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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maximillian Largo - 09-03-2018

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[Image: 10.png][Image: 20.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 43.png]

Alster Union/Atacama Cohort/Lane Hackers Bering Meeting Report

Yesterday, I launched early to meet up with the Unioners outside Pacifica, in order for myself to get aquainted with whoever we Hackers had to talk with. I met Arbeitsdirektor Frei along with his escorts - the Oder-class gunboat UN|KKS-Stheno.Invective and UN|Mecklenburg, one of the Pacifica Wing Arbeiter-class crafts. While chatting, the Arbeitsdirektor shared some pieces of information about Harmony we might find quite useful. See the log excerpt for yourselves.

Oh, I was almost about to forget: one Rapier-class Maltese fighter - which showed neutral to my scanners - callsign [13th]Shadowwalker, happily shared me via this channel the intel he acquired regarding a joint Separatist venture in the Omicrons - of course, he was well rewarded for that.

The fact that Harmony isn't hostile to the Gallic Royalists, but instead works alongside them is a clear sign of their multi-faceted treacherous backstabbing nature - and it shouldn't be surprising that the idiotic, dim-witted reprobate weasel known as Johnathan Kalh does go along so well with the Separatists. But I digress.

We were interrupted by two vessels - callsigns [tCS]Decay, Sabre and [tCS]Wurger, Roc - apparently members of the Cobra Squad, a band of mercenaries, that tried to collect the bounty on the Arbeitsdirektor. A 2-vs-5 scenario erupted, and the Roc bomber was quickly dispatched by the Ritter's batteries, while the Sabre was routed away successfully, seemingly towards Marshall - which led me to believe that these Cobra Sauad mercs are on Harmony's bounty paycheck.

The Unioners were represented by Arbeitsdirektor Frei, on the Democritus-class yacht UN|SLZ-Lied.der.Seele, which was escorted by two Union crafts, the aforementioned Arbeiter-class very heavy fighter UN|Mecklenburg and the Solidaridat-class bomber UN|Kommerikut. The Gaians' Atacama Cohort representative was located onboard the Inqusitor-class Legion gunboat GG-A-Spearhead, accompanied by the two snubcrafts GG-A-Quintus, Prosecutor-class Legion very heavy fighter, and GG-A-Equilibrium, Falchion-class Borderworld very heavy fighter. Professor Yoshida, of course, joined me as soon as he could. Instead of spending countless words describing the meeting itself, I'll let the log excerpt speak for himself.

During the meeting, a Nephilim-class Zoner Colony Ship, callsign IRG|Itherael, just appeared out of nowhere, literally speaking; myself and Professor Yoshida rushed to intercept him, but escaped our grasp by using a jump drive almost instantly.

This completes the report.

[Image: Okf48ju.png]

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Felicity Willing - 09-21-2018

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[Image: 10.png][Image: 20.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 43.png]

Esteemed Professors and colleagues.

The recent days have been quite colorful, to say the least.

But let me start with something less valuable - before i get to the main part.


LN-Lawbringer Seemed to be quite a pathetic weenie, popped before it even realized it was shot.

|>PRD<|-Fo.Hybrid. Those LSF departments pop one after another with immense speed. This one claims to be supplying Navy with new weapon developments. This did not help him to take up a worthy fight.

[2] [3]

Today, at 17:43:47 SST, The Union have used a Nuclear EMP payload against Marshall. Prior to this event, as per request of Miss Linford, i have delivered certain goods directly to Marshall to construct extensive armor plating, which should have decreased the damage in case of actual Nuclear EMP strike.
That would be a major disappointment for old man Corin.

[4] [5] [6]

As a final accord - i have caught a small, nimble Apostatas fighter - in the essence, they are voluntarily exiles from Crete opposing the wealthy Elders who exploit and abuse their people. Not only that was an exciting matter that made me follow them, but also a thing i have discovered during our small conversation. It seems like Harmony is maintaining Artifact trade business and is keeping low profile about this.
I am still waiting for the evidence to be forwarded to me, but i will provide it as soon as it will be handed over to me.
I would also highly encourage one of the Professors to attend the contact with this group. Their opposition of the artifact trade and honest desire to lock it down would come in handy for us.

