to shoot your face in?
Thackeray: You Corprate weasel...
Samura|-Akari: Funami: <sighs> 5 million credits to save the souls on this ship.
Thackeray: Fork it over.
Thackeray: Safe skies.



RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Caiboche - 07-03-2018

[Image: 132a.png][Image: 1.png]

Reboot, Reputation, Navigation,, Relentlessness, Determination

I have completed all criterias of Initiate phase the professorship expected me to fulfill. Relevant logs and attachments can be found below.

That should be all.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Thackeray - 07-04-2018

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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Thackeray - 07-11-2018

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A lockdown was performed within the New York system with Mr.Blackfriar, Mr.Caiboche, Mr.Espada and myself participating. Three vessels were extorted during the lockdown along with a forth during the positioning stage. Provided below are guncams detailing vessels that were extorted. A map detailing all members positions is also provided for additional information.

SS.Golden.Hind - Cargo - Identification - Extortion - Performed by Mr.Caiboche
[XXS]-Flying.Barrel - Cargo - Identification - Extortion - Performed by Myself with Assistance from Mr.Blackfriar
Liconix - Cargo - Identification - Extortion - Performed by Mr.Caiboche
Sam_Burton - Cargo -Identification - Extortion - Extorted prior to all members of Lockdown getting into position.

[Image: Sx6X8gV.png]

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mr. Blackfriar - 07-17-2018

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[Image: 10.png][Image: 24.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 44.png]

Blackfriar here.

In order to promote more intellectual way of solving problems rather than using sheer force, I have moved my focus towards Airdrie's research and development unit in order to contribute scientifically, as the conflicts are not won by the numbers, but by the technological advancement. As our vessels are built with means to reach for perfection, we should focus on rooting out all outdated technology currently in use. One of their major flaws is dependence on Liberty engines.

While the Liberty XV- series that is currently used by most of our vessels have proven to be a reliable and durable with little to no flaws, the Lane Hackers do not settle with it, but strive for perfection. With the resources and intellectual power at our disposal and wide availability of the XV- engines, I have pushed the priority of engine upgrade to high and assisted the team in the process of development.

After several attempts of finding a proper angle to pursue improvement, we have found the one that was not lacking. The engine's internal compression was underperforming in all aspect and using estimation calculations on several physical and chemical barriers which could be used to focus the stream into more precise cone shape, we have discovered one that was deemed promising. Using the microscopic nozzles to inject a mixture of hydrochloric acid, copper sulfate and methanol into the stream. With the chemical reaction that occurs, we were able to increase the output angle of a stream. While the process is somewhat lacking as it requires additional dispersion system for methane fuel, the amount required to operate a fighter-sized vessel for a month is measured in cubic decimeters - in other words, insignificant. Due to the fact that methane fuel develops a temperature far lower than the standard hydrogen fueled engine, the nozzles and dispersal system are less prone to fault than using a physical barrier as it easily gets worn out unless expensive materials are used.

After the fine tuning and several laboratory tests, the engine prototype was build and a field test has been conducted to receive more detailed measures on how the system acts in vacuum and under constant radiation stress. Based on the calculations, the estimated wear and tear damage is minimal and the methane fuel consumption below expected. As a result of the implementation, the XV- series has been upgraded to receive 8,25% more focused jet stream, giving it the ability to work under less pressure to maintain both cruise and impulse speed. The stress on the engine has been lowered by approximately 15%, prolonging engine's estimated lifespan as well lowering the risk of stall. Due to the usage of copper sulfate injected methane fuel used in the process, the engine is emitting a light cyan glow. Further results can be seen in the images below.

To sum it up, the prototype engine surpasses its ancestor in price due to usage of less commonly used materials, but it does offer certain advantages that make it superior to it. With it's perfect compatibility to our shipline, namely - Vindicator, Transgressor and Interloper will certainly show improved results of their field use.

[Image: R2opqjzt.png] [Image: Y9ZB6sjt.png]

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mr. Blackfriar - 07-17-2018

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[Image: 10.png][Image: 24.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 44.png]

Blackfriar here.

I am reporting completion of following criterion,

Level 2


I am submitting a report on contributing in a research and creation of a prototype engine.


I have commanded a convoy consisted of three vessels. Miss Willing, mister Spang and myself have departed from the Leiden Base and moved towards Omicron Alpha. While the first part of our trip gave us no difficulties, we have received an information of several Forlorn vessels on our tail. As mister Spang has decided to call it a day on Malta, miss Fraudenstein has taken his place. After a long and exhausting chase, we were forced to cower into Sigma 13 and seek shelter on Manoel Outpost. After a short wait, a member of Golden Chrysanthemums has come to our aid. While one gunboat was no match to more than 5 Forlorn snubcrafts, it gave us a window of opportunity to slip through Frankfurt and Bremen back into safety. Once we have reached Liberty, we decided to unload our goods on Beaumont base.

Cargo 1 - Cargo 2
Arrival to Malta
Cargo 1 - Cargo 2
Arrival to Beaumont