[21.09.2018 17:49:55] LH~Static: Wait, a Corsair?
[21.09.2018 17:50:03] UN|Empress.Leicht: "No. Marshall is heavily reinforced."
[21.09.2018 17:50:10] LH~Static: I don't recall the callsign.
[21.09.2018 17:50:17] LH~Static: Care to stop and have a talk?
[21.09.2018 17:50:22] UN|Empress.Leicht: "We doubt we have done more than incapacitate their armory and storage facillities.
[21.09.2018 17:50:35] ApS|Negocio-07: ?: Apologies
[21.09.2018 17:50:38] LH~Static: Very well.
[21.09.2018 17:50:45] LH~Static: Powering down weapons.
[21.09.2018 17:50:46] ApS|Negocio-07: ?: You seemed to be in an intercept course.
[21.09.2018 17:50:52] UN|Empress.Leicht: "However, their warfighting capacity is lost. They must rely on outside supply, till the damage is repaired, much as...
[21.09.2018 17:50:53] UN|Travis.Doyle[LWB]: "Oh, good. They probably hided in their ion storm bunkers then"
[21.09.2018 17:50:55] ApS|Negocio-07: ?: To whom to I owe the pleasure.
[21.09.2018 17:50:55] UN|Empress.Leicht: "Pacifica did."
[21.09.2018 17:50:59] ApS|Negocio-07: //*do
[21.09.2018 17:51:18] LH~Static: Miss Willing, of the Lane Hackers Inner Cicrle. And you are?...
[21.09.2018 17:51:33] ApS|Negocio-07: Valeria Santiago of the Apostatas
[21.09.2018 17:52:02] LH~Static: A pleasure to make your acquitance, even despite... i am honestly surprised to see a Corsair here.
[21.09.2018 17:52:06] ApS|Negocio-07: V: I must say, this is our first contact with your organisation mam.
[21.09.2018 17:52:26] LH~Static: Yet, The Apostatas... i don't recall such a 'cell', if you please - among the Cretans.
[21.09.2018 17:52:40] ApS|Negocio-07: V: I may be of corsair origin but I most certainly am not like by savage bretheren.
[21.09.2018 17:52:46] ApS|Negocio-07: //*my
[21.09.2018 17:52:59] LH~Static: So, what exactly are you that makes you outstanding from your bretheren?
[21.09.2018 17:53:20] ApS|Negocio-07: V: For one, we are speaking. The others would have opened fire long back
[21.09.2018 17:53:31] ApS|Negocio-07: V: We represent the will of the people of Crete.
[21.09.2018 17:54:02] ApS|Negocio-07: V: In essense, our becoming was long overdue. The people have suffered long enough.
[21.09.2018 17:54:16] LH~Static: So, you are, somehow - not with the rest of your Elders. Exiles?
[21.09.2018 17:55:01] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Exiled would imply, removal by force. We left on our own as our operations would naturally be detrimental to the current-
[21.09.2018 17:55:08] ApS|Negocio-07: V:-leadership.
[21.09.2018 17:55:19] ApS|Negocio-07: V: But yes, you could call us that.
[21.09.2018 17:55:54] LH~Static: Now that is quite a view. A group of Corsair opposing their very nature on their own accord.
[21.09.2018 17:56:08] LH~Static: I am mildly confused. And excited, in the meantime.
[21.09.2018 17:56:28] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Would you really call those accords though mam? Your ancestors were lucky to have reached this part of sirius.
[21.09.2018 17:57:38] ApS|Negocio-07: V: This place has the basic luxuries of life like food, clean water and a safe place to sleep at. Our people have had none-
[21.09.2018 17:57:43] ApS|Negocio-07: V:-For generations.
[21.09.2018 17:58:18] ApS|Negocio-07: V: A name solidified in stone as the largest group of organised pirates of Sirius.
[21.09.2018 17:58:39] LH~Static: How comes? I am not too familiar with Corsair history, but... you have landed on an actually habitable planet, aren't you?
[21.09.2018 17:59:02] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Correct, but habitable to a degree.
[21.09.2018 17:59:14] ApS|Negocio-07: V: We have little to no farmable land on Crete.
[21.09.2018 17:59:35] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Starvation is as common as radiation poisoning on Crete.
[21.09.2018 18:00:05] LH~Static: And no one ever tried to handle these issues through centuries? I mean... there are ways.
[21.09.2018 18:00:10] ApS|Negocio-07: V: It is a true monument to human survivability that us Cretans have lived this long mam.
[21.09.2018 18:00:33] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Yes, they resorted to theft, looting and murder.
[21.09.2018 18:00:58] LH~Static: So, basically, you took all the people who is tired of tyranny and awful life conditions to seek a better place under the suns-
[21.09.2018 18:01:05] LH~Static: -of Sirius?
[21.09.2018 18:01:34] ApS|Negocio-07: V: In essence, yes.
[21.09.2018 18:01:49] ApS|Negocio-07: V: The citizens of the Apostatas are, to say the least, safe.
[21.09.2018 18:02:22] LH~Static: And, let me give it a guess, the divide you're standing at the edge of was enforced by your approach?
[21.09.2018 18:02:23] ApS|Negocio-07: V: The volunteers from those citizens make up our ranks, our engineers, our scientists and other essentials for our rebellion
[21.09.2018 18:02:54] LH~Static: A rebellion. You seek to make Crete more of a... civilised place, i assume?
[21.09.2018 18:03:20] ApS|Negocio-07: V: We seek to give our people the future that was promised.
[21.09.2018 18:03:51] LH~Static: Believe it or not, but we are going after similiar goal here, in Liberty.
[21.09.2018 18:04:26] LH~Static: Even through we are working from the underworld and what we do is limiting the influence of corporate swines feasting on-
[21.09.2018 18:04:30] LH~Static: -common folk.
[21.09.2018 18:05:18] LH~Static: Their money and influence gave them power. A power to feel safe while making even more 'dirty' money.
[21.09.2018 18:05:22] ApS|Negocio-07: V: It is a true honour to meet one who shares our sentiments about human life.
[21.09.2018 18:05:45] LH~Static: We are those who make these weenies cry, and to not feel safe.
[21.09.2018 18:06:23] LH~Static: As i have mentioned - with such an approach we could work something out.
[21.09.2018 18:06:32] ApS|Negocio-07: V: You fight a war on the digital frontier mam?
[21.09.2018 18:06:50] ApS|Negocio-07: V: I have only heard rumours of this "Cyber" based attacks.
[21.09.2018 18:07:08] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Do correct me if I have made a mistake.
[21.09.2018 18:07:50] ApS|Negocio-07: V: You attack the few rich men who satiate their greed by exploiting the common poorer man.
[21.09.2018 18:08:09] LH~Static: Look at the vessel you see before you. The Vindicator. I will not be getting into details, but it is packed to the brim with EM
[21.09.2018 18:08:15] LH~Static: -warfare hardware.
[21.09.2018 18:08:40] ApS|Negocio-07: V: The elders of Crete prey on such common people on our home as well mam *sigh I this.
[21.09.2018 18:09:16] Tip: You were a new player once. If you see someone making obvious mistakes, talk to them and help them.
[21.09.2018 18:09:17] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Indeed, I must say the initial scans gave me a fright. Hence my running away earlier.
[21.09.2018 18:09:39] ApS|Negocio-07: V: From one engineer to another, that design is truly magnificant.
[21.09.2018 18:09:55] LH~Static: Understandable. However, we, Hackers, are no fools who shoot everything that's hostile to us.
[21.09.2018 18:10:32] ApS|Negocio-07: V: We bare no ill will to any who are not associated with the Brotherhood and Custtodi mam.
[21.09.2018 18:11:02] LH~Static: We are in no way associated with these entities.
[21.09.2018 18:11:24] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Those unioner bunch at Pacifica betrayed our leader Alexander Cordoba, one Mary Dross falsified evidence at the high court.
[21.09.2018 18:12:02] LH~Static: The Union have always been... questionable supporters.
[21.09.2018 18:12:07] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Our leader was a fearless man, an inspiration to us all and even when betrayed, he did not go down without a fight.
[21.09.2018 18:13:00] LH~Static: I see. A true leader, a pride for his people.
[21.09.2018 18:13:19] ApS|Negocio-07: V: A martyr as well mam.
[21.09.2018 18:13:37] LH~Static: We, Hackers, respect these traits.
[21.09.2018 18:13:48] ApS|Negocio-07: V: He landed on Crete for the Trial of the Apostatas. We haven't seen him since *frowns*
[21.09.2018 18:14:41] LH~Static: From what i heard - he was a man of a big spirit, and infinite bravery.
[21.09.2018 18:15:27] LH~Static: However, i heard you mentioning The Union falsified some evidence against him. It might be an unpleasant matter to discuss -
[21.09.2018 18:15:32] ApS|Negocio-07: V: That makes me a tad happy to hear. His bravery being known this far from home.
[21.09.2018 18:16:23] LH~Static: We, Hackers, tend to know things.
[21.09.2018 18:16:39] CONSOLE: Possible cheating detected: Pindl
[21.09.2018 18:17:01] LH~Static: However... speaking of those evidence falsification - could you, perhaps, tell me more? By no means i insist, but hearing the-
[21.09.2018 18:17:17] LH~Static: -whole story would come in handy for me, believe it or not.
[21.09.2018 18:17:50] LH~Static: Believe it or not, The Union dug themselves a grave in Bering.
[21.09.2018 18:18:29] LH~Static: And i personally want to hammer few nails into the lid of their coffin.
[21.09.2018 18:18:32] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Mam, I would gladly explain the details but I believe in the saying " The walls have ears". We are rather close to Pacifica.
[21.09.2018 18:19:00] ApS|Negocio-07: V: You know these systems better than me, perhaps a cloud could mask our transmissions.
[21.09.2018 18:19:13] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Even a radiation field could work.
[21.09.2018 18:19:14] LH~Static: I read no EM emissions in the area, most likely we're not observed.
[21.09.2018 18:19:23] LH~Static: But you are right, better safe than sorry.
[21.09.2018 18:19:51] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Permission to enter formation?
[21.09.2018 18:19:52] Death: Unterwerfung was put out of action by Alex.Williams (Wasp/Hornet).
[21.09.2018 18:20:13] LH~Static: Granted. Course to grid square 1A. This will take us far enough.
[21.09.2018 18:21:02] ApS|Negocio-07: V: High command has deployed a team of three ships to scan Bering for local Unioner activity and update our records mam.
[21.09.2018 18:21:26] LH~Static: The Union activity... then, you have missed a lot.
[21.09.2018 18:21:28] ApS|Negocio-07: V: I just want you to know as two of my bretheren might enter this system soon.
[21.09.2018 18:21:51] ApS|Negocio-07: V: What's been going on here? I'm picking up more wrecks here than usual.
[21.09.2018 18:21:51] LH~Static: Noted. You have my gratitude for your honesty.
[21.09.2018 18:22:25] LH~Static: The Union is in the state of war with local rogue Navy battlegroup.
[21.09.2018 18:23:04] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Ofcourse, we have nothing to hide from you.
[21.09.2018 18:23:28] LH~Static: And this is appreciated. This is what going to lead you to mutual trust.
[21.09.2018 18:23:30] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Powering down engines to mask ion signatures.
[21.09.2018 18:24:04] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Apologies for disrupting, you were saying mam.
[21.09.2018 18:24:45] LH~Static: Approximately fourty minutes ago, The Union have launched a Nuclear EMP payload on local Separatists installation.
[21.09.2018 18:25:19] LH~Static: This was a result of continuous armed conflict between the two groups, with Battlegroup Harmony on one side, and The Union-
[21.09.2018 18:25:21] LH~Static: -on the other.
[21.09.2018 18:25:54] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Mam, do you mean these ships with the H|- symbol?
[21.09.2018 18:26:06] LH~Static: That is correct.
[21.09.2018 18:26:27] ApS|Negocio-07: V: They feed off the Brotherhood Artifact trade. *ugh*
[21.09.2018 18:26:45] LH~Static: Oh?
[21.09.2018 18:27:04] LH~Static: My hearing did not just fail me, did it?
[21.09.2018 18:27:10] ApS|Negocio-07: V: We aim to remove this trade entirely. Those artefacts are highly unpredictable.
[21.09.2018 18:27:38] ApS|Negocio-07: V: You might as well sell an armed explosive to these so called collectors on Manhattan.
[21.09.2018 18:27:44] LH~Static: And this is another spot at which we are on a mutual ground here, in Liberty.
[21.09.2018 18:28:01] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Such devices are highly dangerous and as such, do not belong in the hands of the common man.
[21.09.2018 18:28:24] LH~Static: You don't need to tell us twice, we understand that as well as you do.
[21.09.2018 18:28:59] LH~Static: However, would you happen to have the proof of your claims of Harmony feeding off on the artifact trade with The Custodi-
[21.09.2018 18:29:04] LH~Static: -and The Brotherhood?
[21.09.2018 18:29:35] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Ah yes, for now all I have is word of mouth information from patrol group Azul mam.
[21.09.2018 18:29:43] LH~Static: I will be blunt here - such information would be of great interest to me.
[21.09.2018 18:29:57] ApS|Negocio-07: V: We can work torwards getting more evidence if you feel it will help your cause here.
[21.09.2018 18:30:33] LH~Static: This would be appreciated, but i would also like to see that report.
[21.09.2018 18:31:09] LH~Static: I sure will be open to turn in some financial assistance - or to open negotiation line with Professors.
[21.09.2018 18:31:22] LH~Static: I believe your and our leaders have something to discuss and clarify.
[21.09.2018 18:31:51] ApS|Negocio-07: V: The Apostatas are most open to this meeting mam. I will notify high command about your proposal here.
[21.09.2018 18:32:03] LH~Static: Very well.
[21.09.2018 18:32:33] ApS|Negocio-07: V: In the mean time, all patrol groups will be issued orders to capture photographs of these "Harmony" convoys.
[21.09.2018 18:32:57] LH~Static: Then - i will expect the requested information package in the near time, i assume?
[21.09.2018 18:33:07] LH~Static: The patrol report, to be precise.
[21.09.2018 18:33:41] LH~Static: And, senora. Do not mistake H|- and H)- marked vessels. These are different entities not affiliated with each other in any way.
[21.09.2018 18:33:44] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Affirmitive, we will notify you as soon as we have proper proof. Word of mouth is in my opinion, never enough.
[21.09.2018 18:34:17] ApS|Negocio-07: V: The tag however matched seeing your confirmation about their name.
[21.09.2018 18:34:23] LH~Static: It is, but if it is documented and includes at least black box recording - i would still like to take a look.
[21.09.2018 18:34:27] Death: Riptos was put out of action by a hostile vessel.
[21.09.2018 18:34:32] LH~Static: Could you forward it to me anyway?
[21.09.2018 18:35:05] ApS|Negocio-07: V: The pilots involved in the patrol will be notified.
[21.09.2018 18:35:19] LH~Static: You have my gratitude, senora.
[21.09.2018 18:35:23] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Hopefully this was more than just a visual encounter mam.
[21.09.2018 18:35:47] LH~Static: I would as well assume it is time for us to part ways. I will be looking forward to our contact.
[21.09.2018 18:35:57] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Perhaps we could one day together end the artefact trade.
[21.09.2018 18:36:14] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Indeed, we both have reports to make I assume *smiles
[21.09.2018 18:36:17] LH~Static: Perhaps. And we would certainly be looking forward to that day.
[21.09.2018 18:36:34] LH~Static: This is correct. Paperwork is always relevant, senora.
[21.09.2018 18:36:41] ApS|Negocio-07: V: A true pleasure getting aquainted. I never got your name speaking of which.
[21.09.2018 18:36:53] LH~Static: Farewell. And i hope to hear from you soon.
[21.09.2018 18:37:03] LH~Static: Uh, is that so?
[21.09.2018 18:37:13] LH~Static: I believe i have introduced myself, but... oh well.
[21.09.2018 18:37:22] LH~Static: Felicity Willing is my name.
[21.09.2018 18:37:35] LH~Static: Once again - it is a pleasure to make your acquitance, senora.
[21.09.2018 18:37:38] ApS|Negocio-07: V: Noted. Safe flight mam.
[21.09.2018 18:37:48] LH~Static: Safe skies to you as well.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Irma Bunt. - 11-14-2018

[Image: Kalh2.png][Image: 1.png]


Myself and Saboteur Thackery went on a run in Liberty looking for corrupt corporation transports and we found [*USI*]Arizona[T]. Saboteur Thackery held him in place while I arrived on scene to attempt extortion. My attempt was made with success when he caved in to the immense pressure and paid. On our way back we encountered another transport named |=DSS=|-T.Hauler and I attempted extortion once again. However this time the corrupt transport did not want to part with his money and tried to short us, after several warnings we had no choice but to eliminate him due his greed and an Archer cruiser compromising our position, no doubt he was called by the late corrupted corporation transport. Once the extortion target was eliminated we retreated to live and fight another day.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Irma Bunt. - 11-16-2018

[Image: Kalh2.png][Image: 1.png]


Upon entering Colorado I was lucky or skilled enough to stop a Gas Miners Guild freighter who decided to run before I could even tell him what I wanted, The nerve... I chased him down and made him surrender to my superior skills, I was tempted to let him go, but he decided to try and take a cheap shot and I made him pay the price with his life.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Irma Bunt. - 11-17-2018

[Image: Kalh2.png][Image: 1.png]


Entering Kepler I made a trip to Ames Research Station and I found something quite interesting. Hidden in the code are photos of a newly constructed bases, Four to be exact. access to all bases have been met with denial.


RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Wolfgang Weisen - 11-17-2018

[Image: CygGpT5.png][Image: 2.png]


After the criteria reformation I have found myself demoted. While this makes sense from a general point of view, it was still something which I considered to have been unfair. Fortunately I am a stubborn man so I threw myself into the ring and started completing the new criteria.

Before I present the criteria completion report I would also like to report the completion of a number of special assignments:
  • The failed coup on Corin Frei. One event that greatly angered my fellow colleagues was the slanders and baseless accusations Arbeitsdirektor Corin Frei threw against our Professor. This drunkard was getting hammered by the Separatists in the north and the Hessians in the south and his mind was solely focused on how to alienate his last and true allies, the only ones who genuinely cared to bring an end to this senseless conflict. There was general consensus among the Inner Circle that only a change of leadership could work for the Alster Union. So I met Hunter Wolff and started guiding him on how to replace Corin Frei. Incidentally, the intel that Gefreiter Wolff shared with us revealed that the Natio Octavarium and Alster Union were secretly working on a Spyglass Battleship design for several months, something that the UN leadership never told us. So except that I manipulated Hunter Wolff to start working behind the scenes on overthrowing Frei's regime, I started activating supporters who would help him before and after the act, as well as a publicity campaign in order to increase his popularity and image. He was dubbed 'The Peacemaker' for his pro-peace position which was also his biggest political weapon. Unfortunately in the last hour before the coup was to begin, Hunter Wolff was caught, tortured and killed by Corin Frei. He was too young and inexperienced, chances were never in his favor however he was expendable as well, so his loss is irrelevant.

  • The incrimination of Natio Octavarium. As ordered by Professor Yoshida, the operation started outside Planet Malta where I met Mr Oda for a cardamine run to Liberty. However the Hogosha were nowhere to be found, their contact status was offline. So I had to engage Mr Oda in pointless conversation a number of times in an effort to delay the convoy before reaching Kusari. Fortunately the Hogosha finally showed up and I guided them where to find us. That was a success and we got caught as planned. Then during the questioning, I incriminated us even further before leaving the NO- transport to speak. Among many things, the Natio Octavarium confirmed their relationship with the Hackers and the Outcasts and the Hogosha even learned that they own land on Planet Malta. Despite all this insults the Hogosha were very weak in their questioning, they pressed very little and their acting was horrendous. They didn't even threaten Natio Octavarium that they would get reported to Kusarian authorities. Fortunately that was enough however as NO took the bait as we hoped they would. [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 ] After we were "forced" to return to Tau-23, we used the Tau-29 anomaly and then the Coronado-Baffin corridor to reach Mactan Base where we sold the cardamine. Finally, we also discussed the latest events on Planet Malta with the breakout of hostilities between The Order and the Outcasts. As instructed, I informed Mr Oda that the Lane Hackers will not tolerate any attacks against Planet Malta itself by The Order and that can be considered as casus belli considering the planet's sensitivity and importance to our livelihood.

  • Purchase of jump/scan equipment and a Bustard. In an effort to create missions and operations which are even more sophisticated and complicated the Professorship decided to obtain scanning and jumping equipment as well as a large enough ship which was capable of performing such feat. We know that the Zoners produce and sell a civilian "Light Carrier" named Bustard. Subsequently I decided to contact our local friends in Galileo, the Freeport 12 Zoners. After meeting them onboard their Freeport I can say that they are a friendly and harmless bunch who are eager to keep us satisfied, so they procured all these items on our behalf and then sold them to us in a much lower price than the one they originally paid. It was a very good deal and now the Inner Circle has a fully equipped Abductor.


1. Leiden Base delivery: [ 1 | 2 ]
2. Leiden Base delivery: [ 1 | 2 ]
3. Cochrane Depot delivery: [ 1 | 2 ]


I dug up my old files and found a 40-month old report in which I performed not one but three extortions on a freighter or light fighter. Today's criteria sadly seem to be much much easier than those in the past: [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]


Sent a message to the Boss of the Liberty Rogues in order to inform him about the upcoming invasion of Vespucci system. The meeting was held outside of Fort McMurray and was a success. The Rogues are fully onboard with the plan. Afterwards, three of their transports along with mine grabbed some workers who had to be moved to Planet Malta. After delivering them we bought freshly-harvested cardamine for Leiden Base. The convoy was successful and uneventful and I think the Rogues appreciated working with them. They were a liability, I admit, but sometimes we should do things together. [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 ]


Exchange of x2 Vindicators and x16 Hellflurries for x6 Aspis-class Battletransports. The deal was made with Cristina Martelli of the National Council. [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]


1. Exported Blackmarket Light Arms from Mactan Base to Kyoto Base. Imported H-Fuel to Cochrane Depot.
2. Exported Counterfeit Software from Leiden Base to Caussade Depot. Imported Hydrogen Cyanide to Alcatraz Depot.
3. Exported Counterfeit Software from Leiden Base to Planet Malta. Imported Cardamine to Leiden Base.


Over the years I have leaked two major stories on Channel 45 in order to politically damage the Crayterians and in the other to sour the Ageira - Universal relations.


While travelling in Omicron Alpha system I encountered a TAZ ship coming out from Omicron Phi jump hole. I started a friendly chat with him and he revealed he was exploring Omicron Phi and that he found a black hole and an Outcast church. Interestingly enough he even claimed he has permission from the Outcasts though his lie was extremely easy to tell. [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]


Proof of monetary transfer.


One of my most important diplomatic feats is leading the Lane Hacker delegation in the meeting with the Independent Miners' Guild and Crayter Republic and signing a formal ceasefire with the Republic.

As a final note, since economics and trade deals are my area of expertise, I wish to continue my career under the Influence mastery. Thank you.

Kind regards,
Wolfgang Weisen

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Irma Bunt. - 11-20-2018

[Image: 136b.png][Image: 2.png]



Hidden within the Code you will find a Naval Guardian who attempted to destroy me, however with my superior skills I was able to beat his ship down while keeping my ship entact and he refused to surrender. I showed him the error of his ways by eliminating him.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Thackeray - 11-23-2018

[Image: 126a.png][Image: 4.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 23.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 40.png]


After many attempts, with the assistance of our allies the Liberty Rogues. I have completed Raid by leading a raiding party that downed a pair of capital ships, those including a Liberty Navy Gunboat and a Liberty Navy Siege Cruiser. During said engagement two of the six participating vessels were downed by hostile forces. Our losses were quite small compared to the four vessels comprising of two capital ships and two snub craft that were destroyed by our actions. Required evidence has been attached for review. As a side note, The destruction of the pair of capital ships should be counted toward Raid criterion.

5th|Ingrid.Harvey: Well, here's your test. Deal with the situation in any way. Tell that Rogue what to do.
5th|Ingrid.Harvey: Tip: You don't always need to use your guns *sigh*
Nanami.Valor: Right.
LR-Queen.Viper: Amy: Yess, tell me what to do.
Nanami.Valor: First..
Nanami.Valor: Huh.
Nanami.Valor: Why.
Nanami.Valor: I mean
Nanami.Valor: What
Nanami.Valor: Are you doing here.
Nanami.Valor: Where are your allies.. and..
LR-Queen.Viper: Amy: I live here Silly.
5th|Ingrid.Harvey: Allright, I guess her's allies has arrived.
Nanami.Valor: I have more foes on the scanner.
LR-Queen.Viper: *Sigh*
LH~Airdrie.Tormentor: I'm moving in
5th|Ingrid.Harvey: I'll go check them, stay calmy. This is handled.
LH~Airdrie.Tormentor: Moving in to defend!
LR-Donations.Accepted: Aye, should be interesting to watch from 'ere!
LR-Hardly.Trouble: Oh I see how this is
Nanami.Valor: Valentin!?
Valentin: what
LH~Airdrie.Tormentor: Fire!
Nanami.Valor: Hold your fire!
5th|Ingrid.Harvey: You what?
LR-Hardly.Trouble: A praty you forgot to invite me too
LR-Hardly.Trouble: Well then
5th|Ingrid.Harvey: Powering up in defense.
LR-Queen.Viper: Amy: All  because navy dont wanna play nice.
LR-Hardly.Trouble: I didn't forget...
LR-Queen.Viper: Amy: Eat them all alive boy's and girls!
LR-Michael.Pierce: I'm back
Nanami.Valor: !!
LR-Michael.Pierce: And I'm gonna kill you
LR-Donations.Accepted: This is one hell of a view 'ere!
LR-Michael.Pierce: Who is on the Snub?
Death: Valentin was put out of action by LR-Queen.Viper (Mine).
LR-Hardly.Trouble: Yeah!!
LR-Michael.Pierce: Oh boy
LR-Michael.Pierce: Torpedos away
LR-Donations.Accepted: Woo!
LR-Donations.Accepted: This is goin' to our yearbook!
Death: Nanami.Valor was put out of action by LH~Airdrie.Tormentor (Gun).
LR-Donations.Accepted: Woo!
Death: LR-Queen.Viper suffered a self-administered loadout error (Missile/Torpedo).
Death: 5th|Ingrid.Harvey was put out of action by LR-Queen.Viper (Missile/Torpedo).
Mari.Imai: Clean, huh.
Mari.Imai: Well done, I guess.
LR-Donations.Accepted: So, now.
LR-Hardly.Trouble: The Lord Moka appreciates your service
Gamma.8: Ugh, really now.
LH~Airdrie.Tormentor: Target spotted.
LR-Michael.Pierce: Another one
LR-Donations.Accepted: Ay!
LR-Michael.Pierce: Boys
[color=#BF0000]Gamma.8: I am not even getting paid for gunboats.
LR-Michael.Pierce: Come here
LH~Airdrie.Tormentor: Shall we?
Gamma.8: Whatever, you Rogue, you're with me.
Mari.Imai: Oi, that's an Archer.
LR-Michael.Pierce: Torpedos away
LR-Hardly.Trouble: A-yo ho ho and a bottle of LIBERTY ALE
LH~Airdrie.Tormentor: Fire!
LR-Hardly.Trouble: This looks like fun...
Mari.Imai: My, my.
LR-Donations.Accepted: Oh dear, Navy are 'avin quite the bad time t'day
Mari.Imai: Indeed.
LR-Donations.Accepted: Eh not today fella!
LR-Michael.Pierce: It looks perfect
LH~Airdrie.Tormentor: How's it feel... Navy Rat
Gamma.8: I feel pretty safe here.
Mari.Imai: Love me, Archer.
LR-Donations.Accepted: Eh, seems like we 'ave bigger fish to fry 'ere!
LR-Michael.Pierce: Oh dear
LR-Michael.Pierce: It's Demolition time
LR-Michael.Pierce: I can't belive it works
Death: Mesa was put out of action by a hostile vessel.
LH~Airdrie.Tormentor: Die in a fire!
LH~Airdrie.Tormentor: Let's go
LR-Michael.Pierce: Poor boy
LR-Michael.Pierce: I am pretty sure, he is confusing right now
LR-Donations.Accepted: See y'all
Mari.Imai: Colo, 5k above gate.
Mari.Imai: Hurry a bit.
Death: LR-Hardly.Trouble was put out of action by Gamma.8 (Mine).
LH~Airdrie.Tormentor: Well.
LH~Airdrie.Tormentor: Moving in to assist!
LR-Donations.Accepted: Eh, dis fella still alive?
LH~Airdrie.Tormentor: Saredy Cat
LR-Michael.Pierce: That was fun
Gamma.8: Well if I am so harmless, why did I catch one of yours so easily?
Gamma.8: You're some big talk when you're in a group.
Gamma.8: Nothing on your own.

Valentin - Liberty Gunboat - Kill
Mesa - Liberty Siege Cruiser - Kill
Nanami.Valor - Guardian - Kill
5th|Ingrid.Harvey - Guardian - Kill

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maximillian Largo - 11-26-2018

[Image: 74a.png][Image: 3.png]
[Image: 10.png][Image: 20.png][Image: 30.png][Image: 43.png]

Greetings, colleagues.
I've been occupied elsewhere, hence the prolonged field inactivity.


- I assisted Professor Scorpius in regards to his Raid criterion.

- Miss Willing came in Bering to assist me in gathering intelligence.

- Assisted mr.Malprave in a convoy with the Unioners.

- Joined Professor Yoshida and miss Grubozaboyschikov in a lockdown ops.

- Joined mr. Blackfriar during an interdiction spree in Liberty

This completes the report.

[Image: Okf48ju.png]

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Moriarty - 12-12-2018

Lane Hackers:

Consequent to the recent, deep incursions of the Gallic military into Liberty and Bretonia, and the subsequent inability of the House militaries to decisively and immediately repel this threat, I hereby order the general disengagement of all Lane Hackers from active and aggressive operations directed against Libertonian and Bretonian military and law enforcement units. All active and pending operations are suspended. You may engage in self-defense or for criteria and mission completion only.

Following the push of the Gallic Royal Navy into the heart of New London and California, the risk of collapse across the war front is too great to distract the forces of both Houses with operations against the Lane Hackers. They will need each and every available man, ship, and resource to utilize against the Gallic war machine, for they are by far a greater threat to our cause and ideology than are our own local enemies.

Operations against the corporatocracy will continue unabated.

[Image: Moriarty%20Signature_zpsfmvwknhc.png]